Monday 31 March 2014

What's not to love about reunion sex?!

I realised today that it has been a long time since I posted an excerpt on my blog!  The last few samples of my writing I have posted, have been the 'Georgia & Zoe' stories, and while I love the series, I thought it was time I shared something a little different!  This excerpt is from a story I haven't really shared on here yet, so I will give you a little background...

Long story short
Leah and Jane (girlfriends) meet Asher at a party and an innocent night of threesome fun turns into so much more.  They quickly become best friends, and when Asher offers to act as sperm donor for the women, they agree.  Jane soon gets pregnant, and the friendship continues as usual...

... there is SO much more to this story, but where would the fun be in giving too much away too soon?

This specific excerpt focuses mainly on Asher and Jane, and the reunion sex they have when he gets back from being away for a month, visiting his parents.  Jane is around 12 weeks pregnant, and has moved from the 'so exhausted I can't move' phase, to the 'I am full of life and neeeeeeeeed sex, sex and more sex' phase...

If you want to download the (free) PDF file of this excerpt, you can do so by clicking this link:
Jane & Asher reunion sex

for your enjoyment xxx


Three days later, after almost four hours on a plane, Asher met Leah and Jane at the airport. It had been just under a month since he'd seen them last, and when he saw them waiting at the arrivals lounge he grinned to himself. He'd missed them more than he'd realised, and as they launched themselves into his arms, he decided they had missed him just as much! The girls spoke excitedly as they drove home, telling him about their month and about what they had done during their time off. Asher told them about his month at home and about the discussion he'd had with his parents. The girls were both surprised he had told his parents so soon, but neither seemed to mind. In fact, he thought that Jane seemed almost relieved to find out that his parents knew. When it came down to it, he was glad he'd told them because he hated to keep things from his family, especially from his parents.

Because Asher had left his car at Leah and Jane's, that was their first port of call after the airport. When he followed the girls inside, Jane took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom, while Leah got her robe from behind the bedroom door and, after winking at them, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

“My poor girlfriend is exhausted from all the sex I have been neeeeeeeeeding...” Jane explained.
“Oh that is no good!” Asher joked and winked at her.
“I know, especially since I'm rather in the mood for sex, right now,” Jane stated innocently. Asher walked up to her and lightly kissed her on the neck.
“Funny, because now you mention it, so am I,” Asher replied, just as innocently.
“We could help each other, you know,” Jane suggested, as she moved her hands up the inside of Asher's t-shirt.
“That's a very good idea,” Asher commented as he pulled Jane's top up and off, then dropped it on the floor at their feet.

After Jane's top came off the rest of their clothes followed suit quickly, and as they stood together, naked and kissing, Asher realised how badly he had missed the sex. Putting his hands on the backs of Jane's thighs, Asher lifted her up and walked toward the bed, then lying her down carefully, climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. For a few minutes they only kissed, working each other into a state of horniness that eventually led to the need for their bodies to become connected in the most intimate of ways.

Asher let out a shuddery groan as he slid inside Jane, amazed by how wet she was and stunned by how good it felt to be back inside her after a month of their only contact being via the phone. Before he was inside her Asher had decided that it was going to be a slow experience, that the sex was going to be very lengthy – BUT – feeling her pussy around his cock, all of that flew out the window. There was no way the sex could be anything but hard and fast. Jane wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside; Asher kissed her hungrily, and smirked against her mouth as she let out a loud moan of delight. How he had missed those sexy little noises of hers!

Asher started to move against Jane, spurred on by all the pent up need that he felt. There was a month's worth of sexual tension built up inside him, and it needed a release, immediately. Jane moved her hips in time with his, her thighs so tight around his waist that her ass was off the bed, meaning Asher could hit deeper and harder. He found himself groaning as Jane's pussy started to clench around his cock, and when he put his hands under Jane's shoulders, he was able to hit harder still – the cries coming from Jane suggesting it was just what she needed – his own groans signalling to her that it was what he needed too.

Jane cried out loudly as he started to move harder against her, and he was sure that from the bathroom he could hear the faint sounds of Leah moaning as well. Jane raised an eyebrow at him, telling him she had heard Leah's moans too. Jane's pussy started to squeeze his cock tighter and Asher forgot all about Leah's distant moans as he concentrated on the feeling of Jane's pussy around his cock. If it was possible, she was even wetter than usual, and Asher realised it was probably a pleasant side effect of pregnancy. If she was hornier than normal, it made sense for her to also be wetter than normal. When Jane moaned the word 'harder' Asher put his sole focus on pounding into Jane as hard as he could and was quickly rewarded by louder cries, and tighter contractions of her pussy around him.

As Jane's cries grew louder and more high pitched, Asher started to move as hard as he possibly could. He could feel the pressure building inside his cock and could also feel the pressure building inside Jane. She was extremely swollen and wet and it felt simply amazing. The faster Asher moved against her, the more friction that caused against his cock, and the increase in friction caused more pressure to build deep inside him. When Jane began making her telltale screamy squeals, Asher started to pound harder and harder against her, until – with a loud scream – she came, her nails digging into his shoulders, legs tight around waist, her entire body going stiff. Asher slammed into her another three times and then his own orgasm hit, and he let out a loud groan as he felt his release finally happen. He pushed into her one final time and then collapsed on top of her.

Eventually Asher rolled off Jane, but neither of them could form words, neither of them could even smile or laugh. All they could muster were the deep, loud, exhausted gasps of two people who had just experienced monstrous orgasms. Which they had. Leah came into the room while they were still lying in their useless post-orgasmic state, and taking her robe off, climbed onto the bed on the other side of him. She pulled the blankets up over them and for the next hour they all slept. Upon waking Leah decided that she was still too tired from sex, so went out to the lounge to watch DVDs and left Jane and Asher to get better reacquainted. For for the rest of the day he and Jane made up for lost time – with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm – after orgasm.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Introducing 'Georgia: Taken'

The 'Georgia & Zoes' series seems to have taken on a life of its own!  Originally 'Georgia: Restrained' was going to be a one off, a little bit of a test to see whether or not a story of mine would get ONE view, maybe even ten... possssibly twenty.  Over 1500 downloads later, I am starting to believe that MAYBE I do have at least a little talent when it comes to writing... and it is probably that belief that has motivated me to add to the 'Georgia & Zoe' series.

I published the latest book in the series this week, it is called 'Georgia: Taken', and takes place the day after 'Zoe: Bared'.  I am going to post the story here, so won't give away too much, but this story is the one in which Georgia and Zoe officially become 'Georgia & Zoe', and the two women become more familiar with one another.

And of course, there is a lot of sex had.
It's erotica.  It is a necessity!

If you want to download the story, you can do so here 'Georgia: Taken'.  The story (as with the others) is free.

For those of you more interested in reading it RIGHT NOW, then this is for you!



Zoe was still grinning when she opened the door to her house and let herself in. To say she was on cloud nine was a major understatement – her night with Georgia had been amazing – unexpected, but amazing. Neither women wanted to get out of bed that morning, but Georgia had a class she needed to get to and Zoe needed to get on to her piece while the memory of the night was still fresh in her head. Not that it would ever fade, she had a feeling.

