Saturday 21 December 2013

'Restrained' - a short story

Here goes nothing!  I am excited (and more than a little nervous) to share a little piece of my writing with you!  The following story is one of the first I wrote and was originally part of a longer story which I may revisit and finish.

'Restrained' is a story about two women and what happens when the naughty thoughts of one become a rather pleasurable reality.

The story can be downloaded as a PDF file (free of charge) from this link: Restrained - Bree Guildford
*to download the PDF, click on the downward pointing arrow on the top left of the document

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As the final restraint was attached to the headboard, Georgia let out a moan of anticipation and bit her lip. She had no idea what had come over her earlier. She had been sitting, minding her own business, when her brain started to go very naughty places... places involving restraints, biting, and pounding, frantic, rough sex, of the brain exploding kind. Her girlfriend knew her well enough to know something was on her mind and managed to coax it out of her. The moment Georgia had explained exactly what it was she was thinking, Zoe had stood up – pulled her off the couch – and led her toward their bedroom.

There had been none of the usual nice, slow kissing, no undressing each other, before lying down together and letting their bodies take over. No. This time Zoe took charge, pulling Georgia's top up and over her head and tossing it on the floor, then she undid and removed her bra, before pushing her down on the bed in a particularly rough manner. Zoe then took no time in removing Georgia's pants and underwear, tossing them onto the floor behind her. Georgia lay still on the bed – her heart was racing – she was very turned on by the way Zoe had immediately taken on the more dominant role.

Zoe didn't say a word to her as she pulled four scarves out of their 'drawer of kink', then walked down to the bottom of the bed and putting a hand on each of Georgia's ankles and spread her legs. She shot Georgia a look that caused her to whimper and realise she was in trouble. The best type of trouble known to man – or in this case - woman. Kneeling on the floor at the bottom of the bed, Zoe took one of the scarves and tied it securely around one of Georgia's ankles then did the same with another scarf on her other ankle. After kissing her way up the inside of Georgia's left leg – and then down the inside of her right leg - Zoe tied the scarf attached to Georgia's left ankle to the left side of the footboard and did the same with the right ankle and the right side of the footboard.

Very early on in their relationship Georgia had realised she enjoyed being restrained by Zoe. It had started with Zoe innocently holding one of Georgia's wrists tightly when trying to stop her touching her own nipples one night. Things had escalated and Zoe had begun using her hands to restrain Georgia's arms while teasing her nipples with her mouth. Before long they had invested in some rather pretty scarves, bought with the sole intention of tying Georgia up in bed. Usually they were playful with the tying up, there was always a good amount of slack in the restraints, allowing Georgia to move a little... but this time Zoe meant business and had done Georgia up so tightly that there was a delicious little pull in each of her shoulders and in both of her hips. There was no way she was escaping whatever it was Zoe had in store for her.

When Zoe got off the bed and walked around to the top of the bed Georgia whimpered loudly. She looked at the scarf in Zoe's hand and bit her lip as the scarf was tied around her wrist and then to the headboard. By the time Zoe walked around to the other side of the bed and tied her other wrist Georgia could feel her clit pulsating and an odd pressure inside her pussy. She couldn't believe how turned on she had become without Zoe touching her sexually.

As Zoe slowly stripped off in front of her, Georgia again whimpered in anticipation. Her rather intense thoughts before had come as a surprise and to now be lying on their bed, spreadeagled and restrained, it was like one of her most wicked fantasies that she'd had no idea about was coming true. She knew she was wet – there was absolutely no denying the warm, moist feeling between her legs– and she had a feeling that by the time Zoe was done, she would be a hot, sopping mess.

Zoe knelt on all fours between Georgia's legs. Dipping her head slowly, she ran her tongue up Georgia's slit then made a show of licking her lips. Georgia moaned in anticipation of Zoe's tongue again making contact with her wetness and was a little disappointed when Zoe began crawling up her body instead, stopping with one leg on either side of her hips, staring intensely at her. Zoe said nothing to her, she didn't even smile. It was very unlike their usual foreplay routine and something about that turned Georgia on greatly. She whimpered loudly as she impatiently waited for Zoe's next move.

For what felt like hours, Zoe hovered above her, not breaking the eye contact for one second. Eventually she moved her head slowly down toward Georgia and kissed her so hard that it made Georgia gasp. Zoe's lips were pressed firmly against Georgia's, and as Zoe's tongue nudged at her lips, Georgia opened her mouth slightly, allowing Zoe to brush her tongue against her own, over and over and over, before pushing it in deeper. Their tongues tangled and they began to hungrily kiss each other, the eye contact being maintained the entire time. Zoe caught Georgia's bottom lip between her teeth and then tugged on her lip, causing an almighty clench deep inside Georgia's pussy and a loud cry of pleasure to escape from her lips.

