Saturday 7 June 2014

A review for 'Georgia: Restrained'

I was very excited when I checked my Twitter account earlier today, and found someone had posted a review of Georgia: Restrained!

I know a book review probably isn't something a lot of authors get THIS excited about, but I am not an established author, so I felt touched that someone had taken the time to read my book - and that they enjoyed it enough to tell the world about it!

The review was posted on Christina Harding Erotica, and I wanted to share it!
Guildford does not waste any time jumping into her sex scene, starting this story already in the heat of things. I have to admit that I am a big sucker for BDSM and also for lesbian erotica. By putting the two together, Guildford has created a particularly enticing story! With the nature of this being lesbian erotica, I appreciated how Guildford clearly knew how to pleasure woman as well as what women want. She was clearly able to gracefully transition between both roles: the giver and the receiver. In less than 3,000 words Guildford creates a short sexy scene that will harbor arousal.

Thanks, Christina!!!

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