Tuesday 28 January 2014

Time for some girl-on-girl!

When I was looking through the list of posts I have made, I realised that there is only one excerpt which contains any girl-on-girl.  It just so happens that THAT post has been the most popular post on my blog, so I thought it was time to post some more!

This excerpt is another one from the 'Bastard Daniel' story, which is a work in progress.

Amelia's new post-Daniel bed has arrived and naturally she feels the need to christen it.  When Thomas leaves to pick up Emily from the nanny, and then take a detour to the hardware store, Amelia and Charlotte take the opportunity and do just that!

If you would prefer to download the PDF file of the excerpt you can do so right here
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 3) - Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel (unofficial title) - excerpt 3

Thomas and Charlotte went back upstairs to finish sanding Emily's room, but soon realised they didn't have enough sandpaper, so called it a day on the room. Thomas left early to pick Emily up so he could go to the hardware store with her on the way home. Amelia found it particularly adorable that Thomas enjoyed taking Emily shopping with him, and could just imagine in a couple of years time a trip to the hardware store would take him three times as long, because Emily would NEED to play on the playground, and there was no way Thomas would say no to that.

Not long after he left Charlotte's phone rang and Amelia could tell by the way she was talking that it was Thomas.

“Baby, Thomas is going to stop and get Indian on the way home, what do you want?” Charlotte asked her.
“Chicken tikka masala of course,” Amelia replied and Charlotte relayed the information back to Thomas.
“See you when you get home, love you,” Charlotte send and ended the call.
“Um... baby... I am really hungry,” Amelia told her and Charlotte laughed.
“Seriously woman, you just wolfed down a piece of carrot cake and you are still hungry?” Charlotte remarked, but Amelia stepped closer to Charlotte and stroked her fingers along her girlfriend's hand.
“No baby, I am HUNGRY,” Amelia repeated, with emphasis on the hungry. Charlotte quickly understood and grinned.
“Just as well you have a bed we need to christen,” Charlotte said with a wink and pulled Amelia against her.

Charlotte gave Amelia a look that just about melted her panties and caused an immediate throbbing between her legs. Charlotte leaned in closer and brushed her lips against Amelia's neck, the contact caused her to let out a quiet whimper, and when Charlotte moved her lips from her neck to her lips, Amelia pressed against her as her tongue moved forward and she slowly licked the tip of Charlotte's tongue.

“I haven't tasted you in days. I NEED you...” Amelia whispered and then took Charlotte's hand and led her toward the stairs.

Amelia led Charlotte into the bedroom and didn't bother closing the door. Without discussing it they each walked to one side of the bed and spread the bottom blanket out, followed by the bottom sheet. There was no point putting the top sheet on because it would just get kicked off anyway! Amelia walked around to where Charlotte was standing and they spent a few moments looking at each other before stepping in closer and kissing. Amelia cupped Charlotte's face in her hands and enjoyed the way it felt to finally be touching her girlfriend again. Their tongues connected at the tips and both women let out quiet noises of pleasure, and as their tongues explored further the noises became louder and more insistent.

Amelia moved her hands to Charlotte's hips and dipped her fingers inside the waistband of her jeans. She ran her fingers along the top of Charlotte's panties and when her fingers then moved inside the lacy fabric something was awoken inside Amelia, something that made her abandon her plans to take it slow and tease Charlotte to the brink of desperation. Instead she undid the button on Charlotte's pants and slowly pushed them down. She moved to her knees and pressed her face against Charlotte's lace-clad pussy, inhaling deeply the intoxicating scent of her girlfriend's arousal.

As she pulled down Charlotte's panties, Amelia's mouth began watering; she could almost taste Charlotte's juices and her tongue hadn't even made the slightest of contacts yet. It pained her to stand up, to move away from Charlotte's pussy, but seeing the almost drunken look on Charlotte's face was worth it. Amelia couldn't tell who was more turned on, her or Charlotte. They began to kiss again and the urgency she could feel in Charlotte's kiss reminded her that she had something she badly needed to do to her girlfriend. Kissing could wait. There were other places she wanted to put her tongue.

Amelia removed her top and felt a little self-conscious about the growing belly that was suddenly put on display. Charlotte bent down and kissed the top of her belly and Amelia knew it was her girlfriend's way of telling her to stop worrying about how she looked, and that in Charlotte's eyes, she was beautiful. After the little belly kiss, Charlotte moved her hands to Amelia's jeans and as she pulled them down, Amelia felt a pull deep inside... she needed Charlotte so badly. She needed to cum, but she needed to make Charlotte cum even more, and decided that her orgasm was less important. She was becoming more and more ravenous for her girlfriend's cunt, so much so that she felt she might die if she didn't dip her tongue inside Charlotte's sopping hole immediately.

With her panties still on, Amelia pushed Charlotte back on the bed and felt her pussy starting to swell as she climbed up the bed between her girlfriend's legs, moving ever closer to the slick folds already beading with moisture. Amelia felt as if she was moving in slow motion as she brought her face up to Charlotte's pussy. With her forearms resting on Charlotte's thighs she put her fingers on either side of Charlotte's pussy and then gently spread her open. She could hear Charlotte gasping for breath, and as she pressed her mouth against Charlotte's wet heat, and pressed her tongue against her hole, Charlotte let out a loud cry of relief and pleasure. Amelia moaned against Charlotte, she was so wet and tasted better than Amelia could remember. She wanted to drink her in, she didn't want to ever move her tongue from the tight hole that she loved so much.

Overcome by how good Charlotte's heat tasted and felt against her tongue, Amelia licked greedily up her slit, enjoying the way she caused Charlotte's entire body to shake as she moved closer to her clit. She ran her tongue over Charlotte's clit and then ran it equally as greedily back down to her hole again, dipping her tongue in to taste the sweet juice that was pooling between Charlotte's legs. After having her fix Amelia ran her tongue back up, this time taking the time to move her tongue in circles around Charlotte's clit, which was gently pulsating beneath her tongue. Again she moved her tongue down to Charlotte's hole and pressed it in further than the previous times, causing Charlotte to groan and buck her hips in a manner that told Amelia she should keep doing it.

Amelia started to thrust her tongue in and out of Charlotte's hole, moving it faster and deeper each time, until Charlotte started to cry out loudly and began writhing around beneath her. It was then that Amelia bid farewell to the wet hole she loved so much, and ran her tongue back upward to concentrate on Charlotte's clit. She pressed her tongue against Charlotte's clit and then started to move it back and forward in a sideways motion. Charlotte's hand clamped behind her head and Amelia grinned as her face was pressed harder against Charlotte's pussy, she loved that being closer meant she could apply more pressure with her tongue. The effect of the increased pressure was immediate and as Charlotte started to cry out loudly Amelia focused on moving her tongue faster, then moving it faster again when she felt Charlotte apply more pressure to the back of her head.

Charlotte seemed to be just on the brink of orgasm, but Amelia knew that didn't mean it was going to be over any time soon. Just like Charlotte had a sense of perfect timing with her, Amelia knew precisely what to do to get Charlotte seconds away from orgasm, and to keep her there for as long as she wanted. When Charlotte began to take the deep breaths that she always took just before her orgasm hit, Amelia relaxed the pressure she was applying with her tongue, JUST enough to stop Charlotte going right over the edge. Charlotte began crying out in her usual fashion so Amelia used more pressure with her tongue again, pulling right back when Charlotte started approaching orgasm again. Each time she did this Charlotte squeezed Amelia's arm tightly and dug her nails in, releasing them when the pressure lessened. It was a type of pain that Amelia loved.

Amelia did her little orgasm-postponing trick a few times, but she wasn't a complete idiot and knew that if she did it too many times Charlotte would 'lose' her orgasm. When Charlotte suddenly dug her nails in harder than she had before, Amelia knew that it was time to stop prolonging things and to let her girlfriend's orgasm hit. She heard Charlotte take her deep breaths and rather than relaxing her tongue she used even more pressure and licked faster and faster until Charlotte let out a loud, long scream and her orgasm hit, causing her hips to raise completely off the bed as she tossed from side to side. Amelia held tightly to Charlotte's thighs and pressed her mouth against her pussy until all her movement ceased completely. When Charlotte's legs flopped to the side Amelia broke the contact between pussy and mouth and looked up at her girlfriend.

