Tuesday 6 May 2014

Georgia: Exposed is now published!

It took longer than the previous four books, but Georgia: Exposed is finally published on Smashwords and is ready to be downloaded (which you can do by clicking on the link I just posted!).

This story took a lot longer to write than the other ones did, I think that is partly related to how busy I have been with university, but also because the story wasn't as clear in my mind from the start.  The first two (Georgia: Restrained, Zoe: Spanked) were easy because I knew they were about two very specific scenarios, it was the same with the next two books (Zoe: Bared, Georgia: Taken) because those books were the story of how Georgia and Zoe met and became 'Georgia & Zoe'.

But Georgia: Exposed, it's a whole new breed.  There was nothing SPECIFIC that had to happen, there were so many possibilities when it came to the storyline, and it took me a long time to pin down exactly what was going to happen to the lovely Georgia & Zoe.  But I got there, and slowly the story was written...

As always, the focus of this story isn't just on the sexual element, although that IS a large part of it! I can't write *just sex*, my writing always has a natural more 'emotional' element to it.  In the case of the two stories where Georgia & Zoe meet, the emotional element was the women realising they wanted more than just one night together, and knowing from early on that they had found someone very special.  The 'emotional' element to this story is focused on Zoe introducing Georgia to her family for the very first time (admittedly a little unexpectedly!)... something that I think everyone can sympathise with!

As I said, the story is available on Smashwords, but I will also post it to my blog right now, because I know that not everyone can be bothered going to a website and downloading a file... and that not everyone is comfortable having that sort of file on their computer/laptop/tablet/etc.

For those of you in that category, I hope you enjoy!

The cover for 'Georgia: Exposed'


Georgia: Exposed

“No!” Georgia tried to pull away but Zoe had a strong hold on her hand and Georgia knew she wasn't going to give in.
“Come on, Georgia, it will be fun!” Zoe encouraged, pulling her ever closer to the door.
“Let's just go home and peruse the net all afternoon, I am sure we'll get toys a LOT cheaper on there, which means we can buy even more!” Georgia suggested an alternative that she knew Zoe would never go for.
“But, my gorgeous, sexy, edible girlfriend, I don't want to wait a week or more for them to arrive, I want to buy them NOW and then take them home and spend the afternoon making you scream,” Zoe exclaimed, going as far as stomping her foot in a manner that told Georgia she had lost the battle.
“Fine,” Georgia sighed reluctantly and rolled her eyes at Zoe. “I know you think I am stupid for being embarrassed about going into a sex shop, but I can't help it,” she added. Zoe turned to face her and then wrapped her arms around Georgia's waist and smiled softly at her.
“I think it's adorable that you are embarrassed about it,” Zoe remarked and then lightly brushed her lips against Georgia's, then she smirked as she added, “especially considering the extensive collection of toys you own.”

Georgia had to laugh at Zoe's last comment, it WAS true, she did have a fairly extensive collection of sex toys... a tribute to her single days. Since she had met Zoe the only time any of her toys had seen the light of day was when the two of them couldn't be bothered using fingers or tongues, and that didn't happen a lot.

“Come on Georgie, sooner we get into the shop, the sooner we can get home and do dreadful, dreadful things to each other,” Zoe said as she took Georgia's hand and began walking toward the entrance of the store.
“You win,” Georgia conceeded, but couldn't help smiling as she walked into the store with Zoe.

There was something kind of exciting about going into a sex shop for the first time and as soon as she was in the store she was bombarded with... well, sex! Everywhere Georgia looked there were dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, bullets, whips, blindfolds, floggers, nipple clamps, cock rings, clit pumps, cock pumps, nipple pumps, slutty nurse outfits, naughty school teacher outfits, crotchless panties, nipple-less bras, corsets, stockings, garters, and so much more. It was a veritable feast of sexy possibilities, and she had to admit it was a lot more enjoyable than shopping online like she usually did!

