Saturday 31 May 2014

The threesome that started it all


I finished an assignment yesterday and decided that today would be spent doing anything BUT assignments.  After spending a couple of hours in bed reading, I decided I would get a new excerpt ready to post on my bloggy wog.  And here I am, about 50,000 hours later (I get distracted far too easily), finally ready to post the excerpt!

This is the first few pages of the story featuring Jane, Leah, Asher & Beau... and the threesome that started it all.

Because I am still sick and feel a headache coming on, rather than give a synopsis, you can read more about the background of the story here

This excerpt is quite long, so I have converted it to a PDF, feel free to download it!
Asher, Jane & Leah - the first time (click on the link for the PDF file)


And now, I give to you...

Asher, Jane & Leah - the first time

Asher tried his hardest not to stare, but it was impossible not to. A few metres away, two very attractive women were talking, and something in the way they kept touching each other, suggested they were more than just two friends who were catching up at a party. The people in the group he was standing with were all talking, and he tried to keep up with the conversation, but in reality it was all one big, loud muffle to him. Rather than concentrating on the conversation, he was wondering what the two women were talking about, and whether or not his suspicions about them were correct. God, he hoped he was right!

When one of the women looked at him and smiled he quickly turned away, embarrassed that he'd been caught staring. No doubt they were now laughing at him. He risked taking another glance in their direction and was surprised when they were both looking at him and smiling. Asher returned the smile and when one of the women motioned at him with her finger, he took a deep breath and walked over to them. He had no idea what they could want with him; he didn't know them, he didn't even know who they knew to be at the party, but was hardly going to complain. As he approached the women he smiled at them again and took a nervous breath before addressing them for the first time.

“Having a good night?” Asher asked, not knowing what else to say to these two women he didn't know.
“Very good,” said one of the women, who was wearing glasses straight from his naughty librarian fantasy.
“Enjoying the view,” the other woman added, and both women giggled.
“I've been doing the same thing,” Asher replied, knowing it was corny, but the words were out of his mouth before he could even think about it.
“Well, isn't that a coincidence,” the woman in the naughty librarian glasses commented, and gave him a little wink.
“Uh, so what brings you here?” Asher asked, curious.
“I work with David's girlfriend,” the woman without the glasses told him.
“Oh right. I work with David,” Asher informed the girls who both laughed.
“Oh, we know who you are, Jennifer has told us all about you,” said the woman with the glasses. He noticed a look that passed between the two women, and felt oddly aroused by it.
“And do either of you have names?” Asher asked, knowing he sounded stupid, but he HAD to know the womens names.
“I'm Leah,” said the woman with the glasses.
“And I'm Jane,” said the other woman.
“Nice to meet you both,” Asher said and smiled at both women.
“Extremely nice to meet you too, Asher,” Leah replied.
“You have no idea how nice,” Jane added and the women shared another little look, that again left him feeling oddly aroused.

How the hell was a simple look enough to make him want to tear the women's clothes off them?

To try and clear his mind of all impure thoughts, Asher began to ask the girls questions about themselves, and eventually they began talking as if they'd known each other for longer than ten minutes. Neither woman mentioned a boyfriend or a husband, but they made plenty of contact with each other, and Asher wasn't sure whether they were doing it subconsciously, OR, if perhaps, just perhaps, they were doing it to tease him a little. If they WERE doing it to tease him, they were certainly achieving their goal, only they weren't teasing him 'a little', it was more a case of teasing him a LOT, to the point the impure thoughts he'd been trying to dismiss were raging through his mind.

It was hard for Asher to ignore the fact that both women also seemed to be flirting with him, Both were laughing at things he said, they were constantly smiling at him and touching him on the arm, not to mention the heat in their eyes whenever they looked at him. It was getting to the point that he was imagining them all being alone at his house, very naked, hot and sweaty. The result of those thoughts was an increasingly hard bulge in his pants, which was getting uncomfortable, not to mention hard to hide. He must have looked like a right idiot, standing there with his hands over his crotch. But it was that, or let the women know just what effect they were having on him, and the former certainly seemed like the safer option. Though he was starting to wonder if the women were harbouring similar thoughts to his own, and decided perhaps he needed to test the waters a bit.

“I hate to be so blunt, but are you two together?” Asher asked the women, feeling himself go red as he did so. Leah and Jane both smiled at him and nodded.
“As of three years ago, yes,” Jane replied and he laughed.
“I got the impression, but didn't want to presume,” Asher commented.
“And what about you? Any special woman... or man... in your life?” Leah asked.
“No no, no one special in my life,” Asher admitted, then added, “But in case you needed to know, if there was someone special in my life, it would be a woman, not a man.” Again the girls looked at each other in a way that suggested there was something not entirely innocent going on behind the scenes.
“I thought someone would have snapped you up a long time ago,” Leah commented, her eyes lingering on him for a couple of seconds longer than was appropriate, not that he was complaining.
“Haven't found a woman that can handle me yet,” Asher said jokingly and the girls winked at each other.
“Maybe it would take two women to handle you,” Jane replied, not skipping a beat. Asher didn't know what to say to that. It was almost as if she was suggesting something. Surely he was making more out of it than there was. But just in case her comment was meant to be suggestive, he decided he should play along.
“That is an intriguing thought,” Asher replied.
“It is, isn't it,” Leah said, a twinkle in her eye.
“I bet that would be a night that those women wouldn't forget!” Jane commented and Asher raised an eyebrow at her.
“I imagine the man... I mean.. me... I... wouldn't forget a night like that either,” Asher replied, trying to sound calm, but not feeling it.
“You know what, this party is a little loud for me, and there are far too many people.... maybe we should go home,” Leah said to Jane, and before Asher knew what he was doing, he spoke up.
“You could both come back to my house if you wanted,” Asher suggested, and waited for the women's laughter to ensue.
“I think that is a very good idea,” Jane answered for her and Leah. Asher looked at them both, trying to hide the shock on his face.
“Uh, really?” he asked and both girls nodded.
“Unless you were only joking?” Leah asked and Asher shook his head.
“Oh no, that was not me joking,” Asher replied. Leah whispered in Jane's ear, and moments later Jane grazed her fingers lightly down his arm.
“Lead the way,” Jane said and then slowly, very sexily, licked her top lip.
“I'm only a few minutes walk away... you ladies head outside, I'll go and say goodbye to David, and then meet you out there in a minute,” Asher told them, then walked over to where David was talking to a group of their friends.

Asher told David he was leaving, and predictably David hassled him for leaving so early and called him a boring old man. Asher shrugged and told him he was tired, and David laughed.

“I take it you're not going home with those two women then?” David asked and Asher shook his head.
“No idea what you're talking about,” Asher responded, trying his best to sound puzzled. David laughed.
“You're a greedy slut – taking two women home! You realise that one of your friends will miss out on sex tonight because you're so greedy!” David teased.
“Fuck up, I don't know what you're talking about,” Asher laughed and started to walk away.
“Have fun, take lots of photos!” David yelled after him. Asher shook his head and kept walking, glad that the women hadn't been around to hear what David had to say!

Asher went outside and half expected the girls to be gone, but there they were standing beside the fence, waiting. For him. He wondered if maybe they had changed their minds, but when Leah suggested he hurry up and lead the way, he realised that they were still planning to go home with him. As they walked along the road, Asher wondered what the hell would happen when they got to his house.