After making herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen, Zoe carried that and her bags of gear up to her studio, ready to settle in for a morning of work, work and more work. She connected her camera and video recorder up to her computer and waited while the images and videos loaded onto her it. Zoe was a little impatient for the copying to finish and tried to pretend it was to do with wanting to get started on her piece, rather than wanting to watch the video and look at the images of Georgia masturbating.

It wasn't possible though as the thought alone was causing her pussy to tingle in anticipation and it occurred to her that she may have difficulty concentrating enough to do any art work. The creative part of her brain seemed to have been taken over by the sexual part, more specifically the part of her brain that couldn't stop giving her images of her very first time being with a woman.

It wasn't just the act of sex either as she was being bombarded with memories of how good Georgia smelled, of the way Georgia had smiled at her after she had given Zoe her first girl-induced orgasm. Zoe couldn't stop thinking about the sound of Georgia's voice, or her naughty little grin and she smiled as she thought about how tousled and sexy Georgia's hair had been when they had finally got out of bed that morning.

Finally the video and images were copied onto the computer. Zoe took a deep, cleansing breath then made a conscious choice to use that creative part of her brain, which had so far that day been elusive. The first photo of Georgia was of her lying on the bed smiling nervously and Zoe smiled as she remembered the moment. Flicking through the photos one-by-one, Zoe realised that she was in trouble. As the photos progressed – and Georgia was pictured getting more and more carried away by masturbating – Zoe's arousal level grew, and grew, and grew. What had been a tingle in her pussy quickly turned into an intense throb, the wetness between her legs seemed to increase ten times with each photo she viewed.

As she got closer to the last of the photos she had taken, Zoe knew she had done a very stupid thing. Not only were the photos making her horny to look at, but they were also causing her to remember the night she and Georgia had shared. Her pussy was wet, it was swollen and she NEEDED to be touched. She needed to feel Georgia's gentle touch, she needed to feel Georgia's tongue against her own, she needed to feel Georgia's fingers digging into her hips, she needed to feel Georgia's tongue ravenously lapping up and down her cunt, she needed to feel Georgia's lips around her nipple and to feel the heat of her mouth as she suckled on her nipple. She needed Georgia. She needed her BADLY.

Zoe went back through the photos and when she got to the first of the photos of Georgia with a finger inside her pussy she whimpered loudly and her body shook. She was taken back to 3am that morning, when Georgia had gotten up to use the bathroom. When Georgia had returned to bed Zoe had cuddled up to her but rather than going to sleep, had found herself waking up more, realising there was something she badly needed to do.

Zoe had put a hand between Georgia's thighs and moved Georgia's leg over her hip, then quickly made her intentions clear, sliding her hand down Georgia's side and then inward until her fingers had come in contact with Georgia's pussy. Zoe had been stunned when she had felt just how wet Georgia's pussy was, and as she had slowly pressed two fingers inside her, she had been unsure whether she or Georgia moaned the loudest.

Zoe had, of course, masturbated before. She was very familiar with her own vagina, but having her fingers inside another woman had been something new for her. As she had moved her fingers slowly in and out of Georgia's wetness, Zoe had concentrated on the way Georgia felt around her fingers, loving the way Georgia's pussy gave a tight squeeze every time her fingers rubbed over a particular spot. It was strange, feeling female arousal from the other side of it... she knew how she felt when she was being fingered, but it was a strange and wonderful feeling to feel another woman clenching and squeezing around her fingers.

A few minutes into it, Georgia had rolled onto her back and spread her legs widely. Zoe had taken it as an invitation to use more fingers on her and groaned when she had easily managed to push four fingers inside Georgia. Zoe had enjoyed moving her fingers at different speeds and changing the angle of her hand, quickly learning the type of movement and force that Georgia enjoyed, which, as it turned out, was hard and very fast! Zoe couldn't believe it when Georgia had started to cry out loudly and as Zoe noticed Georgia's pussy getting tighter and tighter, she had come to the realisation that Georgia was getting extremely close to cumming. She hadn't expected to make Georgia cum, all she had really wanted was to feel what it was like to have her fingers coated in the juices of another woman. But, as she pounded Georgia with her fingers, she had known there was no way she could have only done it for a couple of minutes... it was much too enjoyable, and feeling Georgia respond to what she was doing, it was indescribable.

When Zoe drifted out of her little daze she realised she was rubbing her nipple through her t-shirt. She couldn't stop herself, it felt so good and gave her a little relief from the intense throbbing deep inside her pussy. Needing more, Zoe undid her bra and slipped it off underneath her t-shirt, then threw it on the floor. Immediately she moved her hands back to her nipples and began to rub them through the cotton of her t-shirt... the friction only added to the stimulation, and soon rubbing them wasn't enough. Zoe began to pluck her nipples with her fingertips, squeezing them tighter the more she did it. In her mind it was Georgia playing with her nipples, in her mind her and Georgia were naked in bed, with all the time in the world to explore each other's body.

Usually Zoe was a silent masturbator, but imagining it was Georgia touching her caused Zoe to whimper quietly as she squeezed her nipples. Her legs began to spread of their own accord and Zoe actually moaned as she slid one hand inside the band of her pants, and then slipped her fingers inside the band of her panties. Cupping her mound with her hand, Zoe slowly ran a finger up and down her slit, sighing with pleasure as she felt the silky wetness coating her finger. Something about touching her pussy made Zoe squeeze her nipple even harder, and as she did this her hips tilted forward, as if trying to coax her finger into her pussy.

Zoe began to shake as she sunk two fingers into her aching pussy, then moaned loudly as she started to move her fingers back and forward, while caressing her clitoris with her thumb. It felt good having her fingers in her pussy, but because of her pants she felt restricted and couldn't quite find the angle to make things feel as good as she knew they could. Taking her hand from her pussy, and out of her pants, Zoe got off her chair and got rid of her pants. For a moment she considered going downstairs to get her vibrator from her bedroom, but she was so horny and aroused and in need of an orgasm that she didn't want to wait.

Sitting back on her chair, Zoe put her hands on her desk, then spread her legs to the side and tilted her hips back, which meant her pussy was pressed against the seat of the chair. It was an old trick of hers, and as she began to move her hips in a circular motion, the firmness of the seat of the chair combined with the pressure of her body weight to cause a lot of much needed friction. There was friction against her clit, but also friction against her labia, and she let out whimpery moans whenever she felt her wet, swollen lips gliding against each other. In essence she was riding her chair, and anyone who saw her would probably think she was crazy, but after she had accidently found the position one day while watching porn on her computer, it had become one of her regular ways to masturbate.

When she needed more, Zoe began to move her hips harder, and rather than using a circular motion she began to move her hips back and forward. She could feel her pussy tightening and clutched onto her desk tighter so she would be able to grind herself harder to orgasm. She groaned loudly – and not with pleasure – when she heard the loud musical tone of her doorbell. It was NOT the time for religious folk to try and open a dialogue about religion, it was not the time for someone to try and sell her a newspaper subscription, it was not the time for anything, except having a much needed orgasm! Zoe kept moving against her chair, knowing whoever was at the door would disappear if she didn't answer.

