Thursday 2 January 2014

Flatmates (excerpt 1) ~ a new story for the new year!

Well, 2014 is here!  I don't know about everyone else, but 2013 seemed to just fly by for me... probably because it was a year of such huge changes for me.  I moved to a new city, I got married, I started my degree... it was a busy, slightly crazy year, but an amazing one all the same!

I promised this excerpt a few days ago, but as often happens at this time of year things got a bit crazy and I didn't get around to it, but everything is ready to go now!

This story is one that is currently under construction and has been for some time.  My intention when writing it was for the first sex scene to be THE story... a short and sweet, written in one hour type of deal.  After writing this first scene I became inspired to write 'just one more scene', which as you may suspect led to another 'just one more scene' and another and another and another.  It quickly turned into a full blown story.

'Flatmates' (as I am unofficially calling it) is a story about two flatmates - Elle & Carter - and what happens when they FINALLY give in to the months of sexual tension that have been building between them.

I plan to post up the next few pages of this soon, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are the first few pages of 'Flatmates', and as with my previous excerpts, I have added a link if you would like to download the story as a PDF
Flatmates (excerpt 1) - Bree Guildford

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'Flatmates' (unofficial title) - excerpt 1

Kaylee and Elle had been friends for as long as they could remember; after school they had moved in together and transitioned into their post-high school lives. They had been through all the shitty times together, as well as all of the good times, and had always been there for each other no matter what was going on. Boys had come and gone, men had come and gone – but their friendship always stayed rock solid and they both considered themselves extremely lucky to have that constant support system.

None of that changed when Kaylee had met Sebastian – Sebastian had understood how close Elle and Kaylee were – and there had never seemed to be any of the tension between the boyfriend & the best friend, like there often was. Sebastian was happy to let Kaylee do her thing with Elle, and Elle felt the same as far as Kaylee seeing Sebastian went. All that had changed, really, was that Kaylee had fallen madly in love, something that in turn had made Elle very happy. A few months later Kaylee and Sebastian had gotten engaged and then, four months after that, they had gotten married. Elle, of course, had been the boss bridesmaid and had had a lot of fun helping Kaylee prepare for the wedding.

Kaylee and Sebastian getting married had however meant that Elle and Kaylee's days of living together were over. As it was, their landlord had put the house on the market a few weeks before the wedding, so they would have had to find a new place anyway. Elle had been a bit sad about leaving, but it had felt kind of fitting for that chapter of their lives to close and the next chapter to begin for both of them, in brand new surroundings. But it had turned out that Elle hadn't needed to move anywhere. Two weeks before the wedding Sebastian had come over to pick Kaylee up for the weekend and he had told Elle he wanted to talk with her. Sebastian had informed her that he and Kaylee had talked about it and they had decided to buy the house that the girls had been living in, and that if Elle wanted to stay on as a tenant, she was more than welcome to. Elle had agreed straight away – she hated moving and hated dealing with new landlords. It had been the perfect solution.

The only problem Elle had was that there was no way she could comfortably afford to pay the rent on her own. Kaylee had offered to keep paying rent until Elle found someone else, but Elle had felt that was going above and beyond and she had told Kaylee not to even think about it... she just wouldn't go for coffee 50,000 times a week, or buy all her trashy magazines she just HAD to buy each week (and never read). Again Sebastian had saved the day by telling Elle that there was a guy on his team who was looking for a new place, because his flatmate was moving his girlfriend in. Elle had told Sebastian it sounded like a good solution for both of them and then couldn't help but giggle when he told her it was Carter who was needing a new place. Kaylee had winked at Elle and Sebastian had looked at them curiously. Kaylee had explained that Elle was rather keen on Carter; this of course had caused Elle to blush and try to explain that she merely thought he was an exciting player.

The wedding had been perfect, Kaylee had looked stunning, and Sebastian had looked very handsome. They had gone on their honeymoon for two weeks right after the wedding and Elle had known she'd miss Kaylee terribly, but she had also been very excited for her best friend. She would at least have someone to keep her company while Kaylee was away, because Carter was due to move in the day after the wedding.

From the moment Carter had moved in he and Elle had got on extremely well. She'd been worried that it might be a little awkward, but it never had been. They seemed to have the same sense of humour, and were both pretty laid back. They had similar tastes in music, and liked the same TV shows and certain movies... their friendship had developed very naturally, and they'd quickly become close friends.

A few months after Carter had moved in the flirting had started. Nothing too serious, just little looks and comments, and teasing... LOTS of teasing. They had become almost TOO comfortable with each other and would often find themselves talking about sex in some way or another. Carter had told her about an ex of his who'd had certain weird fetishes, Elle had told him about an ex of hers who had been particularly... untalented when it came to the bedroom. Every now and then they would share a few beers, something which guaranteed sex talk. It got to the stage that Elle knew it would only take one very drunken night for them to fall into bed with each other.

She couldn't deny that she found him attractive. His muscles were to die for and she'd often found it hard not to stare, especially when he was walking around with a top off. On the flip side though, she had caught him looking at her a LOT, particularly her boobs, so it wasn't as if the perving was one sided.. In what was an obvious case of intentional teasing, they both tended to flaunt their 'assets' around each other. Elle would found herself starting to wear nothing but low cut tops and Carter would always seem to find a reason to walk around without a top on. Had they not been living together Elle knew they'd have wound up in bed... probably over and over and over, but she knew that if they started sleeping together it would inevitably end up making things awkward between them, and that wasn't something she wanted. It wasn't just because they lived under the same roof, but also because she knew it would wind up ruining their friendship. The flirting had continued until one day when EVERYTHING changed between them.


Carter took her by surprise as she was leaving the room, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her gently back towards him.

