Sunday 26 October 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribble

The Sexy Sunday Scribble this week is allllll about the lady love

I hope you're all having a very happy Sunday!

Friday 24 October 2014

Introducing Lanie, Blake & Logan

I would love to give all the background that led to me writing this, but we are heading away for the day and I am already running behind!

I have a feeling this may turn into a series because let's face it, the background story is going to be rather intriguing.  After all, how does a woman end up in a relationship with identical twin brothers?

For now, I leave you with Lanie, Blake and Logan... enjoy!


Lanie stood before the door and nervously smoothed down her outfit. She was going for the 'fake it til you make it' thing and hoped her business-like outfit of black pencil skirt and red short sleeve shirt with ruffles down the middle would make her look more confident than she felt. In reality she had never been more nervous, excited, or anxious in her life.

Another knock on the door and she rolled her eyes, “Come on Lanie, get your shit together, you can do this,” she said to herself and before she could chicken out pulled the door open. Her knees went weak as she took in the doubly delicious sight of Blake and Logan.
“Hey gorgeous,” Logan said and held his arms out to Lanie.
“Hey yourself,” Lanie laughed as she stepped into his arms and inhaled his scent, manly and musky. She never could get enough of the Ralph Lauren cologne he wore.
“Oi, remember we are sharing tonight!” Blake chuckled from beside her and Lanie winked at him as she moved from Logan's arms into his, loving the stark contrast of his Armani cologne which citrusy and fresh, making her think of summer.
“Wanna come in?” Lanie asked and mentally rolled her eyes... of course they wanted to come in.
“Inside or in you?” Blake asked wickedly and Lanie bit her lip.
“Both,” Lanie replied and turned back into the house, Blake and Logan following closely behind.

“Can I get either of you a drink?” Lanie asked stopping outside the door to the kitchen.
“Look at you playing the hostess,” Logan teased and Lanie shrugged.
“Just giving you time to back out,” Lanie managed to say with a straight face, knowing there was no way that was going to happen.
“You really think either of us is going to back out when you have been sending us filthy text messages all week?” Blake asked stepping behind her and moving her hair to the side so he could bite the crook of her neck.
“And those naughty pxts were pure wickedness,” Logan added putting his hands on her hips and stepping into her so she was effectively sandwiched between the two men.
“No idea what you're talking about,” Lanie said innocently, biting back a whimper when the two men began kissing opposite sides of her neck.

The men managed to kiss and nip at her neck as the three of them made their way through to the bedroom, Lanie's tormented whimpers and moans the only sounds in the house. As they walked, Logan was undoing the buttons on her shirt while Blake was unzipping the back of her skirt.

By the time they stepped into her bedroom her black sheer lace bra was on display and when Blake worked her skirt down over her hips, so were her matching panties. Lanie stepped out of her skirt and moved to take her red stilettos off, but Logan stopped her, whispering huskily in her ear that she should keep them on. Lanie smirked at him as she remembered he was the one with the stiletto fetish. Keep them on it was.

When her shirt dropped to the floor Lanie looked at both men with determination.
“Tops off, now,” she ordered, feeling a tight clench in her pussy when the two men did as was asked of them. To Lanie's disappointment Blake never had the slightest hint of hair on his chest, but he was covered from neck to hips in tattoos, a major turn on for her. Logan, on the other hand, had no ink whatsoever, but he had the perfect amount of hair on his chest and seeing his treasure trail was enough to give her a mini-orgasm.

It was when they had their tops off that it was blatanly obvious which twin was which. Yeap. She didn't have a boyfriend – she had two – and they were identical twin brothers. The idea of a threesome was something they had been toying with for a few months; Blake and Logan were both happy with the idea, but Lanie had needed longer to think about it. Ultimately though, she knew she could trust both men, and she would be lying if she said she wasn't extremely curious about what it would be like to be in bed with both men at the same time.

And there they were!