The doorbell rang again and she ignored it, but found her concentration starting to drift. 'FUCK OFF!' she wanted to scream out, instead she tried to focus her attention on the throb of her pussy and the swell of her clit. After half a minute she started to get back into it and began to moan a little louder than she had been, her pussy felt extremely wet and she knew that her orgasm was going to be powerful... and hopefully enough to allow her to actually do some artwork. But the doorbell rang again and Zoe let out a frustrated, almost angry groan as she got up off her chair, and then picked up one of her 'art' skirts from the drawers in the room and put it on. The skirt was covered in paint, but she couldn't be bothered putting her pants back on, so it would have to do.

Zoe ran down the stairs on admittedly wobbly legs and then opened the door just as the doorbell rang again.

“What the hell do you w...” Zoe stopped mid-sentence when she realised who it was that was ringing the doorbell.

“I... I couldn't concentrate... I left my class... I looked you up online.. and um, here I am... creeping you out by showing up unannounced on your doorstep, you can tell me to g...” Georgia's nervous ramble was cut off by Zoe's lips, and quickly her tongue, as they stood on the doorstep kissing.

“Need you... badly...” Zoe declared breathlessly as she put her hands on Georgia's hips and pulled her over the threshold, closing the door loudly once they were inside.

Georgia's breath audibly hitched as Zoe pinned her up against the door, and again the two women kissed. Zoe couldn't keep her hands still, taking great pleasure in roaming Georgia's body as the kiss deepened. She brushed her fingertips against Georgia's cheeks, and grazed them down her neck, she ran her hands along Georgia's shoulders and down her arms, then up her sides, running her fingers up the sides of Georgia's boobs, and then back down again, her hands eventually resting on Georgia's hips. The kiss was full of hunger, hunger that caused Zoe to dig her fingers into Georgia's hips.

Zoe let out a strangled groan as she felt Georgia press her hips forward, and when Zoe returned the favour, it was Georgia who let out a moan of pleasure, of need. More. Zoe needed more. Breaking off the kiss, Zoe began to kiss down down Georgia's throat, nipping gently as she reached the hollow of her throat. Downward, the kissing continued, over the soft skin of her chest, Zoe's lips moving ever closer to the swell of Georgia's breasts, breasts she NEEDED to see, to touch, to play with. Silently promising to buy her a new one, Zoe tore apart Georgia's shirt, buttons could be heard landing on the floor but it was merely background noise as Zoe greedily sucked on the first of Georgia's nipples, through the cup of her bra.

Switching to the other nipple, Zoe sucked on it just as hungrily, and was very aware of Georgia moaning in desperation. Zoe smirked briefly as Georgia pulled the other cup of her bra down, and taking it as an invitation, Zoe moved back to that nipple and this time took it in her mouth, sucking lustily on it. Zoe could feel her pussy clenching tightly, and could feel the top of her thighs were wet with her arousal, but it was no surprise. She had never been more turned on, not even the night beforehand, watching Georgia masturbate. When Zoe switched nipples again, she sucked the nipple deep into her mouth and could hear Georgia whimpering in a manner that suggested she was very flustered. As Zoe dropped to her knees she licked her lips and could feel her mouth watering in anticipation of what would be her very first taste of Georgia.

Zoe made very quick work of Georgia's wrap-around skirt, and as it fell to the floor beside them, it was Zoe who whimpered loudly, at the revelation that Georgia wasn't wearing any panties. Zoe's need to taste Georgia on her tongue was far too great and she wasted no time at all in hooking Georgia's leg over her shoulder. As she shuffled closer to Georgia's awaiting pussy, she was met by a deliciously heady scent and could not control herself, pressing her face between Georgia's legs and trailing her tongue from Georgia's hole to her clit. Zoe moaned loudly against Georgia's pussy and then started to lick again.

It surprised her how naturally it came to her and as she repeatedly licked up and down Georgia's wet slit, all Zoe could think was that she wanted to do it again, and again, and again. After she had made the first few passes of Georgia's pussy with her tongue, Zoe began to experiment with Georgia's clit. She started out licking it slowly, and very lightly, and loved the almost purr sound that Georgia made. As she used more pressure with her tongue, Georgia's purr-like sound became more of a moan and Zoe knew she was on the right track. When she began to move her tongue faster Georgia's moans instantly became louder and more of the high-pitched variety... and when Zoe moved her tongue even faster and Georgia clamped onto her hair Zoe knew she had found what worked for Georgia!

Zoe moved her hands and put them on Georgia's ass, pulling her hips forward so she could apply even more pressure to Georgia's clit. Georgia's moans became even louder and as she started to gasp for breath, Zoe could sense Georgia's climax was approaching. Georgia gripped tightly onto Zoe's hair and something about that gesture caused Zoe to groan loudly against Georgia's pussy, and she could feel the wetness starting to trickle down her thighs. Zoe had never ever been so aroused or so wet, but in that moment she didn't care at all about her own sexual gratification, all she wanted was to give Georgia the orgasm of her life!

Georgia began to pant loudly and as she uttered 'oh god, oh god, oh god', Zoe focused all her attention on Georgia's clit, moving her tongue as fast as she possibly could, while maintaining the same level of pressure. Zoe knew Georgia was seconds away when she began gasping for breath and tightened her grip on Zoe's hair. The tension in Georgia's thighs was increasing, and as her cries became more high pitched, Zoe could tell she was right on the cusp.

Wanting to push her right over the edge Zoe pulled Georgia's hips more firmly against her face and was rewarded seconds later when Georgia let out a loud scream and her orgasm hit. Georgia's hips were bucking against her face and Zoe could taste the increased wetness which was a result of the orgasm. Zoe decreased the pressure she was applying to Georgia's clit and by the time her orgasm was over Zoe's tongue was barely in contact with Georgia's pussy. As Georgia released her grip on Zoe's hair, Zoe could tell Georgia's legs started to give way, so she moved Georgia's leg from over her shoulder and carefully supported her lover as she collapsed down to the floor and into Zoe's arms.

Georgia struggled to catch her breath, but had enough energy to smile up at Zoe. Zoe was again struck by Georgia's beauty and felt confused as to why such a beautiful woman would be in any way interested in such a plain looking woman as her.

“I was hoping for a positive response when you opened the door and saw it was me, but I didn't expect that,” Georgia said a couple of minutes later with a broad smile on her face, as she sat up and looked Zoe in the eye.

“I was so overcome by... something... I needed you so badly, and, well, there you were,” Zoe said, returning Georgia's smile.

“I got to my class and you were the only thing on my mind, Zoe. I needed to see you again,” Georgia told her. “Last night was amazing and I hated having to leave so early this morning, before we'd had a chance to talk, before I had even had a chance to make you breakfast,” she added.

“I hate that I'm the reason you're missing a class right now,” Zoe said and Georgia took her hand.

“I was worried that you'd be upset with me,” Georgia confessed. “I kept wondering if you thought I had made up the story of having a class so that I would have an excuse to leave,” she admitted.

“That thought didn't cross my mind,” Zoe reassured her and then stood up and helped Georgia to her feet. “Come on. Let's go to my bedroom so we can talk somewhere a little more comfortable,” she offered and Georgia nodded her agreement.

“I like that you suggested we go to bed to talk and not go to bed so we can have sex,” Georgia commented and then giggled nervously, “Not that I would have been insulted if you had suggested we go to bed for the sole purpose of having sex.”

Zoe led Georgia through the kitchen and down the hallway to her bedroom, and as Georgia undressed her, she was reminded of when Georgia had done the same thing the night before. Zoe helped Georgia out of her remaining items of clothing and as they got in bed together, Zoe smiled at Georgia and brushed a stray hair from her face.