There was nothing she loved more than the look of pleasure on Charlotte's face immediately after she had cum. Each time she saw Charlotte in that state, she fell in love with her just a little bit more. Amelia moved up the bed and lay beside Charlotte, pulling her against her chest and holding her tightly, peppering little kisses on her forehead, giggling each time Charlotte let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. Their post-sex rituals were almost as fun as the sex itself. Almost.

“You killed me,” Charlotte whispered, like she did every single time.
“I am glad,” Amelia whispered back, her reply also following the same script.
“I love you,” Charlotte sighed and Amelia released her hold a little so she could move down and look Charlotte in the eye.
“I love you,” Amelia replied and they smiled at each other.
“If you let me recover, I will return the favour... promise...” Charlotte muttered and Amelia laughed.
“You don't have to return the favour,” Amelia reassured her.
“You kidding me? I need to make you scream,” Charlotte noted.

Amelia got off the bed and picked up the duvet that was lying on the floor then got back on the bed and pulled the duvet up over both of them. They moved into each others arms again and lay together, happy and right where they wanted to be. Amelia had no idea how long they were lying there, but eventually Charlotte came out of her hazy post-orgasm fog and as she had promised she started to touch Amelia in ways that made her toes curl. It didn't take long before Amelia opened her legs to Charlotte and was moaning loudly as her girlfriend worked her magic with her tongue and fingers.

Monday 27 January 2014

One love... indeed!

Like a lot of people I tuned in to watch the Grammy's, mostly to see how fellow Kiwi, Lorde, did with all her nominations. It was great to see her win two out of four of the categories she was nominated in, but for me it wasn't Lorde who stole the show...

For me, the show stealer was Macklemore, along with Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah and Madonna, and their performance of the hit song, 'Same Love'.  It wasn't the song or the performance per'se that stole the show for me, rather it was the mass wedding which Queen Latifah officiated over as part of the performance.

courtesy of the New York Daily News

I have never cried so much during a musical performance.  My wife and I sat together on the couch and watched the events unfold, and both began crying when it became clear what was happening.  It was a beautiful sight.  Men marrying other men, men marrying women, women marrying other women... regardless of their sex, their gender, their skin colour, their religion, they were each there to marry the love of their life.  A right that EVERYONE should have.

The day I married my wife was (other than the birth of my two children) the happiest day of my life, and I hate to think there are people in the world missing out on their own happy day, because some people and sections of society don't believe in equality... and perhaps they don't believe in love either.

I am so glad we have people out there like Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah and Madonna to work as advocates for marriage equality... not that there should be a need for advocates.  Marriage equality shouldn't be something that has to be won.  It should just be.

(as a side note... I think I may die when I see Macklemore playing live in March!)

Sunday 26 January 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribbles

Welcome to the second Sexy Sunday Scribbles (SSS)! 

I couldn't decide which one to post so am posting both of the 'quick' drawings my wifey did for me this week!  I now give to you, 'boobies' and 'sideboard sex'!

My Sexy Saturday, week 33

My Sexy Saturday is a chance for writers to post 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs, from a published work or a work in progress, based on a certain theme.

This weeks theme is 'Let's get sexy back', and my 7 sentences are a from an untitled work in progress (though I refer to it as 'Flatmates' on my blog).

The general premise is that flatmates (roommates I believe is the appropriate term in America!) Elle and Carter finally gave in to the sexual tension that had been building between them for months.  They developed a friends-with-benefits type relationship but their feelings for each other went way beyond that... neither was willing to admit it to the other for fear of the feelings not being returned, and their friendship being ruined because of it.  There were a few misunderstandings which led to Carter finally letting his feelings be known to Elle, but another misunderstanding resulted in a huge argument between the two and ultimately caused Carter to decide it was time to move out and cut his losses.  Elle thinks perhaps it is for the best, until her best friend, Kaylee, informs her that Carter is putting his bags in his car and is about to leave...


Fuck!” Elle exclaimed and without putting any conscious thought into it, ran from her room, down the hall, through the lounge and kitchen and out to the driveway, just in time to see Carter putting the last bag in his car. 

She watched as Carter walked over to the driver's side door, and as he opened it he turned her way and looked questioningly at her.  She locked eyes with him and continued walking forward until she was standing right in front of him and stopped, their eyes still fixed on each other, neither of them blinking or moving a muscle.  Unable to stop herself, she smiled at him then stepped in closer and pushed him against the car door, before putting a hand behind his neck and pulling him down so she could kiss him.  The kiss went on and on and on and on... and on... her arms moved around his neck at the same time he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.  The kiss was slow and deep, gentle but passionate, hungry but unrushed.  When she reluctantly broke off the kiss Elle looked up at him, a tear or two forming in her eyes.

Carter... you aren't the only one feeling that way,” she finally confessed, and Carter smiled tenderly at her before pressing his lips gently against hers, and they shared another long, romantic kiss.  When the kiss came to a natural end he held her close, her cheek resting against his firm chest, his hand lazily stroking her back.


Tuesday 21 January 2014

More than sex

Now that I have been blogging for a month, I decided it was time to post an excerpt of my writing that ISN'T a sex scene.

Yes, I am a writer of erotic romance, BUT there is more to my stories than plain ol' sex.  I like to think that my stories all have a good storyline and a decent amount of plot, not just sex here, sex there, sex everywhere.  The more I write, the more I find myself delving deeper into the world of each character, the result being storylines which are more emotionally driven... something *I* (as a reader, and a writer) enjoy.

The excerpt I am posting is the second of the story I have affectionately titled 'Bastard Daniel'.  As a general over view, Amelia and Charlotte are girlfriends (in love girlfriends, not friends who are girls!), each has a boyfriend.  Charlotte is in love with (and has a child to) Thomas, while Amelia is in love with (and is pregnant to) Daniel.  That is until Amelia catches Daniel having sex with Sarah, and their relationship is unsurprisingly called off.  Amelia becomes good friends with Harrison, and eventually they start dating... polyamorous relationship, baby in belly, and all.  I won't give away what happens at the end though!

Now where was I?  Oh right, excerpt #2.
It's a relatively short excerpt so I won't say too much, but in this excerpt Charlotte gets a chance to have a word (or 50) with the dirty cheating scumbag, who has broken her pregnant girlfriend's heart.  As you can imagine, she isn't going to have any nice words to say to him!  I might also add this isn't the last time Charlotte is going to tell Daniel just what she thinks of him!

In case you missed it, here is Bastard Daniel (excerpt 1)

And now I quite happily give to you excerpt number 2!

If you want to download the excerpt as a PDF file, you can do so by clicking on the following link
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 2) - Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel - excerpt 2!

After Amelia had been softly snoring for a few minutes Charlotte carefully moved out of the bed, got dressed, and tiptoed from the room, closing the door gently behind her. As she walked down the hall toward the living areas she could hear two male voices, which struck her as strange because she had left Thomas with Emily, and he hadn't mentioned that anyone was stopping by. When she got closer to the room she realised exactly who it was Thomas was talking to. Daniel. That filthy piece of scum. What was HE doing there? Moving closer to the door Charlotte stood and listened to what was being said in the dining room.

“I thought you'd understand where I'm coming from. You know what it's like to share,” she heard Daniel say to Thomas.
“No, I don't know where you're coming from. I love Charlotte, I respect and fully accept the relationship she and Amelia have, to the point that it is now a part of OUR relationship. I don't see it as sharing, I don't see it as only getting half of my time with Charlotte... it is life, it is the way our relationship works and it just feels natural to me,” Thomas replied and Charlotte smiled at his words.
“When I found out Amelia was bloody pregnant it was like all of a sudden I was third best... she would talk about the baby non-stop and it made me feel unimportant and...” Daniel started to say, before Thomas cut him off.
“She is EXCITED about the baby. She LOVES the baby... of COURSE she is going to talk about it a lot. The baby might not mean anything to you, but to Amelia, that baby is her world. All she wanted was to be able to share that excitement with you, but you were too selfish to think about things from her point of view,” Thomas said, sounding as exasperated as Charlotte felt.
“That baby was a fucking mistake. And you know what, I kind of wonder if Sarah is right and Amelia DID get pregnant on purpose,” Daniel announced.

Charlotte had heard enough. It was time to to make her thoughts on the matter known, whether Daniel liked it or not. Taking a deep breath she walked into the lounge and threw Daniel an angry look.