Lanie wasn't too sure what to say so rather than speak she moved closer to the two men so she could trail a hand down their chests and over their bellies before continuing south and dipping a hand in the waistband of each man's pants. Logan groaned while Blake inhaled sharply. Both were looking at her intently waiting for her next move... which was to take her hands from inside their pants and pull each of their zippers down. The buttons of their jeans came undone next and she watched Blake and Logan shuffling out of their jeans and shoes, a burst of desire tearing through her body as she looked at them standing in their boxers.

They really were identical – the same wide shoulders, the same big arms, the same broad chests, the same powerful thighs – and they were all hers. She wasn't sure how she'd got so lucky, even if it was they who claimed they were the lucky ones, an admission she always scoffed at.

Her hands drifted down their chests again and over their bellies, this time her hands settled on the two hardening bulges encased in their boxers. She gave them both a gentle squeeze followed by a not-so-gentle squeeze and bit her lip as both men groaned and gave her pleading looks. Pretending she was immune to their desperate looks Lanie snaked her fingers into the waistband of their boxers and slowly moved each hand lower and lower until she had a bare cock gripped in each fist.

Blake started to move against her hand while Logan put his hand around hers and made her grip him tighter. She had never felt more in charge in her life - it was a feeling she wasn't used to – and she loved it.

The feeling of control disappeared when Logan slipped his fingers beneath the elastic of the crotch of her panties and brushed his finger against her wet folds. She wanted to pretend she was in no rush and that she wanted to take things slow, but her hips betrayed her and began moving against his hand. With her hand still inside his boxers, Blake moved in front of her and cupped her breast in his huge hand, his thumb swiping across the lace covered nipple and she let out a shuddery moan, arching her back in an attempt to push more of her boob into his hand.

Lanie gripped onto Blake's shoulders when Logan added another finger to her pussy and began to rub her clit with his thumb. If she was standing much longer she knew she was going to collapse – there was only so much a girl could take before needing to writhe around naked beneath an equally naked man [or men as it were] – and that time was fast approaching.

She removed her hand from inside Blake's boxers and pulled him forward at the shoulders so she could kiss him. His tongue swiped against hers and she groaned against his mouth as Logan began rubbing her clit in faster, harder circles. When Blake's hands began to trail slowly down her sides Lanie found it hard to catch her breath, the featherlight touch of his fingertips was causing a throbbing ache deep inside her pussy and she was suddenly overcome by the need to have one of them – no, both of them – inside her.

The kissing deepened and she was sent into some form of sensory overload when she focused on the feeling of two hands on her sides and one hand between her legs. It felt incredible and intense and she wondered how she had waited so long to let both of them have her at the same time.

Blake dropped gently to his knees and when Lanie felt Logan's hand leave her pussy she felt what could only be described as panic. Maybe they had changed their minds? When she felt the waistband of her panties being pulled down she sighed with relief. They weren't leaving, they were taking her panties off. When her panties dropped to the floor Lanie stepped out of them and smiled nervously at Blake when he stood back up. It wasn't that she was unsure, it was just that it was such a huge moment for her – for all of them – and it was hard not to feel nervous about what was to come!

Logan kissed the tip of her shoulder then kissed inward until he reached and kissed up her neck and along her jaw until he reached her lips. They kissed softly and slowly, and when Lanie felt Blake's breath on her neck she turned so she could kiss him. The hunger in his kiss surprised her and she moaned as he tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth then resumed kissing her with even more hunger. The kiss came to a natural end and Lanie could sense the two men were feeling just as needy as she was.

She kicked off her stilettos before dropping to her knees between the men. She pulled down Blake's boxers, followed by Logan's, and wasn't surprised when the moment she stood up Blake turned her around and undid her bra. It almost floated to the floor and as she turned around again she noticed a very familiar look of hunger on both men's faces. It was identical.

“Ready for bed?” Blake whispered, pushing a stray strand of hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear.
“I'm very ready,” Lanie whispered.
“Come on then,” Logan smiled at her and took her hand. She and Logan walked around to one side of the bed while Blake went around the other side, when they were all in the bed she was in between the two men, and again was finding it hard to breathe.

