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& then were were four! A sweet baby boy for Jane, Leah & Beau

Up until now all of my excerpts have contained sex... because let's face it, erotica is writing with a focus on sex.  That said, my writing also has a strong emotional basis and if we are being specific, my writing is more erotic romance than plain ol' erotica.

With all of that in mind, I decided that it was time that I should post an excerpt which involves no sex whatsoever.  No pussy, no cock, no boobs, no thrusting, no slamming, no clenching, no shuddering, no orgasming, no collapsing in a semi conscious orgasmed-out state.  I know that sex is the prime reason most people read erotica, but I also know there are people out there like myself who enjoy learning about the characters away from the bedroom.

This excerpt is from the story I have posted a couple of excerpts from recently.  It is untitled and still in progress (perhaps it will never really be finished), with the focus of the story being on four core characters, Leah & Jane, Asher and Beau.  Asher acts as a sperm donor for Leah and Jane, Jane gets pregnant and nine months later Ryan is born.  In the mean time Leah and Jane strike up a sexual friendship with Beau who unexpectedly gets Leah pregnant (after a night of very drunken sex, which happened with Jane's blessing).  Without ruining more of the story, things reach a breaking point and Leah, Jane and Beau are finally honest with each other about their feelings and officially enter into a polyamorous relationship. 

As well as being the father of Leah's baby boy (Luca), Beau is going to take on the role of father to Jane's baby.  A far cry from Lucy and Jane's original plan of raising a child together without any paternal involvement.  Asher, the biological father of Jane's baby is still very much in their lives, but is happy to take on a 'special uncle' type role in Ryan's life.  Not long after Jane got pregnant Asher met Lucy and the two of them are blissfully in love and looking forward to starting a family of their own one day.

Their situation might not be 'the norm' and they may raise a lot of eyebrows, but the trio are extremely happy together and not following their hearts was never really an option.

We join the happy threesome when Jane is very close to her due date.  She's frustrated, she's uncomfortable, she's angry, she is over it, and while Leah and Beau have been doing what they can to help both know the only thing that will really help is their son, Ryan, being born.

This is one of my favourite scenes I have ever written, partly because I am very much a happily-ever-after kind of girl, but also because I am fascinated by childbirth... and enjoy writing the type of scenario that is a far cry from my own birthing experiences (I was a single mum and had cesarean sections... I had my parents and sister for support, but still feel as if I missed out on a huge part of the birthing experience).  I guess writing is a way to kind of experience the type of births I wish I had been able to experience.
I hope you enjoy!


Beau and Jane had sex everyday but still, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all passed with no baby... and no more contractions. On Thursday night Jane went to bed early after announcing she was officially over being pregnant, telling Leah and Beau to go out and do something because she was sick of snapping at them.

Leah and Beau both wanted to stay at home with Jane but it was clear she needed time alone so they went over to see Asher instead. Lucy was arriving home the next day and Asher had told Beau at work that day that time was dragging by painfully slowly, so Beau and Leah decided they would go over and keep him company. Leah spent most of the night cuddled up against Beau on the couch and Asher commented a few times that he couldn't wait until it was him and Lucy curled up on the couch together. Leah had suggested the only thing they would be doing on the couch for the next few days was having sex and Asher hadn't denied it for a second. Unsurprisingly.

Leah and Beau got home just after eleven – a lot later than intended – but were both happy to see Jane was still asleep. They went to bed and ended up having sex... it had been a while since the two of them had had sex because both of them had been more focused on Jane than each other! After Leah had fallen asleep Beau spent twenty minutes rubbing her belly and quietly talking to Luca as he kicked the hell out of his hand. He really had no idea how Leah could sleep through such a physical battering, but knew her orgasm probably had something to do with it.

Beau wasn't sure how long he'd been asleep, but he woke briefly when Jane got up to go to the toilet... it was such a common occurance now that he went straight back to sleep.

Beau woke up again and while he wasn't surprised to find Jane was in the bathroom again, he couldn't shake the feeling that something had startled him awake. As he started to drift off again Beau was aware of a noise coming from the bathroom... he was sure he could hear water and wondered if perhaps he was imagining it. Deciding that he was imagining it Beau allowed sleep to take over again but the next time he woke up he KNEW a loud noise from the bathroom had woken him. Jane still wasn't in bed and Beau was suddenly... not concerned, but curious. He got out of bed and walked to the ensuite, prepared to find Jane looking miserable.

What he was NOT prepared for was to find Jane in the bath clasping her belly and breathing through what was very obviously a strong contraction. Beau raced over to the bath and she clasped his hand, squeezing it tightly as she continued breathing through her contraction. When it was over she looked at him with panic in her eyes.

They are close Beau. So close. And painful, oh god they are painful,” Jane said in between deep breaths.
How close are we talking?” he asked having a feeling they would be call-the-midwife close together.
I don't know but they're clo...” Jane started and then moaned in pain as another contraction hit and she clamped down on his hand again.
I'm getting my phone so we can time the next contraction, I will be right back,” Beau said trying not to convey how panicked he was.

He went into the room and put a pair of boxers on then got his phone and joined Jane back in the bathroom. A minute later another contraction hit. Beau was prepared with the cellphone stopwatch and started it while Jane squeezed his other hand as she tried to breathe through the contraction. When it stopped he looked nervously at his phone and when the next contraction started he was shocked to find the contractions were only two minutes apart.

I'm ringing the midwife and waking Leah up. They are fucking close together...” Beau said and then raced from the bathroom and over to Leah's side of the bed.
Leah wake up,” Beau said quietly and Leah moaned. “Wake up!” he said a bit louder.
No,” Leah replied sleepily.
Fucking get up, Jane is in the bath very much in labour and I don't know if we're going to make it to the hospital,” Beau yelled and before he could even blink Leah was up and out of the bed, running for the bathroom.

