Sunday 9 March 2014

How Georgia met Zoe! (aka, new 'Georgia & Zoe' book published)

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The latest story in the 'Georgia & Zoe' series has now been published!

'Zoe: Bared' is where it all begins, the story of how Georgia and Zoe meet, and how exactly they go from being artist and subject, to lovers.

Because the book is free to download off Smashwords, I won't bother with a PDF for the story, but you can download 'Zoe: Bared' here!

Or... of course... you can read the story right here, right now!

Zoe: Bared

Georgia felt nervous as she heard the knock on the door. She was about to do the craziest thing she had ever done, and wasn't sure if she was quite prepared for it.

A week earlier she had been talking to a photographer friend, complaining about her lack of money, and the general mundaneness of her life. Josiah had informed her that an arty acquaintance of his was looking for someone to pose nude for a piece for an erotic art exhibition, and because he knew she had posed nude several times before, he thought it might be a way for her to earn a few extra dollars. Georgia had got the artist's email address from Josiah and contacted her as soon as she'd got home.

Georgia had explained in her initial email that she had posed nude before and was comfortable being naked. It had given her a thrill when the artist, Zoe, had replied almost immediately, but she hadn't expected the contents of Zoe's reply. Essentially, Zoe had explained, she was entering a piece in an exhibition, the subject of which was erotic art. This, Georgia knew. What had come as a surprise was Zoe adding that the theme she was focusing on was orgasm, more particularly, the look of orgasm.

What Zoe wanted wasn't someone to merely pose nude for her. No. She wanted a woman to work herself to orgasm, while she photographed and recorded the orgasmic response of the subject. The photographs and video would be used by Zoe to capture the moment orgasm hit, and the final product would be in the form of a drawing. The photos and recorded material would be destroyed after the piece was finished, or would be given to the subject, if they wished.

Had it been a man wanting her to perform in such a way, Georgia would have said no, but something about Zoe made Georgia feel relaxed, and almost excited by the idea. She had always been comfortable with her body and her sexuality, to the extent her post graduate work was in the field of human sexuality. Sex was something she loved - both the physical act and the psychology of it - and perhaps Zoe's creative project was something she could learn from.

With that in mind, and because she liked the general idea, Georgia had offered to be Zoe's subject. Georgia had felt an immediate connection to Zoe, even though they had only shared a few emails, and had quickly found herself getting excited about her next foray into the art world. She was so confident that when Zoe had asked if she wanted to meet her first, Georgia had said no, and told her she would be happy to meet when they had their session.

And that night had arrived.

Per their agreement, Zoe arrived at Georgia's house, at 7.30pm. Though she had been confident in the build up, hearing the soft knock on the door made her feel nervous. She was about to masturbate in front of a complete stranger, while said stranger studied her and took photographs. Was she crazy? Georgia took a deep breath as she opened the door, but when she saw Zoe standing there, all her doubts disappeared. Something about Zoe made Georgia feel safe, and relaxed... they hadn't even spoken a word yet.

"Hi, I am Zoe," Zoe introduced herself, and held her hand out ot Georgia. Immediately Georgia noticed the bright red nailpolish on Zoe's nails, almost the same shade as the polish on her own nails!

"I am Georgia," Georga told her, feeling a little giddy.

"Thank you so much for doing this," Zoe exclaimed as they shook hands.

"My pleasure," Georgia replied, and then laughed loudly when she realised what she had said. "Quite literally, I hope!" she joked, still laughing. "Come on in."

Georgia led Zoe into the lounge and they sat down across from each other on recliners.

"Where would you like to do this?" Zoe questioned, smiling softly.

"I thought perhaps the bedroom," Georgia suggested.

"Good idea, especially if it is where you are most comfortable doing it," Zoe said, a glint in her eyes as she referred to the act of masturbation.

"Bed, bath, kitchen table," Georgia replied good-naturedly, but not joking.

"The good old bath, eh," Zoe joked, and the women both laughed.

"I don't think there is a room I haven't done it in," Georgia commented, finding it weird that she felt so comfortable talking about masturbation with a complete stranger.

"Now, do you need any time to prepare?" Zoe asked, and Georgia shook her head, no.

"I have lots of erotic fiction on my room, they always get me going," Georgia told Zoe, and then stood up. "Um, shall we go through?" she asked. Zoe stood up.

"Yes, let's get this show on the road," Zoe exclaimed, excitedly.