Lanie wasn't too sure what to do next but Logan and Blake made that a moot point by rolling in toward her and each taking one of her nipples in their mouths. She gasped and groaned as the men began sucking her nipples, both using slightly different techniques. Blake was flicking the tip of her nipple with his tongue, while Logan was running his tongue around the nipple in his mouth... on their own it would be enough to make her grip at the bedsheets and beg for more. The two of them at the same time felt like heaven. Overwhelming pleasurable heaven.

To try and slow down her response, Lanie moved her hands down until she found the two hard cocks she was so familiar with. As the men sucked and played with her nipples she squeezed their hard lengths, loving the way it felt when one of them groaned against her nipple, the reverberations spreading through her body and causing her clit to throb. The harder she squeezed them the harder they sucked and before long her room was full with a chorus of moans, groans, grunts and cries. Her hips were moving in tight circles and her legs were spreading of their own accord – it was as if her body was screaming out 'please fuck me now!' - and her body was right, she was beyond ready.

“I... I need more,” Lanie said feeling flustered.
“Do you want both of us at the same time, or do you want us to take turns?” Blake asked sweetly and had she not been so turned on and aching for their cocks, she would have laughed.
“Both of you,” Lanie replied without needing to think about it.

Blake moved on top of her and began kissing her. She could feel his cock pressing against her slit but he made no attempt to press inside her, while they were kissing she was aware of Logan sitting up beside her and opening the bedside table. Again, had she not been so ready for their cocks she would have laughed and made a comment about there being no sexy way to say 'sorry hunny I just need to get the lube out', but in that moment all she wanted was to feel two cocks deep inside her. In her opinion, he couldn't lube up fast enough!

Blake moved off her as Logan lay back down and before she could say a word Logan was on top of her. Like with Blake, she could feel Logan's cock pressing against her slit but he didn't make any moves to enter her and instead kissed her nice and slowly. It was the type of kiss that would ordinarily have led to hours of love making, but not that night. She softly moaned against his mouth and her breath hitched when he lightly licked the inside of her top lip. That single contact sent pleasure coursing directly to her clit and she suddenly found it hard to not wrap her legs around his waist and pull him deep inside her cunt.

When they broke the kiss to catch their breath Lanie felt almost crazed with desire. She couldn't just kiss anymore, she needed to be filled up with their cocks, to move against them, to feel them moving against her. She needed to cum, and badly.

A strong hand grabbed her hip and she felt a thrill of excitement tear through her as Blake rolled her so she was pressed right up against him. His cock was against her saturated slit and when he lifted her leg and put it over his hip she knew she was finally getting what she so badly wanted and needed. The thick head of his cock ran up and down between her swollen lips a few times and then stopped at her hole. Her breath hitched as she felt the first inch of him pressing inside her and then she groaned loudly when he pulled her against him as he pushed into her. Pleasure shot through her system and she silently willed him to begin moving hard and fast against her.

That was when she felt Logan's lubricated fingers probing at her asshole. She moaned as he massaged the tight ring of muscle before pressing one finger inside her and sliding it in and out of her slowly, sending pleasurable waves deep into her pussy, which was clenching tightly around Blake's cock. He added another finger and she moaned loudly, her hips bucking as her fingers dug into Blake's arm. Logan's fingers were soon replaced by the feeling of his cock against her tight opening and as he slowly and carefully inched his way inside her he groaned, she groaned, and Blake groaned, his hand digging into her hip.

For a few moments they were still, then Blake began kissing her and as a natural response her hips began moving against him. Blake began moving in time with her and Logan quickly found the right rhythm – both cocks were pulling out at the same time and both were pushing in at the same time – the feeling of fullness surpassed anything she had imagined and then there was the friction. God. She had never felt friction of an intensity like she felt in those moments.

Her clit was getting constant friction and the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to her ass was getting it too; what she hadn't counted on was the internal friction caused by Logan's and Blake's cocks rubbing against her internal walls at the same time. The sensation caused by the friction was all encompassing, and the louder her moans and cries got, the faster the men moved against her, the more friction was created, and the louder she would moan and cry... it was a never ending circle of pleasure like she had never experienced before.