Beau rang the midwife and explained what was happening and when he told her how close the contractions were she had muttered 'fuck' and told him she would be there as soon as she could be and would assess whether or not it was worth trying to make it to the hospital in time. The midwife then instructed him to get in the bath with Jane and told him that if Jane said anything about pushing before she got there, he needed to be prepared for the possibility he would be delivering the baby. Beau didn't say goodbye as he hung up the phone and raced back into the bathroom where Leah was helping Jane through a contraction. Beau told them that the midwife was on her way as he got in the bath with Jane. When the next contraction hit Jane held one of his hands and one of Leah's as she moaned in agony.

I'm sorry. Woke up in.. pain... at one... got in the bath... and... it didn't go away... just... got worse,” Jane explained.
Don't talk baby, try and catch your breath before the next one,” Leah said soothingly.
I'm not going to be giving birth in the hospital, am I,” Jane gasped just before her next contraction hit.

Leah looked at him and he shook his head. Leah suddenly looked terrified and he felt absolutely useless. Jane was in more pain than any man would ever experience and Leah was having to deal with seeing her girlfriend in that much pain. It can't have been easy for either of them, and it made him feel utterly pointless. There was a loud pounding on the door and Leah went to let the midwife in. Leah was soon back with the midwife following close behind. After saying hello to all of them the midwife proceeded to put her arm into the water so she could examine Jane.

You need to push don't you,” the midwife asked and Jane nodded.
I do, I really do,” Jane gasped.
Right, this baby is going to be born at home, so Leah, honey, I need you to get me a towel for drying the baby off and a blanket to wrap him in... a nappy too,” the midwife said calmly. Leah walked quickly from the room while the midwife turned to Jane and asked, “Do you want to birth in the bath or somewhere else?”
Bath,” Jane said, breathing deeply.
In that case do you want me or someone else to catch the baby?” the midwife then asked and Jane looked at Beau pleadingly.
Can you?” she asked him and he nodded, touched that she had asked him. Saying no wasn't an option.

Leah came back in with the blanket and the towel and for the next half hour she worked with Beau, coaching Jane through the end stages of her labour. Beau had no idea that women had to push for so long and as he watched Jane push through contraction after contraction the love he felt for her only served to increase. Looking at Leah, Beau could see that she was freaking out but he thought she was doing a good job of covering it up. Looking at their hands though, Beau wasn't too sure whether it was Jane squeezing Leah's hand or if Leah was squeezing Jane's.

When the midwife examined Jane again Beau was shocked when she announced that the baby was crowning and that it was time for 'action stations' as she referred to it. Beau had never ever felt so nervous in his life and for a second considered telling the midwife she could deliver the baby, but when Jane looked at him and smiled he knew there was no way he could do that. Beau listened very carefully as the midwife explained that when Jane pushed again Beau had to put a hand under the baby's head and basically guide it out. Beau did just that and was amazed as more and more of the baby's head came into his hand. When the contraction passed Beau looked down and felt a lump in his throat when he saw the baby's head

The midwife quickly explained that with the next contraction, the baby would be born and that he would need to gently guide the baby's shoulders out and then be ready to 'catch' him before placing him on Jane's chest, being careful of the umbilical cord. Beau looked at Leah who had tears in her eyes and then at Jane who smiled at him for a second before the next contraction took over.

Beau did as the midwife had told him and guided the shoulders out then gasped as Ryan slid out into the safety of his hands. Beau lifted the baby up and placed him gently onto Jane's chest. While the midwife rubbed Ryan's back with the towel Leah had brought her, Jane only had eyes for her little boy.

The loud squeals of the newborn filled the room as Leah leaned over and kissed Jane before kissing Ryan gently on the head. Ryan was crying, Leah was crying, Jane was crying... and Beau was surprised at how overcome by emotion he was as well. He carefully got out of the bath and put a towel around his waist then went over to Leah and hugged her. He crouched down and kissed Jane and stroked the back of the tiny baby he had just helped bring into the world. They watched as Ryan seemed to naturally latch on to Jane's nipple and began to suckle for the very first time.

It blew his mind to think that when they had all gone to bed that night there was no baby and now just a few hours later they were watching as Jane fed her baby. Their baby.

The midwife congratulated them all and then suggested that Beau go and get dressed before he caught a cold and asked if they could make sure the bed was ready for Jane and the newest member of their family. In the bedroom Leah made her way into Beau's arms again and began to sob. Beau held her as she cried and all the pent up emotion was released... when she finally looked up at him all he could see on her face was joy and he couldn't resist kissing her.

I love you,” Beau said and Leah giggled.
I love you too,” Leah replied.
I guess Mr Luca is next,” Beau stated as he put a hand on her belly and she grinned at him.
How about we just enjoy Ryan before we start talking about THAT,” Leah suggested and Beau smiled lovingly at her.
I know you're thinking about the pain Jane was in, but all that pain is over now, and we are left with a little boy to love for the rest of our lives... Kind of worth the pain don't you think,” Beau said softly and Leah nodded.
You can say that though, you aren't going to be pushing a baby out your vagina in a couple of months,” Leah teased and Beau chuckled.
“Come on mummy, let's get this bed ready for the other mummy and the first of our baby boys,” Beau said and Leah kissed him, then walked over to her side of the bed so they could straighten up the sheets.

With the bed made Beau quickly put some clothes on and they went back through to the bathroom and found the midwife holding a wrapped up Ryan.

Which of you wants the first cuddle?” the midwife asked smiling at them both.
I think Leah has been waiting longer than me,” Beau joked and the midwife walked over to Leah and placed the tiny bundle in her arms. Beau stood beside her with an arm around her waist and peered into the bundle of blanket and felt tears come to his eyes as he focused on Ryan, who was sleeping.
He's so tiny,” Leah whispered.
He's beautiful,” Beau agreed, his voice also a whisper.
He really is,” Leah sobbed quietly.

Beau watched as Leah peppered gentle kisses on Ryan's face and found himself wishing that it was time for Luca to be born as well... he couldn't wait to see both of their babies together. The midwife interrupted his thoughts and asked him to get an old towel that she could put the placenta on when Jane delivered it. Beau did as asked and a few minutes later Jane's birthing experience was over, with the baby and placenta both delivered.