“I hope you're not missing anything important in your class,” Zoe said and Georgia shook her head, no.

“I know it sounds corny, but... this... this is important... us being here, together,” Georgia said, a bright red blush coming to her cheeks. Zoe was taken aback by Georgia's comment, but at the same time it filled her with an amazing sense of hope.

“It's not corny, and for the record, I... I am glad that you are here, that we are here,” Zoe replied, surprised by the direction their conversation was taking and curious to see where it would go.

“Can I be honest with you?” Georgia asked, giving her a shy, vulnerable look. Zoe put her hand on top of Georgia's hand and lightly stroked the top of it.

“Of course you can,” Zoe answered softly.

“I tried not to feel this way, but... Zoe, last night... for me it was... well, it was more than just sex. I woke up this morning and felt so happy you were there, and I felt so, I don't know... safe, or something, having you right there,” Georgia confessed very quietly. A lump rose in Zoe's throat, and she inhaled deeply to compose herself before responding.

“I like hearing you say that, because... it was more than sex for me as well, the moment I saw you I felt something for you, something I still can't explain... I know it is very forward of me, I know it is very early, but... Georgia, I know that I want to see you again, I know that I want to get to know you better, and I know that I... I want you to be... mine...” Zoe said, knowing she owed it to Georgia to be as honest as she had moments before.

“I want you as well,” Georgia said, giggling nervously.

“I don't know how the hell to go about this, I don't know how the hell to be in a relationship with a woman, but... I want to learn, with you,” Zoe said, smiling wistfully at Georgia.

It felt as if they moved into each others arms in slow motion, and as they began to kiss, Zoe had a sense of everything being right in the world. It was a feeling she had waited her whole life to have, but it seemed that with Georgia, she finally had it. A relationship with a woman was unchartered territory for both of them, but at the same time, the idea of a relationship with Georgia felt natural to her.

“I hope I didn't disrupt you from anything important with my insistent doorbell ringing!” Georgia joked when they parted for air. Zoe giggled and bit her lip.

“Um, actually, I was looking at the photos of you from last night, and was kind of, um... touching... myself,” Zoe admitted and Georgia burst out laughing.

“I love the irony of that!” Georgia announced and Zoe laughed.

“I was an idiot to think I could look at photos of you like that and not get turned on,” Zoe commented.

“So I interrupted you before you had a chance to get off?” Georgia asked and Zoe shrugged.

“It was very worth it to be able to taste you,” Zoe responded and winked at her.

“I am glad you feel that way,” Georgia whispered as she leaned forward and kissed her again, her tongue trailing along Zoe's top lip.

Georgia kissed slowly along Zoe's jaw and as she nibbled on her earlobe, Zoe couldn't stop the little sigh of pleasure that escaped from her lips. Georgia moved on from her earlobe and kissed her way down Zoe's neck, eliciting a moan from Zoe as she teased the crook of her neck with the tip of her tongue. Zoe felt a renewed ache in her pussy, which only intensified as Georgia began kissing her again, peppering kisses down her chest until her lips came into contact with one of Zoe's nipples.

Zoe groaned as Georgia started to suck on her nipple and groaned even louder when Georgia started to play with the other nipple with her fingers. With each squeeze of the nipple, Zoe could feel her pussy clenching tighter and tighter and when Georgia began to flick the nipple in her mouth with her tongue she found herself unable to keep her legs closed any longer. As Zoe opened her legs to Georgia, she began to whimper and writhe around on the bed. Georgia was avoiding her pussy completely and Zoe NEEDED to be touched. Georgia looked up at her and Zoe could see a wicked glint in her eye that told her Georgia planned to tease her a while longer.

For some reason when Georgia sucked harder on the nipple while maintaining eye contact, the sensations felt even more intense and Zoe groaned loudly, her pussy aching to be touched. Zoe grasped onto Georgia's hand and attempted to pull it down toward her sopping wet pussy, but Georgia resisted. For another two minutes Georgia sucked on her nipple and just as Zoe was preparing to beg for more, she felt Georgia's hand leave her nipple and and it was only when Zoe felt her hand brush against her pubes that she realised she had been holding her breath in anticipation.

Inhaling deeply, Zoe bit her lip as she felt Georgia's fingers creeping closer and closer to their target. As she felt the slightest brush of fingertip against wet flesh, Zoe cried out, and when she finally felt the pad of Georgia's finger gliding through her juices she groaned in a mixture of pleasure and relief. Georgia pushed two fingers inside Zoe's cunt, and as she started to pump them in and out, Zoe felt relieved that the teasing wasn't going to continue. Georgia had obviously read her well and could tell that what she needed wasn't to be slowly brought to orgasm, but to reach her climax in a hard and fast fashion. It had been a long time coming, after all!

Georgia continued sucking Zoe's nipple while she pounded her with her fingers. The combination of nipple stimulation and the friction caused by Georgia's fingers left Zoe writhing around on the bed, bucking her hips and crying out for more. Georgia kept her fingers steady and Zoe gave herself over to the sensations coursing through her body. For once she didn't try to fight the orgasm which was speedily building deep inside her and when she began shrieking she knew she was being louder than she had ever been. It wasn't something she could help though, what Georgia was doing to her nipple and pussy felt spectacular. Whatever the spot was that Georgia was striking inside her pussy, it was causing such an intense level of pleasure that she began to tremble as her orgasm approached.

When her orgasm hit Zoe screamed loud and long, her pussy clamping around Georgia's fingers so tightly that when she came down from her orgasm, the muscles of her pussy hurt. Zoe somehow made her way into Georgia's arms and as she rested her head on Georgia's shoulder, she found herself struggling to catch her breath. Zoe had never cum so hard before and especially not after being fingered! She had always enjoyed the feeling of fingers in her pussy but tended to rely on oral or cock for her actual orgasm... with Georgia though, there had been no doubt in her mind she would cum with fingers buried deep inside her!

“That was um, easier, than I imagined it would be,” Georgia whispered to her and Zoe giggled quietly as she moved back slightly so they could look at each other.

“I have never cum quite so hard in my life,” Zoe told her and then squeezed her eyes shut as her pussy clenched tightly at the memory of what Georgia had just done to her.

“Seeing you cumming like that, and hearing it, I... well, it got me horny all over again,” Georgia admitted, looking embarrassed. Zoe laughed.

“I have a feeling that it would be very easy for two women to spend a day in bed together, having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm,” Zoe commented as she innocently brushed the back of her hand against one of Georgia's nipples.

“I think it is highly possible,” Georgia agreed, swallowing loudly as Zoe massaged one of her nipples with the pad of her thumb.

“I would say it is more than just 'highly possible',” Zoe casually replied.

“Mmm hmmm,” was all Georgia could manage in response when Zoe started to rub her thumb back and forward over Georgia's increasingly hard nipple, before letting out a husky moan as Zoe started to roll the nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Georgia and Zoe then spent the rest of the day and well into the night, proving that Zoe's theory was very true. Zoe lost count of how many orgasms were had, but had a feeling her neighbour could probably tell them...

Sunday 23 March 2014

Sexy Sunday Scribble

This is what happens when my wife has a pen & the back of an envelope...

three is most certainly NOT a crowd in this Sexy Sunday Scribble!