Asher had never had, or even been close to having, a threesome, and wondered what the 'rules' were. Should he let them make the first move? Should he make the first move? Should they talk about it? Should they let it happen spontaneously? And what about the girls? They were a couple, what if there were boundaries as far as that went? He knew he was over thinking it all, so decided to ignore the internal dialogue that was going on, and just take the night as it came.

Asher led them up the path to his front door, then opened the door and ushered them inside. He took a deep breath as he closed the door, and couldn't quite believe the situation he now found himself in. To buy himself some time, Asher went into the kitchen and came back with drinks for the three of them. Leah and Jane were sitting on the couch holding hands, and that was enough to make his cock start to stir again. Suddenly he was worried that when things did get serious, it would be too much excitement for him, and things would be over before they had even begun.

When the girls started to kiss, Asher couldn't hide the fact he was enjoying the little show, and he felt embarrassed as the girls' eyes zeroed in on the ever-growing bulge in his jeans. Most men were concerned that they weren't big enough, but for him it was the opposite... he was worried he was too big. Yes, he had been blessed by penis gods but sometimes his size was something he got very self-conscious about, particularly when it came to having sex with a woman for the first time.
“It's a blessing and a curse,” Asher stated jokingly, trying to not appear as embarrassed as he was.
“Oh, I'm sure it's more blessing than curse,” Leah told him, biting her bottom lip.
“I'm sure there is a lot you could do with it,” Jane added as she and Leah moved apart on the couch, and Leah patted the cushion between them, indicating that was where he should sit.

He didn't need to be told twice and took his place on the couch between Leah and Jane, immediately noticing how good they both smelt with their fruity shampoo and intoxicating perfumes.
Asher wished there was someone to tell him what to do next. With one women it was pretty straight forward, but with two it wasn't so clear, well, not in his mind anyway. If he started kissing one, the other would feel left out, but he couldn't kiss two at the same time. Maybe they just wouldn't kiss. But then what the hell happened when it came to sex? How would he decide which woman he would physically be inside? Was it okay to take turns having sex with both of them? And then what did he do if the girls were touching each other? Would they feel like he was in the way if he tried to join in? If he didn't join in, would they think he was just being pervy?

It was then he felt a hand on each of his knees. The hands started to slowly move up his thighs, stopping just millimeters away from where his cock was starting to throb in his pants. The girls both turned slightly so they were facing each other then, leaning in front of him, began to kiss. Asher couldn't take his eyes off the scene playing out in front of him; the kiss was slow and sweet, and he could see their tongues brushing together. It was almost hypnotising, but the hypnosis was broken when he felt fingers brushing against his cock. One hand moved to the base of his cock, the other moved toward the tip, and even though there were two layers of fabric between the women's hands and his cock, the sensations were so intense they caused him to groan.

Leah and Jane continued kissing each other while playing with his cock through his jeans. Every now and then a hand would squeeze his cock, sending jolts of heat coursing through his body. He never had any idea whose hand was where and that made the whole situation even more arousing. His pants suddenly became looser around his waist and he realised that either Leah or Jane had undone the button of his jeans. Fingertips slid inside the waistband of his boxers and he let out another groan. He could sense that the fingertips were extremely close to the tip of his cock, and he was literally aching for that first contact to be made. When the hand that had been on the base of his cock lost contact there was a second where he was afraid perhaps one of the women had changed her mind but then the hand rose in front of him – and settled on Jane's breast.

Asher again felt hypnotised as he watched Leah's fingers start to rub against Jane's nipple, which was very easy to see through the fabric of her top. As Leah started to tweak the nipple, Asher could feel his cock growing harder and he wished that he was free from the confines of his boxers and jeans. He badly wanted his cock to be nestled deeply inside a pussy, but knew that the wait would be worth it. The way Jane was moaning was making him hornier by the second and he couldn't wait to move things along.

Suddenly feeling bold, Asher moved a hand up between Leah and Jane, undoing the buttons on Leah's shirt as his hand moved up. When it was undone, Leah shrugged the shirt off and then got back to tweaking Jane's nipple. Asher moved his hand to one of Leah's breasts and began to do to her what she was doing to Jane.

Leah's moans joined with Jane's moans, creating the sexiest harmony he had ever heard. Jane's fingers finally brushed against his cock and he let out a moan. That small, light contact left him wanting more, so much more, and he could feel himself swelling with every stroke that Jane made. Jane broke the contact and removed her hand from his boxers to pull his zipper down then her hand went back inside his pants, the stroking resuming. When Jane wrapped her hand around his cock he started to squeeze Leah's nipple more firmly between his fingers. Leah's moans became louder and seemed to spur Jane on because suddenly she was squeezing his cock harder. Jane squeezed harder, he squeezed harder, Leah moaned louder and again Jane squeezed harder. It was an amazing chain reaction, one which he knew could be very dangerous as far as his own threshold went.

Not wanting to ruin things by cumming way too early, Asher put his hands on the hem of Jane's top and started to pull it up. Jane released the grasp she had on his cock and pulled her hand from his boxers, putting her arms up so that Asher could pull her top off. Rather than moving her hand back down to his cock, Jane instead began to tweak Leah's other nipple and Leah started to moan loudly. Before he knew what was happening, Leah moved from where she was sitting so that she was straddling him. Jane moved her hand behind Leah's back and undid Leah's bra, tossing it behind them after it slid down Leah's arms.

Jane moved to her knees and as she leaned slightly to the side to kiss Leah, her boobs began rubbing against his arm. Because of the position they were in, Asher had boobs right in his face, and he knew that there was no way in the world he could stop himself from putting his head forward and capturing one of Leah's nipples in his mouth. As he started to suck on the nipple, he could feel Leah's hips starting to move against him and realised what a bad idea it was – all that grinding was sure to have one result and one result only – a very messy one! Letting Leah's nipple slip from between his lips, Asher reached up and started to rub Jane's nipple, causing her to cry out loudly.

Leah undid Jane's bra and Asher stopped touching her so she could slide it off and drop it to the ground. He moved his hands so he was touching one of each women's nipples at the same time and then started to tweak and rub them, loving the way both women cried out at his touch. Leah moved so that rather than straddling both of his thighs, she was only straddling one, and then a second later, Jane was straddling his other thigh.

Together, Leah and Jane took his top off him, throwing it on the floor in a pile with their bras and tops, and when they both grazed their nails down his chest his entire body trembled in anticipation. His attention was on the boobs in his face though. Asher knew that it was (almost) every man's dream to have more boobs to play with than hands to play with them and decided that he had to make the most of the opportunity that had presented itself.

Asher rubbed the nipples, then tweaked them, before starting to squeeze them, harder and harder. All the while the girls were kissing each other, letting out whimpers, moans and cries – it really was the sexiest thing he'd ever been part of – and he didn't want it to end. But he knew they all needed more than boobs and kissing, and with that in mind, he looked up at the girls.

“How about we go through to the bedroom,” Asher suggested.
“I thought you'd never ask,” Jane said with a giggle as she got off him and stood up, followed by Leah.
“I think we could all be a bit more comfortable on the bed,” Asher added and was met by approving nods.

Asher stood up and with his hands on the small of both girls' backs, led them through to his bedroom. The threesome walked to his bed and as he went to sit on the bed, Jane stopped him. The women winked at each other and then both dropped to their knees and pulled his jeans down together, he
stepped out of them and held his breath in anticipation of what they'd do next. The women both moved a hand to his cock and began to stroke it teasingly through his boxers. He had absolutely no control over his cock, which started to twitch excitedly, and as he finally felt his boxers being pulled down, both let out a loud gasp and looked up at him. Ordinarily he would have felt self-conscious and embarrassed, but something about the way the girls both looked a him made him feel anything but.