“You asshole. I can't believe you had the balls to show up here,” Charlotte spat out as she stopped at Thomas's side.
“It's my house too,” Daniel reminded her and Charlotte sniggered.
“Shall I get our accounts out and show you where the mortgage repayments have been coming from? I think you'll find that you haven't paid a cent toward the mortgage, Daniel. Therefore this house is NOT yours,” Charlotte informed him and then held her hand out. “With that in mind, you can give me your key now. Thomas will be here tomorrow afternoon when you pick up your shit... IF Amelia hasn't burnt it by then,” her voice was stern and cold, and she felt a little thrill of satisfaction when Daniel got his keys from his pocket and placed the house key into her waiting palm.
“If she touches any of my stuff I will be calling the cops,” Daniel declared and Charlotte rolled her eyes as she slipped the key into her back pocket.
“Why would she WANT to touch any of your stuff? She wants NOTHING to do with you,” Charlotte stated.
“Of course she wants nothing to do with me, she got the stupid baby she was always after, I guess I played my part,” Daniel said bitterly and Charlotte could feel the rage starting to bubble away in her stomach.
“YOU are a bastard. You know Amelia was doing what she could to avoid getting pregnant, you KNOW she had agreed to wait until you were ready to start a family. YOU know just as well as I do how upset she was when she found out about the pregnancy, she cried for days, upset that she had ruined your life by getting pregnant,” Charlotte said angrily, her voice getting louder with each word until she was shouting at him. “She was going to have an abortion because of you!”

“You think you're so tough, I bet you're going to throw something at my head as well,” Daniel said snidely and it was only then that Charlotte noticed the gash on his forehead. He was lucky Amelia hadn't thrown something bigger at him.
“I could throw something at your head, Daniel. Something big and hard that would cause a lot of damage... but I'm not going to. I don't want to waste my time and energy on a pathetic scumbag like you,” Charlotte told him, shooting him an icy glare.
“You're all talk, Charlotte,” Daniel said smugly and then looked at Thomas who was holding Emily. “Got him wrapped around your little finger too... you got the fancy house, you got the baby, I wouldn't be surprised if you tried to get rid of Amelia now so that you can have all of this to yourself,” he said acidly. Charlotte stepped in toward him and smiled sweetly.
“I can handle you insulting me, but I will not put up with you insulting Thomas or Amelia,” Charlotte announced then stepped in closer to him and, putting her hands on his shoulders, brought her knee up into his groin.

The contact between knee and balls was hard. Daniel let out a screech of pain then collapsed to his knees, holding his hands over his balls. Written over his face was pure pain. Written over Charlotte's face was pleasure. Throwing something at his head would have been fun, but hitting him where it REALLY hurt provided a bigger sense of enjoyment than a mere hit to the head ever could have. She watched Daniel struggling to his feet and after she had taken Emily from Thomas's arms she turned to him and sighed.

“You take out this piece of trash and I am going to go and feed this adorable little monkey of ours and then put her to bed,” Charlotte said, then kissed Thomas on the cheek and walked upstairs without turning back.

What is your talent? Well... you may be sorry you asked

I find that people are forever asking 'what is your talent', 'what are you good at', 'what can you do better than most'... and the answer isn't really one that most people consider something to be proud of.

I, Bree Guildford, am immensely talented at turning the most innocent comment into something dirty.

The wifey and I watched some of the Australian Open (tennis) on Saturday night and ended up in hysterics because the commentary just sounded SO DAMN DIRTY!  It was full of 'penetrating shots', 'taking it deep', 'slamming it hard', 'gripping the shaft'... and there was so much more, so so SO much more, but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.  If I didn't know better I would think the commentators were PURPOSELY being dirty.  Like they were sitting in their commentary box  laughing hysterically when they weren't live.

It doesn't get any better when the rugby season starts and suddenly the commentators are talking about 'finding the hole', 'pushing through', 'penetrating the hole', 'taking it hard up the inside', 'coming from behind', 'came from behind and found the hole'... it just goes on and on.  And I love it.

It seems other people have pegged this as being my special talent though, because when the following ecard was posted on facebook yesterday, I had about four people tagging me in it...

... and they aren't wrong.  It IS hard.  SO very hard.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribbles

My wife has this uncanny ability to draw anything I throw at her (urm, not physically throw at her)... she puts pen to paper and two seconds later there is an exact replica of what I have challenged her to draw.

For the first twelve months of our relationship we were living apart and I used to always enjoy when she sent me naughty little pictures that she had created using the Paint program on the computer.  With this in mind I bought her a drawing tablet for Christmas last year, so she could draw without getting frustrated at the mouse.

I decided this morning that each Sunday I am going to post a naughty picture she has drawn during the week (maybe the odd non-naughty picture) to share with you all!

I now officially give to you the very first 'Sexy Sunday Scribble'!

Flatmates - excerpt 2

This is the second excerpt from the story involving flatmates, Carter & Elle, who in the first excerpt, caved in to the sexual tension that had been building between them for months. 

In the second excerpt they again cave in, despite agreeing after that first time that it wouldn't happen again.

Earthquakes factor into this story, which is no surprise really.  In 2010 and 2011 the city I lived in experienced two really harrowing earthquakes, and the idea for this little scene came to mind one night after an earthquake had woken me at around 3am.  It seemed natural to include an earthquake in the scene.

If you missed it, you can check out Flatmates (excerpt 1) by clicking on this link

I am looking forward to sharing other excerpts from this story, but for now I will leave you with excerpt 2!

As always, if you would like to download it, here is a PDF of the excerpt
Flatmates (excerpt 2) - Bree Guildford


'Flatmates' (unofficial title) excerpt 2

Elle awoke suddenly. Her bed was shaking, the windows were rattling and there was a loud rumbling noise. She pulled the covers up over her head and waited for it to stop, cursing Mother Nature for the umpteenth time since the first earthquake had hit. The first one had happened almost twenty months earlier, and since that initial earthquake her poor city had experienced thousands of aftershocks. Most were small, but there were big ones every now and then... while the small ones didn't bother her, the big ones still got her heart racing and made her feel anxious and more than a little scared. When the shaking was finally over she pulled the blankets down and looked at her clock. 4am. GREAT. Chances were she'd take a decent couple of hours to get back to sleep, and then she had to be up at 7am. If she was lucky, she would get an hour's sleep. Just grand.

When she realised she needed the toilet she groaned. She HATED getting out of bed after an earthquake in the middle of the night... the entire time she was up she would freak out about another one happening. For some reason an earthquake in the dark scared her a lot more than one during daytime hours. Giving in to the call of nature, she got out of bed and walked carefully down the hall half expecting the ground to start shaking again. She managed to go to the toilet without another quake, and after washing her hands she walked through to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. She felt parched and drank it quickly then filled her glass again, all the while just waiting for the big jolt and loud rumble of another earthquake.

Standing at the bench she looked out the window at the blanket of stars covering the sky, and smiled to herself. It did look pretty, even if the earth was doing fucked up things beneath her feet. Slowly she sipped the second glass of water, hoping that if she concentrated enough on how nice it looked outside, she might relax enough to be able to go back to bed and potentially get to sleep a little faster than normal. She was staring out at the sky when suddenly someone leaned against her back, giving her a big fright. She put her hands on the counter to steady herself and seconds later a pair of arms was either side of her own. Elle sighed and took a deep breath, willing her heart to stop racing.

You scared me,” she whispered as Carter rested his chin on her shoulder.
Sorry... I didn't mean to,” he whispered back and she took another deep, calming breath.
I'm just a bit on edge...” she explained quietly. Carter moved his hands so they were over top of her own, his fingers sliding in between hers... she couldn't help but feel relieved to have him there to provide her with a little comfort.
It wasn't a nice one,” Carter replied and she realised that he probably wasn't exactly over the moon that there'd been an earthquake either.

Earthquakes tended to be a big equaliser. No one liked them. No one's nerves remained completely intact after a sizable quake. Not even big strong men.

When he didn't move his hands from hers and his chin stayed on her shoulder she began to experience anxiety and nerves for a whole other reason. For months an enormous amount of sexual tension had built up between them, and eventually one afternoon they had caved and given in to their longing for each other. What had resulted was one amazingly intense sexual encounter that had left her unable to walk properly for two days afterward. The memory of that encounter had stayed very firmly – and very clearly - in her mind.

Elle felt his lips softly brush against her neck and held her breath and closed her eyes, in hopes that if she didn't respond he would simply go back to bed. Her body betrayed her though and she moved her head to the side, giving him better access to her neck... which he took his time softly teasing with his lips.