When Georgia was over the initial shock of her new surroundings Zoe led her over to the large wall which was home to what Georgia thought must have been every brand and type of vibrator in the world. They walked the length of the wall and back again, then started to take vibrators off their hooks to have a closer look. Early on in their relationship they had discussed vibrators and found that neither were fans of the 'rabbit' type vibrators with all the fancy bobs and whistles, both instead preferring the more boring, simple cock-shaped variety. Their preference for plain 'boring' vibrators made the selection a lot easier, and eventually they were down to choosing between two, the only differences were that had a more sizeable girth, while the other was waterproof.

“I know we planned a naughty afternoon in bed, but you know what, if we got the waterproof one we could put that enormous bath of mine to very good use,” Zoe said quietly while very gently rubbing her hand over Georgia's ass. Georgia bit her lip and closed her eyes briefly when Zoe innocently grazed her hand across one of her nipples.
“I have never tested one out in a bath,” Georgia commented, her thoughts easily drifting to an image of Zoe lying back gripping onto the sides of the bath while Georgia pumped a vibrator in and out of her pussy.
“You're imagining it, aren't you,” Zoe observed and Georgia whimpered quietly.
“I may be imagining a certain scenario,” Georgia replied, biting her lip to try and prevent a louder whimper escaping.
“How about,” Zoe began and after checking no one was close enough to see, innocently plucked at the nipple which was suddenly very hard beneath Georgia's top, the thin material of her bra and t-shirt providing little protection. Georgia squeezed her eyes tightly shut and held her breath as she waited for the sudden feeling of pressure in her pussy to subside. “We get two of the waterproof ones and get home as quickly as we can,” Zoe finally finished what she had started saying before being sidetracked by Georgia's nipple.

Georgia put the non-waterproof vibrator back on the display and removed another of the waterproof ones, then without even looking at Zoe, began walking toward the counter. Behind her she could hear Zoe giggling softly, and Georgia didn't even need to look at Zoe to know she had a huge cheeky grin on her face. Standing side-by-side at the counter, Zoe and Georgia made small talk with the cashier while she put their purchases into inconspicuous green paper bags and sent them on their merry way, wishing them a happy weekend in the process.

Before they got in Zoe's car the two women shared a passionate kiss which left them both breathless and leaning against the car. Georgia began to wonder how they would make it as far as Zoe's bathroom... at the rate they were going they would end up on the side of the road somewhere testing out their new purchases. Zoe had her hand on Georgia's upper thigh throughout the duration of their trip home, and it took all of Georgia's will power to not pull her skirt up and move Zoe's hand between her thighs. The thought of what they were going to do to each other when they got back to Zoe's had created quite the pool of horny juice between Georgia's thighs, rendering her panties almost useless because they were that wet.

Miraculously they made it back to Zoe's house without tearing each other's clothes off and getting caught fucking each other with toys on the side of the road. Zoe got out of the car and slammed the door causing Georgia to laugh at her girlfriend's apparent impatience... but it was one of the things she loved so much about her. Since their first night together Georgia had noticed just how high Zoe's sex-drive was, it was both a turn-on AND a relief, because, for once in her life, Georgia seemed to have found someone with a libido just as high as her own.

Georgia watched as Zoe unlocked and pushed the front door open, giggling as she watched her pull her top off before she was even inside properly. Georgia walked quickly up the path, by the time she had entered the house Zoe was already upstairs and Georgia could hear the water running in the bathroom. Deciding that composure was overrated Georgia walked over to the MP3 player which was hooked up to speakers and turned it on. Loud. She then began to run as well, taking the stairs two at a time to reach the second floor in record time.

In the bathroom Georgia found her sexy girlfriend in a very naked state. With a sudden intense need to feel her naked body pressed against Zoe's, Georgia speedily discarded her clothes and then looked at Zoe hungrily. She wanted all of her, she wanted to make her scream and writhe around, to tease her until she was begging to be taken. Knowing she couldn't wait until the bath was ready Georgia quickly stalked over to where Zoe was standing by the vanity unit and pressed her up against it. Rather than kissing her, Georgia moved both of her hands to Zoe's boobs and lightly squeezed both of her nipples.