Leah stood up and Jane undid her girlfriend's skirt and slid it down her legs. Leah stepped out of it and then Jane slowly pulled Leah's panties down. When she pressed her face against Leah's pussy, Asher was sure he was going to cum right there and then. If Jane had started to go down on Leah, he would have, but instead she got back to her feet. Leah kissed Jane then it was her turn to undo Jane's skirt and help her out of her panties. When Leah made a show of running a finger up Jane's slit, both he and Jane moaned. The three of them looked at each other with desire and need. It was time.

Leah and Jane pushed him playfully back onto the bed, then giggled as they lay down beside him. Leah started to softly kiss his neck, while Jane kissed her way slowly down his belly. He had a feeling Jane knew that if her lips went anywhere near his cock, the night would be over before it even began, and she started to kiss back up his belly, until she too was kissing his neck. The women were both pressed up against him and he quickly realised that he had access to both women's pussies.

Unable to wait a second longer he carefully pushed a fingertip just inside each of them, groaning loudly as he realised how warm and wet both were. The girls both cried out and moved their hips against his hands, and as he pushed two fingers inside both of them, they cried out even louder. It was certainly a novelty to have TWO pussies clenching around his fingers at the same time, and he had a feeling that he probably could have made both of them cum if he had added more fingers, but that wasn't how he planned to make that happen. Asher slowly slid his fingers out, causing both Leah and Jane to whimper.

He felt a little awkward, not too sure what he should do next. There were so many things he wanted to do to both of them, but it was choosing who to do what to that he was having problems with. Leah moved closer to him and they began to kiss. Leah rolled onto her back and he rolled with her, and when she let out a loud moan he realised Jane was between Leah's legs and was going down on her. He had been too busy kissing Leah to notice she'd left his side. His cock ached and lurched; knowing that Jane's tongue was on Leah's pussy was almost too much for him. Asher tried to concentrate on kissing Leah, knowing that if he focused on what Jane was doing to her, he would no doubt cum from the thought alone.

Leah suddenly broke off the kiss and moved over, with Jane taking her place on the bed. Asher gulped when Jane put a hand behind his neck and pulled him down to kiss her. He could taste and smell Leah on Jane's lips and felt overwhelmed by his hunger for the two women. Jane's whimpering turned into moaning and he didn't need to glance down to tell that Leah was now eating Jane. Although he hardly knew Jane and had certainly never been to bed with her, he could tell by the noises she was making that she was getting closer and closer to orgasm and wasn't surprised when Leah joined both of them up the top of the bed. He could smell Jane on Leah's lips and couldn't resist kissing her to get his first taste of Jane.

In his mind, he had an idea of the perfect 'configuration' for their little tryst and he knew he couldn't wait any longer to make the women both scream. Before he could open his mouth to suggest who should go where, Jane straddled him and was hovering above his cock, while Leah got onto her knees and facing Jane, straddled his face.

As he began to lick Leah's pussy, Jane very slowly slid down his cock and he heard a sharp intake of breath as his cock hit the back of her pussy. She felt extremely tight around his cock and hoped that he wasn't hurting her. Jane started to gently move her hips against him and began to moan. Leah was moaning and moving her hips against his mouth, Jane was moaning and moving her hips against his, and because of the noises he could hear, he knew that Leah and Jane were kissing at the same time as well. Jane cried out and he felt her pussy clench tightly around his cock, and somehow knew that Leah was playing with the woman's nipples. From their time together earlier on the couch, Asher had learnt that Jane loved her nipples being played with and her response to that drove him wild.

Jane started to move her hips harder against him and her moans turned to cries. Leah was crying out as well, her pussy was extremely wet against his mouth, and he couldn't get enough of the way she tasted. He could feel Leah's thighs tightening as her hips started to move faster, and at the same time, he felt Jane moved her knees apart so that he could hit even deeper inside her. It was hard for Asher to know what to concentrate on – Leah tasted great, Jane's pussy felt amazing sliding up and down his cock - and then there was also the fact his own orgasm was starting to build!

Jane started to grind harder against him, and because of the way Leah was tensing up, Asher could tell that her orgasm was probably very close to hitting. Jane started to shriek and buck her hips wildly, Leah began to cry out louder until she was screaming; the pressure in his cock was becoming almost too much to handle and he couldn't have been enjoying himself any more!

The shrieking and screaming got louder and he began grunting as Jane started to grind harder and harder and harder until he felt her pussy clenching his cock with an iron grip. She let out a loud, strangled scream as her orgasm ripped through her, his cock being repeatedly clenched and released. A moment later Leah let out a loud cry and pushed down against his mouth as her orgasm hit... by then it was all too much for him and he groaned loudly as he came, Jane sinking down even deeper on his cock to make his orgasm more intense.

Leah moved off his face and collapsed onto her side beside him at the same time as Jane slumped against his chest. As the three tried to catch their breath, Jane rolled off him so he was lying between them, the girls' hands joined together and resting on his chest.

Asher smiled to himself, thinking about the unexpected turn the night had taken and the fact he was lying there with a gorgeous, naked woman on either side of him. He was admittedly sad that it was all over but so glad he'd taken the opportunity when it had presented itself and he hoped Leah and Jane wouldn't feel as if they needed to leave straight away.

Half an hour later the girls were still lying on either side of him, holding hands, and he wondered if perhaps they weren't planning to leave until a more appropriate-to-be-awake time the following morning. He didn't want to ask though, he didn't want them to feel as if he was pressuring them to leave, OR as if he was pressuring them to stay!

“My turn in the morning...” Leah said sleepily.
“Okay baby, you'll love it,” Jane said, just as sleepily.

Asher waited for them to say more, but the only sounds from either of them were the rhythmic sounds of breathing which told him both had fallen asleep. He wasn't surprised, the experience had taken it out of him as well... and it was only a few moments later that he was asleep as well.

When he woke in the morning, Asher was surprised to find Leah and Jane were both still asleep, with their heads were resting on his chest and their hands joined over his belly. All he could do was lie there and enjoy the moment, while reflecting on what had happened the night beforehand. Unsurprisingly, he did so with a huge smile on his face.

When the phone rang Asher untangled himself from the girls and ran into the lounge to answer it. Of course it was no one important, some stupid telemarketer suggesting he donate money to some cause he had never heard of. He should have just left it and made the most of having two women cuddled up to him. When he went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, he realised that Leah and Jane would probably be awake, trying to dressed as quickly as possible so they could make their escape.

Stupid fucking telemarketer!

Walking back into his bedroom, Asher stopped in his tracks when he found Leah and Jane kissing in his bed. Leah was rubbing one of Jane's nipples and although he couldn't see beneath the covers, he just knew Jane had a hand buried between Leah's legs. Both were quietly whimpering and moaning and he had a feeling they hadn't even noticed him entering the room. Asher felt his cock starting to twitch and swell again – and he hoped like hell that Leah hadn't been joking about wanting a turn – because in that moment there was nothing he wanted more. Leah turned in his direction and smiled at him.