Remember?” Carter whispered in her ear, and she knew precisely what he was meaning with that one word.
I remember...” she replied, biting her bottom lip as she remembered their little encounter.
Remembering right now, aren't you...” Carter said, his voice sounding husky.
Maybe...” Elle replied, shuddering as again his lips brushed softly against her neck. He bit her neck and she let out an audible whimper.
I bet you remember that...” he said, as he bit into her neck again. She let out another whimper and half regretted the drunken conversation they had once had about sexual turn-ons.

Because of that discussion, he had a wide knowledge of the ways he could turn her on, and all because she was a horny, chatty drunk.

Carter began to repeatedly bite her neck and her thoughts naturally returned to the afternoon of feisty, frantic, sweaty sex they had shared. That was until Elle was literally jolted out of her thoughts when the room... house... ground... world.. began shaking again. Elle held tightly to the bench and squeezed her eyes tightly shut, willing the shaking to stop. It wasn't a big one, but considering the state her nerves were in, it had the same effect as a big one on her. Carter started to rub the side of her hands with his thumbs, the gesture surprising Elle, but comforting her at the same time.

It's okay,” he whispered to her and Elle shook her head, squeezing her eyes closed again, this time trying to squeeze away the tears that were forming.

There was no way she was going to cry in front of him. Carter moved both of his hands to her shoulders and turned her around, pulling her against his chest before putting both of his arms around her. They stood like that for five minutes. His hands didn't once move anywhere they shouldn't have and she wondered if perhaps he'd needed the little bit of comfort as much as she had. That said, she couldn't ignore the fact he wasn't wearing a top and his bare chest felt very nice against her face. She couldn't help but wonder if he could feel her nipples through her top – she WAS cold after all - and getting nippley wasn't something she had any control over.

How about a cup of tea, then we can go into the lounge and watch some mindless drivel on TV, while our nerves settle a bit?” Carter suggested and she nodded in agreement.
That sounds good,” Elle replied against his chest and then pulled away from him.

Carter smiled at her and told her to go through to the lounge while he made the tea, but she told him that she'd stay with him. He didn't ask, and she didn't elaborate, but both of them knew she didn't want to be alone, in case there was another shake.

A few minutes later they settled on the couch with their cups of tea. Because it was cold Carter went through to his bedroom and returned a minute later with his duvet. As they put the duvet over themselves it didn't occur to either of them that they could have simply put more clothes on. They sat side by side sipping their cups of tea as they laughed at a rerun of a sitcom that they'd both watched as kids... both more than a little embarrassed they laughed at it as much as adults, as they had done as kids. Even with the duvet covering them Elle began shivering. Carter obviously noticed because he put an arm around her and pulled her against him... it was lovely being pressed up against him, but she hadn't failed to recognise that he was stroking her arm. Or that it felt really nice.

They had both finished their cups of tea so Elle stood up and took them through to the kitchen, deciding that was a good way to break the contact between them. When she came back and took her place on the couch beside Carter he turned to face her and gave her a steamy look … then pushed her down on her back and crawled on top of her, taking her very much by surprise. Biting her lip, she stared up at him and tried to stop focusing on how pretty his eyes were, with his gorgeous thick, dark eyelashes. But she couldn't stop. She was mesmerised by those eyes.

In what seemed to be slow motion Carter bent his head down and delicately kissed her. It was a kiss that seemed to suck all the life out of her, even though it was by no means passionate. When his lips left hers he looked down at her; the slightest little hint of a smile crossed his face, and she felt her desire for him sky rocket. Damn him. Again he dipped his head down so he could kiss her and not for the first time Elle could feel herself losing the last of her restraint. He stopped kissing her and looked at her again, this time there was absolutely no missing the cheeky grin on his face. Or the look that said 'you know you want it, just as much as I do'.

Sadly he was correct. VERY correct.

Carter was on his hands and knees straddling her, and when he bent down to bite her neck she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. Elle let out a little squeal of surprise when somehow he managed to pull them both to a sitting position. The change in position meant that it she was now the one who was straddling him, her legs still tightly around his waist. Her arms found their way around his neck, and she leaned in to kiss him... she wasn't surprised when she quickly learnt he was a very good kisser. It was nice to be kissing him – they hadn't kissed the first time – and sex without kissing always seemed a little slutty to her.

As the kissing deepened and became more passionate, she moved her arms from around his neck and she began running her hands up and down his back. She loved how soft his skin was, and enjoyed the feel of his muscles rippling beneath her hands whenever he moved. Her appreciation for muscley arms and shoulders and a nice strong chest was another thing she had stupidly told him one drunken night. It just so happened that he had all three and she was convinced that him walking around topless a lot of the time was an intentional way to tease her. It had worked. Very well.

Carter unexpectedly moved her hands from his back and she suddenly felt confused about his intentions. Maybe she had read him wrong? Maybe he WASN'T initiating sex? With that in mind Elle moved to get off his lap but the look he gave stopped her. The look was one of anticipation and delight mixed with something she couldn't quite put her fingers on... whatever it was it stopped her from getting off his lap. When she felt his fingers on the hem of her t-shirt she found it hard to breathe normally and realised the reason he had stopped her touching him was so he could touch her. As her t-shirt fell to the floor her heart began racing.

Elle heard Carter take a deep breath and then she bit her lip as he moved his hands to her boobs. She smirked as he cupped them both in his hands, the look on his face was priceless... she was sure the poor man's eyes were about to pop out of his head! As he started to gently massage her breasts she felt an ache between her legs and knew that her last tiny piece of restraint had just slipped away. She needed him and she needed him badly.

Do you know how long I've wanted to do this?” Carter asked, his voice shaking.

Elle shook her head, not really knowing how to answer his question, which she decided was probably rhetorical anyway. When a shot of electricity tore through her she realised he wasn't interested in her response, his attention instead focused on her nipples. She stifled a moan as he rubbed her nipples so lightly she could hardly feel it... but that light, barely there touch was enough to cause her clit to throb intensely each time his fingers passed over her nipples.

There was also the fact his cock was nudging at her pussy and even though there were layers of cotton acting as a barrier, the hardness of his cock caused her to feel very sidetracked. And to want to do bad, bad things to the man. His hands stayed on her boobs, rubbing her nipples back and forward with two fingers, before switching to using his thumbs and rubbing harder, which caused her to buck her hips against his. It was a much stronger reaction than she'd expected... and judging by the look on his face it was much stronger than HE had expected too.

Elle was surprised when he took his time moving things along. Their first encounter had been very fast paced and frantic, but it seemed he also had it in him to take it slowly. Things did progress thought and eventually his rubbing turned to gentle tweaking, which turned to light squeezing, which turned into harder squeezing. By the time he began squeezing her nipples she wasn't bothering to hide how turned on she was, and she was wishing he would focus on another part of her body... with another part of HIS body.

That particular wish suddenly became very strong and she started to wonder if he was going to spend all night playing with her boobs. Taking a little (uncharacteristic) intitiative, Elle unwrapped her legs from around his waist and climbed off him. Carter began to protest but quickly stopped when she pushed down her knickers and stepped out of them. She climbed back on the couch and this time it was her pushing HIM onto his back. Following her lead Carter got rid of his boxers, and when she was presented with his cock – looking very hard and very ready for action - she crawled up his body with a leg on either side of his hips. She hovered over him, watching the look on his face as her pussy sat just above his cock... so close that he could no doubt feel the warmth of her pussy. He let out an agonised groan and she tried very hard to not laugh. Having this control over him was rather fun, she decided.

She was no cock tease though and after a few more seconds slowly slid down on top of him, but only so the first couple of inches of his cock were inside her. She then began to verrrrry slowly move her hips, making sure to not take too much of him inside her too quickly. Elle grinned when he looked at her and the look on his face was was equal parts pleasure and torment. What she hadn't planned on was that as soon as his cock was inside her, her pussy began to throb and ache. As much as much as she wanted to tease him a little longer, she was also teasing herself, and with each second that passed the need to have him deep inside her increased. When Carter gave her another look of pleasure & torment (this time in a 25:75 ratio, respectively) she couldn't wait any longer and plunged down on his cock.

His cock hit the back of her pussy and they both let out pleasure filled moans. Carter put his hands on her hips and pulled her down tightly against him, then gave her a look of almost shock... she had no idea why and it worried her.

I can't believe you took advantage of me and my post-earthquake vulnerability!” Carter exclaimed and she laughed, relieved that the look of shock hadn't been real.
You poor poor POOR man..... I can get right off if you want, and write you an apology letter?” Elle replied, playing along. He responded by holding her hips even tighter
There's only one type of 'getting off' you'll be doing any time soon..” he replied and she giggled
Oh really???” she asked and he nodded as he moved one hand up to squeeze one of her nipples, causing her to gasp and buck her hips against him.