Logan was working his usual magic on her neck, licking and biting in exactly the right place to send bolts of electricity directly to her clit. She could feel that she was swollen and knew she was incredibly wet, the more her body responded, the more she felt the pleasure. What she would normally feel in her clit began spreading throughout her cunt and soon she felt a tight heat in her pussy. The heat only added to what she was feeling and when she started shrieking she hoped she could prolong things long enough to make Logan and Blake cum... she hated the idea of her being the only one who reached orgasm!

Blake was gripping onto her hip harder with each few thrusts and when he started grunting she felt relieved knowing it meant he was going to cum soon. Behind her Logan was panting, his breath coming hard and fast against her neck.

“Harder baby,” Lanie whispered to Logan and immediately he began to move his hips harder against her.

Whenever they had anal sex he waited until she told him it was okay to start moving harder... he had done it the first time they had it and it had become a bit of a habit for them. She loved that he cared so much about her, but then his brother was just the same – both were feisty in the sack – but also very gentle and caring, and always put her pleasure ahead of theirs.

Because Logan started moving harder, so did Blake, and Lanie quickly felt her orgasm building up. She knew it was going to be a big one because, rather than starting deep in her pussy, it started in her toes and spread upward, every muscle in her body tightening, and when it reached her cunt rather than the tension bursting free after a couple of seconds it kept building and building and building. Her pussy felt so tight around Blake she was afraid she might do him some damage, but his deep groans told her he was fine. Logan was grunting loudly in her ear and as his thrusts became even harder she put her arm behind her so she could grip onto his hip. She needed to be anchored to try and have some control over her orgasm.

There was so much tension in her cunt, it was almost unbearable. In fact it was. She had to stop. She had to...

Before she could decide what she had to do her orgasm hit with such impact she thrashed about and screamed loudly, she was conscious of nothing and of no one, the room was spinning, the bed was spinning, as far as she knew the world was spinning. In the murky depths of her vaguely-conscious brain she could hear and feel the two men cumming, Blake pressing deep into her cunt, Logan pressing deep into her ass, growling and groaning, roaring their release.

By the time Lanie came around, her cunt and ass were both empty. She was on her back with Blake and Logan were snuggled up against her - Blake was lazily stroking her thigh, Logan was peppering kisses on her shoulder – and she was trying to find the energy and mental capacity to talk, to turn her head, to move her toes.

She found no energy though – quite the opposite actually – she was falling asleep and didn't want to because she wanted to enjoy the post orgasmic bliss with Blake and Logan... but she just... couldn't... keep... her... eyes...... open.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

'Seven lovely things' blog tour

The lovely woman behind 'Christina Harding Erotica' tagged me to participate in the Seven Lovely Things blog tour!  You can check out her Seven Lovely Things post right here!  Christina has posted reviews of Zoe: Spanked and Georgia: Restrained, and a while back I had a guest post on her blog.

The rules are simple, share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, nominate 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading, and nominate those same 15 blogs to the do the same, linking back to my post.

I hate talking about myself so this may be hard... here goes!

  1. I absolutely love lillies, particularly the Calla Lily... there is something about the shape of them that I find beautiful.
  2. My favourite perfume is Cerruti 1881.  My sister surprised me with some a few months ago, it was incredibly sweet of her!
  3. The ocean soothes my soul.  One glimpse of the large blue expanse and I immediately start to feel calmer.
  4. The song 'One Sweet Day' (Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men) never fails to make me cry... in the past if I have needed to cry but couldn't I would put this song and the tears would come easily
  5. One of my earliest memories is being in an ambulance when my sister had a febrile convulsion as a baby.  I wasn't really fussed about my sister, I was just excited that I got to go in an
    ambulance!  I remember the ambulance officer showing me a plastic bag type thing they put over injured legs and telling me it was where Santa put your presents if you were in the ambulance on Christmas Eve.
  6. I quite simply NEEEEEEEEEED to visit Athens and Santorini.  I must.  I will.
  7. I am crazy about my wife.  I thought I knew what love was before I met her but god was I wrong!  She makes me laugh even when I'm in the midst of deep depression, she believes in me when I don't, she encourages me and puts up with my tantrums when I am stressed out or scared... she is amazing and without her I don't know where I'd be!