“You realise there is no way you are getting dressed right now, right?” Leah asked and he shrugged.
“What will I do instead?” Asher asked teasingly.
“It's only fair that you let Leah experience that glorious cock of yours,” Jane said, very matter-of-factly.
“That's just what I had in mind,” Asher replied as he walked toward the bed, loving the way that Leah was staring at his cock while nibbling her lip.

Asher wasn't usually overly 'in charge' when it came to sex, but the two women brought out something very primal in him and he knew exactly what he wanted. He walked closer to the bed and then pulled back the covers, enjoying all the nakedness he had uncovered by doing so. Wrapping a hand around each of Leah's ankles, he pulled her down the bed so her ass was just on the edge of the mattress, then spread her legs wide open. As he was about to lean over her, Leah wrapped her legs around his waist and her hips rose of bed, her pussy stopping centimeters from his cock.

It wasn't the position he had in mind, but he very quickly realised it would work even better than what he'd envisioned. Leah was still biting her lip and he could see she wanted him. Jane winked at him as she lay on her side beside Leah and started to suck on one of Leah's nipples. He stared for a moment then couldn't wait a second longer.

Lining his cock up with her hole, Asher carefully pressed inside Leah, surprised by how wet she was. It was hard to take his time to introduce his cock slowly into her pussy, but he knew if he didn't, it wouldn't be a pleasant experience for Leah.

Leah gasped as the first inch of his cock made its way inside her, then groaned as he slid in deeper, letting out a gutteral moan as he continued to push inside her. She let out a loud cry as his cock made contact with the back of her pussy, and he waited for a sign that it was okay for him to continue. Leah tightened her legs around his waist - pulling him deeper inside – and that was all the encouragement he needed.

To start with, his movements were slow and controlled, her pussy was so tight around his cock that even the slightest movement caused immense friction, which made his cock throb intensely. Jane continued to suck on Leah's nipple, causing Leah to moan loudly while her pussy gripped his cock. Asher could tell whenever Jane was sucking on Leah's nipple harder, because her pussy would suddenly squeeze him even tigther, and he knew he could probably cum from that sensation alone.

Not that that would be anywhere near as fun.

Jane made eye contact with him, and something about the way she looked at him, caused him to start moving harder and faster against Leah. The pressure in his cock was building with each in and out stroke, almost to the point it was uncomfortable.. in a good way.

Leah whispered something to Jane and suddenly Jane let Leah's nipple slip out of her mouth before moving down on the bed to straddle Leah's stomach so she was on her knees, facing him. Jane put a hand on his shoulder and a hand behind his neck then pulled him down slightly so she could kiss him. Asher groaned against her mouth as she swiped her tongue against his, feeling the sensation right in the base of his cock. The kissing grew more passionate and he began to move harder against Leah as a result. Leah was crying out loudly, and he was surprised when she begged him to pound her harder.

Asher began to slam harder into Leah and was surprised when he heard a slapping sound, followed immediately by a loud cry from Jane. He heard the slapping sound again and Jane cried out even louder.

Leah was spanking Jane.

Asher couldn't believe it. He was having sex with a woman who was spanking her girlfriend at the same time! The spanking continued, their cries, moans and groans became louder... and his orgasm was building with a shocking speed! Asher started to slam harder against Leah, who began to scream while her pussy grew tighter and tighter around his cock. He could feel the pressure building deep inside and when Jane bit down on his neck, it sent him over the edge.

His orgasm erupted at the same time as Leah's did. She let out a loud scream and her pussy squeezed his cock over and over, her hips pushing forward so he could hit as deep inside her pussy as was possible. When her orgasm began to wane Leah's ankles unlocked from behind his back, and her legs slid from around his waist to rest on the edge of the mattress. Asher moved his hips and his cock – still surprisingly hard – slid out of her pussy.

He didn't know what came over him but when Jane moved off Leah, he pushed her onto her back and moved on top of her. Jane let out a stunned moan as she wrapped her legs around his waist and he quickly pushed inside her.

Jane clearly understood that he was on borrowed time as far as his erection went and knew that she needed to work fast to make the most of his hardness before his body finally gave up. Asher pushed deep inside her and didn't move a lot, allowing Jane to move against him in the way she needed to, in order to make herself cum. Quickly Jane began to cry out loudly, then she screamed, her pussy tightening around his cock so tightly that he knew she was almost there. He gave her two hard slams and felt her coming undone beneath him, her pussy strangling his cock as her orgasm tore through her.

Asher could feel her body lose all its tension as her legs fell from around his waist. Leah pulled him down between them, before pulling the blankets back over them, and as with the night beforehand, the women both rested their heads on his chest, entwined their legs with his and let out loud, happy sighs. Asher had an arm around each of them and tried his hardest to find something to say, but he was simply exhausted. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open... a struggle that he – and the girls – very quickly lost, as they all fell asleep, spent.

Asher was woken up by a crashing noise in the lounge and turned his head towards the door when he heard it open.

“Hey Asher, have you seen the cord for my... OH MY GOD!”

Thursday 29 May 2014

Sex and a spanking... just a normal afternoon in suburbia

It's late here, but I wanted to share an excerpt from one of my stories, before I head to bed!

This excerpt is from a story I have posted a few excerpts from before, the main characters are two couples -  Jenna & Lucas, and India & James - and it follows both couples on their path to parenthood.  For those of you who have read previous excerpts from this story, you will know that Jenna and Lucas are pregnant with a baby boy, five years after losing their little girl, Sasha, at 14 weeks. 

This little afternoon of sexing occurs after Lucas has a run in with their (ex) friend Shane, who they have just found out was cheating on his girlfriend...

I'm too ill and tired to go into anymore detail, so I shall leave you with the excerpt, and links to other excerpts (including My Sexy Saturday blog hop posts) from this story!

Enjoy xxx

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My Sexy Saturday - week 41 (focus on India & James)


Now for the actual excerpt!

Jenna tried to contain her excitement when she heard Lucas's car in the driveway... she was still asleep when he'd left for training that morning and she had missed him like mad while he was away. When he walked inside Jenna's excitement turned to concern – Lucas looked angry – and for a moment she was taken back to the days that anger had been aimed at her, albeit in a misguided way. Lucas walked straight up to her and wrapped his arms around her.

“God I love you,” Lucas sighed and buried his face in her neck.
“I love you too,” Jenna said, her arms as tightly around him as his were around her.
“I almost punched Shane,” Lucas confessed and Jenna moved one of her hands up so she could stroke the back of his neck.
“What happened baby?” Jenna asked, surprised that he had said 'almost' rather than 'did'.
“Bit my tongue all day, then it was just me, James and him in the locker room after training and... I just... I had to say something,” Lucas explained, moving his face from her neck and looking her in the eyes. “I came so close to punching that little cunt... I really did... I was so angry... everything he said wound me up more and more and then he... well, he said something that tipped me over the edge. I came so close... but I stepped away... and left,” he said, recounting the experience for Jenna.
“I am proud of you,” Jenna replied and kissed him gently. “But what did he say to make you so angry?” she couldn't help but ask.
“He... he... well, he kind of insinuated that I'm physically abusive to you,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna scowled.
“That bastard... how dare he! We might have had a period of time where we yelled at each other a lot, but you have never come close to raising your fist at me,” Jenna said with conviction.
“I hope it's not the impression that the other guys have of me as well,” Lucas sighed and Jenna could tell that Shane's comment had had an effect on him.
“It sounds to me like Shane was trying to make you lash out,” Jenna commented and Lucas nodded.
“Yea, I guess he probably was,” Lucas agreed.
“Come on gorgeous man, why don't you put your feet up and I'll make us both a drink,” Jenna suggested and Lucas nodded.
“Sounds like a perfect idea to me, but don't worry about making me a drink... I would sooner cuddle with my wife-to-be on the couch,” Lucas said and then kissed her.