My Sexy Saturday, week 41

Welcome to week 41 of  the 'My Sexy Saturday' blog hop!  For those of you who don't know what 'My Sexy Saturday' is, it is a chance for writers to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of a published work, or a work in progress, based on a different sexy theme each week.

This week the theme is 'My Sexy Rebellion', and my excerpt revolves around India, 'rebelling' by standing up for herself against her family.


James hadn't expected Holly to cry when he said he wasn't going to be staying there that night, but he promised to come back with a special treat for her and that seemed to stop the tears. The trip to the city seemed to take longer than usual but in reality it hadn't been... he just badly needed to be with India and that seemed to make the time drag. As he drove down the now familiar street that India's house was on, he realised that he had no idea what he was going to say to her family, he also had no idea what type of reception he could expect. When he parked outside India's house he took a few deep breaths before getting out of his car and walking up the front path. Stopping when he got to the front door, he took another few breaths and then knocked. India opened the door almost immediately and when she saw him she threw herself into his arms.

“I'm so glad you're here,” India said and he quickly realised she was crying.
“I couldn't not come,” James told her and held her tightly while she cried, her tears making one patch of the shoulder of his shirt damp.
“I can't be here,” India whispered and looked at him miserably.
“You want to go to my house for the night?” James asked and India nodded then shook her head.
“Yes... tonight... but... is it still okay if I spend Christmas with you?” India whispered and James nodded.
“Of course it is... Lily told me before I left that if you wanted to come back with me that's fine,” James reassured her.
“I think I'm being unreasonable and maybe a little selfish, but I cannot handle spending Christmas watching THAT woman being all affectionate with my dad... and my sister is already bitching at me about the state of my house, the state of my diet, and the state of my life in general,” India whispered, and he could tell how emotionally drained she was.
“You want me to come in when you tell them, or shall I stay out here?” James asked.
“Come with me... please...” India begged and he nodded.
“Let;s do it... then you can pack and we can escape to my house,” James suggested and India nodded in agreement, before leading him inside. James felt uncomfortable when they went into the lounge and everyone stared at him. He squeezed India's hand and smiled encouraginginly at her.

“Um you guys, change of plans. I am not going to be spending Christmas here. I am not comfortable having the woman who is trying to take mum's place spending what used to be such a special time of the year with us,” India started, before turning to her sister. “Crystal, I feel like I'm constantly being judged when you are here and I know now that I don't have to put up with it, especially not in my own house. I know that my life is different from yours but I am happy and I happen to love my life... I will not have you telling me my house is a mess and that I'm fat and unhealthy. I may be all of those things compared to you, but really I'm a normal person,” she said, her voice shaking. India turned to her dad and continued, “Dad, I love you but I don't want to spend time with you with Clare around, it was just rude of you to bring her for Christmas and I guess it's my fault for not saying no when I really wanted to, but that's not the point,” she said emotionally. “I am sorry you've all come all this way to spend Christmas here but it's not going to happen. Clare's parents are here and I know we were all invited to their house so you might as well go there. I am sorry, I know you will all hate me for this, but I need to put myself first for once. I am going with James and don't plan on coming back for a few days. Maybe we can try again next year,” India finished, sounding more confident than she probably felt.
“What the hell, India?” Crystal exclaimed, and India shook her head.
“No, I'm not explaining myself. I am going to pack my bag then I am going with James. You guys can stay here tonight, but I won't be here,” India said calmly.
“You're not even going to introduce us to the man who has ruined our family Christmas?” her Dad asked and India laughed in a way that James could only describe as evil.
“That would be you dad, that would be you,” India retorted. “Everyone, James... James, everyone,” she muttered, getting the official introductions out of the way. India's sister stood up.
“We don't have to put up with this... I hope your Christmas is shitty and your life is the same... Come on Jake, we'll go and check into a hotel,” Crystal said and her husband stood up then followed her down the hall toward the bedroom they were obviously sleeping in.

India led James down to her bedroom and then collapsed on the bed and started crying. James held her and stroked her back while she cried all the tears that needed to be released, afterward she looked up at him and smiled sadly.

“I can't believe I basically just told my family to fuck off,” India sighed.
“I think you did what you needed to do... and you were right when you said you need to put yourself first... you DO, and you just did. I know it won't mean a lot, but I'm proud of you,” James told her soothingly.
“I don't know if it's a bad or a good thing that I don't feel guilty about it,” India commented and James kissed her on the forehead.
“I think that is all the proof you need that you did the right thing,” James suggested and India nodded.
“Perhaps,” she replied and cuddled up to him.
“Come on... let's get your stuff packed and we can go back to my house or straight out to the beach, whichever you prefer,” James said and India smiled at him.
“Do you think your family will mind if we head back there tonight?” India asked. “I just want to get away from here... my house, this city,” she added.
“I will text Lily and let her know incase they are planning on some pre-Christmas public living space sex,” James joked, knowing that in her 'condition' there was going to be no way Lily was going to be doing THAT, but still they weren't expecting him back so it was the polite thing to do.

While India packed her bag James texted Lily saying 'More drama going on than I realised, is it okay with you if me AND India come back tonight?' and Lily replied a few minutes later saying 'That is fine, is she staying for Christmas?'. James replied, 'Yea for Christmas if that is okay' and when Lily replied a couple of minutes later saying 'Yay, I can't wait to meet the woman who has made you so happy!' he showed India the text and she smiled at him.

“Your family has already been nicer to me than mine this Christmas,” India mused and James smiled at her.
“My family hasn't had their lives turned on their heads this year though,” James reminded her and India sighed.
“I guess so...” India agreed and when they heard the front door slamming she sighed again. “I presume that's my family clearing out,” she commented and James took her in his arms and held her.
“We can deal with your family later, but how about for now we try and concentrate on having a good Christmas and a nice week away together,” James suggested.
“That sounds perfect,” India replied and reached up on her tip toes so she could kiss him.

Thursday 20 March 2014

T for Tattoo... T for Thursday... T for... TATTOO THURSDAY!

Today has been shitty, putting it nicely.  A lot better than it potentially could have been, but all the same it has been one of those days that I don't wish to repeat... and I am looking VERY forward to going to bed tonight, and officially being done with this specific day.

Not sure why, but when I am in a funk like this, I enjoy looking at photos of tattoos.  I can't explain why it is, but it's something I have done for years now.  Way back in the day I guess it was some sort of moody teenage 'looking for the meaning of life' type of thing, but I think that now I do it because I find beauty in tattoos, and they change my train of thought.

So today, in my funk, I went on a little search... and seeing as my last post containing photos was such a hit, I thought I'd share a couple of the photos I found today.

Enjoy xxx

REAL women, tattoos & black lingerie... it's like the trifecta of perfection!

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Not a huge fan of porn (vids), but...

I am not a huge fan of porn... I think for me it is partly to do with my short attention span, and also the type of sex that traditional porn tends to portray.  Don't get me wrong, I have my favourite videos, but they are few and far between.  ANNNNND with four kids in the house, watching porn just seems far too risky.

"Nan!  Last night I got up to go to the toilet and mum was watching a lady licking another lady's vagina, on the computer!".  I can hear it now!