As for the nominations, most of the people I was planning to nominate have already been nominated so you will have to excuse me for my lack of nominations!

I do however nominate:
My Little Vixen
DragonflyLady's Writey Ramblings
The Anxious Hooker
Dena Celeste
I Married a Sex God

Monday 20 October 2014

Flash Fiction - my first attempt

I am naughty.
Dreadfully naughty.

I have an assignment due at midnight tonight and have been putting it off for weeks.  This morning I went into our room to finally get onto it and managed to work for a couple of hours.

Then I began writing.

And this happened...

Enjoy xxx


'Coast is clear' came the text message they had been excitedly waiting for. Stella winked at Carly and without a word between them they stood up and walked through the door declaring 'Management Only'. Down the hall they walked until they finally found the door that had been left open by Brad's boss when he'd left for lunch minutes earlier.

Crossing the threshold into the office Stella and Carly were greeted by their boyfriend sitting behind his boss's desk with his suit jacket off and the sleeves of his crisp white shirt rolled up to the elbows. He shot both women a heated look and as they approached him Stella and Carly began unbuttoning their shirts, putting on display their matching fire engine red lacy bras, purchased earlier that morning specifically for their lunchtime rendez-vous.

Stella wasn't surprised to see a prominent bulge in Brad's dress pants and while Carly positioned herself on the desk Stella made speedy work of Brad's pants, gripping his rock hard cock in her hand when it was freed from the confines of his boxers.

Brad groaned loudly but Stella wasn't sure if it was related to her hand or the sight of Carly lying on his boss's desk with her legs splayed open, her pussy glistening with wetness, very ready for what was to come.

Stella turned with her back to Brad and stifled a whimper when she felt the back of her flowing skirt being pulled up, baring her bare ass to Brad. Carly gave her a flustered smile and Stella bent at the waist, taking a long, slow swipe up Carly's pussy, at the same time as Brad pressed the swollen tip of his cock against her own hole. Stella's hands went to Carly's hips as Brad's went to hers and the three of them moaned with pleasure as Brad pushed inside Stella and Stella started hungrily lapping at Carly's pussy.

Time was obviously of the essence and with that knowledge Brad fucked her hard and fast from the very first stroke, while Stella assaulted Carly's clit with her tongue, licking it in the fast side-to-side motion she knew was a sure way to make their girlfriend cum in record time.

Luckily they were the only ones in the building because the volume of Stella's moans, Carly's cries and Brad's groans was stuck on high, a dead giveaway of the pleasure being given and received in the modestly sized office.

Stella could feel her orgasm building, courtesy of Brad's hard thrusts and his cock repeatedly hitting her A-spot. Brad holding her hips tightly, the guttural groan he was making telling her he too was almost at his peak. Carly was bucking her hips against Stella's mouth and her nails were digging deeply into Stella's forearm, the tension in her hips and thighs an indicator she too was about to cum.

Carly tasted like bliss on her tongue and Brad's cock was hitting all the right spots. It was too much for Stella to handle any longer and when her orgasm was seconds from hitting Carly came with a loud scream. Her hips arched off the desk as Stella licked furiously at her clit. Before Carly came down Stella felt her own orgasm hit and gripped onto the desk so she wouldn't collapse. Brad came with a roar, pulling her roughly back against him as he gave one final thrust into her swollen, saturated pussy.

The cries, moans and groans were replaced by the sound of gasps for air as the trio tried to catch their breath and gain enough energy to move from their current position.

Stella felt Brad's cock slip from her pussy and whimpered quietly as she straightened up, the back of her skirt coming down and covering her ass. Carly sat up and got off the desk then took some tissues from the box beside the pen caddy and got rid of the evidence of her arousal from the top of the desk.