“Get on the vanity...” Georgia ordered, her tone soft but commanding.

Zoe quickly lifted herself onto the vanity unit and Georgia took absolutely no time in spreading her girlfriend's legs open, crouching down and then burying her face in the heavenly wetness that was Zoe's pussy. Zoe moaned loudly and gripped on to Georgia's hair as she made the first lap with her tongue, groaning in delight as she concentrated on the taste of Zoe against her tongue. She had eaten her girlfriend more times than she could count, there was hardly a day that had passed over the past two months without Georgia's tongue dipping inside Zoe's hole, but the taste of Zoe was something that Georgia never got used to. Each taste of her girlfriend's sopping pussy was just as spectacular as the time before.

When Georgia pressed the tip of her tongue inside Zoe's pussy she realised just how ravenous she was for her girlfriend and knew she had to make a decision very quickly. She could either make Zoe cum on the vanity unit, or she could stop and they could get into the bath so they could follow through with their initial plan. Zoe's loud moans were very hard to ignore and Georgia wondered how she could even think of breaking the tongue-pussy contact for a second, not when she had worked Zoe into such a hot, wet mess. Moving her hands under Zoe's thighs, Georgia put her hands on Zoe's hips and pulled her more tightly against her mouth, her own groans of pleasure coming just as close together as Zoe's were.

Zoe wasn't the only one who was saturated, and when Georgia felt moisture on the very tops of her thighs she decided it was only right for both of them to cum. Georgia moved back from Zoe and helped her off the vanity unit and they walked toward the bath, a heated look passing between the two women as Zoe turned the taps off and they both picked up a vibrator from the stool beside the large avocado-shaped bath. Georgia could hear Zoe whimpering as they lowered themselves into the bath and the moment they were positioned perfectly with their legs invitingly spread, there was only one thing left to do.

Georgia giggled quietly when she pressed the button on the vibrator she was holding and it began to make a familiar buzzing sound. As she moved her vibrator down between her legs, Georgia's eyes were glued to Zoe who was squeezing one of her nipples between her fingers while moving her vibrator down between her legs. When Zoe started to run the tip of the vibrator up and down her slit Georgia felt her own pussy clenching tightly, and she knew it wasn't entirely because she had entered the top inch of the vibrator inside her hole. She had watched Zoe masturbating before, but she had never seen her on display like that in the bath.

Zoe began to moan as she focused the tip of the vibrator on her clit, and as Georgia pushed the vibrator deeper into her own pussy she let out a loud cry of pleasure, still unable to take her eyes off Zoe's splayed pussy. When Zoe ran the vibrator down her slit and then pushed it deep inside her pussy, Georgia could see the utter pleasure written all over her girlfriend's face and felt compelled to do the same thing. Pushing the vibrator forcefully inside herself Georgia let out a loud groan and as she pulled it out and then slammed it back inside she let out a loud, strangled cry and noticed Zoe looking at her hungrily.

Georgia began fucking herself harder and faster with the vibrator, managing somehow to keep her eyes locked on the enticing sight of Zoe's pussy. While Georgia pounded herself she watched Zoe doing the same, loving the way Zoe fucked herself with more force at the same time as she did. Each time Georgia saw the vibrator being pushed back inside Zoe's cunt it made her pussy tighten around the vibrator which was slamming in and out of her own pussy... the visual experience was almost as arousing as the physical experience and Georgia wondered why they hadn't done it before. It was one of the hottest sexual experiences of her life.

Because she felt her orgasm starting to build, Georgia changed the angle of the vibrator, ensuring it was rubbing against her clit with each in and out stroke. The change of angle and increase in friction caused Georgia to begin crying out louder and louder, each time she moved her hand faster the friction changed again, and soon her cries were extremely high pitched. Zoe's own noises were becoming louder and as Georgia watched the vibrator moving in and out of Zoe's pussy she could almost feel Zoe's pussy around her fingers. She could imagine how tight she would be, how incredibly silky and wet she would feel. Georgia was well aware that both of them were fast approaching orgasm, and considered slowing down the speed with which she was moving the vibrator in and out of her cunt, but she knew she couldn't. The vibrator felt too good slamming against the back of her pussy, the friction on her clit far too good to stop.

