Thursday 24 April 2014

Beau & Jane ~ much needed hotel sex

I am going to try and start posting excerpts more regularly, and decided that tonight I would post one of my favourite scenes I have written.  This is from a story that probably won't get any further than my own computer, but I have enjoyed loved writing it and have learnt a lot whilst writing it.

The story follows a core group of three characters, Jane, Leah and Asher.  Amongst other things Asher acts as a sperm donor for Jane and Leah - and within the year Jane gives birth to baby Ryan.  

Things aren't exactly straight forward though... and without ruining too much of the story (with the thoughts of posting more excerpts), Leah goes out and has a very drunken New Years with their friend Beau... a drunken New Years that results in drunk sex (with Jane's blessing) and nine months later the arrival of baby Luca.  Along the way Leah, Jane and Beau start spending more time together and perhaps inevitably fall in love and find themselves in a polyamorous relationship.

It might not be 'normal', it might not be socially accepted but for the three of them it works, and they all look forward to being their own little unique family.

This excerpt begins on the day Leah gives birth to Luca.  After spending as much time as they can at the hospital with Leah and Luca, Jane and Asher (with baby Ryan) go back to the hotel so they can all catch up on a little sleep, after what has been an intense 24 hours.


Luca started crying and moments later Ryan joined in. It had begun. Beau had a feeling they would be up for months of two babies crying at the same time and while he was sure they would find it frustrating at times, he also quite liked it... it served to remind him that they were now a bonafide family.

Jane gave Ryan another quick feed on the bed and then smiled sadly at Beau when she agreed with him that it was time to go. They watched Leah feeding Luca and could see that she was close to falling asleep, so when Leah had finished feeding their newborn baby Beau had a final cuddle then put him safely in his little hospital issue bassinet. When his sister-in-law Morgan was in hospital after having Riley she had fallen asleep holding him and dropped him... he had fallen to the floor and the next few hours had been very stressful for Morgan while the doctors did tests and x-rays on Riley to make sure he hadn't been injured in the fall. He didn't want Leah going through that.

There were lots of tears when he and Jane said goodbye to Leah and Luca, and as they left the room they bumped into Asher and Lucy. Beau explained what was going on and Lucy said they would take Leah her food but leave straight away so she could get some sleep. Beau gratefully took his and Jane's bags of food and after saying goodbye to Asher and Lucy, he took Jane's hand in his as they made their way to the hotel, Ryan snuggled up on her shoulder.

When they got up to their room Beau told Jane to go and have a shower. While she did that, Beau had some quiet time cuddling with Ryan and realised how much he had missed him over the past 24 hours. Beau lay back on the bed with Ryan and sighed happily. He couldn't believe how perfect it felt knowing that both of their babies had been born. He had expected to feel a bit panicked or stressed out, maybe even scared when Luca arrived because going from one baby to two seemed like a huge thing... but in reality the only thing he felt was even more loved up and almost impatient to get on with life with the two loves of his life and their two babies.

Jane came back into the room and confessed she had almost fallen asleep in the shower. Beau wasn't at all surprised, they had had a HUGE past 24 hours and it hadn't helped at all that they had already been up for 12 hours by the time Leah had gone into labour! Beau kissed Jane as they swapped roles and he handed Ryan to her so he could have his shower. Standing beneath the water Beau found himself struggling to stay awake as well and wondered if he or Jane would even wake to Ryan crying that night. Part of him doubted it. He was so tired he could probably sleep through anything!

When he went back into the room Jane was tip toeing away from the bassinet, having just put Ryan down. Beau dried himself off and got into bed beside Jane before sending Leah a text to say goodnight. The message read 'We are both so proud of you, and both hate being away from you, but tomorrow we can take you and Luca home and start our new life as a slightly odd family. We love you... give Luca a kiss for both of us when he is awake next. Try and get some sleep xxx'.

Beau then finally replied to Dave's text about the twins saying 'Twins huh, that takes skill! We are all very excited for the two... three... five of you... Taking Leah and Luca home in the morning, feel free to come visit in the afternoon, I know Leah would love to see you both'. Dave replied soon after saying 'We were going to find out in the morning if we could meet the little guy. Go and get some sleep, you must all be bloody exhausted. Congrats again daddy!'. Beau smiled at the 'congrats again daddy' part... it never got old hearing or seeing himself referred to as dad/daddy.

Beau put his phone down and then moved closer to Jane and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed loudly against his chest and he could tell by the way she was breathing that she was crying. Beau let her cry and when she eventually looked up at him she smiled shyly.

“I'm sorry Beau... I just... Now that the day is finally over, the enormity of it is kind of hitting me,” Jane admitted and he nodded, understanding just how she felt.

“Oh sweety, don't apologise. I know just what you mean. I am feeling weird emotionally... I'm overjoyed and on a high but at the same time I have nothing left in the tank and feel like I could sleep for a year,” Beau told her and she sighed sleepily.