From then on her hips were continuously moving against him. He wasn't as deeply buried inside her as he had been when he had taken her against the wall, but he still filled her up in the most delicious of ways. The more her hips moved, the wetter she became, and the hornier she got... it was almost as if the simple act of fucking him had opened a whole new realm of sexual desire for her. She couldn't get enough of him. The bad thing was, because she was so horny and he felt so good inside her, she could feel her orgasm starting to build up already. While she knew she wasn't going to cum immediately she did know it wouldn't take long... and she didn't want that little encounter to be over as fast as their first one was. She stopped moving against him and he frowned

What are you doing, woman?” he asked, sounding flustered. She giggled quietly.
If I keep going like I am... IT is going to be all over for me, in the very near future” she told him, and he snorted.
What, like it's not going to be for me?” Carter asked and she shrugged.
You don't mind it being over soon then?” she asked and winked at him. He shook his head.
It must be about.. I don't know. Something o'clock now. Neither of our alarms has gone off, so we know it's before 7.00am anyway. But we've been up for ages. So I say we both call in sick tomorrow... well, today. We can finish off now in the fashion that we started, then we can have a little nap and see if we can't... prolong... things again later..” he suggested and she laughed
I really can't argue with that plan... a day off work and an orgasm or two?” she replied and he nodded in agreement.
Exactly!” he replied and then gave her a pained expression. “Back to work now!” he joked, and she again began moving her hips against him, deciding to lose herself in the moment and quit worrying about whether or not the sex had gone on long enough.

Before long they were both making various noises of pleasure... crying out, moaning, groaning, grunting. Elle's pussy felt as if it was fit to burst, and her clit was throbbing like mad... the angle that he was hitting her at meant that their pelvises were grinding together and creating constant friction on her clit. Each time she felt her orgasm building, she would move up his cock a little bit so he wasn't hitting the back of her pussy – and this helped to ward off her orgasm. It was only a temporary prolonging tactic though, because each time she sunk back down on him again, an intense burst would spread through her pussy, pushing her even closer to the brink of orgasm. Carter was holding her very firmly against him, his cock stretching her pussy in a way that meant every movement she made caused friction against both his cock and her pussy. The more swollen he became, the tigther her pussy gripped him, and the tighter she gripped him the more friction was created. Even if she wanted to slow things down there was no way she could as she felt her orgasm starting to build again, the friction, the pressure, the tension, it all felt too good in too many ways and she knew it was time.

Elle started moving her hips very hard against him. Their hips were grinding so closely together that his cock was barely moving inside her. All she could feel were the jolts of pleasure as his cock continuously came into contact with the back of her pussy. She hooked her feet under his legs to anchor herself to him even better, and continued grinding against him as her orgasm continued to build. She was getting closer and closer to the limit of what she could handle and knew that any moment her orgasm would hit. She braced herself as she felt the her orgasm approaching, knowing it was going to be a big one.

When her orgasm hit seconds later it was intense. Elle cried out loudly and her whole body went rigid, her hips pressing hard against his as her orgasm washed over her. She felt his body tense up beneath her, and his fingers dug deeply into her hips, as if he was trying to hold her in place. Or anchor himself. He let out a loud grunt as his orgasm hit and she rode him as hard as she could. She then collapsed on top of him, all energy sapped from her body.

Carter moved his arms so they were loosely around her and she buried her face in his neck. They both struggled to catch their breath but after a few minutes felt with it enough to sit up. She yawned. He yawned. They looked at each other and laughed.

I'm going to ring work and leave a message saying I'm dead and won't be in today, then I'm going back to bed...” Elle told him and they both stood up
I'll flick my boss a quick text and do the same thing...” Carter replied, then kissed her and walked off down the hall toward the bedrooms.

Elle rang work and left a message for her boss, then after going to the toilet, went into her bedroom, glad that her and Carter hadn't had to have the awkward 'shall we sleep together or sleep in our own beds' talk. When she pulled back the blankets she let out a gasp of surprise because her bed wasn't empty. It seemed that when Carter had gone down the hallway to go to bed he had bypassed his own room entirely.

Careful. If there is another earthquake I may take advantage of your vulnerable state again,” Elle said teasingly and Carter laughed.

When she got in the bed Elle lay down with her back to him. She was tempted to lie facing him, but knew if she did that she would be likely to start something, and she wasn't sure whether that was something Carter would want or not. She wasn't sure if it was something SHE would want. Moments before she fell asleep Elle was conscious of Carter draping his arm over her waist and pulling her closer. She made no effort to move away from him either.

When Elle woke up she lay perfectly still, barely even breathing. When she realised she had woken of her own accord and not because the earth was shaking she exhaled a huge sigh of relief. Looking at the clock she saw it was 11am, and yawned... very glad that she had decided to call in sick at work. A couple of minutes after waking she got up for her obligatory toilet stop, and then yawning, walked back through to her bedroom. She was about to climb in to the bed when she noticed a dark haired, very naked figure lying in her bed. Suddenly the goings on of the early morning came back to her with a lot of clarity.

Oh fuck,” Elle whispered, trying extremely hard to pull her eyes away from Carter's naked body. Her efforts were futile.
Fuck,” she muttered again, trying to decide what to do now that she was awake and he was still in her bed.

She wasn't ready to get up but going back to bed meant sliding into bed with him and his nakedness, and the very real possibility that she'd lose all restraint. Again. After that first time, they had agreed it wouldn't happen again because their friendship was too special to both of them to ruin it with meaningless (even if it was awesome) casual sex. They both knew that friends-with-benefits eventually ended badly, and neither really wanted to risk that happening to them.

Are you going to stand there perving at me, or are you going to make yourself useful and get back in bed and warm me up?” Carter asked teasingly.

Saturday 18 January 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 32

This is the first time I have taken part in a blog hop, needless to say I am very excited about it, and admittedly a little nervous!

My Sexy Saturday is a chance for writers to post 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs, from a published work or a work in progress, based on a certain theme.  The theme for this week is 'underneath your sexy', and my 7 sentences are from an unpublished, untitled work in progress, which revolves around two couples who are both expecting a baby.

Lucas and Jenna are one of the couples.  They are pregnant after their daughter - Sasha - was born still five years earlier.  After the loss Lucas turned into a bitter, angry man, quite the opposite of the Lucas that Jenna had fallen in love with.  In the early stages of the story Lucas isn't an easy character to like, but that changes when he finds out Jenna is pregnant, and for the first time he starts to open up about the loss of Sasha.


“They're perfect,” Jenna whispered as she looked at the earrings and tears started welling in her eyes again.

Lucas had never done anything like that before. She had a few little pieces of jewellery that made her think of Sasha, but this was the first time Lucas had given her anything to remember their Sasha by.

“Full of surprises aren't you,” Jenna said softly, as she moved closer to him and he put a protective arm around her.

“It's more a case of me realising that I could have been doing more in certain... areas... of our relationship,” Lucas replied, a light blush appearing on his cheeks, Jenna smiled lovingly up at him.

“I love you so much,” Jenna told him and he kissed her.

“I love you even more than that,” Lucas said, and she surprised him by moving onto his knee.


Friday 17 January 2014

Go on, check it out! You neeeeeed to!

I insist that you all go and check out a favourite blog of mine called A Submissive Mind!

Her writing is amazing and always evokes the naughtiest of images in my mind... it's so real that you actually feel you are part of the action!  Reading just one story is nevvvvvver enough, and you will be left wanting... NO!  NEEEEEEEEDING more! 

If you are a fan of BDSM, dominance and submission, and all things naughty, then I guarantee you will not be disappointed by taking a little trip to the wild side & checking out 'A Submissive Mind'.

Don't be shy, say hello, and tell her Bree sent you!

Write what you know... or what you wish you knew

They say you should write what you know and I am torn on whether or not I agree with that adage.  Yes, it makes sense to write about something you know about, something you have knowledge about, something that interests you, something that you can write in a way that is realistic and accurate.  But... I also think that writing should be about learning and expanding your mind, and I take great joy out of needing to learn more about something in order to include it (either in one of my stories or in my academic work).