The kiss started out gentle but the moment Jenna put her hands underneath his t-shirt and started to stroke just above his hips, the kiss deepened. Then deepened some more. Then became hungry... and hungrier. Lucas walked Jenna backward into the lounge, not taking his lips off hers for a second. Well, not until he removed her top... Jenna followed in kind and helped him out of his top, and as Lucas reached behind her to undo her bra she let out a shuddery whimper. When Lucas stopped after two hooks Jenna whimpered loudly and looked up at him.

“Don't stop...” Jenna begged and Lucas chuckled.
“Where is grandma?” Lucas asked and Jenna winked at him.
“She is out visiting an old friend, gave me a naughty little wink when she left, said she wouldn't be back until five, and to use the time wisely,” Jenna informed him.
“Who knew that grandma would say something like that!” Lucas chuckled and Jenna bit her tongue before she told him that she wasn't at all surprised. She also failed to tell him that Josephine had been rather dressed up when she left... and Jenna had a sneaking suspicion it was an old male friend she was going to be spending the afternoon with.

Lucas resumed undoing the hooks on her bra and when he threw it across the room Jenna could tell that he was in the mood for some not-so-sweet sex. Good. So was she. Jenna moved her hands to the waistband of his trackpants and dipped her fingertips inside his boxers, teasingly stroking his treasure trail, stopping just before making contact with the tip of his cock. The groans coming from him were delightful and made her pussy clench tightly. Although she loved teasing him there was only so much teasing she could do and decided to put him out of his misery.

She slid his boxers and trackpants down far enough for them to fall the rest of the way by themselves. When Lucas stepped out of them Jenna suddenly felt a hunger for him that was so strong, she couldn't resist pushing him back onto the couch and ordering him to lie down on his back. She knew he enjoyed removing her clothing by himself, but she needed him inside her so badly that she quickly took her skirt and panties off by herself... and wasted no time in straddling him and sliding down his gloriously hard length.

Jenna cried out loudly as his cock hit the back of her pussy – she had wanted him – NEEDED him all day, and the relief that he was finally inside her was immense. She didn't bother teasing him with gentle hip movements, because as much as she could tell HE needed fast 'growly' sex, so did she. With a hand on the back of the couch and Lucas supporting her hips with his hands Jenna started moving hard and fast against him, making sure that her legs were as far apart as was comfortable for her, to ensure he was hitting as deep inside as was possible.

The friction on her clit caused her to moan loudly as the sensations coursed through her system and she began riding him increasingly harder. She didn't give a fuck that her back hurt, that her hips hurt or that she was exhausted, the sex felt so good she wished there was a way for them to stay like that for at least a month. His cock had never felt quite so good, it filled her so completely that the friction wasn't just on her clit, but right throughout her pussy.

When Lucas pulled her down even harder, Jenna let out a strangled scream as she felt her pussy tightening around him – which of course caused the friction to intensify – and all too soon she started to feel her orgasm building up. Jenna looked at him pleadingly and he understood the meaning behind the look, moving his hands from her hips to lessen the friction, helping her to keep her developing orgasm at bay. He moved his hands back to her hips but rather than pulling down he just rested them there while Jenna continued riding him – albeit not quite as hard as moments earlier – it was worth it though... anything to make that pleasure last as long as possible!

Jenna enjoyed watching the expression on Lucas's face as she rode him. She had always loved that she had the ability to cause him to look so flustered and needy, as if he was completely at her mercy... especially when she was on top. The sounds he made were another enjoyable extra for her, his grunts and groans were always very gutteral and deep... very primal, and they never ever failed to turn her on even more. As she listened to the loud groans coming from Lucas, Jenna could feel her willpower slipping away... All she wanted to do was to take her gorgeous man to the point of no return and to hear the loud manly roar as he came.

If she didn't drown out his roar with her own screams of pleasure.

Spreading her legs as far as she could Jenna sunk down further and understanding her unspoken desires, Lucas helped by pulling her down tightly at the hips again. The sudden increase of pressure and friction causing her orgasm start to build again. Jenna was crying out loudly and found herself tuning out to the rest of the world; Lucas felt unbelievable inside her and there was no way she could stop what was coming.

Tightening her grip on the back of the couch Jenna started to move as fast and hard as she could against Lucas, her orgasm building and building and building until she was screaming so loudly her throat felt raw. Lucas pulled her down one final time and that sent her over the edge, her orgasm hitting her like a tonne of bricks, causing her to let out a loud, long, almost piercing scream as her orgasm kept hitting and hitting and hitting, before finally starting to peter off... just as Lucas's own orgasm hit. She heard the loud roar and when Lucas pulled her down and pushed into her at the same time Jenna found herself screaming again as orgasm number two came out of nowhere.

Jenna had no idea how she managed to move off Lucas and found herself giggling when he stood up, swooped her up in his arms and carried her through to the bedroom, laying her gently on the bed before collapsing on it himself. Lucas lay with his head on her chest and Jenna lazily stroked the back of his neck while he grazed his fingers along the underside of her belly.

“I'm going to miss not being able to feel him kicking after he's born,” Lucas said quietly and Jenna giggled.
“I know, I will as well,” Jenna replied.
“Obviously I'm going to love having him here,” Lucas reassured her. “But there is just something so... intimate and... peaceful and... I don't know... calming about rubbing your belly and feeling him moving around in there,” he explained.
“I feel the exact same way,” Jenna told him and placed her free hand on top of his, smiling as she entwined her fingers with his.
“At least we still have around 13 weeks of this to experience before he arrives,” Lucas said.
“It seems like a lifetime away, but at the same time it isn't really that far away,” Jenna commented and felt slightly nervous as she thought about giving birth.
“And you know I will be right by your side when our little man makes his arrival,” Lucas reassured her and Jenna shrugged.
“Who knows. Maybe you'll be away and I will go into labour a bit earlier than expected... you could miss his birth...” Jenna sighed and then rolled onto her side so she was facing away from him. She didn't want him to see just how worried she was about THAT happening.

Rather than him rolling her onto her back again she let out a shriek as she felt his hand come down on her ass. He hadn't done that to her in years.

“That was a bit naught...” Jenna started to say but the rest of her words were replaced by a shaky moan as Lucas's palm again made contact with her ass.
“Can't help it... your delicious booty was right there and... I didn't even think about it,” Lucas admitted as he rubbed her bottom, causing her clit to throb and her pussy to tighten. She had forgotten the immediate effect being spanked had on her body.

Jenna waited for Lucas's hand to come down on her again and when it didn't happen she started to whimper... luckily he got the message and brought his hand down on her butt again, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body and causing her to grip onto the side of the bed. Lucas started to bring his hand down on her butt over and over, it felt just as good as it ever had, but she had a feeling he was holding back... and she didn't want him to.

“You can do it harder...” Jenna whispered.
“Are you sure? I haven't done it in a long time... I thought maybe you'd need to be gently weaned back into it,” Lucas whispered back and Jenna giggled.
“Complete opposite actually,” Jenna informed him and realised that their old spanking positions wouldn't really work due to the enormous belly in front of her.
“Mind if we move from the bed?” Lucas asked and Jenna could tell by the tone of his voice that he had something in mind.
“Lead the way,” Jenna replied and got off the bed.

