Sunday 13 July 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribble!

It's been a while!  This week I wrote a threesome scene, so it's no surprise my wife felt inspired...

Saturday 12 July 2014

Is it BDSM or is it abuse?

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My Sexy Saturday, week 50

Another Saturday has rolled around, meaning it is time for the next installation of My Sexy Saturday!  For those of you who aren't familiar with it, My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop which provides writers a chance to share 7 word, sentences or paragraphs, from a published work or a work in progress.  Each week is based on a different theme, and this week the theme is 'Make Sexy'.

For this week I have tried to focus on the fact that 'make sexy' doesn't necessarily mean the physical act of having sex.  Words and emotions can be sexy, they can make you feel sexy, they can make you feel like a prince/princess, they can make you feel safe and secure, they can make you feel like the two of you are the only people in the world...

My excerpt is from a WIP which follows two very different people - Eva and Ethan - as they fall in love, but also heal from past hurts.  Eva teaches Ethan he can stand on his own two feet, Ethan teaches Eva that she is more than worthy of the type of love that she has only ever read about in cheesy romance books.


“You, Eva-slash-Evangeline, are amazing... I knew it the moment I met you, but after hearing all of that I have to admit I am blown away. It takes a strong person to start over from scratch, and an even stronger person to not let the past determine who they become, in a negative way,” Ethan said, stroking her cheek and gazing deeply into her eyes.
“I did what I had to do, but thank you, it's nice to hear someone say something like that,” Eva replied.
“Well I mean every word of it,” Ethan promised.

Deciding it was time for the seriousness to be over, Eva leaned in and kissed Ethan again. The kiss was slow and deep, and while their lips moved together Eva let her hands roam Ethan's body, loving the feel of his muscles beneath her hands. Ethan's hands went on a little exploration of their own, and although neither of them touched any of each others so called 'hot zones', it was one of the most intimate, arousing kissing sessions of her life.

Thursday 10 July 2014

New series coming soon!

I am excited to share that I have a new series coming out soon, and as with the Georgia & Zoe series I am going to be self-publishing and making it free for download on Smashwords.

The series is going to be called 'With friends like these', and without giving a lot away, the first story in the series is a male/male/female threesome!  The leading lady is about to celebrate her birthday and in honour of this her boyfriend arranges a VERY special present for her... the threesome she has been fantasising about for years!

To tell you more about the story would be to give away a lot of the surprises, and that wouldn't be any fun!

I am aiming to have the story published to Smashwords by the end of this week, and will be sure to post up when it is ready for downloading and reading!

Sunday 6 July 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 49

Welcome back for another My Sexy Saturday!

If you aren't familiar with My Sexy Saturday, it is a blog hop which gives writers the chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from a published work, or a work in progress, based on a specific sexy theme each week.

The theme for week 49 is 'One Sexy Lady', and my 'sexy 7' are from a WIP which I have used a few times now for this blog hop.

The sexy lady in question is the beautiful Jenna.  Her and her partner, Lucas, experienced the loss of their baby girl 14 weeks into pregnancy, a couple of weeks after Jenna lost both of her parents in a tragic car accident (which her sister blamed her for).  As the story develops we get to see Jenna developing, becoming stronger, becoming happier, we get to see her healing, we get to see her overcoming what life has thrown at her, we get to see her relationship with Lucas go from strength to strength.

In my sexy 7 for this week, Jenna is pregnant again, her and Lucas have bought a house and are days away from getting married.  Life is wonderful, but as you can see in the following excerpt, being happy in her life has the potential to make Jenna miss her precious Sasha and her parents even more.


“I'm sorry darling, this must be such a bittersweet time for you,” Josephine said and Jenna nodded, her lip trembling.
“It's... it's so hard to... I just... my parents should be here...” Jenna sobbed.
“My mum wasn't around when I was pregnant, or when I got married, so I understand what it is you are going through,” Josephine reassured her. “And you are allowed to be upset about it,” she added, wrapping her arms tightly around her grandsons wife-to-be.
“I feel lucky to have you, to have India, even my sister now that we are talking, but... I just miss them Josie, I miss them so damn much,” Jenna cried, trying to compose herself, but failing.

For the next twenty minutes Jenna cried in  Josephine's arms and missed her parents more than she had missed them in a long time. She wished she could be sharing her baby moving with them, she wished they could be getting excited about her wedding with her, instead she was trying to ignore the fact it was almost five years since they had died.