The bathroom was full of the chorus of moans, groans and cries coming from the two women as they teased themselves with their vibrators, moving closer to orgasm with each powerful, perfectly timed stroke of their vibrators. Georgia's eyes were still locked on Zoe's pussy, and in return Zoe's eyes were locked on Georgia's... both had a hungry look in their eyes along with a look of what could only be described as awe. To be able to be so openly sexual with each other was a dream come true for both women, who, although they had both experienced a varied and generally exciting sex life, had admitted to each other to never being as sexually open with a partner before.

Georgia began to shriek as her orgasm started to build and to make the impending climax even more intense she started to squeeze one of her nipples firmly between her fingers. The pain in her nipple translated directly to her pussy and the added jolts of electricity coursing through her body triggered her orgasm She screamed and lifted her hips off the bottom of the bath, her muscles rigid as the orgasm crashed over her. When she came down from her orgasm Georgia couldn't help but notice the sudden increase in Zoe's moans and although she had just cum, she knew there was something she badly needed to do.

Moving to her knees Georgia leaned forward and put her hand on Zoe's hand that was controlling the vibrator with. Very slowly she pulled the vibrator from her girlfriend's extremely swollen pussy and turned it off, placing it on the stool beside her own discarded vibrator. Zoe was looking at her with desperation and Georgia had no plans to make her wait for what was to come next.

“Sit up,” Georgia instructed, indictating the wide marble ledge at the end of the bath Zoe was leaning against.

Zoe quickly stood up in the bath and moved back so she was sitting on the ledge. Georgia licked her lips and gave Zoe the sexiest smile she could manage before putting her hands between her girlfriend's knees and spreading her legs wide open. Georgia groaned as Zoe's pussy was put on display, invitingly splayed, the wetness of her arousal glistening, just begging to be tasted. Zoe began whimpering as Georgia leaned in and dipped her head down, inhaling deeply as she was hit by the intoxicating fragrance of Zoe's scent.

Very aware of how close Zoe had been to cumming when she had stopped her, Georgia ran her tongue up between the swollen folds of Zoe's pussy, rewarded immediately with a loud, intense moan. A few times Georgia licked up and down Zoe's hot, wet slit, but knowing that Zoe was probably starting to feel more frustrated than aroused, Georgia soon began focusing her attention on Zoe's clit. As she ran her tongue back and forward across Zoe's throbbing clit Georgia could hear her girlfriend's moans getting louder and more high pitched, the loud cries spurring her on, causing her to move her tongue faster and faster.

Georgia could feel that Zoe was struggling to keep her legs spread open, her thighs were tightening as her orgasm approached, and wanting to give her girlfriend the most intense orgasm possible Georgia moved a hand up between Zoe's legs and while she was licking on her clit, slid two fingers inside her pussy with her palm facing upward. Three 'come hither' type movements of her fingers was all it took to find Zoe's g-spot, and when she heard Zoe's cries turn into loud, high pitched shrieky screams Georgia didn't change anything about the way she was manipulating her girlfriend's pussy.

Georgia could feel Zoe's pussy starting to tighten and as she started to gasp 'OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD' Georgia could feel her own pussy starting to react. She loved knowing that Zoe was a split second away from orgasm and that it was her who had worked Zoe into that state. Zoe's cries of 'oh god' grew louder and then there was a loud scream followed immedialy by the tight, repetitive contracting and releasing of Zoe's pussy around her fingers, all the while Zoe's hips were arched forward, pressing her pussy more firmly against Georgia's mouth. The orgasm seemed to go on and on, as did the scream.