The midwife announced that it was time for Jane to get out of the bath and onto the bed so she could examine her and make sure everything was as it should be. Leah went into the bedroom with Ryan while Beau helped the midwife get Jane from the bath to the bed. She was very weak, but Beau was surprised that she still had enough energy to walk through to the bedroom with their assistance.

Jane lay on the bed in her robe and the midwife quickly examined her and when she had finished told them quite happily that everything looked okay. After the midwife had excused herself so she could examine the placenta a bit more closely Leah handed Ryan to Jane and got in the bed beside her. Deciding to do something useful Beau went and made them all a cup of tea and when he brought them through Jane looked at him gratefully.

God, I need one of those... it feels like I pushed a baby out of my vagina just now. Oh wait, I did!” Jane exclaimed and then giggled.
You did such a good job,” Leah said and then kissed Jane.
I really had no choice,” Jane commented and Leah laughed.
I guess not,” Leah replied.
And when it's time for you.. you will do a good job too, my love,” Jane reassured Leah who smiled nervously at her.
I guess I'll have no choice,” Leah said with a nervous wink.

The midwife came out and asked if she could examine Jane again. Jane carefully handed Ryan to Leah and let the midwife do her examination. The midwife said that everything looked great and that if Jane didn't mind she was going to go home to try and get another hour or two of sleep and that she would come back over around 8am. Jane told her that was fine and the midwife reminded them all that she was only a phone call away and that if they had ANY concerns whatsoever that they could ring her. It turned out the midwife only lived a few minutes away from their house so she could get over quickly if needed. A fact they all found reassuring.

Beau saw the midwife out and thanked her for everything she had done. She smiled at him and told him that she hadn't really done anything and it was Jane – and him – who had done all the work. After saying goodbye Beau closed the door and walked back through to the bedroom where he found Leah cuddling Ryan while Jane lay back smiling at her. Beau walked over to Leah and peeked at Ryan who was still asleep... he couldn't take his eyes off him, he was such a perfect, beautiful baby! Leah gasped and Beau looked at her.

What's wrong?” he asked and Leah went bright red.
Oh my god. You haven't even held him yet!” Leah exclaimed and Beau chuckled.
Not sure if you're aware but he's not going anywhere... you can do your bonding and then I'll do mine,” Beau said rubbing her back but Leah shook her head.
No! Blame preggy brain.. You must be wanting a hold so badly!” Leah remarked and Beau knew he wasn't going to win this little battle.

Not that he minded. Leah placed Ryan into his arms and his first instinct was to lift the little baby up and kiss his forehead. Again he found he couldn't take his eyes off him and he knew he was smiling the entire time he was looking at him. As he studied Ryan's face, Beau felt immensely guilty when he thought about the fact he had considered pretending his own child didn't exist. He knew a lot had changed since then and that in reality it had been less than 24 hours that he'd felt that way for, but he still felt awful about it. Thank God he had realised early on that that wasn't an option... he would have missed out on so much and probably wouldn't have fallen in love with two amazing women in the process.

You look so natural,” Jane commented and Beau smiled at her.
Probably because it's a similar shape to a rugby ball,” Beau teased and Jane laughed.
No, I think you're just a natural daddy,” Jane replied and he smiled gratefully at her. He hoped that was the case.
What time was he actually born?” Beau asked and Leah picked up Jane's midwifery notes.
Says here that he was born at 3.43am” Leah announced.
And what time do you think you went into labour?” Beau asked and Jane yawned.
Um it was 1am when I started having the really bad pains,” Jane told them. “But after I went to bed I kept waking up feeling really uncomfortable,” she added. “I think the first time I woke up it was just before 8,” she said frowning, obviously trying to remember.
So at the most you were in labour for about seven hours,” Beau exclaimed and Jane nodded.
I guess so,” she replied yawning loudly.

Why don't you two try and get a little sleep and I will look after Ryan,” Beau suggested and Jane smiled at him.
You don't have to Beau, you must be tired too,” Jane replied but Beau could see she was seconds away from going to sleep.
I didn't just go through seven hours of labour. You get some sleep, when Ryan starts crying I will bring him through to you so you can feed him,” Beau told Jane who admitted defeat and nodded.
I just need an hour...” Jane yawned and closed her eyes.
Before you try to tell me you don't need sleep, don't bother. You need sleep woman, and I refuse to let you out of this bedroom until you've done just that,” Beau told Leah sternly and she smiled sleepily at him.
You're so bossy,” Leah stated as she cuddled up to Jane.

Beau had a feeing they were probably both asleep before he'd even left the bedroom. After all the activity over the past couple of hours it felt strange to be sitting in silence. With a baby. Ryan was still asleep and while Beau knew he should probably put him in the bassinet to sleep, Beau felt unable to put the little man down. He had never ever spent so long fixated on one thing and when the newborn began crying Beau was surprised to see it was over an hour since he had left Leah and Jane to sleep. Beau took Ryan through to the bedroom and Jane quickly woke up when she heard him crying. Beau was amazed at how quickly Jane was sitting up and holding her arms out to take her baby. Obviously the mummy instinct kicked in straight away. Leah was sitting up by the time Jane had latched Ryan on, and as Jane fed him they all watched in silence. It really was a beautiful sight, and a special moment in their relationship.

After Ryan had finished feeding, Jane suggested that Leah choose an outfit for him to wear and she came back from the nursery with a green and yellow striped onesie, claiming that it had been too hard to choose something so she'd picked the first outfit she'd found. Beau watched as Jane dressed Ryan and topped the outfit off with the woolen hat that the midwife had put on him when she'd wrapped him up in the blanket earlier. After wrapping him in the blanket Jane picked Ryan up and then looked at Beau.

Do you mind if I get a little bit more sleep?” Jane asked shyly and Beau shook his head.
Of course not baby, you get all the sleep you need. I'll bring him through again when he starts to cry, unless you are awake before then,” Beau informed her. “You can sleep a bit more too madam,” he directed at Leah.
“Fine, but it's almost my normal waking time so don't expect me to sleep for hours!” Leah exclaimed.

