Sunday 12 October 2014

My Sexy Saturday - week 63

Welcome to week 63 of My Sexy Saturday, the blog hop that gives writers an opportunity to share 7 words, sentences, or paragraphs from a published or non-published work, based on a particular theme each week.

The theme for this week is 'Another Sexy Moment', and I have chosen seven sentences from a current untitled WIP.  The WIP centres around a couple (Hannah and Josh) who are reunited after a year apart.  They didn't part on good terms - the opposite really - but the flame between them is still burning extremely brightly, it seems.  This little excerpt is from early on in the story and happens when they are spending their first night together since reconnecting.



Hannah enjoyed the view as she watched him, his t-shirt fit him perfectly - nice and snug around his arms - his muscles rippling subtly as he moved his arm back and forward. She wanted to bite him. To drag her nails down the soft skin of his back, in stark contrast to the firm muscles beneath. Even after four years she was still in awe of the body she had gotten to know so well.

“I'll meet you in bed,” Hannah told him and left the bathroom, it was the only way she could stop herself from tearing his t-shirt off him - quickly followed by his pants - and impaling herself on his cock.

By the time Josh got to the bedroom she was naked and in bed, feeling extremely nervous at the prospect of spending a night with him after so many nights without him. She shouldn't feel nervous, she knew that, but it was something she couldn't help.

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