When Georgia felt the walls of Zoe's pussy stop gripping at her fingers she broke the contact between her mouth and Zoe's pussy and moved back in the bath, with her hands on Zoe's hips. With Georgia supporting her, Zoe slid slowly back in to the tub, the dazed look on her face accompanied by a goofy smile. Georgia couldn't help but giggle as she realised that Zoe looked drunk.

“You look drunk,” Georgia remarked and Zoe attempted to giggle, but it came out more like a quiet grunt.
“I feel drunk,” Zoe replied.
“I needed to taste you,” Georgia explained.
“Your tongue... it never fails,” Zoe sighed happily.

Seconds later there was a loud knocking on the bathroom door which gave Georgia and Zoe both a fright. Zoe gave Georgia a look of panic. They weren't expecting anyone.

“Oi! Slut features! Stop masturbating and come down say hello to your family!” came a male voice from the other side of the door. Zoe groaned.
“What the hell are you doing here, dick face?” Zoe called loudly, then mouthed 'my brother' to Georgia. Oh god. Her BROTHER was there?
“Decided we'd come down a day early, have a few hours extra family time, boobs for brains,” her brother, Nick, replied.
“Well it would have been nice to be informed of this change of plans earlier, cum stain!” Zoe groaned and Georgia tried not to let on just how panicked she felt. She was NOT mentally prepared to meet Zoe's familly that day!
“Whatever, vagina breath, just finish up with your wankathon and get down to the kitchen,” her brother called back. As terrified as she was that she was going to have to meet Zoe's family in the very very near future, Georgia couldn't help but be amused by the name calling going on between Zoe and her twin brother.

“Nicholas Benedict Carlton and Zoe Agnes Millicent, keep your bloody voices down and watch your language, your grandmother is downstairs!” came a woman's hissing voice. Georgia realised it had to be Zoe's mum, Sophie.
“Oh god, grandma is here?” Zoe replied, shooting an apologetic look at Georgia. The situation was particularly cringeworthy, but Georgia couldn't help but giggle at Zoe's mum calling her by her full name.
“Agnes Millicent?” Georgia giggled quietly and Zoe splashed her.
“Shut up you,” Zoe exclaimed and then held her hand over her mouth when she realised her mum and brother would have heard the exchange.
“You weren't masturbating, someone was fucking you!” Nick gasped and Georgia heard the undeniable sound of a hand coming in contact with skin. “Ow!” he gasped.
“You're not too big for me to smack upside the head, Nicholas!” Zoe's mum informed Nick and Zoe laughed. “I'm sorry darling, I told your father we should ring instead of turning up unannounced, um, we'll go to the motel, give us a call when you are... well, you know... when you and your man friend have finished um... I think I'll just go,” Zoe's mum rambled. Zoe rolled her eyes.
“Mum, it's fine, you guys go down and put the jug on, we will be down in a couple of minutes... you were going to meet tomorrow anyway, so it's not like it's a complete surprise,” Zoe said in a calm tone of voice, even though the look on her face told a different story.
“Okay, just so you know we DID knock on the door but I guess you couldn't hear over the music,” Zoe's mum informed her, and then they heard footfalls going away from the bathroom. Both breathed a sigh of relief.
“You're lucky it was me who came upstairs to check on you and heard that mighty orgasm of yours,” Nick surprised them both by saying; they thought he had gone downstairs with Zoe's mum.
“Fuck off Nick, go downstairs, we'll be down soon,” Zoe said angrily and they heard Nick laughing as he walked down the hallway.

“I am so sorry, Georgie,” Zoe sighed and moved forward so she could take Georgia's hands in hers.
“It's okay, Zo, you didn't know this was going to happen,” Georgia replied.
“I know you had prepared yourself to meet them tomorrow at mine and Nick's birthday lunch, but... they aren't scary and they will love you and... I am just so sorry,” Zoe told her, looking guilty.
“At least they didn't arrive a few minutes earlier,” Georgia joked, hoping to lighten the mood. Zoe giggled quietly.
“As you can guess, me and my brother are close, and although we call each other a myriad of mean names, we do love each other,” Zoe promised.
“Your mum sounded a bit scary,” Georgia admitted and Zoe shook her head.
“She's not, I think she just enjoys having the chance to be the bossy mum,” Zoe replied and then sighed nervously. “We should probably get out of the bath and get dressed,” she added.