Uh, at seven do you think you could ring Asher and make up some story to get him over here? Pretend that we have some odd craving. He'll be up anyway because he'll be excited about Lucy... Just don't tell him Ryan is here,” Jane said and Beau gasped.
“I hadn't even thought about Asher! He was going to be at the birth!” Beau exclaimed feeling like the worst friend in the world.
It all happened so quick Beau, I'm sure Asher will understand why you didn't call,” Jane assured him. “Should probably ring your mum too,” she suggested and Beau nodded.
You two try to sleep, me and Ry will be chilling in the lounge,” Beau told them and then gave both of them a kiss and left the room.

As it was Beau didn't need to wait until seven to ring Asher because Asher text him at 6.30am saying 'Presuming you'll be awake... uncomfortable pregnant women and all... any chance you know how to speed up time? 10.30 can't arrive fast enough'. Beau smirked as he replied saying 'Of course I'm awake, feel free to pop over... If you have the coffee we have the bacon and mushrooms', and as he expected it didn't take long for Asher to reply saying 'See you very soon then, will stop at the petrol station, their coffee is 24/7'.

At 6.50 Beau went through to the bedroom and found Leah and Jane whispering and giggling in bed. Beau told them that Asher was on his way and after kissing Ryan on the cheek he handed him to Jane so he could go back into the lounge and pretend nothing was out of the ordinary when Asher arrived.

Asher arrived at 7.00 with a tray of hot drinks and Beau could tell by the look of him that he had been awake for a long time.

Excited much?” Beau teased and Asher laughed.
Oh god you have no idea,” Asher replied.
Only three and a half hours to go!” Beau exclaimed and Asher grinned at him.
Where are the girls? I thought they'd be up,” Asher commented and Beau managed to keep a straight face.
They are in the bedroom, go and say hi if you want, they're just chatting,” Beau suggested.
Probably should grace them with my presence,” Asher joked as he walked toward the bedroom.

Beau followed him in and smirked when Asher stopped dead in his tracks.

What the hell!” Asher exclaimed and Jane giggled.
Come here, there is someone who wants to meet you,” Jane told him and he walked slowly toward the bed.
When did? What? Last night you were... When the hell did this happen?” Asher asked in disbelief as he made his way over to Jane's side of the bed and sat down beside her, smiling as he took his first glimpse of Ryan. “Jane... he's beautiful,” he exclaimed as he stroked Ryan's cheek.
He is, isn't he,” Jane replied sounding choked up. “Thank you...” she whispered as she wiped the tears from her eyes.
You have no idea how glad I am I could help,” Asher replied and Beau could see that his eyes weren't exactly dry either.

Monday 28 April 2014

Lucy learns first hand that oral CAN in fact be amazing

What's wrong with me?  This will be my second excerpt in a few days!

A couple of nights ago I was re-reading one of my un-finished works on my Kobo.  I couldn't sleep, the wifey was very much asleep, but I couldn't be bothered getting out of bed.  As I read it I came across a particular part of the story and knew I had to share it here on my blog.

So here we are!

This excerpt is from the same un-finished story that has brought you such excerpty delights as:
Beau & Jane - hotel sex
Asher & Jane - reunion sex
Beau & Jane - horny baking

This particular excerpt is focused on Asher and his girlfriend Lucy.  Lucy made it clear early on in their relationship that oral sex does nothing for her... all because of the lousy oral attempts a couple of ex boyfriends.  Jane and Leah know that if Lucy puts her faith in Asher and lets him go down on her she won't be disappointed, and eventually they have the chance to convince her of this.  In a good mood and prepared to give it a go, Lucy leaves Jane and Leah's house and heads home to wait for Asher to return from work...

Curious to see what happens?  Read on!


Realising what the time was Lucy told the girls she was going to leave so she could be home when Asher got back from work. Lucy left with the raunchy vampire book in hand and decided that her amazing boyfriend needed a particularly awesome treat when he got home, so rather than heading straight back to the house she stopped at the nearest lingerie store and bought a sexy red cami. She reached for the matching panties but stopped herself and decided that panties would just get in the way.

By the time she got home Asher had sent her a text to say he was on his way so Lucy quickly put her new purchase on, straightened up the bed and then lay down and read some of her new book while waiting for the sound of the front door opening and closing, announcing Asher was home. Of course Lucy's curiosity led her to skim through the book in search of the sex scenes and after reading a couple she was more than a little horny and EXTREMELY in need of her boyfriend's magical touch.

The front door opened and closed and she heard Asher dropping his bag in the hallway. He called out to her and she called back saying that she was in the bedroom. When he walked in he grinned as he registered what she was wearing and by the time he'd made it to the bed he was wearing just his boxers which he quickly removed before joining her on the bed. Lucy pulled him down and kissed him with more hunger than he was obviously expecting because when the kiss came to an end he chuckled and asked what had gotten into her. Lucy didn't reply, just pulled him down for another hungry kiss. She could feel him going hard against her and wondered if perhaps she should abandon her original plan because it seemed mean to get him hard and then him NOT be able to... relieve... that hardness immediately. But at the same time Leah and Jane had piqued her curiosity. Asher moved on top off her and Lucy bit her lip as she looked at him.

Um, can you move down?” Lucy asked and Asher grinned as he moved down so he was level with her boobs and then started to suck on one of her nipples. Lucy moaned and then shook her head. “No, down further,” Lucy directed and he looked curiously at her then moved down so he was level with her belly which he started to kiss. “No... further...” Lucy said and gently pushed down on the top of his head. Asher moved down and settled between her legs then looked up at her and Lucy smiled shyly. “Yea... there,” she confirmed and Asher looked at her in surprise and then smiled.

Lucy smiled back and closed her eyes then took a deep breath as she prepared for that first touch. Asher kissed her inner thighs and then lightly kissed the outside of her pussy before running a finger gently down her slit. She heard him gasp and knew he was surprised by how wet she was. As he continued running his finger up and down her slit Lucy began to long for the feel of his tongue against her clit... an urge she had never felt before. As Asher repositioned himself between her legs Lucy could feel his warm breath against her wetness and fought against a moan that tried to escape. He hadn't even touched her with his tongue yet and she was starting to respond. Maybe Leah and Jane were right. Maybe oral COULD be amazing...