I do, however, find myself getting very very distracted by images online.  Some, would most certainly fall under the category of 'pornographic', while others are more 'intimate' in nature... not quite explicit enough to be called porn, but probably not the type of photographs you'd want to share with your parents, your neighbour, your friendly local shopkeeper... you get the gist.

I enjoy looking at photos of men and women having sex, or being intimate... but what I REALLY like, and what REALLY makes me want to drag my wife into our bedroom and have my very wicked way with her, are photos of women together.  Women cuddling, women kissing, women touching each other, sucking each others nipples, fingering each other, biting, spanking, using toys, masturbating...

My own preference though, is for more realistic images.  I don't like (as much) images which are very posed, and look as if they are just screen shots direct from a porn video.  I prefer images of women who aren't a size 2, who aren't made up to look skanky as hell... women who look like they are really enjoying themselves, and who aren't just acting...

And boobs!!!  I like boobs!!!  Big boobs!!!  Perhaps this is because I am big breasted?  I like seeing women with boobs that jiggle and wobble and can be held onto... boobs that can be gripped, boobs that are a handful...

Oral sex is another thing I love seeing images of... but I like it to look real... not like the women are both in a certain position because it looks good on the camera... I want to see a woman with her face buried between the other womans legs, when the actual tongue and vagina can be seen, I don't want to see the very tip of the tongue 'stabbing' at the clit (we all know that is just uncomfortable)... I want to see the flat of the tongue between the lips, I want to see the tongue probing at the entrance to the vagina....... I want to see oral that depicts oral the way *I* know (and looooooove) it, both as a giver and a receiver.

I know that everyone has a different idea of what makes a porny/sexual/explicit/intimate image 'hot', but these are the type of images that *I* am personally talking about... and which kill me each time I look at them...

this is a personal favourite of mine...

this isn't exactly explicit, but I love the promise of what is to come...

Monday 17 March 2014

I can't think of a better way to start a Monday...

After spending two hours wasting time (and getting very turned on...) trawling Tumblr for images of sex (purely for inspriational purposes...), I decided I should just create my own Tumblr.

So that is what I did. you can check it out here!

After another couple of hours trawling Tumblr yesterday, I decided that I should be nice and share some of my favourite images and gifs, right here on my blog.

And that is why I am here today, to share with you the first of my Tumblr faves... as you can tell by the title of the link, which will take you to the gif, it is probably not advisable to open it at work, or in front of children.

Depending on how exhausted and not in the mood for sex you are, probably not a good idea to open it around your other half either...

I now give you... Sweet girly oral sex

Enjoy xxx

Sunday 16 March 2014

Sexy (sandy!) Sunday Scribble!

The wifey decided to do something a little different for this weeks Sexy Sunday Scribble...

Yeap, nothing like a bit of oral on the sand!

My Sexy Saturday, week 40

Time for another My Sexy Saturday!  My Sexy Saturday is a blog hop, which gives writers a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of their work, based on a particular theme, which changes each week.

This week the theme is 'Having No Sexy', what is happening when the characters AREN'T having sex, or feeling sexy, for whatever reason.  

My excerpt this week follows Beau and Leah, who have just come home from the hospital after a scare involving Leah's girlfriend and Beau's lover, Jane.


Beau could tell by the movement of her chest and belly that she was crying and lay on the bed beside her. He removed the pillow from her face and held out his arms to her.

Leah moved into his arms and buried her face in his chest, and finally let herself cry properly. Beau didn't say a word, just held her and stroked her back while she sobbed uncontrollably. Eventually the sobbing stopped and Leah looked up at him, her eyes were red and puffy, her face was streaked with tears and she looked devastated. Beau's heart was breaking just looking at her, so he did the only thing he could and gently kissed her. Leah sighed quietly against his mouth as their lips gently brushed together in what was a very soft kiss, which Beau would hope convey to Leah that he cared deeply for her and wasn't going anywhere.

Sunday 9 March 2014

How Georgia met Zoe! (aka, new 'Georgia & Zoe' book published)

My latest cover
The latest story in the 'Georgia & Zoe' series has now been published!

'Zoe: Bared' is where it all begins, the story of how Georgia and Zoe meet, and how exactly they go from being artist and subject, to lovers.

Because the book is free to download off Smashwords, I won't bother with a PDF for the story, but you can download 'Zoe: Bared' here!

Or... of course... you can read the story right here, right now!

Zoe: Bared

Georgia felt nervous as she heard the knock on the door. She was about to do the craziest thing she had ever done, and wasn't sure if she was quite prepared for it.

A week earlier she had been talking to a photographer friend, complaining about her lack of money, and the general mundaneness of her life. Josiah had informed her that an arty acquaintance of his was looking for someone to pose nude for a piece for an erotic art exhibition, and because he knew she had posed nude several times before, he thought it might be a way for her to earn a few extra dollars. Georgia had got the artist's email address from Josiah and contacted her as soon as she'd got home.

Georgia had explained in her initial email that she had posed nude before and was comfortable being naked. It had given her a thrill when the artist, Zoe, had replied almost immediately, but she hadn't expected the contents of Zoe's reply. Essentially, Zoe had explained, she was entering a piece in an exhibition, the subject of which was erotic art. This, Georgia knew. What had come as a surprise was Zoe adding that the theme she was focusing on was orgasm, more particularly, the look of orgasm.

What Zoe wanted wasn't someone to merely pose nude for her. No. She wanted a woman to work herself to orgasm, while she photographed and recorded the orgasmic response of the subject. The photographs and video would be used by Zoe to capture the moment orgasm hit, and the final product would be in the form of a drawing. The photos and recorded material would be destroyed after the piece was finished, or would be given to the subject, if they wished.

Had it been a man wanting her to perform in such a way, Georgia would have said no, but something about Zoe made Georgia feel relaxed, and almost excited by the idea. She had always been comfortable with her body and her sexuality, to the extent her post graduate work was in the field of human sexuality. Sex was something she loved - both the physical act and the psychology of it - and perhaps Zoe's creative project was something she could learn from.

With that in mind, and because she liked the general idea, Georgia had offered to be Zoe's subject. Georgia had felt an immediate connection to Zoe, even though they had only shared a few emails, and had quickly found herself getting excited about her next foray into the art world. She was so confident that when Zoe had asked if she wanted to meet her first, Georgia had said no, and told her she would be happy to meet when they had their session.

And that night had arrived.

Per their agreement, Zoe arrived at Georgia's house, at 7.30pm. Though she had been confident in the build up, hearing the soft knock on the door made her feel nervous. She was about to masturbate in front of a complete stranger, while said stranger studied her and took photographs. Was she crazy? Georgia took a deep breath as she opened the door, but when she saw Zoe standing there, all her doubts disappeared. Something about Zoe made Georgia feel safe, and relaxed... they hadn't even spoken a word yet.

"Hi, I am Zoe," Zoe introduced herself, and held her hand out ot Georgia. Immediately Georgia noticed the bright red nailpolish on Zoe's nails, almost the same shade as the polish on her own nails!

"I am Georgia," Georga told her, feeling a little giddy.

"Thank you so much for doing this," Zoe exclaimed as they shook hands.

"My pleasure," Georgia replied, and then laughed loudly when she realised what she had said. "Quite literally, I hope!" she joked, still laughing. "Come on in."

