Thursday 24 April 2014

I'm stressed out so here, have some boobs!

I am so stupidly stressed out right now that it really isn't funny.  I have a feeling that I am in the
bottom 1% of the entire population when it comes to 'successful time management'.  I suck, and not in the sexual sense either (well, okay, my wife's nipples may say differently).  I really was sure that I could manage a full time study load, four kids, writing my erotica AND for a couple of different (completely un-erotica related) websites, but apparently not.

I only have myself to blame really, I have put my writing ahead of my studies and now find myself in the shitty predicament of having three assignments due within one week, one that I only realised TONIGHT is due next Thursday.

Okay, just writing about this is getting me stressed out, so I am going to share a few images I found today that cheered my day up rather substantially.

BOOBS!  Photos of BOOBS!  Boobs glorious boobs.

I can't help it, I love boobs... they are so curvy and... I really can't describe what I love about boobs, but there is something beautiful about them.  I'm not just speaking from a sexual point of view either, they are pretty - full stop.  Round and plump and soft and...  I don't know.  It is pointless trying to explain my love of boobs.  I can only hope you understand where I am coming from.

I give you MY BOOBS.
... tonight is one of those look down and smile kind of nights!
Although I generally dislike my OWN boobs (far too big and out of proportion with the rest of my body), there are some days that I look down and am greeted by a sight which makes me proud to be a woman.  I call those 'good boob days', and on days such as that find myself looking downward a whole lot.  I am used to men speaking at my boobs (I have eyes, remember?), but I am not overly used to looking at my own and thinking 'hey, not too bad!'.  I think my wife has encouraged me to love my boobs, because as she has stated on so many occasions, she loves them.

Because I have allowed myself an hour or so to work on the latest Georgia and Zoe story and it is now 10.05pm, I am going to leave you with some photos of boobs so I can get on to said writing, and then go to bed and play with my wife's boobs.  I mean snuggle with her.

Enjoy the boobs!

No nippleage, but a lovely, enticing shot all the same

What is better than one set of boobs?  TWO sets of boobs!

Cleavage... who doesn't love cleavage?

The image of boobs encased in cotton is something that I have always loved
... okay, it actually makes my mouth water....

Nipples pressing against cotton *dies*

Yea, I know, FINALLY getting to the good stuff!
Interesting contrast between the roughness of burlap & softness of boobs!

I challenge anyone to suggest those nipples aren't begging to be sucked!

Am I the only one who can feel a nipple against her lips when looking at this?

Why not just take matters into your own hands (fingers?) tonight?!

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