Lucy felt Asher's tongue make contact... it was such a light contact she wondered if she was imagining it but as he licked slowly up her slit there was no doubt in her mind that it was in fact real. Lucy sighed happily as Asher ran his tongue slowly back down to her hole. When Asher began to run his tongue back up toward her clit Lucy was surprised at the pleasurable sensations that started coursing through her body. Asher ran his tongue back down to her hole and she was taken by surprise when rather than running his tongue back up he dipped the tip of his tongue inside her hole. Lucy moaned with delight. It was such a strange but amazing feeling... there was pressure and heat and it was like nothing she'd felt before.

Asher licked back up toward her clit and this time rather than running it straight back down he ran his tongue back and forward over her clit a few times and this caused an unexpected clench deep inside. Lucy moaned as his tongue arrived back at her hole and this time his tongue hit a little deeper inside. Lucy cried out and found herself moving her hand to the back of Asher's head and pushing on it as if she was trying to get more of his tongue inside her. Asher pushed his tongue a little deeper and flicked it, hitting some delicious little spot just inside her pussy, which made her cry out loudly. As he ran his tongue back up between her folds he did so with more pressure than before and Lucy couldn't restrain the loud moan that escaped from her lips.

Lucy was aware of Asher moving slightly and she felt his forearms resting on her upper thighs as he put his fingers on her and spread her lips. Lucy wasn't sure why he did that until she felt his tongue back on her clit and groaned loudly as she registered how much more intense the sensations on her clit felt. Obviously he had taken her clit out of hiding... one could say. Asher didn't move his tongue back down and instead began to concentrate all his efforts on her clit which caused Lucy to start moaning even louder and to grasp one of his arms with her hand. She was being bombarded by plesurable sensations which were making her feel rather flustered and as if she was about to lose control. Lucy found her hand again going to the back of his head and though she tried not to she couldn't stop herself from pressing down again. She NEEDED more pressure, she NEEDED his tongue to finish her off.

Asher began to move his tongue faster and with more pressure and Lucy could feel her orgasm quickly starting to build. She was feeling overwhelmed in the most incredible of ways. Asher really DID have a magical tongue and she wished she had let him go down on her earlier. Lucy cried out loudly as he again used more pressure and she could feel her insides starting to tighten to the point that she thought something was wrong with her, but when Asher moved his tongue faster against her, that tightness was suddenly released and she cried out loud and long as her orgasm hit. Asher kept moving his tongue against her until her orgasm had subsided and then he broke the contact and moved up her body until they were face to face. Asher pulled her onto her side and they kissed a very slow, sweet kiss... the fact she could taste herself on him the entire time was more of a turn on than Lucy had imagined it would be and when they broke off the kiss she grinned at him.

Wow,” was all Lucy could manage as she melted into him.
I love you,” Asher whispered as he stroked her hair.
Uh huh,” Lucy responded and Asher chuckled. She badly wanted to say 'I love you too', but found herself physically unable to form any words.

They were silent for a couple of minutes, both reflecting on what had just happened... but Lucy was very aware Asher was going to be curious about why after all that time she had finally wanted him to go down on her.

Luce, if you don't mind me asking, what brought that on?” Asher asked, a little shyly she thought.
Well I went and saw Jane and Leah after my interview and um, we kind of got to talking about you,” Lucy began and Asher chuckled.
I wondered how long it would be before you started asking them questions,” Asher commented and kissed her playfully on the neck.
There was nothing sordid, no details or anything,” Lucy reassured him, not that she thought he would mind if that had been the case. “Long story, Jane mentioned she hoped I was having lots of sex and oral to make up for the fact she can't do either, because of the whole post-partum thing, and I mentioned we'd been having lots of sex, but not oral,” Lucy continued, Asher gazing intently at her. “Well, Jane and Leah convinced me not to let my past experiences ruin my thoughts about oral, and both reassured me that if I... well, if I let you... do that... that I wouldn't regret it,” she finished the story.
And have your thoughts on oral changed now?” Asher asked with a wink. Lucy grinned at him.
Leah and Jane weren't joking when they mentioned you have a magical tongue!” Lucy exclaimed and Asher laughed.

Further discussion ceased as Lucy felt Asher's hardness against her hip. There was only one thing she wanted to do and that involved a lot of kissing, a lot of touching and Asher's cock buried deep inside her pussy.

Thursday 24 April 2014

Beau & Jane ~ much needed hotel sex

I am going to try and start posting excerpts more regularly, and decided that tonight I would post one of my favourite scenes I have written.  This is from a story that probably won't get any further than my own computer, but I have enjoyed loved writing it and have learnt a lot whilst writing it.

The story follows a core group of three characters, Jane, Leah and Asher.  Amongst other things Asher acts as a sperm donor for Jane and Leah - and within the year Jane gives birth to baby Ryan.  

Things aren't exactly straight forward though... and without ruining too much of the story (with the thoughts of posting more excerpts), Leah goes out and has a very drunken New Years with their friend Beau... a drunken New Years that results in drunk sex (with Jane's blessing) and nine months later the arrival of baby Luca.  Along the way Leah, Jane and Beau start spending more time together and perhaps inevitably fall in love and find themselves in a polyamorous relationship.

It might not be 'normal', it might not be socially accepted but for the three of them it works, and they all look forward to being their own little unique family.

This excerpt begins on the day Leah gives birth to Luca.  After spending as much time as they can at the hospital with Leah and Luca, Jane and Asher (with baby Ryan) go back to the hotel so they can all catch up on a little sleep, after what has been an intense 24 hours.


Luca started crying and moments later Ryan joined in. It had begun. Beau had a feeling they would be up for months of two babies crying at the same time and while he was sure they would find it frustrating at times, he also quite liked it... it served to remind him that they were now a bonafide family.