When Zoe pulled back Georgia was left gasping. The kiss had left her breathless and badly wanting more. As Zoe slowly moved her head back down toward her, Georgia pursed her lips in anticipation of another mindblowing kiss but instead Zoe bypassed her mouth, her lips landing on Georgia's jawbone instead. As Zoe began to nibble toward her ear, Georgia moaned loudly. It was a moan of both delight and desire, and when Zoe's lips made contact with her earlobe Georgia let out another loud cry and at the same time could feel her eyes rolling back into her head. Her automatic response was to move a hand to the back of Zoe's head to hold her mouth against her neck area, but the jolt that resonated through her shoulder, arm and wrist when she tried to move quickly reminded Georgia of the fact she was restrained... and that Zoe had full control over her.

Georgia felt her insides melt as Zoe moved on from her ear and began to gently bite her way down her neck. Without realising it Georgia began to hold her breath as she waited for the moment Zoe's mouth would make contact with the crook of her neck – easily the most erogenous zone on her entire body. As Zoe ran her tongue across the crook of her neck, Georgia gasped and then moaned, wishing she could touch Zoe in some way but that was very much an impossibility. Zoe bit her way across to the tip of her shoulder and then began to kiss back in toward her neck. The biting was an intoxicating combination of pleasure mixed with pain, and all Georgia could do was whimper and bite her lip in the hope that Zoe would cave and begin biting her harder.

After biting across the front of Georgia's throat, Zoe did the same to the other shoulder, biting along to the tip, before coming back to the crook of her neck, and around the base of her throat. Georgia was starting to feel very flustered and almost frustrated, and had she had her hands free, she could have held Zoe's mouth against her neck to signal she wanted her to bite down harder. But she was completely helpless. As Zoe started to bite her way across her shoulder again, Georgia let out a whimpery, flustered sigh and opened her mouth to beg Zoe to bite her.

But Zoe got to it first, out of nowhere biting down hard on the crook of her neck, causing Georgia to moan loudly and buck her hips (as much as she could, anyway). The biting continued at such an intensity that it was almost overwhelming. Overwhelming but so damn good. The fact that she could hardly move meant that all her senses were going into overdrive and every part of her body seemed about 50 times more sensitive than usual. Georgia vaguely wondered if perhaps it would be too much for her and that maybe she should ask Zoe to stop, but as Zoe switched to the other side of her neck and bit down just as hard, she realised that there was no way in hell she was going to ask for her to stop.

Georgia really had no idea how long Zoe was biting her neck and shoulders, the sensations so intense that she became oblivious to her surroundings and was only aware of the biting and the deep throb between her legs. Without even thinking about it, Georgia began to fight the restraints, wanting so badly to touch Zoe. The pain caused whenever she tried to fight the restraints was surprisingly arousing and she had no doubt that under normal circumstances the pain would be unbearable but in the current context the pain was having just the opposite effect.

Georgia cried out in shock when suddenly it was her nipples at the mercy of Zoe's mouth and teeth, her clit pulsating each time Zoe clamped a nipple between her teeth and tugged on it, hard enough to make her cry out, but at the same time careful enough that the pleasure caused far outweighed the pain. Zoe alternated between sucking and tugging on the nipples with her teeth, somehow knowing instinctively when to change it up, to keep the pleasure at its peak. While she worked one nipple with her mouth or teeth, she had the other nipple between her fingers, rubbing, tweaking and squeezing it. As with her mouth and teeth, with her fingers she seemed to instinctively know when to change what she was doing before Georgia got used to the sensation and the pleasure levelled off.

Georgia could feel herself getting wetter with each passing minut and she could feel the sheet beneath her was starting to get damp. While she loved Zoe attacking her nipples the way she was, as the minutes passed and she became more and more turned on, the frustration she felt at not being able to touch Zoe grew and grew, and her pussy began to literally ache. She NEEDED to be touched there... she NEEDED that release.

It was very obvious to Georgia that Zoe understood just how flustered she was beginning to feel and that she was using that understanding to prolong things even further. The relentless tugging, nibbling, sucking, squeezing, tweaking and rubbing of her nipples was fast getting Georgia to the point that her cries were almost more related to frustration than pleasure. Zoe had brought her to that very stage numerous times but usually Georgia had full use of her arms and legs to try and show Zoe exactly how frustrated she was. Being able to dig her nails into Zoe's shoulders or hips helped to keep the crazed feeling at bay – but with no use of her arms and legs, there was no outlet for the frustration, for the crazed feeling. It was quite possibly one of the most wicked, terrible, pleasurable feelings in the world.