Beyond this, I also think that writing can be a great way to heal your mind, a way to experience something you have been unable to experience in 'real life', a way to right wrongs and to live out your wildest fantasies.  By wildest fantasies I am not necessarily referring to fantasies in the sexual sense, but in a general, personal sense.  As a couple of (weak) examples, someone who writes about celebrity life may have had a life long dream/fantasy to be a celebrity or may have been fascinated by the concept of celebrity for as long as they could remember.  Or maybe someone who writes about going to the moon may have had a life long dream/fantasy to explore space, to find out if there really is life outside our own planet. It doesn't take a genius to read through my stories to find particular themes.

Because I write erotic romance, relationships are a key theme in my writing.  I write about female/female relationships because I KNOW female/female relationships.  I am married to a woman so I consider myself very knowledgeable on all things female/female, from the type of relationship they tend to have, to the sex... the incredibly amazing sex.  I write about male/female relationships,  and again, this is because I KNOW female/male relationships.  I know the sex, I know the relationship dynamics... just not as well as I know the female/female relationships and dynamics.

It is the male/female relationships where I find myself not writing what I know, but writing about what I wish I knew.  It is where the 'healing' aspect of writing comes in to it for me.  Before meeting and marrying my now wife, I had relationships with men.  Most didn't make it past a couple of months, one made it to six months, another made it to fifteen months, but other than that they were either very much on/off, or ended soon after the novelty wore off.  I seemed to get into relationships for the wrong reasons - mainly WANTING to be in a relationship - and they always blew up in my face, or the guys ended up being assholes, including one who ended up being sexually and emotionally abusive toward me.  Before you ask, NO, that is not the reason I now find myself married to a woman!

What I know is dysfunctional relationships.  What I feel I missed out on and wish I had experienced was a healthy relationship with both parties being equal, both parties being madly in love and excited by the prospect of a long future together.  The things I never had.  So while I write about what I know, I also write about what I wish I knew from personal experience.  I thought for a start it was weird that all the relationships I write seem to be perfect, with only minor hiccups along the way... but after analysing it a bit further, I realised I write those type of relationships because it is a way to experience them for myself, through my characters.

I am lucky that I get to experience the type of relationship I have always dreamed of, with my wife.  But part of me still feels like I missed out on the experience with a man.  I don't write about it because it is something I still want.  That is the furthest thing from my mind.  I think it is a form of therapy for me to write about it now, a way to 'experience' it and then move on.  A way to deal with my internal thoughts and help to declutter my rather busy brain.

Related to this, I guess, is the fact I tend to always end up with a female character being pregnant.  Pregnancy is something I know, and I have two beautiful daughters to show for it.  What I wish I knew about pregnancy is going through it supported.  Other than my family and a couple of friends I had no support through my pregnancies and it is something I feel that I missed out on.  I never had someone to cuddle up with in bed at night and discuss baby names, I never had someone to share the ultrasound experience with, I never had someone to rub my belly.

I know that not all pregnancies are that perfect, that it is really just a big perfect ideal I have in my head, but... it is still something I wish I had been able to experience.  I do get to experience it through my pregnant characters though.  I get to create the pregnancy I wish I had been able to experience for myself.  The man and woman share the awe and excitement of ultrasounds, the man and woman battle for hours as they try to come up with the perfect name for their baby, the man and woman lie in bed at night and enjoy feeling the baby kicking together, the man and woman get frustrated trying to find the perfect sexual position that works for her and accommodates her growing belly.  Then of course there is that beautiful moment when the baby is born and their little family becomes complete.

And there you have it.  The reason I don't believe that we should only write 'what we know', and why writing has always seemed very therapeutic to me... because for me it IS a form of therapy.

Only a LOT cheaper and a LOT more enjoyable!

Wednesday 15 January 2014

'You have to post this on your blog!' Yes Ma'am...

A few days ago my wife gave me inspiration for a new story - very unintentionally - and to say the writing has been flowing easily would be an understatement!  The scene has been set, the characters have had their first little introduction and for once in my life I have a story plan written on paper!  Like on REAL paper, not just on a word document.  I would take a photo as proof, but then I would give away the story & probably have to kill you (please note:  I really wouldn't kill you!).

Today I completed the first male/female sex scene and after reading it (and biting her thumb to the point she exclaimed 'ow!' afterward) she insisted that I post the scene to my blog.

So here I am.

The basis of this story is as follows:

Thomas and Charlotte are in love.  Charlotte and Amelia are in love.  Amelia and Daniel are in love.
They all live together in polyamorous bliss.
With Thomas and Charlotte's baby girl, Emily.
Then Amelia catches Daniel having sex with Sarah.
Amelia's life falls apart.
Not only is one of the loves of her life cheating on her, she is also sixteen weeks pregnant with his baby.
Amelia then develops an unexpected friendship with Harrison.  Harris for short.  But mainly Harrison.
Of course their friendship turns into more... but you'll need to read it to find out what happens!
There will be a happy ever after.
But... for Amelia and who?  Will it be Harrison or Daniel?
Is Harrison man enough to love another man's baby as his own?
Is Daniel man enough to admit he was an utter jackass and will he win Amelia back?

I will post the excerpt below, but if you would prefer to download it to read later, please feel free to use the link below to view and/or download the PDF file!
Excerpt of new story - Bree Guildford

'Bastard Daniel' (obviously not an official title!) - excerpt one!

As she went to sit beside him, Thomas held out his arms and, rather than sitting beside him on the couch, Charlotte straddled his lap then put her arms around his neck and leaned into his chest. Thomas moved his arms around her and began to rub her back, something which always had a calming effect on her. She sighed. He knew her so well. After a few minutes Charlotte moved back from his chest and looked him in the eyes.

“I love you,” Charlotte told him before cupping his face in her hands and kissing him. She had never felt more grateful to have found such a wonderful man to share her life with.
“I love you too,” Thomas replied and this time, it was him who cupped her face before brushing his lips against hers.
“I am scared for Amelia,” Charlotte admitted and Thomas stroked her cheek softly.
“I am too... but she will be okay,” Thomas promised as he trailed his fingers down her cheek, over her jaw, down her neck and then inward, settling at the top of her cleavage.

When he leaned in to kiss her neck Charlotte could feel a familiar hardness developing in his pants, a hardness which continued to develop as he brushed his lips softly against the crook of her neck. After breaking the lip to neck contact Thomas looked at her sheepishly.

“Maybe you should get off me... my brain knows that you need to be comforted and not ravaged, but my body has different ideas,” he told her.
Charlotte responded by grinding her hips against him, “What I need is you... and I quite like what your body is suggesting.”
“Are you sure you wouldn't sooner just cuddle?” Thomas asked and Charlotte knew he wasn't asking because it was what he would sooner be doing.
“Remember earlier, when I made Amelia scream?” she asked him as she rolled her hips against him again.
He nodded his head. “Yes! And such perfect timing with Daniel in the house.”
“Well, that made me particularly horny,” she informed him, then let out a whimper of delight when he pulled her down at the hips.

The angle her hips were at meant that when he pulled her down, the hard bulge in his pants pressed against her clit, and she instinctively moved her hands up the inside of his top so she could claw at his chest. Thomas gave her a sexy grin then put a hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. His lips brushed gently against hers; she meant to return his kiss equally as gently, but something boiled over inside her and the kiss became one of hunger and need. Her hands roamed beneath his t-shirt and, without realising it, she started to rake her nails down his chest in a way that she knew would be leaving marks. But she didn't care. She couldn't be held responsible for what she was doing... it was as if something had taken hold of her, something raw and animalistic. She didn't need comforting sex, she didn't need to be made love to, she needed to be fucked. Hard.

Charlotte moved her hands from underneath Thomas's t-shirt and quickly pulled it over his head; she needed his bare skin against hers, she needed to feel and see the muscles and angles she loved so dearly. With his top off, she could see the marks she had already left on his skin, and while she would usually be apologetic, this time she wasn't... the marks only served to make her hornier and needier for him. The desire to be naked with him soon became too much and Charlotte got off his lap and removed her top and then bra, while Thomas unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down over her thighs and past her knees. She had only just stepped out of her pants when she felt Thomas moving her panties downward, and, as she stepped out of them, she felt her hunger for him increase.

Thomas stood up and Charlotte helped him out of his pants and boxers, and when he was standing naked in front of her she took him in with her eyes, smiling very appreciatively when she reached his cock. The sight of his cock – thick, swollen and standing to attention – was the final straw for her. She put her hands on his shoulders then jumped up, wrapping her legs around his waist. His hands moved to her bottom and they began to kiss each other in a way that made it clear they were both on the same track about the type of sex they were about to have. Charlotte tightened her legs around his waist as he walked them from the lounge to the kitchen. When he pressed her up against the solid wall which acted as a partition between the kitchen and dining room, Charlotte tugged on his bottom lip with her teeth and gave him a heated look.