They both stood up and climbed out of the bath then began drying off. Georgia was fighting the urge to suggest that perhaps she could climb out of the bathroom window, shimmy down the drainpipe and escape... but she knew that for her and Georgia to be taken seriously, they had to act like mature adults. Mature adults didn't sneak around to avoid seeing each other's parents.

With each passing second Georgia felt more nervous to the point that when they were finally dressed she was shaking. Zoe's family knew they were going to be introduced to 'someone special' the next day at the birthday lunch so were no doubt curious, but Georgia knew they weren't expecting that someone special to have breasts... or a vagina.

When they had spoken about it Zoe told Georgia that her parents weren't homophobic and were all for marriage equality so the hope was that while her parents would be surprised, they wouldn't react badly to the news. But neither were stupid and they knew that when someone's own child was involved, thoughts on a matter such as sexuality could change.

“Are you sure your family are going to be okay?” Georgia asked, and not for the first time since they had decided it was time for her to meet them.
“I am sure they will be fine. I think they will all be surprised, but I don't think there are going to be any negative reactions,” Zoe promised and then took Georgia in her arms.
“You don't know for sure,” Georgia said quietly, trying to fight back tears which had suddenly snuck up on her. She had no idea meeting Zoe's family was going to bring up such a huge mixture of emotions for her.
“Babe, if they say ANYTHING that is even slightly negative I'll be telling them to piss off,” Zoe reassured her.
“I'm sorry Zo, I know I am being silly about this,” Georgia sighed, feeling embarrassed. She trusted Zoe, she knew she wouldn't have suggested they meet if she wasn't sure her parents would be okay with the situation. “I am just being my usual self and worrying over nothing,” she said stepping back slightly so she could look Zoe in the eye. “It probably doesn't seem like it, but I AM looking forward to meeting your family,” she said, smiling nervously.
“You aren't being silly,” Zoe replied and leaned in so she could brush her lips against Georgia's.

Their kiss was brief and gentle, but it had a very calming effect on Georgia and in what was an uncharacteristically confident move for her, she took Zoe's hand and led her to the bathroom door.

“Come on, let's get down there, I want to meet your family,” Georgia told Zoe, deciding she owed it to her girlfriend to think positively... even if inside she was terrified.
“I will be holding your hand the entire time,” Zoe told her, sounding almost as nervous as Georgia felt.
“Ready?” Georgia asked Zoe, her hand shaking as she put it on the doorknob.
“Yes, I am ready to show off my beautiful, wonderful, amazing, simply delicious girlfriend,” Zoe confirmed with the nod of her head.

Georgia opened the door and they both stepped into the hallway. For a few seconds they stood still, squeezing each other's hand tightly, but were soon walking down the hallway toward the stairs. As they reached the top of the stairs Georgia could hear voices coming from the lounge and she squeezed her eyes shut, fighting away the voice inside that was screaming 'go go go, run while you can!' They began descending the stairs and the closer they got to the bottom, the harder Georgia found herself squeezing Zoe's hand. Stepping off the bottom step, Zoe turned to Georgia and inhaled deeply, closing her eyes as she exhaled.

“Are you sure you are ready for this, Georgie?” Zoe asked seriously and Georgia smiled softly at her girlfriend, who happened to be looking more nervous with each passing second.
“I am,” Georgia confirmed, flashing Zoe a smile that she hoped didn't give away the fact she felt more nervous than she ever had in her life.
“I will go in to the lounge first...” Zoe offered and Georgia gave a little nod of the head to tell Zoe she agreed.

Without saying a word Zoe led Georgia toward the entrance of the lounge. Just before the door Georgia moved to the right and stood with her back against the wall, concentrating on her breathing, wanting to look as calm as possible when she made that all important first impression on Zoe's family.

