Sunday 2 November 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 66

Welcome to week 66 of My Sexy Saturday, a blog hop which gives writers of erotica a chance to share 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs from a published work or work in progress.  Each week there is a special, sexy theme and this week the theme is 'A Sexy Date Night'.

When looking for a suitable excerpt I realised my characters don't go on nearly enough dates so that is something I plan to rectify in the very near future!

The excerpt I finally decided on is from one of my earliest works and is one that will likely go unread by everyone except my wife!  The couple on a sexy date in this story are Elle and Carter.  Elle is pregnant and they have spent the day at the mall shopping for baby stuff.  They have some time to kill before joining her parents for dinner so decide to go on a spontaneous movie date... giving the pregnant (and very horny) Elle a chance to live out one of her naughtiest fantasies.  Sex in a cinema.


You're evil,” Carter's voice came as a flustered whisper. 
 I have no idea why you would say that, sweet, dear, gorgeous, utterly fuckable fiance of mine...” Elle managed to feign innocence just seconds before squeezing his cock again, causing him to bite back a groan.
 You do realise we're in public, right?” he asked and Elle nodded, giving him a wry little smile.

Yes, I realise that we are in public and that my hand is wrapped around your deliciously hard cock,” she replied sweetly, squeezing him even harder which caused him to dig his fingers into the armrests of the cinema seat.
 Bub, we shouldn't do this,” his voice an odd mix of panic and excitement. She squeezed him again, this time harder.
 Oh, I know we shouldn't be, but surely you know by now that in my delicate state I am prone to libido swings and you wouldn't want to upset your pregnant fiancĂ©e by turning down her sexual advances, would you?” Elle replied in a very serious tone of voice and when he bit her neck in response she knew she had won.

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