“Better get to my 1pm appointment,” Brad said in a business-like manner as he zipped up his pants.
“See you at home tonight,” Stella said kissing him on the cheek and rubbing off a smudge of lipstick with her thumb.
“Don't forget the dry cleaning,” Carly added after she had kissed him.
“Bye, you gorgeous women,” Brad said sweetly as they left the office.
“Bye, baby!” Stella and Carly called in unison as they walked hand-in-hand in the opposite direction as Brad.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Outlandishly gooooood sex scenes

Christian Grey is soooooooooooo last year and there is a new fictional man stealing the hearts of women everywhere.  His name is Jamie.  James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser to be precise.

For those of you not in the know he is the lead male character from Diana Gabaldon's 'Outlander' series of books and more recently, the Starz screen adaptation of the series. 

I give to you Jamie Fraser
My mum has been recommending the books to me for years but it just didn't sound like 'my type of thing' because there is an element of fantasy to it [fantasy, sci-fi... my brain just can't comprehend it].  As with the books she encouraged me regularly to watch the series so one night the wifey and I decided we would give it a go.  I don't know that either of us had great expectations for the show but I have learnt my mum is usually right [about everything...] so we settled on the couch to watch.

From episode one we were hooked.  Yes, the story was pretty great, but what really caught our eye was the deliciousness that is Jamie Fraser.  Yeap.  Intense, cheeky, sweet, funny, loveable, and just plain ol' HOT.

Going too much into just why Jamie is the all-around perfect man would probably give away too much about the story for those of you who haven't read the books or seen the series (if you haven't, GO WATCH IT NOW!), so because this is a blog with a strong sexual base, I thought I would discuss another reason we love Outlander.

The sex.

The sex is.  Wow.  Just wow.

I know I said I didn't want to spoil too much, so if you'd prefer not to read about the sex, then stop reading now.

You have been warned.

Had I been eating or drinking something during a particular part of episode six I likely would have choked on whatever was in my mouth at the time.  Jamie, hot, brooding, cheeky [and let's face it, utterly fuckable] tells Claire that he is a virgin.  I know!  Hold up.  WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY JAMES ALEXANDER MALCOLM MacKENZIE FRASER?!

Something about Jamie being a virgin made him even more appealing, I think it gave him an added sense of vulnerability.  There he was.  Sexy as hell and a virgin.  It did not compute!  I cannot think of any other show where such a strong male lead is a virgin, and let's face it - he owns it!  The naughty little smile when he tells Claire that one of them should know what they are doing, you can tell he wants to be taught, he wants to be shown, that he wants to be at the mercy of this one woman.

Who doesn't want someone to feel that way about them?

The virginity admission really set the scene for the sex that was to come in the next episode.  Yes dear readers, if you can't be assed watching Outlander just skip straight to episode 7 and enjoy the naughty delights within.

Normally on-screen sex is all ass moving up and down, the woman moaning and crying out from the second the man enters her, she grips at the sheets and within thirty seconds both of them are a spent heap of sweaty flesh with all of their good parts strategically hidden by sheets, limbs, vases of flowers, shadows, etc, etc, etc.

Not in Outlander!

The first time Claire and Jamie have sex is A W K W A R D.  First of all Jamie doesn't realise that a man and a woman can have sex face to face.  No, he thinks that humanoid sex is like four-legged animal sex and attempts to take her from behind.  Claire, ever the patient teacher she is leads him to the bed and pulls him down on top of her.

It is then that Jamie becomes a man.  For a brief period of time.  Yeap, unlike the usual on-screen sex
scene it is all over very quickly for James Alex.... Jamie, and also unlike the usual on-screen sex scenes Claire doesn't writhe around beneath him with a look of ecstasy permanently painted on her face and there is no grand operatic type orgasm.  Don't get me wrong, she was hardly writing her shopping list in her head, but rather than being over the top with orgasmness (yes, that is a word, or it is now), her response was REALISTIC.

Clearly it felt good and you could see she was enjoying it, BUT she also looked like a woman having sex with her new man for the first time... their parts fit well together, but it was more introduction sex than let's scream the house down sex.