“Where do you think you're going?” he asked her, his hand still firmly on her wrist. She bit her lip. Standing in such close proximity to him she couldn't help but notice how good he smelled... or just how biteable his neck looked. She blinked hard to try and stop the thoughts from continuing, but to no avail.
“You wanted me to show you where the DVDs were.... that's what I did... now I'm going back out to the lounge....” she replied, trying to not make eye contact with him. His eyes put her in a trance-like state and would make her putty in his hands... quite literally.
“I seem to remember you telling me you'd show me where they were, even though I'd only asked you to tell me...” he replied, giving her a rather smoldering look. A look that made her whimper internally.
“You would have had a man look, hence why I showed you instead,” Elle retorted, trying again to not focus on his neck... or on the snug fit of his top around his arms and shoulders. He turned ever so slightly and she turned with him, ending up with her back toward the wall. He stepped in towards her, one hand planted on either side of her head, and she had no choice but to lean back against the wall. He raised an eyebrow at her.
“It's almost as if you wanted to be alone in this bedroom with me,” he commented again, stepping closer to her and leaving very little space between them. She could feel her resolve very quickly slipping away.

Carter pressed up against her making sure his hips were pressing nice and firmly against hers. She whimpered at the contact then gasped when he bent his head down and bit softly into the crook of her neck. She knew she should leave right then, flee, escape.. but something kept her rooted to the spot and as his mouth moved up her neck she couldn't help but let out a little moan... and she knew that with that, she was in trouble.

He pulled his top up over his head and cast it aside. Again he leaned forward to nibble at her neck, and when she let out another moan he moved back a tiny bit and undid his pants, pulling them down slightly. She couldn't help but look down and gasped when she saw his cock. Any thought of escaping while she could completely left her mind and she realised she had finally succumbed to his..... well, whatever it was about him that attracted her to him so powerfully. He continued working her neck with his mouth, causing a rather intense stirring between her legs and her hands instinctively went up to his shoulders. She whimpered as her hands made the first contact with his warm skin, and as he bit into her neck again she impulsively dug her nails into his broad shoulders.

When his mouth moved up her neck and he gently nibbled on one of her earlobes, she moaned loudly and could feel her pussy starting to throb. Leaving the room certainly was the last thing on her mind and all she wanted now was to feel him inside her. It had been a long time coming. They had been tip-toeing around it for months, the innocent flirting, all the sexual innuendo... realistically she'd known it would happen eventually, and admittedly she'd imagined it a lot. Not that she'd confess that to him.

She was caught off guard when he moved his hands down her back and cupped her bottom in his hands. He lifted her up and pressed her up against the wall and her legs automatically wrapped tightly around his waist. She felt his cock brushing against her hole and blushed when she remembered she had no panties on. He gave her a charged look that suggested he was rather glad she'd decided to go pantiless that day, and that she had chosen to wear a skirt. In one quick movement he pulled her down on him, his cock sliding easily into her pussy. When he was all the way inside her they stopped and stared at each other, their eyes wide and full of lust and desire...

He began to move his hips, thrusting slowly in and out of her sopping pussy. She couldn't believe how good he felt inside her, or the way that his cock hit all the right spots on the way in and the way out. Her pussy was throbbing, her clit pulsating, and as he started thrusting harder and faster she began gasping for air, her fingernails digging into his shoulders. Unable to control the sounds she was making, she began to cry out loudly, the head of his cock hitting the back of her pussy with every stroke, sending jolts of pleasure through her entire body. Any other time it probably would have hurt, but there was so much sexual tension between them that they both got carried away very quickly.

He groaned as he pounded her pussy, she wasn't sure if she'd ever felt a cock hitting so deep inside her. She tigtened her legs again and took him even deeper inside. Because she was hard up against the wall and couldn't move at all her pussy was taking the full brunt of each of his hard, almost forceful thrusts. It was an amazing feeling, better than anything she had experienced before. Her cries of pleasure could no doubt be heard by anyone within a 10km radius of the house, but she didn't give a damn because she hadn't been fucked like that for years.

The constant friction and pressure against her clit made it throb intensely and each time he made one of his powerful thrusts the throb only intensified. It felt to her as if her pussy was on fire, there was so much pressure building deep inside that it was almost uncomfortable, in the most glorious of ways. When he bit her firmly on the neck she screamed out and tightened her legs around his waist, managing to somehow allow him to hit deeper, and her fingernails dug even harder into his shoulders, as if she was using her nails to cling on for dear life.

He sped up his thrusts and she noticed her pleasure filled cries and moans were being matched by his own loud moans and groans of desire. Hers were getting more high pitched and his were getting deeper... she could tell that they were both getting very close to the limit of what they could handle. The months of sexual tension between them were finally being released in a very fast and furious manner. Her pussy began clenching wildly at his cock and at the same time she felt her entire pelvic region contracting tightly and with a couple more perfectly timed thrusts, her orgasm burst free. Her fingernails digging deeply, her thighs tightly squeezing his waist, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock, over and over and over and over. Before she had a chance to ride out her orgasm she felt his entire body go rigid against her and he came with a loud groan, pushing into her with all of his bodyweight, his cock pulsing inside her, the warm burst of his cum obvious from inside her.

They remained as they were, both breathing heavily, both utterly spent. They stared at each other again, this time grinning at each other giddily as they both thought about what had just happened. Still supporting her, he took two steps backward and sat down carefully on the edge of the bed, slowly lying backward. She rolled off him and lay beside him, still trying to catch her breath properly, trying to get her head around what had just happened. And how it had happened. And how fucking mindblowing it had been.

“Worth the wait??” he asked, when his breathing had started returning to normal
“Worth the wait...” she confirmed, and they both laughed.