Zoe followed Georgia into her bedroom, then set her gear down on the floor. As she knelt down to open the bags, Georgia climbed onto her bed and lay down. Watching Zoe, she was struck by how beautiful she was. Her hourglass figure was the shape most women could only dream of, and her breasts were noticably perky, and very plump looking - the type of breasts men would drool over - even she was finding it hard not to stare. Nipples were easy to see beneath the v-neck long sleeved t-shirt Zoe was wearing, and for the first time Georgia found herself wondering what another woman's nipples would feel like. She could tell they were very hard, and the thought caused the tell-tale tingle of arousal between her legs.

Zoe looked up at her and smiled, something about the smile caused a little flutter in Georgia's heart, and that giddy feeling came back. When Zoe had all her gear set up she stood up and smiled again.

"You can keep your robe on for this if that makes you more comfortable," Zoe offered.

"No, I want to help as best as I can, if me being naked helps you do the best work possible, then that is what I will do," Georgia replied confidently.

"When you are ready, strip off, and then just go about your usual routine. If you decide against the video recording at any stage, just tell me," Zoe said, in a very business-like manner.

Georgia stood up off her bed and undid the belt of her robe, then let it fall from her arms, onto the floor. Standing naked before Zoe felt a lot different than the times she had posed for various art classes. Being naked for Zoe felt almost intimate, like there was emotion attached that wasn't usually there. Zoe smiled at her.

"I love your tattoos!" Zoe exclaimed, and Georgia looked down at the numerous tattoos which adorned her skin. Each had meaning, each was symbolic to a particular stage in her life.

"I am addicted," Georgia confessed, and then laughed when Zoe pulled up the sleeves of her top, revealing two full-sleeve tattoos.

"So am I," Zoe said with a wink.

"I am jealous, I would love one full sleeve, let alone two!" Georgia sighed wishfully.

"Perhaps we can chat about tatts after we are done here," Zoe suggested and Georgia nodded.

"That would be great!" Georgia agreed, as she sat back down on her bed.

Looking at Zoe's tattoos, Georgia didn't only feel envy, she also felt more than a little turned on, therefore, it felt natural to begin stroking one of her nipples, as she lay back on the bed. Georgia moved her free hand up to her other nipple and gently rolled it between her fingertips, letting out a soft moan of deligh as she applied a little more pressure with her fingers. Soon, she started doing the same to the other nipple, and her moans became a little louder, the tingling between her legs becoming very noticeable.

Georgia was aware of Zoe taking photos, but it didn't bother her, or take her mind off what she was meant to be doing. Maybe that was because she had always had a fantasy of being watched... and in a small way, the fantasy was coming true. There was no way she would confess that to Zoe, as she would hate Zoe to think that she had only agreed to be her subject to live out a perverted fantasy.

Georgia had started squeezing her nipples and found that the harder she squeezed them, the stronger the urge to spread her legs became. Her pussy was starting to swell and the need to slip a finger between her wet lips was becoming more intense. When her legs parted of their own accord Georgia heard what sounded like a quiet whimper from Zoe. Georgia understood it though, it was hard not to respond when witnessing a sexual act, whether it was on TV, in a movie, a book, a magazine... or in real life.

With her legs spread, Georgia drifted one hand down her body, stopping when it was positioned lightly on her pubes. Georgia crept her hand forward and ran her finger lightly over her clit, letting out a heated sigh at the contact. She rubbed her finger back and forward over her clit a few times, before gliding her finger down her slit, and finally dipping it inside her hole.

Georgia moaned loudly as she slipped her finger as deeply inside herself as she could manage. She moved the finger slowly, groaning as she brushed over a couple of very sensitive spots, which made her instantly wetter. The walls of her pussy began to throb and suddenly one finger just wasn't enough.

Georgia briefly withdrew her finger from her swollen wetness, then slid two fingers in, shuddering as they rubbed against a particularly magical spot. Her fingers were slick with her juices, and slid almost too easily in and out, so she added a third finger, crying out as the increased width stretched her hole and the swollen walls of her cunt. As she moved her fingers faster, her moans became louder, the increased friction quickly making an impact.

It was only then that Georgia noticed Zoe was closer to the bed and was looking at her with an intense expression. The camera was positioned on a tripod, and as Zoe clicked the button, over and over, her eyes didn't once deviate from Georgia's body... or more specifically, Georgia's hand. Georgia could tell Zoe was breathing faster than usual, but she wasn't put off by the fact.

Knowing that Zoe was watching her so intently and was clearly being affected by what she was seeing made Georgia feel empowered. She liked that the simple act of seeing her masturbating was doing things to Zoe, someone so beautiful and... special. She wasn't sure why, but she knew Zoe was someone special. Someone she should feel blessed to know.