Charlotte loosened her legs to allow herself to slide down his strong waist just far enough that she could feel the heat of the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. The anticipation of what was to come caused her to hold her breath and when she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her hole she felt her heartbeat speed up. She always loved that delicious moment, the excitement that coursed through her in the split second before his cock spread and stretched her open for the first time. She exhaled loudly as he finally pushed his cock inside her, filling her to the hilt and hitting various hot spots before coming to a stop when the tip made contact with the back wall of her pussy.

She tightened her legs and groaned against his neck when it caused him to hit even deeper inside, and another loud groan was elicited when he began to move against her. His first couple of movements were gentle, but then he started to move with the force and speed she so badly needed. Each time he slammed inside her she cried out loudly and knew that her cries were getting louder with each contact of his cock against the back of her pussy... but she couldn't get enough of the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain that his movements were causing. If the neighbours heard then so be it. If noise control turned up... well, chances were everything would be over by then anyway.

When Thomas stepped in a little closer his cock started to hit a new spot, a spot which made her scream whenever it was hit, a spot which made her want it harder and harder with each movement. Thomas gripped her hips and ass tightly with his hands so that he could move inside her with as much force as was possible, until he was hitting her so hard she became worried she was going to be propelled right through the wall. A little curious research online had taught Charlotte the spot had a name – the 'a spot' – and when it was hit repeatedly the result for her was an orgasm of epic proportions. The type of orgasm that would render her useless for an hour afterward. It was the type of orgasm she needed that night.

Thomas stopped moving against her and she looked at him, startled. Her pussy was squeezing and gripping at his cock, she NEEDED to feel him pounding into her throbbing cunt. She needed it so badly she was on the verge of tears when Thomas moved a hand behind him and moved her legs from around his waist.

“I know you need it harder,” was all Thomas said as he took her hand and led her upstairs.

Charlotte had no idea what he was doing, but when he led her past their bedroom she realised that they weren't done for the night. Her panicked feeling was replaced by curiosity, and when he opened the door to the main bathroom she felt the muscles of her pussy contracting tightly, so hard in fact, she was surprised she didn't cum from that alone. She followed Thomas into the bathroom and a loud moan escaped her lips when he moved behind her and put his hands on her hips as she gripped on to the vanity unit.

When they were looking through the house for the first time, Charlotte had jokingly stood in front of the vanity unit with Thomas standing behind her and they had realised that it would be the perfect height for THAT particular position. Charlotte parted her legs and tilted her ass up to give Thomas the perfect entry position, and as he slammed inside her, she let out a loud cry of pleasure. His cock hit her a-spot and she could feel the difference immediately. With each thrust, he pulled her back at the hips and pushed into her, the increased force of each impact sending jolts of pleasure right throughout her body and she felt her orgasm starting to build very deep down.

Charlotte felt her pussy tightening and Thomas started to slam faster into her. Her cries turned into shrieks and as they became more high pitched Thomas dug his fingers into her hips and pulled her back even harder against him. He played her like an instrument... he was a master when it came to making her cum, his timing was always perfect and he knew when to move faster or harder, when to move slower or deeper, when to pull her back or when to not touch her hips at all. She began to gasp for breath as her orgasm approached and he moved his hips steadily faster, not so fast it caused her to cum straight away, but fast enough that each increase of speed pushed her closer to the brink of orgasm.

When she knew her orgasm was about to hit Charlotte pressed back as hard as she could against Thomas and screamed loudly as his cock hit her a-spot so hard and perfectly that she fell into the deep abyss of her orgasm. The only thing she was conscious of was the furious clench and release of her pussy around his cock as he moved faster and faster against her, then he quickly followed her into the abyss and came with a loud groan as he pressed into her with all of his body weight.

In a state of semi-consciousness they both slumped to the floor, and she settled between his legs with her back against his chest, his cheek against her shoulder, hands resting lightly on her thighs. 


I think Charlotte got what she needed!

Friday 10 January 2014

My muse

I am sure I have said it before, but my muse is my wife... before I met her I had this burning desire to write and every now and then WOULD start to write something, but I always lacked the motivation and inspiration to turn it into anything worth finishing.

Then I met my wonderful, beautiful, amazing, splendid (you get the idea) wife and all of that changed.  Even when we were just friends she had a way to bring my creativity to the surface, she had a way to ignite the tiniest little piece of inspiration and turn it into something bigger than I could ever have expected.  When we fell in love and then went on to get married, her status as my muse only continued to grow and develop into something that almost took on a life of its own.

Coincidentally, I am fascinated by the nine muses found in Greek Mythology!
Perhaps my wife is the tenth muse?

I cannot explain how or why she has such an effect on me and my writing.  Possibly because we are always on the same wavelength and she gets me in a way no one ever has before?  We lie in bed at night talking about a story and the next day I feel so inspired and am able to spend hours writing... sometimes to the point that I  NEED to force myself to go to bed or I will write all night long.  Just this morning we were discussing something and she made a little comment that suddenly caused fireworks in my brain and BOOM, a new story was coming to mind.  I am not sure if this excess of inspiration is a good thing or a bad thing.  If I start a new story every week then nothing is going to get finished, but I also feel that if I don't write when inspiration strikes that I am hindering my own creativity.  The old adage 'better out than in' comes to mind here.

I now need to cut this blog post short because I NEED to get this new story out on paper (well, on word!)... who knows, perhaps I will share a little excerpt in the near future!

Thursday 2 January 2014

Flatmates (excerpt 1) ~ a new story for the new year!

Well, 2014 is here!  I don't know about everyone else, but 2013 seemed to just fly by for me... probably because it was a year of such huge changes for me.  I moved to a new city, I got married, I started my degree... it was a busy, slightly crazy year, but an amazing one all the same!

I promised this excerpt a few days ago, but as often happens at this time of year things got a bit crazy and I didn't get around to it, but everything is ready to go now!

This story is one that is currently under construction and has been for some time.  My intention when writing it was for the first sex scene to be THE story... a short and sweet, written in one hour type of deal.  After writing this first scene I became inspired to write 'just one more scene', which as you may suspect led to another 'just one more scene' and another and another and another.  It quickly turned into a full blown story.

'Flatmates' (as I am unofficially calling it) is a story about two flatmates - Elle & Carter - and what happens when they FINALLY give in to the months of sexual tension that have been building between them.

I plan to post up the next few pages of this soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are the first few pages of 'Flatmates', and as with my previous excerpts, I have added a link if you would like to download the story as a PDF
Flatmates (excerpt 1) - Bree Guildford

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'Flatmates' (unofficial title) - excerpt 1

Kaylee and Elle had been friends for as long as they could remember; after school they had moved in together and transitioned into their post-high school lives. They had been through all the shitty times together, as well as all of the good times, and had always been there for each other no matter what was going on. Boys had come and gone, men had come and gone – but their friendship always stayed rock solid and they both considered themselves extremely lucky to have that constant support system.

None of that changed when Kaylee had met Sebastian – Sebastian had understood how close Elle and Kaylee were – and there had never seemed to be any of the tension between the boyfriend & the best friend, like there often was. Sebastian was happy to let Kaylee do her thing with Elle, and Elle felt the same as far as Kaylee seeing Sebastian went. All that had changed, really, was that Kaylee had fallen madly in love, something that in turn had made Elle very happy. A few months later Kaylee and Sebastian had gotten engaged and then, four months after that, they had gotten married. Elle, of course, had been the boss bridesmaid and had had a lot of fun helping Kaylee prepare for the wedding.

Kaylee and Sebastian getting married had however meant that Elle and Kaylee's days of living together were over. As it was, their landlord had put the house on the market a few weeks before the wedding, so they would have had to find a new place anyway. Elle had been a bit sad about leaving, but it had felt kind of fitting for that chapter of their lives to close and the next chapter to begin for both of them, in brand new surroundings. But it had turned out that Elle hadn't needed to move anywhere. Two weeks before the wedding Sebastian had come over to pick Kaylee up for the weekend and he had told Elle he wanted to talk with her. Sebastian had informed her that he and Kaylee had talked about it and they had decided to buy the house that the girls had been living in, and that if Elle wanted to stay on as a tenant, she was more than welcome to. Elle had agreed straight away – she hated moving and hated dealing with new landlords. It had been the perfect solution.