Jane gave Ryan another quick feed on the bed and then smiled sadly at Beau when she agreed with him that it was time to go. They watched Leah feeding Luca and could see that she was close to falling asleep, so when Leah had finished feeding their newborn baby Beau had a final cuddle then put him safely in his little hospital issue bassinet. When his sister-in-law Morgan was in hospital after having Riley she had fallen asleep holding him and dropped him... he had fallen to the floor and the next few hours had been very stressful for Morgan while the doctors did tests and x-rays on Riley to make sure he hadn't been injured in the fall. He didn't want Leah going through that.

There were lots of tears when he and Jane said goodbye to Leah and Luca, and as they left the room they bumped into Asher and Lucy. Beau explained what was going on and Lucy said they would take Leah her food but leave straight away so she could get some sleep. Beau gratefully took his and Jane's bags of food and after saying goodbye to Asher and Lucy, he took Jane's hand in his as they made their way to the hotel, Ryan snuggled up on her shoulder.

When they got up to their room Beau told Jane to go and have a shower. While she did that, Beau had some quiet time cuddling with Ryan and realised how much he had missed him over the past 24 hours. Beau lay back on the bed with Ryan and sighed happily. He couldn't believe how perfect it felt knowing that both of their babies had been born. He had expected to feel a bit panicked or stressed out, maybe even scared when Luca arrived because going from one baby to two seemed like a huge thing... but in reality the only thing he felt was even more loved up and almost impatient to get on with life with the two loves of his life and their two babies.

Jane came back into the room and confessed she had almost fallen asleep in the shower. Beau wasn't at all surprised, they had had a HUGE past 24 hours and it hadn't helped at all that they had already been up for 12 hours by the time Leah had gone into labour! Beau kissed Jane as they swapped roles and he handed Ryan to her so he could have his shower. Standing beneath the water Beau found himself struggling to stay awake as well and wondered if he or Jane would even wake to Ryan crying that night. Part of him doubted it. He was so tired he could probably sleep through anything!

When he went back into the room Jane was tip toeing away from the bassinet, having just put Ryan down. Beau dried himself off and got into bed beside Jane before sending Leah a text to say goodnight. The message read 'We are both so proud of you, and both hate being away from you, but tomorrow we can take you and Luca home and start our new life as a slightly odd family. We love you... give Luca a kiss for both of us when he is awake next. Try and get some sleep xxx'.

Beau then finally replied to Dave's text about the twins saying 'Twins huh, that takes skill! We are all very excited for the two... three... five of you... Taking Leah and Luca home in the morning, feel free to come visit in the afternoon, I know Leah would love to see you both'. Dave replied soon after saying 'We were going to find out in the morning if we could meet the little guy. Go and get some sleep, you must all be bloody exhausted. Congrats again daddy!'. Beau smiled at the 'congrats again daddy' part... it never got old hearing or seeing himself referred to as dad/daddy.

Beau put his phone down and then moved closer to Jane and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed loudly against his chest and he could tell by the way she was breathing that she was crying. Beau let her cry and when she eventually looked up at him she smiled shyly.

“I'm sorry Beau... I just... Now that the day is finally over, the enormity of it is kind of hitting me,” Jane admitted and he nodded, understanding just how she felt.

“Oh sweety, don't apologise. I know just what you mean. I am feeling weird emotionally... I'm overjoyed and on a high but at the same time I have nothing left in the tank and feel like I could sleep for a year,” Beau told her and she sighed sleepily.

“I can't believe Luca is finally here. The pregnancy crap is FINALLY over...” Jane commented and Beau chuckled quietly.

“Gotta say, I'm glad it's not me who has to be pregnant because it doesn't look like a lot of fun, especially not at the end,” Beau remarked and Jane rolled her eyes.

“Don't get me wrong, it's a blessing and parts of it are just awesome... but yea, I'm glad that Ryan and Luca are both here now and we can have our bodies back,” Jane said. Beau frowned.

“Well, minus one part,” he replied and gently stroked one of Jane's boobs.

“Yea. That part does suck...” Jane agreed as she looked down at her bra-encased boobs and sighed.

“It's a sacrifice I am willing to make for Ry and Luca,” Beau teased.

“I love you so much,” Jane quietly said and leaned in so she could kiss him.

Beau kissed her back and was surprised when suddenly all his tiredness seemed to disappear. All he wanted was to kiss Jane and be close to her. He would do it all night if he could. It was weird that after months of there being a huge divide between them – in the form of a beautiful pregnant belly – suddenly their bodies could be pressed together properly. Beau sighed happily as he felt the heat of Jane's body against his. They had, of course, been naked together since Ryan was born but, because of Leah's discomfort in the last stage of her pregnancy, that night was the first time they had really been able to enjoy it.

Even if he had had to, there was no way Beau could stop kissing Jane. There was nothing fast or hungry about their kisses nor was there anything sexual... it was more of an emotional thing, almost as if by kissing they were replenishing each other's emotional stores. Whatever it was, Beau was so glad that he was there in that moment with Jane and couldn't think of anywhere he'd sooner be.

It was Jane who took the initiative and began to heat things up. Her kisses suddenly became deeper and as she began to moan against his mouth, Beau was aware of the fact she was pressing harder against him with her hips. It had been a long time since they had had sex – almost two months – and while Beau REALLY wanted it, he didn't want to pressure Jane if she wasn't quite ready.

Beau began getting hard and the heated look Jane gave him made it clear that she could feel it too. When she moved her body position so that the tip of his cock was nudging at her hole he got the feeling that she liked it. They kissed for another couple of minutes and Beau got increasingly harder, to the point he either needed to be inside her or they needed to stop kissing and touching.

Jane had always understood his needs and cues and when she moved her top leg over his waist, causing the top inch of his cock to enter her, Beau looked at her and smiled softly.

“Are you sure?” he asked and Jane nodded.

“So fucking sure, Beau... So. Fucking. Sure,” Jane exclaimed, her voice almost a whimper.

“I love you,” Beau whispered.

“I love you too,” Jane whispered back.

And then for the first time in almost two months Beau very slowly slid inside Jane. Jane let out a quiet moan and her body shuddered as she smiled at him.

“I have missed this,” Jane whispered and put her leg further over him, causing him to move deeper inside her.