Because she had wanted the experience to last, for both herself and Zoe, it was only when she could feel her orgasm building that Georgia moved her thumb to her clit and started to rub it in steady circles. The addition of the clitoral friction sent things up a notch for Georgia, and as she began crying out loudly, she was aware of Zoe moving closer still. To get a better view of her face, or a better view in general, Georgia wasn't sure, but either way she didn't mind.

Georgia could hear the 'snap-snap-snap' of the camera, but mixed in with the mechanical snapping sound and her own cries of pleasure, Georgia could hear a quiet whimpery, groany sound coming from Zoe's direction.

It wasn't the friction of her thumb against her clit, nor was it the friction of her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy that sent her over the edge. It was the veiled noises of pleasure coming from Zoe. The tormented, raw, sexual whimpers and groans seemed to hit Georgia in the deepest recesses of her cunt, and it was all too much for her.

Her orgasmic scream was loud and long, her body tensing up, her fingers pushing as deep inside as she could physically manage. Then it was her who was whimpering as the orgasm wore off, leaving her breathless and spent, feeling a little out of touch with reality. It was a brilliant feeling.

Georgia smiled at Zoe, who returned her smile, but then Zoe shook her head as if to clear it and her smile was quickly replaced by a look of utter horror.

"Oh god, Georgia, I am so sorry," Zoe exclaimed as she hurriedly disconnected the camera from the tripod.

"Why are you apologising?" Georgia asked, leaning back on her elbows to look at Zoe.

"You probably think this was some pervy scheme to see a gorgeous woman getting off, film her, photograph her, and then run off into the night with less than pure intentions for the footage, and photos," Zoe said, sounding extremely flustered and like she was close to tears.

Georgia could not handle knowing Zoe was so upset, so got out of bed and walked over to where Zoe was taking the video camera off the tripod it was set on. She put a hand on Zoe's arm and when Zoe turned to her Georgia stepped closer to the woman, who really did look terrified, then put her other hand up to Zoe's cheek.

"I don't think that, Zoe. I wish you wouldn't feel embarrassed, because of what happened, it--it was... let's just say that I found that whole experience very stimulating," Georgia said, her voice soft but confident.

"I didn't mean to get turned on... I have done this sort of thing before and never felt horny watching," Zoe promised. "But you... it was different. I felt it the first time you emailed me," she added. "Christ, this is so unprofessional," she uttered, but didn't move away from Georgia.

Georgia knew only one way to prove to Zoe that she wasn't offended or creeped out. Moving to her tip toes, she leaned forward slowly, and ever so gently, grazed her lips against Zoe's. When Zoe didn't push her away, Georgia cupped Zoe's face in her hands and kissed her again. This time the kiss wasn't brief, or one-sided. As their lips moved together, Georgia sighed happily, and stepped even closer to Zoe. When they were pressing together, Georgia felt Zoe's hands on her hips, her fingertips felt hot against her skin, but soft... gentle.

"Please lie down with me," Georgia whispered.

"I've never done this before... you know, a woman," Zoe whispered in response, sounding very vulnerable.

"I haven't either," Georgia replied and knew she probably sounded just as shy and vulnerable as Zoe had.

Georgia slipped her hands inside Zoe's and they walked over to the bed. Before climbing into the bed, Georgia turned to Zoe and ran her hands up and down the other woman's sides, fisting the hem of Zoe's top with her fingers. Slowly, she began lifting the top, waiting for any hesitation on Zoe's part. She lifted the top up and over Zoe's head, and cast it aside on the floor. Next she moved her hands to the waist of Zoe's jeans, giggling quietly to herself when Zoe gave her a broad, permissive smile.

This was really happening.

With Zoe's pants in a pile on the floor, Georgia got in the bed and moved over to make room for Zoe. Nothing prepared Georgia for the moment Zoe moved her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. Georgia watched as Zoe's lacy black bra dropped to the floor, then let out a shaky sigh as she took in the wonderous sight of Zoe's breasts.

"Wow," Georgia whispered, unable to take her eyes off the spectacular breasts in front of her.

Zoe bit her lip and then hooked her fingers into the band of her matching black lace panties then slowly pulled them down, stepping out of them when they fell to the floor. Zoe stood before her, naked and beautiful. As far as Georgia was concerned, Zoe was the epitomy of womanly perfection. The tattoos that covered her body only added to that perfection, in her eyes anyway.