Lucas got off the bed and took her hand then led her from the bedroom and into the bathroom. Jenna saw the vanity unit and grinned as she remembered the many times Lucas had spanked her while she supported herself on the vanity unit and watched him in the mirror. She let out a moan as she put her hands on the vanity and Lucas stepped in behind her, their eyes connecting via the mirror. Jenna watched as Lucas moved his hand backward and then brought it down on her ass, the clench she felt inside was incredible and left her wanting more. Again Lucas drew his hand backward and brought it down on her ass, the loud slapping noise almost as satisfying as the pleasurable pain caused by the palm-ass contact. They kept their eyes locked on each other and Lucas continued spanking her, each contact causing her pussy to tighten and her clit to throb.

Jenna was sure Lucas was still holding back a little and between ass slaps whimpered the word 'harder'. The following contact was indeed harder and Jenna couldn't help the loud cry that came from her, the cry becoming louder with each consecutive palm-ass contact. She was so turned on that between contacts she was aware of the wetness spreading down her thighs, and that there was a deep ache inside her pussy.

As Lucas continued to spank her Jenna became overwhelmed by the sensations and knew that soon she would need him inside her. Spanking wasn't just about the physical act of hand against ass, there was also the anticipation while waiting for the hand to come back down against her ass, there was the sound caused by the impact of palm against ass and then there was the strong emotional connection caused by the via-the-mirror eye contact. It was a complete experience and one that never failed to arouse her to a level that she had been unaware even existed prior to the first time he had spanked her.

Lucas moved his hands to her hips and Jenna held her breath as she watched him in the mirror. He stepped forward, pulled lightly on her hips to adjust the angle, his cock brushed against her hole as he lined himself up and as he pulled her backwards at the same time as he stepped in, Jenna cried out loudly. She couldn't get enough of him and immediately pressed backward, wanting to feel him as deeply inside her as was possible. Lucas groaned loudly and began to move against her, his fingers tightly gripping her hips, his cock hitting the back of her pussy harder with each impact. Jenna's cries very quickly turned to screams and she found herself begging him to move harder against her.

Lucas moved harder and his grunts were just as loud as her screams... she didn't give a fuck that the bathroom window was open and that their neighbours would be able to hear them. The only thing she cared about was the pleasure they were giving and receiving from each other... pleasure which was increasing at a faster rate than she had anticipated. Jenna gripped the edge of the vanity unit very tightly as she felt her thighs starting to tighten while her pussy tensed up around his cock... the force he was slamming into her with was too much for her to handle any longer. She let out a loud, long scream as her orgasm hit, right at the same time as Lucas let out a loud roar and pulled her tightly against him. They rode out their orgasms together and then slowly collapsed to the floor, Lucas helping Jenna down until she was sitting between his legs.

Jenna leaned back against his chest and tried to catch her breath and it proved to be a harder task than usual. Lucas kissed her neck and she giggled quietly as she thought about what a sight they must have been... both covered in sweat, naked, sitting on the bathroom floor. Jenna smiled when his hands made their way to her belly and Theo immediately gave him a hard boot to the hand. It hadn't even occurred to her that Theo had probably been a little shaken around because of the sex, especially because he was fast running out of room! She rolled her eyes when he moved into a position that put a lot of pressure on her bladder. How sexy... post sex bliss ruined by 'sorry hunny, I need to pee'.

“Your son is trying to ruin the mood,” Jenna sighed. “I need to go to pee,” she informed him. Lucas chuckled as he stood up and helped her to her feet.
“I guess he's just getting us used to what it'll be like when he's here... you know... we'll be just about to have sex and he'll start crying... that sort of thing,” Lucas joked. Jenna laughed but wondered if perhaps he was right. Sneaky baby.
“I think that might be why they eventually go into their own room,” Jenna suggested and they both laughed.

Jenna went to the toilet and then followed Lucas through to their bedroom. They climbed into bed and lay on their sides facing each other.

“That was... unexpected,” Jenna started, feeling weirdly shy.
“I know... I didn't plan on it, but... you rolled over... that butt was there and I just... I couldn't help it,” Lucas said sounding almost apologetic.
“It was amazing... didn't realise how much I had missed it,” Jenna said honestly.
“I felt nervous doing it... after the last time...” Lucas replied and smiled sadly at her.
“Last time was a long time ago, baby,” Jenna said, moving her hand up to his face so she could stroke his cheek.
“After that time I swore I would never do it again,” Lucas commented.
“Hey... things have changed since then. We are both different people and our relationship has changed,” Jenna said soothingly, tears coming to her eyes as Lucas moved up against her and buried his face in her chest.

As she ran her fingers through his hair and stroked the back of his neck, Jenna thought back to the early days of their relationship. They had been only together a couple of months when Jenna had confessed to Lucas that she got quite turned on by the thought of being spanked... it had only taken one time before spanking had become a regular part of their sex life. It was by no means an everyday occurrence, but did happen numerous times a month. After Sasha died they went through a long period of having no sex at all and it took even longer before he began to spank her again... but eventually their sex life went back to normal.

Everything was fine (in that department anyway) until one night about two years after Sasha had died. Lucas got home from training in a bad mood and it was made even worse when Jenna told him she was planning on going to the mall by herself to get a haircut and do a little shopping. They had a huge fight and, as was so often the case after the screaming and yelling was done, they ended up in bed getting very hot and heavy, with Jenna eventually ending up on her knees, leaning against the headboard so that Lucas could begin to spank her.

The spanking had been one of the most intense she'd ever experienced and it was the ONLY time she had ever asked him to stop spanking her. They had sex and when it was all over Lucas got out of bed to go to the toilet. Ten minutes later he hadn't returned so Jenna got up to see what was keeping him and found him sitting in the lounge – butt naked – and with tears in his eyes.

Jenna sat down beside him and asked him repeatedly what was wrong... it was obvious something was up and she didn't plan on letting him away without telling her. Eventually he turned to her and explained that when he was spanking her he was doing it from a place of anger... he was still pissed off about her wanting to go out and when he started to spank her that anger seemed to come out and he had been unable to control himself.

Jenna hadn't known what to say so did all she felt she could and wrapped her arms around him. After a few minutes Jenna led him back to the bedroom and told him that she was glad he had been honest with her, but didn't let on just how shaken up she was after his confession. Lucas swore right there and then that he would never spank her again because he was afraid that he would hurt her, and that if that did happen he would never be able to forgive himself.

And that was that. It was never brought up again and their sex life went on as usual... just minus the spanking that they had both enjoyed so much.

Jenna smiled when she managed to leave her little daze. Lucas was rubbing her belly and Theo was just starting to move around, it was most certainly her happy place and the thought of getting out of bed did not appeal in the least. She was just about to suggest to Lucas that they have something simple for dinner and then watch DVDs in bed when there was a knock on the bedroom door.