“Hi sweetheart!” came a man's voice from inside the lounge.
“Hi daddy,” Zoe replied, to the man, her father.
“Happy almost-birthday!” came the voice of a woman that Georgia decided was probably Zoe's sister, Julia.
“Thanks!” Zoe giggled. “And look at that belly, how is my niece?” she asked and Georgia smiled, she knew Zoe was incredibly excited about becoming an aunty for the first time, in the not-too-distant future.
“Behaving herself,” the woman she presumed was Julia replied.
“Come on missy, we all want to meet that boyfriend of yours,” another woman spoke up, there was no doubt in Georgia's mind it was Zoe's grandma.
“Yea, where is the dude who was giving you so much pleasure just minutes ago?” Nick asked.
“Nicholas! That is ENOUGH of that type of talk!” Zoe's mum declared, sounding frustrated.

Zoe stepped backward and reached out for Georgia's hand, smiling encouragingly at her. Georgia smiled and took a deep breath as they both stepped into the lounge. All eyes were suddenly on them.

“Everyone, I would like you to meet Georgia,” Zoe announced and put her arm around Georgia's waist, “my girlfriend.”

Everyone was staring at them, mouths open, eyes unblinking. Georgia had heard of the expression 'like a stunned mullet', and that was the only way to describe the look on the faces of Zoe's family. Complete and utter shock.

“Your boyfriend has boobs!” Nick gasped and without even thinking about it Georgia found herself looking down her top.
“OH MY GOD, YOU'RE RIGHT!” Georgia exclaimed, looking at Nick in mock surprise. Beside her Zoe giggled, while Nick simply smirked at her.
“So you're a lesbian now darling?” Zoe's grandma, Ida, asked and Zoe laughed quietly.
“No, grandma, I'm not a lesbian, but I am very much in love with this beautiful woman,” Zoe said proudly.
“I don't understand how you can be in love with a woman and not be a lesbian, but I am very happy to hear you are in love,” Zoe's grandma responded, smiling softly at both of them.
“I have to say I am surprised,” Zoe's dad, Bob, said still looking shocked. “But like your gran said, I... I am glad to hear you have met someone who makes you happy,” he added with a faint smile.
“I guess Xavier was right,” Julia sighed and Zoe frowned.
“What do you mean?” Zoe asked and Julia rolled her eyes.
“When you weren't more forthcoming about your new relationship he told me that you were probably seeing another woman,” Julia explained.
“Well I had absolutely no idea,” Sophie admitted and began blushing.
“I know it's a surprise,” Zoe said apologetically.
“I won't pretend it isn't, to be honest it is the last thing I expected you to ever be telling me,” Sophie told Zoe honestly.

For a few moments Georgia wondered if they were about to receive the first negative comment about their relationship, but was relieved when she saw a smile appear on Sophie's face. Georgia gripped Zoe's hand with renewed force as Sophie stood up and walked over to where they were standing.

“It might might take a while for me to get my head around, but I want you to know that I am okay with this,” Sophie stated, directing her comment toward both of them.
“Thanks mum,” Zoe replied and let go of Georgia's hand so she could hug her mum.
“It's nice to meet you, Georgia,” Sophie said shyly to Georgia.
“It's... it's nice to meet you as well, Zo has told me so much about you,” Georgia said equally as shyly.

When Sophie walked back over to the recliner she had been sitting on, Zoe and Georgia sat down on the two seater couch and held hands, waiting for the inevitable questions to come.

