Sunday 23 February 2014

'Georgia: Restrained' is now on Smashwords!

I was looking at the stats for my blog and realised that one of my first posts, entitled 'Restrained', is my most popular post.  I thought more about it and realised that if I wanted to, I could be brave and self-publish the story on Smashwords (a free e-book self publishing website).

But... publishing a work, that is something that other writers do.  Writers that are awesome, and have a story (or 50) to share.  Not me... not the woman sitting in front of the computer, wearing her pyjamas, her hair a complete mess, a cold cup of coffee at her side.  Then I thought about my end of 2013 resolution, to embrace this side of me, to be loud and proud about the fact I write erotica, to try and get my name out there.

With that in mind I decided that I had to man up, bite the bullet, seize the day (or any number of similar cliché sayings), and JUST DO IT.  (yes, I know, another cliché)

So I did it.  I very nervously added a title page and a copyright notice, then even more nervously uploaded my file.  I sat and looked at it for a few minutes, and then bravely clicked on 'submit'.

Suddenly my book was there, for all to see.  Published.  Yes, self-published, but published all the same.  It was late at night when I published my book, and I decided that the following day I would put a link on my Facebook page, and on my Twitter account.  Feeling like I had achieved something, I went to bed and quickly fell asleep.

The following morning when I got up, I decided to go to my Smashwords page so I could get a link to put on my social media pages.  You cannot imagine my shock when I saw my book had already been uploaded 45 times.

NO ONE I knew had a link to my book.  NO ONE.  That meant that those 45 downloads were all legit downloads.  People who saw the synopsis for my book (and probably that it was free!), and decided they would download it.  I had never felt more proud of myself, as far as my writing goes!

I felt it was only right to post a link here, in case any of you would like to download the story as a REAL ebook!  Did I mention it is free?

'Georgia: Restrained' - Bree Guildford

I wasn't originally going to give it a proper cover, but the big red warning that kept showing up on my dashboard, screaming 'YOU DON'T HAVE A TITLE PAGE' got too much for me, so I went ahead and did it...

I am now planning on turning this story into a series, the 'Georgia and Zoe' series, which will focus on (as the name suggests), Georgia and Zoe!  Book two of the series is called 'Zoe:  The Wake Up Call'... and I will be sure to post it here as soon as it is posted... I mean, PUBLISHED!

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  1. Woo-hoo! Love the cover, and love the story even more. Smashwords has been very exciting and I'm so happy that you're up there! Also, thanks for inspiring me to also bite that bullet. ;)