Sunday 10 August 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 54

The weeks are just going faster and faster!  Another Saturday is upon us (well, it's Sunday in my part of the world), and that means one thing.  It's time for My Sexy Saturday!  For those of you who have no idea what My Sexy Saturday is, it is a chance for writers of erotica to share 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of their work, based on a different theme each week.

This weeks theme, for example, is 'Do You Think I'm Sexy', and I have decided to go with 7 sentences from the very first story I wrote... a story that will never be published, but one that I love all the same!

In this scene Victoria's injured boyfriend is treated to some very special one-on-one nursing care, by his own very sexy, very naughty nurse... (I may post this scene in its entirety on my blog later today, so keep an eye out!)

When Jake's shoulder started to hurt again Victoria insisted he stay on the couch while she went to get his painkillers for him. A couple of minutes later he heard the bathroom door closing and could hear her walking down the hall toward the lounge, but when she came through the doorway Jake was very unprepared for what he saw. Gone were her t-shirt and jeans, replaced by a red and white corset with the tell-tale red cross embroidered in the middle of it, a pair of white stockings, the outfit finished off with a pair of very high, very shiny, very slutty red patent heels.

“Jesus christ...” Jake uttered, finding it impossible to close his mouth as Victoria approached. He gulped nervously. He really had not been prepared to see her like that!
“Here is your medication, Mr Carter,” Victoria said handing him his painkillers, before turning around and bending over to pick up his drink bottle, making him very aware of her pantiless state.