They started to move slowly together and Beau loved the closeness between them. They may not have been moving hard or fast but because of the position they were in there was a lot of friction in all the right places – for both of them – and Beau groaned quietly as Jane put her hand on his hip and pulled him harder against her.

Each time his cock hit the back of her pussy Jane would clench tightly around him and moan softly in his ear. Both were conscious of the fact Ryan was in the room and their noise level never moved past a whisper but that didn't mean the sex wasn't spectacular. Beau loved how wet Jane was and how ready she had been for him... the way her pussy felt made him instantly harder and as they moved against each other Beau found himself groaning quietly. After such a long time NOT being intimate in that way Beau had almost forgotten just how much he enjoyed sex with Jane.

When Jane dug her fingernails into his hip Beau started to move harder against her and she countered that by moving harder against him. The friction on his cock was like nothing he'd felt before and as Jane started to gasp for breath, he felt her pussy tightening around him in a way that he knew meant she was going to cum very soon. Beau's own orgasm was building and when Jane buried her face in his chest they started to move harder again, grinding against each other until finally they both came in silence, gripping on to each other, pressing tightly together.

Beau nuzzled at Jane's neck and then softly kissed her, before they both fell into an immediate, deep sleep.

When Beau woke up the following morning Jane was sitting on the bed feeding Ryan. He smiled up at her and, for what felt like the millionth time since Ryan had been born, marvelled over just how much motherhood suited Jane. He loved nothing more than to watch her feeding Ryan... the way she looked lovingly at him made his heart melt.

“He been awake long?” Beau asked and Jane shook her head.

“No, but I think he's ready to go back down... might get another hour or two out of him,” Jane replied with a sigh. Beau looked at the clock and saw it was only 6am.

“I know you want to go see Leah and Luca, but it's still too early anyway, so perhaps we can all get another hour or two of sleep,” Beau suggested and Jane raised an eyebrow at him.

“You REALLY think I'll be able to get back to sleep?” Jane asked and Beau chuckled.

“Fine. We can at least snuggle for another hour or two,” Beau replied and Jane smiled at him.
“That sounds more like it,” Jane said and sighed again as Ryan began stirring, indicating he had had enough of his feed.

“Give him to me bub, I'll put him back to bed,” Beau said sitting up beside her. He was surprised when she didn't protest and allowed him to take Ryan from her arms.

Beau kissed Jane and then got off the bed and walked to the other side of the room, rubbing Ryan's back as he went. Quickly he was rewarded with a burp and a contented little sigh from Ryan, who was asleep before Beau even put him back in the bassinet. After kissing his son on the forehead Beau walked back over to the bed and climbed in beside Jane, who immediately found her way into his arms.

“I miss Leah,” Jane sighed and Beau kissed the top of her head.

“I miss her as well, seems so wrong without the three of us being in bed together,” Beau commented and then it was him who sighed, as he thought about what would happen when things got busier away at work and the fact he might need to spend regular nights away from home.

“I also miss Luca already... odd considering we didn't really get to spend that long with him after he was born,” Jane said.

As Beau had expected Jane soon began to cry, what he did not expect, however, was when Jane pulled him on top of her and looked up at him pleadingly.

“I need you, Beau,” Jane whispered, and although she was crying, something about the intensity of her voice and the look on her face caused him to feel immediately aroused.

“I'm right here,” Beau whispered and then dipped his head down so their lips could brush together.

Jane linked her hands behind his neck and pulled him down, the kiss deepening as he sensed just how needy she was. As she grazed her nails up and down the back of his neck Beau felt himself growing increasingly turned on, and when Jane spread her legs wider for him it was almost a reflex move for him to slowly press inside her, stopping just before he hit the back of her pussy. He broke off the kiss and smiled down at her, judging by the look on her face that she needed slow, deep sex, which would leave her feeling not only physically but emotionally connected to him. The same type of sex that Leah (and himself) had needed the night of the day that Jane had gone into premature labour.

Beau moved slowly against Jane, pressing deeper inside her with each thrust, until he couldn't move any deeper. Jane kept her hands behind his neck and soon pulled him down more so that her face was buried in his neck. Beau loved the close, intimate feel of the position, and enjoyed hearing Jane's quiet moans against his ear... a special gift only for him. Jane's hips soon found a rhythm with his and for a long time they moved with each other, enjoying the feeling of being pressed against one another, enjoying the closeness and the strengthening connection to one another.

Jane spread her legs further apart and while Beau missed the feeling of her legs being tightly around his waist, he liked the fact it meant they could take their time, that together they could slowly work up to the point that they both felt as if they were going to burst if they didn't orgasm soon.

There was nothing rushed about it and when his usual 7am alarm went off things were only just starting to get more frantic. Jane was bucking her hips harder against him and Beau could no longer control the depth and force of her thrusts, slamming into her with only one intention – to make her cum – and to make her cum HARD.

Jane's moans quickly turned to cries and the more he slammed into her, the louder they became. Of course Jane's loud cries spurred him on and he quickly felt his orgasm approaching, going from non-existant to as intense as he thought was humanly possible, in the space of about 20 seconds. Jane's pussy was squeezing him tightly, her arms were doing the same around his neck, and as her cries became screams Beau started to slam harder and harder until they were both grunting and screaming loudly, their bodies tensing up against each other as their orgasms got closer and closer and closer. FINALLY they exploded, both of them letting out loud strangled cries of pleasure as they pressed into each other, their bodies going rigid with the enormous physical release.

Before they could even come down from their orgasms there was a loud cry from the other side of the room and Jane looked at him in shock.

“Ryan! I forgot all about Ryan! OH MY GOD, no child should ever hear THOSE noises coming from their parents!” Jane exclaimed before collapsing into a fit of laughter.

“Poor little dude, he'll be traumatised for life!” Beau added and found himself laughing as well.

“I guess there will be no peaceful recovery period, will there?” Jane said with a smirk and Beau shook his head.

“Sounds like there is another little guy that needs you more than me,” Beau sighed dramatically and Jane giggled.