The only problem Elle had was that there was no way she could comfortably afford to pay the rent on her own. Kaylee had offered to keep paying rent until Elle found someone else, but Elle had felt that was going above and beyond and she had told Kaylee not to even think about it... she just wouldn't go for coffee 50,000 times a week, or buy all her trashy magazines she just HAD to buy each week (and never read). Again Sebastian had saved the day by telling Elle that there was a guy on his team who was looking for a new place, because his flatmate was moving his girlfriend in. Elle had told Sebastian it sounded like a good solution for both of them and then couldn't help but giggle when he told her it was Carter who was needing a new place. Kaylee had winked at Elle and Sebastian had looked at them curiously. Kaylee had explained that Elle was rather keen on Carter; this of course had caused Elle to blush and try to explain that she merely thought he was an exciting player.

The wedding had been perfect, Kaylee had looked stunning, and Sebastian had looked very handsome. They had gone on their honeymoon for two weeks right after the wedding and Elle had known she'd miss Kaylee terribly, but she had also been very excited for her best friend. She would at least have someone to keep her company while Kaylee was away, because Carter was due to move in the day after the wedding.

From the moment Carter had moved in he and Elle had got on extremely well. She'd been worried that it might be a little awkward, but it never had been. They seemed to have the same sense of humour, and were both pretty laid back. They had similar tastes in music, and liked the same TV shows and certain movies... their friendship had developed very naturally, and they'd quickly become close friends.

A few months after Carter had moved in the flirting had started. Nothing too serious, just little looks and comments, and teasing... LOTS of teasing. They had become almost TOO comfortable with each other and would often find themselves talking about sex in some way or another. Carter had told her about an ex of his who'd had certain weird fetishes, Elle had told him about an ex of hers who had been particularly... untalented when it came to the bedroom. Every now and then they would share a few beers, something which guaranteed sex talk. It got to the stage that Elle knew it would only take one very drunken night for them to fall into bed with each other.

She couldn't deny that she found him attractive. His muscles were to die for and she'd often found it hard not to stare, especially when he was walking around with a top off. On the flip side though, she had caught him looking at her a LOT, particularly her boobs, so it wasn't as if the perving was one sided.. In what was an obvious case of intentional teasing, they both tended to flaunt their 'assets' around each other. Elle would found herself starting to wear nothing but low cut tops and Carter would always seem to find a reason to walk around without a top on. Had they not been living together Elle knew they'd have wound up in bed... probably over and over and over, but she knew that if they started sleeping together it would inevitably end up making things awkward between them, and that wasn't something she wanted. It wasn't just because they lived under the same roof, but also because she knew it would wind up ruining their friendship. The flirting had continued until one day when EVERYTHING changed between them.


Carter took her by surprise as she was leaving the room, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her gently back towards him.

“Where do you think you're going?” he asked her, his hand still firmly on her wrist. She bit her lip. Standing in such close proximity to him she couldn't help but notice how good he smelled... or just how biteable his neck looked. She blinked hard to try and stop the thoughts from continuing, but to no avail.
“You wanted me to show you where the DVDs were.... that's what I did... now I'm going back out to the lounge....” she replied, trying to not make eye contact with him. His eyes put her in a trance-like state and would make her putty in his hands... quite literally.
“I seem to remember you telling me you'd show me where they were, even though I'd only asked you to tell me...” he replied, giving her a rather smoldering look. A look that made her whimper internally.
“You would have had a man look, hence why I showed you instead,” Elle retorted, trying again to not focus on his neck... or on the snug fit of his top around his arms and shoulders. He turned ever so slightly and she turned with him, ending up with her back toward the wall. He stepped in towards her, one hand planted on either side of her head, and she had no choice but to lean back against the wall. He raised an eyebrow at her.
“It's almost as if you wanted to be alone in this bedroom with me,” he commented again, stepping closer to her and leaving very little space between them. She could feel her resolve very quickly slipping away.

Carter pressed up against her making sure his hips were pressing nice and firmly against hers. She whimpered at the contact then gasped when he bent his head down and bit softly into the crook of her neck. She knew she should leave right then, flee, escape.. but something kept her rooted to the spot and as his mouth moved up her neck she couldn't help but let out a little moan... and she knew that with that, she was in trouble.

He pulled his top up over his head and cast it aside. Again he leaned forward to nibble at her neck, and when she let out another moan he moved back a tiny bit and undid his pants, pulling them down slightly. She couldn't help but look down and gasped when she saw his cock. Any thought of escaping while she could completely left her mind and she realised she had finally succumbed to his..... well, whatever it was about him that attracted her to him so powerfully. He continued working her neck with his mouth, causing a rather intense stirring between her legs and her hands instinctively went up to his shoulders. She whimpered as her hands made the first contact with his warm skin, and as he bit into her neck again she impulsively dug her nails into his broad shoulders.

When his mouth moved up her neck and he gently nibbled on one of her earlobes, she moaned loudly and could feel her pussy starting to throb. Leaving the room certainly was the last thing on her mind and all she wanted now was to feel him inside her. It had been a long time coming. They had been tip-toeing around it for months, the innocent flirting, all the sexual innuendo... realistically she'd known it would happen eventually, and admittedly she'd imagined it a lot. Not that she'd confess that to him.

She was caught off guard when he moved his hands down her back and cupped her bottom in his hands. He lifted her up and pressed her up against the wall and her legs automatically wrapped tightly around his waist. She felt his cock brushing against her hole and blushed when she remembered she had no panties on. He gave her a charged look that suggested he was rather glad she'd decided to go pantiless that day, and that she had chosen to wear a skirt. In one quick movement he pulled her down on him, his cock sliding easily into her pussy. When he was all the way inside her they stopped and stared at each other, their eyes wide and full of lust and desire...

He began to move his hips, thrusting slowly in and out of her sopping pussy. She couldn't believe how good he felt inside her, or the way that his cock hit all the right spots on the way in and the way out. Her pussy was throbbing, her clit pulsating, and as he started thrusting harder and faster she began gasping for air, her fingernails digging into his shoulders. Unable to control the sounds she was making, she began to cry out loudly, the head of his cock hitting the back of her pussy with every stroke, sending jolts of pleasure through her entire body. Any other time it probably would have hurt, but there was so much sexual tension between them that they both got carried away very quickly.

He groaned as he pounded her pussy, she wasn't sure if she'd ever felt a cock hitting so deep inside her. She tigtened her legs again and took him even deeper inside. Because she was hard up against the wall and couldn't move at all her pussy was taking the full brunt of each of his hard, almost forceful thrusts. It was an amazing feeling, better than anything she had experienced before. Her cries of pleasure could no doubt be heard by anyone within a 10km radius of the house, but she didn't give a damn because she hadn't been fucked like that for years.

The constant friction and pressure against her clit made it throb intensely and each time he made one of his powerful thrusts the throb only intensified. It felt to her as if her pussy was on fire, there was so much pressure building deep inside that it was almost uncomfortable, in the most glorious of ways. When he bit her firmly on the neck she screamed out and tightened her legs around his waist, managing to somehow allow him to hit deeper, and her fingernails dug even harder into his shoulders, as if she was using her nails to cling on for dear life.

He sped up his thrusts and she noticed her pleasure filled cries and moans were being matched by his own loud moans and groans of desire. Hers were getting more high pitched and his were getting deeper... she could tell that they were both getting very close to the limit of what they could handle. The months of sexual tension between them were finally being released in a very fast and furious manner. Her pussy began clenching wildly at his cock and at the same time she felt her entire pelvic region contracting tightly and with a couple more perfectly timed thrusts, her orgasm burst free. Her fingernails digging deeply, her thighs tightly squeezing his waist, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock, over and over and over and over. Before she had a chance to ride out her orgasm she felt his entire body go rigid against her and he came with a loud groan, pushing into her with all of his bodyweight, his cock pulsing inside her, the warm burst of his cum obvious from inside her.

They remained as they were, both breathing heavily, both utterly spent. They stared at each other again, this time grinning at each other giddily as they both thought about what had just happened. Still supporting her, he took two steps backward and sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, slowly lying backward. She rolled off him and lay beside him, still trying to catch her breath properly, trying to get her head around what had just happened. And how it had happened. And how fucking mindblowing it had been.

“Worth the wait??” he asked, when his breathing had started returning to normal
“Worth the wait...” she confirmed, and they both laughed.