Georgia led Zoe into the lounge and they sat down across from each other on recliners.

"Where would you like to do this?" Zoe questioned, smiling softly.

"I thought perhaps the bedroom," Georgia suggested.

"Good idea, especially if it is where you are most comfortable doing it," Zoe said, a glint in her eyes as she referred to the act of masturbation.

"Bed, bath, kitchen table," Georgia replied good-naturedly, but not joking.

"The good old bath, eh," Zoe joked, and the women both laughed.

"I don't think there is a room I haven't done it in," Georgia commented, finding it weird that she felt so comfortable talking about masturbation with a complete stranger.

"Now, do you need any time to prepare?" Zoe asked, and Georgia shook her head, no.

"I have lots of erotic fiction on my room, they always get me going," Georgia told Zoe, and then stood up. "Um, shall we go through?" she asked. Zoe stood up.

"Yes, let's get this show on the road," Zoe exclaimed, excitedly.

Zoe followed Georgia into her bedroom, then set her gear down on the floor. As she knelt down to open the bags, Georgia climbed onto her bed and lay down. Watching Zoe, she was struck by how beautiful she was. Her hourglass figure was the shape most women could only dream of, and her breasts were noticably perky, and very plump looking - the type of breasts men would drool over - even she was finding it hard not to stare. Nipples were easy to see beneath the v-neck long sleeved t-shirt Zoe was wearing, and for the first time Georgia found herself wondering what another woman's nipples would feel like. She could tell they were very hard, and the thought caused the tell-tale tingle of arousal between her legs.

Zoe looked up at her and smiled, something about the smile caused a little flutter in Georgia's heart, and that giddy feeling came back. When Zoe had all her gear set up she stood up and smiled again.

"You can keep your robe on for this if that makes you more comfortable," Zoe offered.

"No, I want to help as best as I can, if me being naked helps you do the best work possible, then that is what I will do," Georgia replied confidently.

"When you are ready, strip off, and then just go about your usual routine. If you decide against the video recording at any stage, just tell me," Zoe said, in a very business-like manner.

Georgia stood up off her bed and undid the belt of her robe, then let it fall from her arms, onto the floor. Standing naked before Zoe felt a lot different than the times she had posed for various art classes. Being naked for Zoe felt almost intimate, like there was emotion attached that wasn't usually there. Zoe smiled at her.

"I love your tattoos!" Zoe exclaimed, and Georgia looked down at the numerous tattoos which adorned her skin. Each had meaning, each was symbolic to a particular stage in her life.

"I am addicted," Georgia confessed, and then laughed when Zoe pulled up the sleeves of her top, revealing two full-sleeve tattoos.

"So am I," Zoe said with a wink.

"I am jealous, I would love one full sleeve, let alone two!" Georgia sighed wishfully.

"Perhaps we can chat about tatts after we are done here," Zoe suggested and Georgia nodded.

"That would be great!" Georgia agreed, as she sat back down on her bed.

Looking at Zoe's tattoos, Georgia didn't only feel envy, she also felt more than a little turned on, therefore, it felt natural to begin stroking one of her nipples, as she lay back on the bed. Georgia moved her free hand up to her other nipple and gently rolled it between her fingertips, letting out a soft moan of deligh as she applied a little more pressure with her fingers. Soon, she started doing the same to the other nipple, and her moans became a little louder, the tingling between her legs becoming very noticeable.

Georgia was aware of Zoe taking photos, but it didn't bother her, or take her mind off what she was meant to be doing. Maybe that was because she had always had a fantasy of being watched... and in a small way, the fantasy was coming true. There was no way she would confess that to Zoe, as she would hate Zoe to think that she had only agreed to be her subject to live out a perverted fantasy.

Georgia had started squeezing her nipples and found that the harder she squeezed them, the stronger the urge to spread her legs became. Her pussy was starting to swell and the need to slip a finger between her wet lips was becoming more intense. When her legs parted of their own accord Georgia heard what sounded like a quiet whimper from Zoe. Georgia understood it though, it was hard not to respond when witnessing a sexual act, whether it was on TV, in a movie, a book, a magazine... or in real life.

With her legs spread, Georgia drifted one hand down her body, stopping when it was positioned lightly on her pubes. Georgia crept her hand forward and ran her finger lightly over her clit, letting out a heated sigh at the contact. She rubbed her finger back and forward over her clit a few times, before gliding her finger down her slit, and finally dipping it inside her hole.

Georgia moaned loudly as she slipped her finger as deeply inside herself as she could manage. She moved the finger slowly, groaning as she brushed over a couple of very sensitive spots, which made her instantly wetter. The walls of her pussy began to throb and suddenly one finger just wasn't enough.

Georgia briefly withdrew her finger from her swollen wetness, then slid two fingers in, shuddering as they rubbed against a particularly magical spot. Her fingers were slick with her juices, and slid almost too easily in and out, so she added a third finger, crying out as the increased width stretched her hole and the swollen walls of her cunt. As she moved her fingers faster, her moans became louder, the increased friction quickly making an impact.

It was only then that Georgia noticed Zoe was closer to the bed and was looking at her with an intense expression. The camera was positioned on a tripod, and as Zoe clicked the button, over and over, her eyes didn't once deviate from Georgia's body... or more specifically, Georgia's hand. Georgia could tell Zoe was breathing faster than usual, but she wasn't put off by the fact.

Knowing that Zoe was watching her so intently and was clearly being affected by what she was seeing made Georgia feel empowered. She liked that the simple act of seeing her masturbating was doing things to Zoe, someone so beautiful and... special. She wasn't sure why, but she knew Zoe was someone special. Someone she should feel blessed to know.

Because she had wanted the experience to last, for both herself and Zoe, it was only when she could feel her orgasm building that Georgia moved her thumb to her clit and started to rub it in steady circles. The addition of the clitoral friction sent things up a notch for Georgia, and as she began crying out loudly, she was aware of Zoe moving closer still. To get a better view of her face, or a better view in general, Georgia wasn't sure, but either way she didn't mind.

Georgia could hear the 'snap-snap-snap' of the camera, but mixed in with the mechanical snapping sound and her own cries of pleasure, Georgia could hear a quiet whimpery, groany sound coming from Zoe's direction.

It wasn't the friction of her thumb against her clit, nor was it the friction of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy that sent her over the edge. It was the veiled noises of pleasure coming from Zoe. The tormented, raw, sexual whimpers and groans seemed to hit Georgia in the deepest recesses of her cunt, and it was all too much for her.

Her orgasmic scream was loud and long, her body tensing up, her fingers pushing as deep inside as she could physically manage. Then it was her who was whimpering as the orgasm wore off, leaving her breathless and spent, feeling a little out of touch with reality. It was a brilliant feeling.

Georgia smiled at Zoe, who returned her smile, but then Zoe shook her head as if to clear it and her smile was quickly replaced by a look of utter horror.

"Oh god, Georgia, I am so sorry," Zoe exclaimed as she hurriedly disconnected the camera from the tripod.

"Why are you apologising?" Georgia asked, leaning back on her elbows to look at Zoe.

"You probably think this was some pervy scheme to see a gorgeous woman getting off, film her, photograph her, and then run off into the night with less than pure intentions for the footage, and photos," Zoe said, sounding extremely flustered and like she was close to tears.