“There is nothing 'little' about you, my love,” Jane said with a wink and after Beau had moved off her, she got out of bed and walked over to where Ryan was crying in his bassinet and picked him up.

Beau sat on the bed beside Jane while she fed Ryan and when both of their cellphones went off they grinned at each other. Beau checked his text messages and sure enough the message was from Leah, it read 'had a good night with our little guy... but miss you both like crazy... please come and save me from this boring hospitalness!'. Beau text her back saying 'we missed you too bub, glad to hear you had a goodnight with Luca... Jane just feeding Ry and then we will be over as fast as we can! Love you xxx'.

Although Ryan didn't have a particularly large feed it seemed to take forever and by the time they were leaving the hotel room it felt as if it had been days since they had left Leah and Luca at the hospital, as opposed to one simple night. They were glad that Asher had thought to move their car to the hotel carpark the day beforehand, otherwise they'd likely have found their car had been towed. After a quick stop at the car to drop off all the non-essential Ryan-associated bits and pieces that were in the room they finally made their way to the hospital.

I'm stressed out so here, have some boobs!

I am so stupidly stressed out right now that it really isn't funny.  I have a feeling that I am in the
bottom 1% of the entire population when it comes to 'successful time management'.  I suck, and not in the sexual sense either (well, okay, my wife's nipples may say differently).  I really was sure that I could manage a full time study load, four kids, writing my erotica AND for a couple of different (completely un-erotica related) websites, but apparently not.

I only have myself to blame really, I have put my writing ahead of my studies and now find myself in the shitty predicament of having three assignments due within one week, one that I only realised TONIGHT is due next Thursday.

Okay, just writing about this is getting me stressed out, so I am going to share a few images I found today that cheered my day up rather substantially.

BOOBS!  Photos of BOOBS!  Boobs glorious boobs.

I can't help it, I love boobs... they are so curvy and... I really can't describe what I love about boobs, but there is something beautiful about them.  I'm not just speaking from a sexual point of view either, they are pretty - full stop.  Round and plump and soft and...  I don't know.  It is pointless trying to explain my love of boobs.  I can only hope you understand where I am coming from.

I give you MY BOOBS.
... tonight is one of those look down and smile kind of nights!
Although I generally dislike my OWN boobs (far too big and out of proportion with the rest of my body), there are some days that I look down and am greeted by a sight which makes me proud to be a woman.  I call those 'good boob days', and on days such as that find myself looking downward a whole lot.  I am used to men speaking at my boobs (I have eyes, remember?), but I am not overly used to looking at my own and thinking 'hey, not too bad!'.  I think my wife has encouraged me to love my boobs, because as she has stated on so many occasions, she loves them.

Because I have allowed myself an hour or so to work on the latest Georgia and Zoe story and it is now 10.05pm, I am going to leave you with some photos of boobs so I can get on to said writing, and then go to bed and play with my wife's boobs.  I mean snuggle with her.

Enjoy the boobs!

No nippleage, but a lovely, enticing shot all the same

What is better than one set of boobs?  TWO sets of boobs!

Cleavage... who doesn't love cleavage?

The image of boobs encased in cotton is something that I have always loved
... okay, it actually makes my mouth water....

Nipples pressing against cotton *dies*

Yea, I know, FINALLY getting to the good stuff!
Interesting contrast between the roughness of burlap & softness of boobs!

I challenge anyone to suggest those nipples aren't begging to be sucked!

Am I the only one who can feel a nipple against her lips when looking at this?

Why not just take matters into your own hands (fingers?) tonight?!

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Why I am looking forward to June...

I became very curious a couple of months back when I came across the hashtag #AdultSexEdMonth on Twitter.  ADULT sex ed?  I had never heard of such a thing, and wondered exactly WHY an adult would even need sex ed.  My natural curiosity led me to check out the Adult Sex Ed Month website, and after a short read I quickly became excited.

Rather than explaining it in my own words, I thought I would quote the 'about' section of the website instead...
The month of June is the best kind of summer school you can ever imagine — it’s Adult Sex Ed Month (#AdultSexEdMonth)! It’s a month that’s packed with the basic how-to’s to master tips on everything you wanted to know about sex from the top sex bloggers and experts. Topics range from vanilla to kinky. Stories are for for gays and straights as well as for virgins to seniors. Maybe you want to learn something new, learn how to do something better, or just want to learn or understand something you’re not familiar with.
How brilliant is THAT?

No matter how experienced we are, there is always something to be learnt and knowledge to be

Equally, for those who are inexperienced when it comes to sex, or are curious about a facet of sex they are yet to experience, what better way to get *real* information, from people who have 'been there done that', or are well informed on the matter at hand.

Whether it is something simple like 'How to Undress a Man', 'The Dos and Don'ts of Safe Sexting', 'The Sex Before the Sex'...
OR something a bit more specific, such as 'The Art of Fingering', 'Five Ways to do it Doggy Style', 'Having Sex After Having a Baby'...
OR something you wouldn't exactly ask your parents for advice on, such as 'Interested in Bondage - How Sex Furniture Can Help', 'Rimming - the Ins and Outs of Anal Play', 'Your First Time in a Threesome'

 ... Adult Sex Ed Month has information on it all... and more, much much much more.
(links given are blog posts direct from the Adult Sex Ed Month archive)

I didn't take part in Adult Sex Ed Month in 2013, but plan on taking part this year.  I figure that though I might not be experienced a huge, overwhelming majority of the categories listed on the site, I am a woman who is married to another woman, and like to think I have learnt a thing or two in the art of pleasing a woman.

My wife has insisted I write about performing oral sex on woman, from a womans point of view... and that is what I plan to do!

(... I am guessing that 'having a notepad and pen by my side while I am going down on my wife, so I can stop and write notes', would be classified under the 'not sexy, more than potential mood-kill' category.)

If you want more information:
check out Adult Sex Ed Month on Facebook
check out Adult Sex Ed Month on Twitter

Sunday 6 April 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribble

Here is the latest 'Sexy Sunday Scribble'! 

Inspiration is taken from a story my wifey is writing...
the male lead is rather fond of his lady love wearing his dress shirt...