Wednesday 4 June 2014

Tuesday... boobsday

Yes, the Tuesday/boobsday rhyme is both weak and pathetic, but I had to make it sound as if I had a legitimate reason for posting photos of boobs.

As my wife just pointed out, the Tuesday/boobsday rhyme is also irrelevant, because of the simple fact that IT IS WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday Watermelons?  Wednesday W.......

Fine.  I want to post photos of boobs purely because I do. 

Boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs.  That is all that is swarming around in my head, and that, I must tell you, is NOT very conducive to reviewing and rewriting a short story which needs to be submitted as part of my Creative Writing portfolio, by 10am on Friday!  It is my hope that by posting photos of boobs right now, I shall purge brain of all boob thoughts, and then be able to concentrate on rewriting this wretched story.

Long story short, I am posting boobs for the good of my education. 

Not only am I posting boobs, I am sharing my favourite boobs in the world - bra clad that is - because I don't want to share my favourite nipples as well!  Yeap, for some unknown reason, my wife gave me permission to post photos of her boobs... you can just guess for yourself which are hers and which were found trawling the interwebz. (okay, so the obvious amateur-ness of the photos of my wife's boobies gives it away...)

IFFFFFFFF you know my wife, now may be a good time to close the window and think happy thoughts about the anonymous boobs above........

... unless you want to see my wife's boobs... in which case... do continue!

My happy place
... for obvious reasons

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