[and yes, now I find myself imagining a penis and vagina introducing themselves to each other and making awkward small talk... 'nice weather we are having', 'a bit wet today'...]

Part of what any audience wants is to feel as if they have something in common with a character, that they can sympathise with a character, smile and nod as they remember themselves in a similar situation or feeling a similar way.  With the good-but-not-great first time sex I think this is accomplished. 

Throughout the whole seventh episode I felt almost giddy with nerves and anticipation, almost as if I was feeling everything Jamie and Claire were feeling!

As the episode progresses Jamie and Claire talk and get to know each other better, you can see them feeling more comfortable with each other and just know there is going to be a rather climactic climax to the episode.  And there was.  Oh yes, oh yes, OH YES.

The second time they have sex one gets the impression that James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is indeed a very fast learner.  They were standing before each other and my wife and I were both yelling at him to pick her up.  Pick her up he did! 

Her legs wrapped around his waist, he walked her to the bed, lay her down and they went on to have sex that was very arousing to watch.  Hips were bucking, faces were contorted in pleasure, her legs were pulled up toward her chest, her hands were gripping his ass [and what an ass!!!], his back, his shoulders.  A particularly fall-even-more-in-love-with-Jamie thing happened when Claire was crying out with pleasure and Jamie stopped to ask if he was hurting her.  HELL NO, GET BACK TO IT LAD!

Then Claire blew Jamie's mind (uhhhh literally) and gave him a blow job.  The camera stayed on Jamie's face and I have to say, that man is a sublime actor.  His facial expressions were so authentic I had to wonder for a minute if she really was having some fun down there.  Of course she wasn't, but wow, the look on his face when she had finished was complete and utter overwhelmed bliss and amazement.  Again it was impossible not to fall a little more in love with Mr Fraser. 

He then looked at Claire as if she was a goddess and he worshipped her.

Then he fell asleep.
One word for you: R E A L I S T I C!

In the following episode the two love birds fool around in the grass and partake in some sex al fresco
(briefly anyway.... I shan't give away spoilers about what happens after the sex).  Before they get down to it Jamie very casually exposes one of Claire's breasts and sucks on her nipple - a look of

relief crosses his face as he does so - you can just tell he has been wanting to do it since the last time he had a chance to be naked and naughty with her.  The sex that ensues is full of haste and hunger and need and slow, deep rocking of hips that caused me as a viewer to bite my thumb and whimper quietly.  It's okay, my wife was doing the same thing.

Then it finished.  The sex.  The season.  No more Outlander until April 4 2015.  No more new Jamie until April 4 2015.  No new Jamie & Claire sex until at least April 4 2015.

If you listen carefully you can hear women around the world sobbing, wondering how they are going to make it through the next six months.

Sexy Sunday Scribble

It has been awhile since I posted one of these... have a happy Sunday!

Sunday 12 October 2014

My Sexy Saturday - week 63

Welcome to week 63 of My Sexy Saturday, the blog hop that gives writers an opportunity to share 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a published or non-published work, based on a particular theme each week.

The theme for this week is 'Another Sexy Moment', and I have chosen seven sentences from a current untitled WIP.  The WIP centres around a couple (Hannah and Josh) who are reunited after a year apart.  They didn't part on good terms - the opposite really - but the flame between them is still burning extremely brightly, it seems.  This little excerpt is from early on in the story and happens when they are spending their first night together since reconnecting.



Hannah enjoyed the view as she watched him, his t-shirt fit him perfectly - nice and snug around his arms - his muscles rippling subtly as he moved his arm back and forward. She wanted to bite him. To drag her nails down the soft skin of his back, in stark contrast to the firm muscles beneath. Even after four years she was still in awe of the body she had gotten to know so well.

“I'll meet you in bed,” Hannah told him and left the bathroom, it was the only way she could stop herself from tearing his t-shirt off him - quickly followed by his pants - and impaling herself on his cock.

By the time Josh got to the bedroom she was naked and in bed, feeling extremely nervous at the prospect of spending a night with him after so many nights without him. She shouldn't feel nervous, she knew that, but it was something she couldn't help.