Georgia was so focused on the sensations the nipple play was causing that she didn't realise when Zoe moved one hand down to her pussy. The moment she felt one lone finger running up her slit, Georgia let out a loud moan of pleasure... and relief. Zoe slowly ran her finger up and down Georgia's slit and the frustration she had been feeling slowly started to go away. To an extent. But when the touch failed to get harder or faster the frustration Georgia had been feeling began to build again and it surpassed the frustration she had felt up until then. Her pussy felt as if it was on fire, she was literally aching for more – she NEEDED more - more of what, she didn't exactly know. All she really knew was that her pussy was aching to be touched.

Georgia was snapped out of her desperate thoughts by the feeling of something pressing against her hole, then the sensation of being stretched, then something hitting against the back wall of her pussy. Crying out loudly, Georgia looked down to where Zoe was lying between her legs and glimpsed the big pink vibrator that Zoe was grasping in her fist. When Zoe slammed the vibrator deep inside her again Georgia cried out so loud that it was more a scream. It was the most exquisite, welcome feeling and it caused her to see stars. Again Zoe moved the vibrator forcefully inside her, and again Georgia screamed. It wasn't pain in the usual sense... it was somehow converted into the most amazing feeling of pleasure and she could feel it right from her toes, up to the top of her head. Everything else in the world faded away and all she was conscious of was the effect on her pussy each time Zoe slammed the vibrator inside her.

Seemingly done with the teasing, Zoe began to repeatedly move the vibrator in and out of Georgia's pussy – pushing it in hard, but pulling it out excruciatingly slowly, before ramming it inside her again. Georgia hadn't realised how much she'd needed the forceful, frantic, feisty pounding that Zoe was dishing out to her, and each time the vibrator made contact with the back of her pussy what she was feeling only increased and became more pleasurable. When Zoe changed the angle of the vibrator it began to rub against her clitoris with each movement and before long Georgia could feel her pussy growing tighter and tighter as the tension she was feeling increased, and her orgasm began to slowly brew, deep inside her.

As Zoe began to move the vibrator harder and faster, Georgia gave herself over to the sensations and all thought cleared from her head. The only thing she was conscious of was what was happening to her body. It was something which naturally happened once she reached a certain stage of sexual arousal... and it had only ever happened during sex with Zoe. Georgia loved it... it made the sex feel almost spiritual, or something equally as cliché. Georgia couldn't help trying to fight the restraints, she needed to cling to the bedsheets or to Zoe... She needed to anchor herself and feel like she had some form of control over the enormous orgasm that was building inside her.

The feeling of having no control was very overwhelming and Georgia's screams turned into one big loud continuous scream - she was almost scared of the orgasm that she knew was quickly approaching - the tension inside her body was too much to handle. Too much.

Her orgasm hit. Hard. It felt as if her entire body was exploding. She screamed loudly as her pussy spasmed and clenched and released and felt as if it was going to burst. The rest of her body was rigid and after the loud scream was over she found herself unable to breathe because she was reflexively holding her breath. As her orgasm began to finally peter off she was able to gasp for breath and finally felt her body starting to become her own again. Georgia had no idea when it had happened, but when she finally became conscious of her surroundings she realised the vibrator had been removed and Zoe was lying between her legs, slowly licking and kissing her pussy. The gentle touch of her tongue was such a strong contrast to the pounding she had received moments earlier. It was divine.

Georgia's body went slack and, after planting a final kiss on her pussy, Zoe moved off the bed and released the scarves from the footboard. Georgia's legs stayed where they fell, not moving an inch. She physically didn't have the capacity. It was the same with her wrists when they were finally released, Georgia found herself unable to move them. She did manage find the energy to smile up at Zoe, who returned her smile and then leaned down and kissed her particularly softly. Again, it was such a gentle, soft touch, compared to the (rather amazing) battering her body had taken prior to being released from her restraints.

Zoe managed to get Georgia under the covers and then climbed in beside her. She carefully rolled Georgia toward her and then moved up nice and close before wrapping her arms tightly around her. Georgia melted into Zoe, with her head resting on her chest and an arm draped across her waist... the desire to talk was strong, but Georgia found she couldn't make her brain work enough to actually form the words. Instead she let out a loud, happy, contented sigh as Zoe began to softly stroke her back. Zoe chuckled.

“I love you too, bub,” she commented, as if she could read Georgia's mind.

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