“Hello you two, your clothes are outside the door,” came Josephine's voice. Lucas looked at Jenna in horror.
“Uhhhh must have fallen out of the washing basket,” Lucas called back and Jenna could hear Josephine laughing.
“I might be old but I'm not stupid,” Josephine replied. “Am I okay to stay home now or should I head back out for a while?” she asked and Jenna laughed.
“You're fine, Josie... we'll be up in a minute,” Jenna told her and Lucas rolled his eyes.
“I was looking forward to taking advantage of you again,” Lucas informed her quietly and Jenna smirked at him.
“You will just have to do it later on when we go to bed,” Jenna replied.
“I guess I can wait,” Lucas said and after kissing her, got out of bed and put some trackpants on before opening the door and getting their pile of clothing, which as promised, was sitting just outside the door.

Friday 16 May 2014

Something a little different

This year one of my classes I am taking is Creative Writing.  I thought I would love the paper but have to admit I am finding it hard because so much of it is about the analysis of writing, rather than 'just writing'.

In the poetry unit I wrote a poem that I thought was what the lecturer was after... it was in no way my own style of writing, and I was devastated when I got a lot of 'you need to fix this...' type feedback.  I had put so much effort into it and turned myself inside out writing it, it was a real blow to not get the positive feedback I was hoping for.

Then along came the fiction unit of the class.  As with the poetry unit, we had to submit a short story to go in our final portfolio, and the thought made me slightly nauseous.  Writing 1000-3000 words is something I do on a very regular basis, but I felt nervous about the fact it would be academically critiqued....

After discussing it with my wifey, I decided that I could build on a scene I have already written (obviously one that doesn't contain sex!), or  I could write some back story - something that happens in the past of one of my characters, something that wasn't touched on in real detail in a story.

Then it came to me.  Or to my wife.  I can't remember which.  In one of the stories I am working on, there are two characters - Jenna and Lucas - and before the point in time the story started they had lost a baby, Sasha, at 14 weeks.  I decided I would write the loss from Jenna's perspective, go into all the detail my story didn't.

THEN my wonderful wife suggested I could write the story from Lucas's perspective.  I immediately loved the idea and knew that was the path I was going to take.

The draft of the short story had to be submitted today, and I thought I would post it to my blog as well.  This ISN'T the final product, but you get the idea!


(Untitled... so far)

Four different text message tones rang out simultaneously, the melody of tones met by loud cheers as Lucas and his friends were welcomed back into the real world. No cellphone reception in this day and age? Surely that qualified as a crime against humanity? While everyone else busied themselves checking text messages and updating every social media network known to man, Lucas concentrated on the road and looked forward to getting out at the pub and being able to read the five text messages he had received. A smiled crossed his face at the knowledge that in a few minutes he could finally be back in contact with Jenna. God he missed her!

It was Trevor's stag do and Jenna had insisted that he attend. When he had refused she had looked at him sternly, her nostrils flared, lips pursed and figuratively and literally put her foot down, stomping it against the kitchen tiles as she had reminded him that she was pregnant not an invalid. Lucas knew she was right but he hated the thought of leaving her on her own. The first trimester had been rough for Jenna with the baby using morning sickness as a way to remind her five, six, seven times a day of his or her presence. When she wasn't grasping onto the toilet willing the sickness to stop, she was lying on the couch half asleep or walking around in a zombie-like state.

Lucas had never felt more useless than he had in those first twelve weeks of Jenna's pregnancy. Every day he would leave for work at the last minute and return as fast as was humanly (and legally) possible. Seeing Jenna so sick was hard for him, but whenever he admitted how helpless he felt, Jenna would remind him that it was all for a good cause and then take his hand in hers and rest it lightly on her belly. His hand easily spanned her belly and he impatiently awaited the day when it wouldn't, and he would be able to feel his precious baby girl (he knew it was a girl!) moving beneath his palm.

When he finally parked the car and everyone piled out Lucas locked up and they walked inside 'The Thistle', a pub that had over time become their pub. They had each had their 21st there, Rob and now Trevor had spent part of their stag night there; Scott's birthday party was always held at the Thistle. It was a sort of sanctuary for them, full of many happy memories, and now here they were ready to add to the memories as they celebrated Trev's last weekend of bachelorhood.

Sitting at the bar with a coke in hand Lucas finally checked his text messages, deciding to leave the voice message for last. He smiled happily as he read the texts from Jenna.
10.38am – It is so boring at home without you, I hope you and your boyfriends are having fun in the jungle xxx
1.17pm – Can you come home and cook for me? I can't be bothered... this bub is making me extremely tired today
3.42pm – Stretched out on the couch watching Food Network, it isn't the same without you here complaining about how hungry this stupid channel makes you. I love you x
4.22pm – Going to have a lie down, feeling a bit off... will ring you when you are back in the real world. I miss you and bubba misses you xxx

Lucas smiled as he held the phone to his ear so he could listen to the voicemail left by Jenna at 5.46pm. The moment he heard Jenna's panicked voice the smile dropped from his face and his heart started to race as key words sucker punched him in the stomach. 'Scared' 'bleeding' 'pain' 'losing baby' 'ambulance' 'need you' 'please come', each word caused bile to rise up his throat and his heart to race at an unhealthy speed.

Gotta go,” Lucas gasped as he stood up from his stool so quickly it fell over.
What the hell, it's my stag do! You can't leave, bro!” Trevor complained. Lucas could only shake his head.
Something is wrong with Jenna and the baby,” Lucas snapped at Trevor and ran through the crowded room towards the exit.

Outside he ran straight to his car and then spent what felt like an hour fumbling with his keys trying to unlock the damn door! Finally sitting behind the steering wheel, Lucas forced himself to take deep breaths in an attempt to regain some form of composure. It was a fruitless exercise, the only thing the supposed calming breaths did was make him realise he had wasted thirty seconds which could have been spent travelling home.

Rationally Lucas knew he shouldn't be driving but he didn't care. He NEEDED to be with Jenna and would do whatever it took. A cursory glance at the dashboard clock told him it was 7.58pm and he cringed when he realised that meant Jenna had been alone, in pain and terrified for over two hours. It was all his fault. He never should have gone on the trip, he should have been the one to put his foot down and tell her that NO – he wasn't going. If he hadn't gone perhaps it wouldn't be happening. Maybe there was something he could have done if he had been home?

At some point during the journey his cellphone started to ring. He had no idea how long he had been driving, only that every second he was a second closer to being by Jenna's side. When he picked up his phone, it was just like Jenna's voicemail, he only registered key words. 'Doctor Bishop' 'threatened miscarriage' 'gave her something to help her sleep' 'get here as soon as possible' 'obstetrics ward room 4'. Obstetrics ward room 4. Of all the words he had managed to take in those were the words swarming through his brain. Obstetrics ward room 4, Jenna, their baby. He had to get there.

The sight of the city had never been so welcome or terrifying and as Lucas drove closer to the hospital he found it impossible to stick to the speed limit. It felt like his heart was going to burst with a mixture of sheer panic and the immensity of the love he felt for Jenna and for their baby.

He silently begged a magical higher power to stop the pain for Jenna, to keep their baby's heart beating nice and strong, to be able to take Jenna – and her burgeoning bump – home the following day, to have the whole experience deemed 'unexplained but resolved'. They had so many dreams for their baby, for their family, and he couldn't fathom life without those dreams. Or their baby.

Parking in the hospital carpark and making it up to the obstetrics ward was a complete blur. He had no idea if he had parked in a legal capark, he had no idea who he had spoken to to get directions and make it up to the obstetric ward, but there he was. The corridor seemed to be a painfully bright white and it was eerily quiet. No one was there to greet him, to lead him solemnly down the hall to Jenna's room... so he ran.