“Did you hear that Mary Lewis was cheating on Donald with Michael Davis?” Sophie asked Zoe, eliciting a frown from Zoe.
“No, I didn't hear about that, how awful,” Zoe replied.
“I know, was their daughter that caught them too,” Sophie exclaimed.
“Bet that's a sight she didn't bet on seeing!” Nick commented. “Much like hearing a sound you didn't bet on hearing when arriving at your sister's house!” he added with a smirk.
“Fuck up dick brain,” Zoe ordered, throwing a cushion across the room at him.
“Will you two please stop acting like five year old!” Sophie groaned, but Zoe and Nick couldn't hear her over their laughter.
“Oh Soph, stop being such an uptight bitch,” Ida said loudly and everyone in the room started to laugh.
“Never too old to get told off by your mum, eh mum,” Zoe teased and Sophie rolled her eyes.
“Apparently not!” Sophie laughed.

“Oh, remember that girl Jennifer that was in your class right through school?” Bob asked and Zoe nodded, confusion all over her face. “Well she gave birth to twins last week, very early, they are both going to be in that special baby nursery thing for about three months,” he informed Zoe.
“Poor thing, I heard that she had spent a couple of weeks in hospital but didn't realise she had had the babies,” Zoe replied.
“She was due a week before I am,” Julia commented, rubbing her belly protectively.
“I should do some knitting for her,” Ida remarked and turned to Zoe. “Zo-Bear, are there any wool shops around here?” she asked.
“There are a couple,” Zoe told her, smiling at her gran. “I could take you tomorrow,” she suggested.
“Thanks sweety,” Ida replied, smiling happily.
“I might go with you and stock up on a few needlework supplies, Craft Haven has closed down, so now I have nowhere to get new cottons or anything!” Sophie told Zoe, sounding extremely disappointed.
“Perhaps I will...” Bob started but Zoe cut him off.

“Guys. I just told you that I am in love with a woman, I introduced you to said woman, and what, that's the end of discussion?” Zoe asked and then elaborated “Where are the barrage of questions about how we met, where are the awkward silences? Where are the inappropriate questions? You are all acting like I didn't just tell you some enormously life-changing piece of news!”
“I can ask inappropriate questions if it makes you feel better,” Nick offered and Zoe rolled her eyes at him.
“Knew I could count on you little bro,” Zoe laughed. Zoe was born 2 minutes earlier than Nick, so technically she was his older sister.
“I am sorry darling, but I can see you are happy and that is all I really care about,” Sophie said matter of factly.
“I think what Zoe means is that... we've been very nervous about telling our families, worried about the responses we would get, and now you all know and... well, you aren't acting like it is a big deal and in a way I guess it feels a bit... anti-climactic, or something along those lines,” Georgia addressed the family, feeling surprisingly comfortable, considering minutes earlier she had been seriousy thinking of shimmying down the drainpipe to escape.
“Yea, what she said,” Zoe confirmed, giving Georgia a little wink.

“We are surprised - you could even say we are shocked - but that will pass quickly, and as long as the two of you are happy then who are we to make any judgements about your relationship?” Bob spoke up.
“You'll understand when you have your own kids Zo-Bear,” Sophie told her and then frowned. “I mean, if you have children, you don't HAVE to have children, lots of women choose not to have babies these days and it is just fine, good on them for doing what they want, I am sure that...” she began to ramble and go bright red.
“Mum, I promise you that I will be giving you grandchildren at some point, me and Georgie both want to have kids,” Zoe told her mum reassuringly, Sophie didn't even bother trying to hide her relief.
“Oh thank god for that, I can't wait for more grandchildren!” Sophie declared.
“It is a long term plan,” Zoe stated. They had vaguely touched on the idea of children and had agreed that after they had been together a few years it was something they would very much like to do.

With Zoe's mum reassured that there would be more grandbabies in the future that was the end of the 'meet the parents' experience that both women had been so worried about. There was still one family to go, but the positive reactions from Zoe's family made Georgia feel more confident about the fact they would soon be telling her own family about their relationship. Not telling their parents hadn't been an option because although they had only been together a couple of months, Georgia knew they were going to be together for a very long time. She had never been so in love with someone, nor had she ever felt such a strong connection to another human being, and there was no way she wanted to hide just how blissfully happy she felt. Zoe wasn't some dirty little secret, she was her future, and Georgia wanted everyone to know that.

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