“I can't believe Luca is finally here. The pregnancy crap is FINALLY over...” Jane commented and Beau chuckled quietly.

“Gotta say, I'm glad it's not me who has to be pregnant because it doesn't look like a lot of fun, especially not at the end,” Beau remarked and Jane rolled her eyes.

“Don't get me wrong, it's a blessing and parts of it are just awesome... but yea, I'm glad that Ryan and Luca are both here now and we can have our bodies back,” Jane said. Beau frowned.

“Well, minus one part,” he replied and gently stroked one of Jane's boobs.

“Yea. That part does suck...” Jane agreed as she looked down at her bra-encased boobs and sighed.

“It's a sacrifice I am willing to make for Ry and Luca,” Beau teased.

“I love you so much,” Jane quietly said and leaned in so she could kiss him.

Beau kissed her back and was surprised when suddenly all his tiredness seemed to disappear. All he wanted was to kiss Jane and be close to her. He would do it all night if he could. It was weird that after months of there being a huge divide between them – in the form of a beautiful pregnant belly – suddenly their bodies could be pressed together properly. Beau sighed happily as he felt the heat of Jane's body against his. They had, of course, been naked together since Ryan was born but, because of Leah's discomfort in the last stage of her pregnancy, that night was the first time they had really been able to enjoy it.

Even if he had had to, there was no way Beau could stop kissing Jane. There was nothing fast or hungry about their kisses nor was there anything sexual... it was more of an emotional thing, almost as if by kissing they were replenishing each other's emotional stores. Whatever it was, Beau was so glad that he was there in that moment with Jane and couldn't think of anywhere he'd sooner be.

It was Jane who took the initiative and began to heat things up. Her kisses suddenly became deeper and as she began to moan against his mouth, Beau was aware of the fact she was pressing harder against him with her hips. It had been a long time since they had had sex – almost two months – and while Beau REALLY wanted it, he didn't want to pressure Jane if she wasn't quite ready.

Beau began getting hard and the heated look Jane gave him made it clear that she could feel it too. When she moved her body position so that the tip of his cock was nudging at her hole he got the feeling that she liked it. They kissed for another couple of minutes and Beau got increasingly harder, to the point he either needed to be inside her or they needed to stop kissing and touching.

Jane had always understood his needs and cues and when she moved her top leg over his waist, causing the top inch of his cock to enter her, Beau looked at her and smiled softly.

“Are you sure?” he asked and Jane nodded.

“So fucking sure, Beau... So. Fucking. Sure,” Jane exclaimed, her voice almost a whimper.

“I love you,” Beau whispered.

“I love you too,” Jane whispered back.

And then for the first time in almost two months Beau very slowly slid inside Jane. Jane let out a quiet moan and her body shuddered as she smiled at him.

“I have missed this,” Jane whispered and put her leg further over him, causing him to move deeper inside her.

They started to move slowly together and Beau loved the closeness between them. They may not have been moving hard or fast but because of the position they were in there was a lot of friction in all the right places – for both of them – and Beau groaned quietly as Jane put her hand on his hip and pulled him harder against her.

Each time his cock hit the back of her pussy Jane would clench tightly around him and moan softly in his ear. Both were conscious of the fact Ryan was in the room and their noise level never moved past a whisper but that didn't mean the sex wasn't spectacular. Beau loved how wet Jane was and how ready she had been for him... the way her pussy felt made him instantly harder and as they moved against each other Beau found himself groaning quietly. After such a long time NOT being intimate in that way Beau had almost forgotten just how much he enjoyed sex with Jane.

When Jane dug her fingernails into his hip Beau started to move harder against her and she countered that by moving harder against him. The friction on his cock was like nothing he'd felt before and as Jane started to gasp for breath, he felt her pussy tightening around him in a way that he knew meant she was going to cum very soon. Beau's own orgasm was building and when Jane buried her face in his chest they started to move harder again, grinding against each other until finally they both came in silence, gripping on to each other, pressing tightly together.

Beau nuzzled at Jane's neck and then softly kissed her, before they both fell into an immediate, deep sleep.

When Beau woke up the following morning Jane was sitting on the bed feeding Ryan. He smiled up at her and, for what felt like the millionth time since Ryan had been born, marvelled over just how much motherhood suited Jane. He loved nothing more than to watch her feeding Ryan... the way she looked lovingly at him made his heart melt.

“He been awake long?” Beau asked and Jane shook her head.

“No, but I think he's ready to go back down... might get another hour or two out of him,” Jane replied with a sigh. Beau looked at the clock and saw it was only 6am.

“I know you want to go see Leah and Luca, but it's still too early anyway, so perhaps we can all get another hour or two of sleep,” Beau suggested and Jane raised an eyebrow at him.

“You REALLY think I'll be able to get back to sleep?” Jane asked and Beau chuckled.

“Fine. We can at least snuggle for another hour or two,” Beau replied and Jane smiled at him.
“That sounds more like it,” Jane said and sighed again as Ryan began stirring, indicating he had had enough of his feed.