Georgia could not handle knowing Zoe was so upset, so got out of bed and walked over to where Zoe was taking the video camera off the tripod it was set on. She put a hand on Zoe's arm and when Zoe turned to her Georgia stepped closer to the woman, who really did look terrified, then put her other hand up to Zoe's cheek.

"I don't think that, Zoe. I wish you wouldn't feel embarrassed, because of what happened, it--it was... let's just say that I found that whole experience very stimulating," Georgia said, her voice soft but confident.

"I didn't mean to get turned on... I have done this sort of thing before and never felt horny watching," Zoe promised. "But you... it was different. I felt it the first time you emailed me," she added. "Christ, this is so unprofessional," she uttered, but didn't move away from Georgia.

Georgia knew only one way to prove to Zoe that she wasn't offended or creeped out. Moving to her tip toes, she leaned forward slowly, and ever so gently, grazed her lips against Zoe's. When Zoe didn't push her away, Georgia cupped Zoe's face in her hands and kissed her again. This time the kiss wasn't brief, or one-sided. As their lips moved together, Georgia sighed happily, and stepped even closer to Zoe. When they were pressing together, Georgia felt Zoe's hands on her hips, her fingertips felt hot against her skin, but soft... gentle.

"Please lie down with me," Georgia whispered.

"I've never done this before... you know, a woman," Zoe whispered in response, sounding very vulnerable.

"I haven't either," Georgia replied and knew she probably sounded just as shy and vulnerable as Zoe had.

Georgia slipped her hands inside Zoe's and they walked over to the bed. Before climbing into the bed, Georgia turned to Zoe and ran her hands up and down the other woman's sides, fisting the hem of Zoe's top with her fingers. Slowly, she began lifting the top, waiting for any hesitation on Zoe's part. She lifted the top up and over Zoe's head, and cast it aside on the floor. Next she moved her hands to the waist of Zoe's jeans, giggling quietly to herself when Zoe gave her a broad, permissive smile.

This was really happening.

With Zoe's pants in a pile on the floor, Georgia got in the bed and moved over to make room for Zoe. Nothing prepared Georgia for the moment Zoe moved her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. Georgia watched as Zoe's lacy black bra dropped to the floor, then let out a shaky sigh as she took in the wonderous sight of Zoe's breasts.

"Wow," Georgia whispered, unable to take her eyes off the spectacular breasts in front of her.

Zoe bit her lip and then hooked her fingers into the band of her matching black lace panties then slowly pulled them down, stepping out of them when they fell to the floor. Zoe stood before her, naked and beautiful. As far as Georgia was concerned, Zoe was the epitomy of womanly perfection. The tattoos that covered her body only added to that perfection, in her eyes anyway.

Zoe slipped in betwen the sheets, then rolled onto her side so she could face Georgia. The women moved closer, until there were only centimeters between them. Georgia could feel the warmth coming from Zoe's body and found herself wondering how warm Zoe's pussy would feel against her fingers. She tried to rid the thought from her mind, but when Zoe leaned in and kissed her, the thought grew more persistent.

The only thing going through her mind were the words 'touch her, touch her, touch her', so, powerless to stop herself, Georgia moved her hand from where it was resting on Zoe's hip, inward, desperately seeking that wet heat. Georgia was surprised when Zoe opened her legs to her, looking at her pleadingly, as if she wanted to be touched just as much as Georgia wanted to touch her. The moment Georgia felt Zoe's juices on her fingers, she knew there was no way she would be able to stop herself. When Zoe pressed down on her hand, Georgia realised that Zoe didn't want her to stop either.

Georgia groaned as she pressed her finger into Zoe's slit and ran it down to her hole. As she moved it back up to her clit, Georgia was amazed by just how wet Zoe was. She had never fingered another woman before, but she knew she would easily be able to slide five fingers inside Zoe's sopping wet pussy. She had absolutely no problem with one finger, and after moving it in and out a few times, Georgia felt the need to add another finger. Zoe bucked her hips against Georgia's hand and moaned loudly, then bucked her hips again, harder, and let out a frustrated whimper. Though she had never done it before, Georgia knew Zoe needed more, so she added another two fingers.

Zoe immediately moaned loudly and began clawing at the bottom sheet, her hips moving in time with Georgia's hand. The moans became louder again and as Georgia began to pump her fingers in and out of Zoe's pussy, she realised that Zoe needed more... and by 'more' she knew that Zoe had to cum, and quickly. Every instinct in her body screamed 'tongue!', 'oral!', 'eat her!', and even though she was clueless about going down on a woman, that is exactly what Georgia decided she had to do.

Georgia kissed Zoe and when she ran her tongue along Zoe's top lip, Zoe shuddered, then rolled onto her back, while bucking her hips wildly. Georgia knew that for herself, a tongue being run along her top lip made her pussy clench and made her ache in want of the feeling of a tongue against her pussy. Perhaps it was the same for Zoe?

Taking a breath, Georgia began to kiss her way down Zoe's body, skipping her nipples, because she wanted to explore those later. She kissed down over Zoe's abdomen, past her belly button, lower and lower, until she was settled between Zoe's splayed legs.

"Are you warm enough?" Georgia asked. She had pushed the sheets off her as she had moved down in the bed, and hated to think that Zoe might be cold.

"I am fantastic," Zoe informed her, and Georgia laughed quietly. Good.

Georgia felt shy as she moved forward slightly until she was so close to Zoe's pussy that she could smell the light, musky fragrance of her arousal. The scent was intoxicating, and without even thinking about it, Georgia licked slowly from Zoe's hole to her clit then stopped for a brief moment to enjoy the taste of Zoe on her tongue. Georgia moved her hands to Zoe's pussy and carefully spread her lips apart, then leaned in and began licking again. Zoe cried out loudly with each slow lick Georgia made, and when Zoe put her hand on the back of Georgia's head and lightly pressed down on it Georgia began to lick faster. After another few full-length licks, Georgia decided to focus on Zoe's clit.

Zoe's cries instantly became louder, and rather than gripping onto the bottom sheet, she held tightly to Georgia's forearm. As Georgia used more pressure, Zoe's nails began to dig deeper... and deeper... and deeper. Georgia focused on licking faster and when Zoe started to cry out in a high pitched manner, Georgia wondered if she was getting close to orgasm. Georgia kept her tongue steady and could feel the tension growing in Zoe's thighs. Zoe's hips began to lift off the bed and all of a sudden a loud scream tore from Zoe as her orgasm hit. Georgia concentrated on keeping her tongue steady until Zoe went quiet, then she lessened the pressure on Zoe's clit and finally broke the contact altogether. Georgia climbed back up the bed, pulling the blankets up with her. She smiled down at Zoe, who had a dazed, but happy look on her face. Georgia smiled as Zoe made her way into her arms and placed a lazy kiss on Georgia's shoulder.

"Perhaps in the morning we can explore each other's tattoos," Zoe suggested, her voice a sleepy mumble.

"We have a lot of exploring to do," Georgia replied, and both women giggled.

"My turn to explore next," Zoe said, so quietly Georgia could only just hear her.

Zoe punctuated her last comment by taking one of Georgia's nipples between her lips and gently sucking on it, for the briefest period of time. Rather than feeling like Zoe had been teasing her with the cheeky nipple suck, Georgia knew it was a promise of what was to come.