Zoe slipped in betwen the sheets, then rolled onto her side so she could face Georgia. The women moved closer, until there were only centimeters between them. Georgia could feel the warmth coming from Zoe's body and found herself wondering how warm Zoe's pussy would feel against her fingers. She tried to rid the thought from her mind, but when Zoe leaned in and kissed her, the thought grew more persistent.

The only thing going through her mind were the words 'touch her, touch her, touch her', so, powerless to stop herself, Georgia moved her hand from where it was resting on Zoe's hip, inward, desperately seeking that wet heat. Georgia was surprised when Zoe opened her legs to her, looking at her pleadingly, as if she wanted to be touched just as much as Georgia wanted to touch her. The moment Georgia felt Zoe's juices on her fingers, she knew there was no way she would be able to stop herself. When Zoe pressed down on her hand, Georgia realised that Zoe didn't want her to stop either.

Georgia groaned as she pressed her finger into Zoe's slit and ran it down to her hole. As she moved it back up to her clit, Georgia was amazed by just how wet Zoe was. She had never fingered another woman before, but she knew she would easily be able to slide five fingers inside Zoe's sopping wet pussy. She had absolutely no problem with one finger, and after moving it in and out a few times, Georgia felt the need to add another finger. Zoe bucked her hips against Georgia's hand and moaned loudly, then bucked her hips again, harder, and let out a frustrated whimper. Though she had never done it before, Georgia knew Zoe needed more, so she added another two fingers.

Zoe immediately moaned loudly and began clawing at the bottom sheet, her hips moving in time with Georgia's hand. The moans became louder again and as Georgia began to pump her fingers in and out of Zoe's pussy, she realised that Zoe needed more... and by 'more' she knew that Zoe had to cum, and quickly. Every instinct in her body screamed 'tongue!', 'oral!', 'eat her!', and even though she was clueless about going down on a woman, that is exactly what Georgia decided she had to do.

Georgia kissed Zoe and when she ran her tongue along Zoe's top lip, Zoe shuddered, then rolled onto her back, while bucking her hips wildly. Georgia knew that for herself, a tongue being run along her top lip made her pussy clench and made her ache in want of the feeling of a tongue against her pussy. Perhaps it was the same for Zoe?

Taking a breath, Georgia began to kiss her way down Zoe's body, skipping her nipples, because she wanted to explore those later. She kissed down over Zoe's abdomen, past her belly button, lower and lower, until she was settled between Zoe's splayed legs.

"Are you warm enough?" Georgia asked. She had pushed the sheets off her as she had moved down in the bed, and hated to think that Zoe might be cold.

"I am fantastic," Zoe informed her, and Georgia laughed quietly. Good.

Georgia felt shy as she moved forward slightly until she was so close to Zoe's pussy that she could smell the light, musky fragrance of her arousal. The scent was intoxicating, and without even thinking about it, Georgia licked slowly from Zoe's hole to her clit then stopped for a brief moment to enjoy the taste of Zoe on her tongue. Georgia moved her hands to Zoe's pussy and carefully spread her lips apart, then leaned in and began licking again. Zoe cried out loudly with each slow lick Georgia made, and when Zoe put her hand on the back of Georgia's head and lightly pressed down on it Georgia began to lick faster. After another few full-length licks, Georgia decided to focus on Zoe's clit.

Zoe's cries instantly became louder, and rather than gripping onto the bottom sheet, she held tightly to Georgia's forearm. As Georgia used more pressure, Zoe's nails began to dig deeper... and deeper... and deeper. Georgia focused on licking faster and when Zoe started to cry out in a high pitched manner, Georgia wondered if she was getting close to orgasm. Georgia kept her tongue steady and could feel the tension growing in Zoe's thighs. Zoe's hips began to lift off the bed and all of a sudden a loud scream tore from Zoe as her orgasm hit. Georgia concentrated on keeping her tongue steady until Zoe went quiet, then she lessened the pressure on Zoe's clit and finally broke the contact altogether. Georgia climbed back up the bed, pulling the blankets up with her. She smiled down at Zoe, who had a dazed, but happy look on her face. Georgia smiled as Zoe made her way into her arms and placed a lazy kiss on Georgia's shoulder.

"Perhaps in the morning we can explore each other's tattoos," Zoe suggested, her voice a sleepy mumble.

"We have a lot of exploring to do," Georgia replied, and both women giggled.

"My turn to explore next," Zoe said, so quietly Georgia could only just hear her.

Zoe punctuated her last comment by taking one of Georgia's nipples between her lips and gently sucking on it, for the briefest period of time. Rather than feeling like Zoe had been teasing her with the cheeky nipple suck, Georgia knew it was a promise of what was to come.

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