“Give him to me bub, I'll put him back to bed,” Beau said sitting up beside her. He was surprised when she didn't protest and allowed him to take Ryan from her arms.

Beau kissed Jane and then got off the bed and walked to the other side of the room, rubbing Ryan's back as he went. Quickly he was rewarded with a burp and a contented little sigh from Ryan, who was asleep before Beau even put him back in the bassinet. After kissing his son on the forehead Beau walked back over to the bed and climbed in beside Jane, who immediately found her way into his arms.

“I miss Leah,” Jane sighed and Beau kissed the top of her head.

“I miss her as well, seems so wrong without the three of us being in bed together,” Beau commented and then it was him who sighed, as he thought about what would happen when things got busier away at work and the fact he might need to spend regular nights away from home.

“I also miss Luca already... odd considering we didn't really get to spend that long with him after he was born,” Jane said.

As Beau had expected Jane soon began to cry, what he did not expect, however, was when Jane pulled him on top of her and looked up at him pleadingly.

“I need you, Beau,” Jane whispered, and although she was crying, something about the intensity of her voice and the look on her face caused him to feel immediately aroused.

“I'm right here,” Beau whispered and then dipped his head down so their lips could brush together.

Jane linked her hands behind his neck and pulled him down, the kiss deepening as he sensed just how needy she was. As she grazed her nails up and down the back of his neck Beau felt himself growing increasingly turned on, and when Jane spread her legs wider for him it was almost a reflex move for him to slowly press inside her, stopping just before he hit the back of her pussy. He broke off the kiss and smiled down at her, judging by the look on her face that she needed slow, deep sex, which would leave her feeling not only physically but emotionally connected to him. The same type of sex that Leah (and himself) had needed the night of the day that Jane had gone into premature labour.

Beau moved slowly against Jane, pressing deeper inside her with each thrust, until he couldn't move any deeper. Jane kept her hands behind his neck and soon pulled him down more so that her face was buried in his neck. Beau loved the close, intimate feel of the position, and enjoyed hearing Jane's quiet moans against his ear... a special gift only for him. Jane's hips soon found a rhythm with his and for a long time they moved with each other, enjoying the feeling of being pressed against one another, enjoying the closeness and the strengthening connection to one another.

Jane spread her legs further apart and while Beau missed the feeling of her legs being tightly around his waist, he liked the fact it meant they could take their time, that together they could slowly work up to the point that they both felt as if they were going to burst if they didn't orgasm soon.

There was nothing rushed about it and when his usual 7am alarm went off things were only just starting to get more frantic. Jane was bucking her hips harder against him and Beau could no longer control the depth and force of her thrusts, slamming into her with only one intention – to make her cum – and to make her cum HARD.

Jane's moans quickly turned to cries and the more he slammed into her, the louder they became. Of course Jane's loud cries spurred him on and he quickly felt his orgasm approaching, going from non-existant to as intense as he thought was humanly possible, in the space of about 20 seconds. Jane's pussy was squeezing him tightly, her arms were doing the same around his neck, and as her cries became screams Beau started to slam harder and harder until they were both grunting and screaming loudly, their bodies tensing up against each other as their orgasms got closer and closer and closer. FINALLY they exploded, both of them letting out loud strangled cries of pleasure as they pressed into each other, their bodies going rigid with the enormous physical release.

Before they could even come down from their orgasms there was a loud cry from the other side of the room and Jane looked at him in shock.

“Ryan! I forgot all about Ryan! OH MY GOD, no child should ever hear THOSE noises coming from their parents!” Jane exclaimed before collapsing into a fit of laughter.

“Poor little dude, he'll be traumatised for life!” Beau added and found himself laughing as well.

“I guess there will be no peaceful recovery period, will there?” Jane said with a smirk and Beau shook his head.

“Sounds like there is another little guy that needs you more than me,” Beau sighed dramatically and Jane giggled.

“There is nothing 'little' about you, my love,” Jane said with a wink and after Beau had moved off her, she got out of bed and walked over to where Ryan was crying in his bassinet and picked him up.

Beau sat on the bed beside Jane while she fed Ryan and when both of their cellphones went off they grinned at each other. Beau checked his text messages and sure enough the message was from Leah, it read 'had a good night with our little guy... but miss you both like crazy... please come and save me from this boring hospitalness!'. Beau text her back saying 'we missed you too bub, glad to hear you had a goodnight with Luca... Jane just feeding Ry and then we will be over as fast as we can! Love you xxx'.

Although Ryan didn't have a particularly large feed it seemed to take forever and by the time they were leaving the hotel room it felt as if it had been days since they had left Leah and Luca at the hospital, as opposed to one simple night. They were glad that Asher had thought to move their car to the hotel carpark the day beforehand, otherwise they'd likely have found their car had been towed. After a quick stop at the car to drop off all the non-essential Ryan-associated bits and pieces that were in the room they finally made their way to the hospital.

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