His lungs and eyes were burning as he passed room after room, the numbers on the doors slowly getting smaller... 32 – 28 – 20 – 16 – 12 – 10 – 8 – 6 – and finally 4. Lucas burst into the room and moved so quickly to Jenna's side that he had to wonder if he had flown.

As his lips pressed gently against her forehead Lucas could feel tears starting to stream down his face, hot, wet, sticky tears which burnt his eyes. Clasping her hand in his own he tried to send a silent message to her that he was there, that she wasn't alone anymore. He felt her fingers move against his and as he watched her eyelids flickering he was again overcome by emotion, tears burning a trail down his cheeks as Jenna slowly woke up and realised he was there.

There were no words exchanged, only a look which said far more than any words could. Jenna was terrified, he was terrified, and they both knew what was coming. Lucas perched on the side of Jenna's bed and when she moved over he lay beside her. The moment his arms were securely around her he felt her body quivering as she started to sob. Her fingers dug deeply into his hip, like she was clinging on for dear life, trying to anchor herself to him... as if he could protect her from the tragedy that was unfolding.

A soft knock on the door was soon followed by the soothing voice of a doctor who had come to check on Jenna. The doctor – Doctor Bishop from the phone – introduced himself and explained they were keeping a very close eye on Jenna and the baby. The words 'threatened miscarriage' were spoken again, but the look on Bishop's face made it clear to Lucas that they were no longer dealing with a 'threatened' miscarriage, and rather were waiting for the inevitable.

If only he had stayed home. Surely he could have stopped it? What sort of father was he?

Bishop placed the doppler on Jenna's belly while Jenna and Lucas clutched onto each other's hand and squeezed their eyes tightly shut, neither breathing or moving a muscle.


Who knew a heartbeat could sound so melodic and heavenly?

Record it bub, please? I want to be able to hear that when...” Jenna whispered, tears coming in place of the end of the sentence.

Bishop smiled sadly and knowingly as he held the doppler in place and Lucas took a sound recording of their precious baby's heartbeat. He didn't want to hit the 'stop' button, feeling that by doing so he was giving their darling baby permission to die.

It's slower, isn't it?” Jenna asked Bishop, her voice cracking as she tried to fight back tears.
I am extremely sorry, Jenna, but yes, the heart rate has been steadily decreasing since we began monitoring when you arrived,” Bishop told them honestly as he turned the doppler off and wiped the wand with a tissue.

Lucas hated doing so but he had to ask what would happen next. As with Jenna's voice message and Dr Bishop's phone call earlier, the discussion was foggy with only key terms registering in his brain. 'Dilation' 'natural delivery' 'epidural' 'surgery' 'D&C', some were terms they had once been excited about hearing, others were terms they had hoped to never have to hear.

He had to be strong for Jenna, but hearing about the procedure for after the baby had been born was too much for Lucas. With Jenna's hand in his own he slumped forward with his face in the mattress and was overwhelmed by the intensity of the tears which came. They poured from his eyes like waterfalls and there was nothing he could do to stop them. His heart was shattering into billions of little pieces and the world felt as if it was closing in around him.

That morning he and Jenna had shared a very passionate kiss before he left, he had then dropped to his knees and smattered little kisses all over her belly as he told the tiny joy inside to behave for Mummy. Only two weeks earlier they had seen their baby wiggling around on the ultrasound screen and had been excited at hearing the heartbeat for the very first time. The first time of many, the midwife had promised.

Yet there they were. Preparing to hold onto and say goodbye to their darling first child twenty-six weeks earlier than expected. Their baby wouldn't be crying or nuzzling at the breast, nor would he or she be wrapping his or her tiny hand around his finger. The child they had been so excited to meet at the end of the year would now fit in the palm of his hand and weigh 'around fifty grams'. No crying, no nuzzling, no moments that would melt their hearts.

'You don't have to see or hold the baby if you don't want to', Bishop had informed them.

That wasn't an option. They may have been welcoming their child into the world under vastly different circumstances than they had expected, but regardless of how small their child was, he or she WAS their child. Lucas wanted to know if they had a son or daughter, he wanted to know if the child would look like him or (he hoped) like Jenna, he needed the chance to commit their precious child's face to memory.

It wasn't long after Bishop left the room that Jenna's pains began to get worse. Lucas held her hand through each pain and told her to focus on her breathing. He tried to be calm, he tried to use a soothing tone of voice, but when the pains got so bad that Jenna was crying, Lucas's whole fa├žade came tumbling down. The red button on the console beside the bed was pushed over and over until nurses ran into the room and Lucas begged them to stop the pain Jenna was in.

Upon suggesting perhaps she was in labour, Jenna agreed to let a nurse examine her, while another squirted gel on Jenna's belly and began to use the doppler.

Silence filled the room.

There was no longer a hoof-like THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP resonating from inside Jenna's belly.

Sympathetic looks were offered to them as Jenna gasped for breath, choking on her raw grief. Lucas shook his head. No. They hadn't used it in the right place. Try the other side. No. It couldn't be. NO.

“So sorry for your loss.”

Urgent looks passed between the two nurses. “CALL BISHOP NOW”.
“No dilation.”
“Blood loss.”
“Quickly say goodbye.”
“Please step out of the way.”
“A nurse will be with you as soon as possible.”

His baby was gone and now what, he was going to lose Jenna as well? Lucas fell to the floor and sat staring at a speck of yellow cotton on beige lino. Never in his life had he felt so alone, so terrified, so useless or so petrified. He didn't understand what was going on, only that their baby was dead and something was drastically wrong with Jenna. It was impossible to breathe through the pain, or perhaps he didn't want to breathe? What was life without Jenna? As the room went black his last silent words were an apology to Jenna. He had left her alone. Their baby had died. Jenna was having emergency surgery. It was all his fault.

It felt like fifty lifetimes before a nurse happily confirmed that Jenna had made it through surgery and was in recovery. It felt like one hundred more lifetimes before he was back at the bedside of the love of his life. Jenna. He still had his Jenna.

And temporarily they had their child. Their little girl they had named Sasha. So small it was hard to comprehend, yet she was perfect. A beautiful little nose and lips just like her mummy. Ten perfect fingers and ten perfect toes, her daddy's big feet, her mummy's dainty little hands.

Never before had he experienced such conflicting emotions. The feeling of complete and utter pride and joy, mixed with the most painful grief known to man or woman. His heart burst at the sight of Jenna holding Sasha, and at the same time it broke into a trillion tiny little pieces. It was an experience no person should ever have to go through, but as Lucas sat looking at Jenna and their little girl, he was struck by what a hauntingly beautiful sight they were.

He needed to capture that moment.

Holding his cellphone as steadily as he could Lucas took a photo of Jenna and Sasha. Of his two girls. Mother and daughter.

It was something he had never confessed to Jenna, but since they had found out she was pregnant Lucas had looked forward to the day he could make the background picture on his cellphone a picture of Jenna and their baby, the two loves of his life.

The day he and Jenna became parents might not have played out the way he'd imagined it would, and the idea of going home without their darling Sasha was something he hadn't even begun to face up to. No parent ever imagined they would go home without their baby... yet there they were, getting horribly close to the moment they would hand their daughter over forever.

There would be no baby sleeping in the cot that was already set up in the corner of their bedroom. The baby clothes in beautiful shades of pink and blue they had purchased would remain forever unworn.

Their child would never sleep in their arms, but he and Jenna - they would always be proud parents.