Friday 10 January 2014

My muse

I am sure I have said it before, but my muse is my wife... before I met her I had this burning desire to write and every now and then WOULD start to write something, but I always lacked the motivation and inspiration to turn it into anything worth finishing.

Then I met my wonderful, beautiful, amazing, splendid (you get the idea) wife and all of that changed.  Even when we were just friends she had a way to bring my creativity to the surface, she had a way to ignite the tiniest little piece of inspiration and turn it into something bigger than I could ever have expected.  When we fell in love and then went on to get married, her status as my muse only continued to grow and develop into something that almost took on a life of its own.

Coincidentally, I am fascinated by the nine muses found in Greek Mythology!
Perhaps my wife is the tenth muse?

I cannot explain how or why she has such an effect on me and my writing.  Possibly because we are always on the same wavelength and she gets me in a way no one ever has before?  We lie in bed at night talking about a story and the next day I feel so inspired and am able to spend hours writing... sometimes to the point that I  NEED to force myself to go to bed or I will write all night long.  Just this morning we were discussing something and she made a little comment that suddenly caused fireworks in my brain and BOOM, a new story was coming to mind.  I am not sure if this excess of inspiration is a good thing or a bad thing.  If I start a new story every week then nothing is going to get finished, but I also feel that if I don't write when inspiration strikes that I am hindering my own creativity.  The old adage 'better out than in' comes to mind here.

I now need to cut this blog post short because I NEED to get this new story out on paper (well, on word!)... who knows, perhaps I will share a little excerpt in the near future!


  1. Absolutely! Write down every bit, so that you can always go back to it later on if you want to. :) Definitely better out than in.

    It's lovely when the people we love inspire us so. Or maybe she's helped you relax to the point where the ideas have more unlimited access to your brain! *grins* Probably a mix of the two.

    1. Part of it may also be that I am getting to the age where I am no longer embarrassed about openly acknowledging that I like writing about sex, and have accepted that that is WHO I am as a writer. But I think my wifey has a big part to do with it as well :)

    2. Me? Hardly! I just share my dumb ideas cos you make me NEK MINNIT you're on page 147...