Monday 31 March 2014

What's not to love about reunion sex?!

I realised today that it has been a long time since I posted an excerpt on my blog!  The last few samples of my writing I have posted, have been the 'Georgia & Zoe' stories, and while I love the series, I thought it was time I shared something a little different!  This excerpt is from a story I haven't really shared on here yet, so I will give you a little background...

Long story short
Leah and Jane (girlfriends) meet Asher at a party and an innocent night of threesome fun turns into so much more.  They quickly become best friends, and when Asher offers to act as sperm donor for the women, they agree.  Jane soon gets pregnant, and the friendship continues as usual...

... there is SO much more to this story, but where would the fun be in giving too much away too soon?

This specific excerpt focuses mainly on Asher and Jane, and the reunion sex they have when he gets back from being away for a month, visiting his parents.  Jane is around 12 weeks pregnant, and has moved from the 'so exhausted I can't move' phase, to the 'I am full of life and neeeeeeeeed sex, sex and more sex' phase...

If you want to download the (free) PDF file of this excerpt, you can do so by clicking this link:
Jane & Asher reunion sex

for your enjoyment xxx


Three days later, after almost four hours on a plane, Asher met Leah and Jane at the airport. It had been just under a month since he'd seen them last, and when he saw them waiting at the arrivals lounge he grinned to himself. He'd missed them more than he'd realised, and as they launched themselves into his arms, he decided they had missed him just as much! The girls spoke excitedly as they drove home, telling him about their month and about what they had done during their time off. Asher told them about his month at home and about the discussion he'd had with his parents. The girls were both surprised he had told his parents so soon, but neither seemed to mind. In fact, he thought that Jane seemed almost relieved to find out that his parents knew. When it came down to it, he was glad he'd told them because he hated to keep things from his family, especially from his parents.

Because Asher had left his car at Leah and Jane's, that was their first port of call after the airport. When he followed the girls inside, Jane took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom, while Leah got her robe from behind the bedroom door and, after winking at them, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

“My poor girlfriend is exhausted from all the sex I have been neeeeeeeeeding...” Jane explained.
“Oh that is no good!” Asher joked and winked at her.
“I know, especially since I'm rather in the mood for sex, right now,” Jane stated innocently. Asher walked up to her and lightly kissed her on the neck.
“Funny, because now you mention it, so am I,” Asher replied, just as innocently.
“We could help each other, you know,” Jane suggested, as she moved her hands up the inside of Asher's t-shirt.
“That's a very good idea,” Asher commented as he pulled Jane's top up and off, then dropped it on the floor at their feet.

After Jane's top came off the rest of their clothes followed suit quickly, and as they stood together, naked and kissing, Asher realised how badly he had missed the sex. Putting his hands on the backs of Jane's thighs, Asher lifted her up and walked toward the bed, then lying her down carefully, climbed on top of her and began to kiss her. For a few minutes they only kissed, working each other into a state of horniness that eventually led to the need for their bodies to become connected in the most intimate of ways.

Asher let out a shuddery groan as he slid inside Jane, amazed by how wet she was and stunned by how good it felt to be back inside her after a month of their only contact being via the phone. Before he was inside her Asher had decided that it was going to be a slow experience, that the sex was going to be very lengthy – BUT – feeling her pussy around his cock, all of that flew out the window. There was no way the sex could be anything but hard and fast. Jane wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him deeper inside; Asher kissed her hungrily, and smirked against her mouth as she let out a loud moan of delight. How he had missed those sexy little noises of hers!

Asher started to move against Jane, spurred on by all the pent up need that he felt. There was a month's worth of sexual tension built up inside him, and it needed a release, immediately. Jane moved her hips in time with his, her thighs so tight around his waist that her ass was off the bed, meaning Asher could hit deeper and harder. He found himself groaning as Jane's pussy started to clench around his cock, and when he put his hands under Jane's shoulders, he was able to hit harder still – the cries coming from Jane suggesting it was just what she needed – his own groans signalling to her that it was what he needed too.

Jane cried out loudly as he started to move harder against her, and he was sure that from the bathroom he could hear the faint sounds of Leah moaning as well. Jane raised an eyebrow at him, telling him she had heard Leah's moans too. Jane's pussy started to squeeze his cock tighter and Asher forgot all about Leah's distant moans as he concentrated on the feeling of Jane's pussy around his cock. If it was possible, she was even wetter than usual, and Asher realised it was probably a pleasant side effect of pregnancy. If she was hornier than normal, it made sense for her to also be wetter than normal. When Jane moaned the word 'harder' Asher put his sole focus on pounding into Jane as hard as he could and was quickly rewarded by louder cries, and tighter contractions of her pussy around him.

As Jane's cries grew louder and more high pitched, Asher started to move as hard as he possibly could. He could feel the pressure building inside his cock and could also feel the pressure building inside Jane. She was extremely swollen and wet and it felt simply amazing. The faster Asher moved against her, the more friction that caused against his cock, and the increase in friction caused more pressure to build deep inside him. When Jane began making her telltale screamy squeals, Asher started to pound harder and harder against her, until – with a loud scream – she came, her nails digging into his shoulders, legs tight around waist, her entire body going stiff. Asher slammed into her another three times and then his own orgasm hit, and he let out a loud groan as he felt his release finally happen. He pushed into her one final time and then collapsed on top of her.

Eventually Asher rolled off Jane, but neither of them could form words, neither of them could even smile or laugh. All they could muster were the deep, loud, exhausted gasps of two people who had just experienced monstrous orgasms. Which they had. Leah came into the room while they were still lying in their useless post-orgasmic state, and taking her robe off, climbed onto the bed on the other side of him. She pulled the blankets up over them and for the next hour they all slept. Upon waking Leah decided that she was still too tired from sex, so went out to the lounge to watch DVDs and left Jane and Asher to get better reacquainted. For for the rest of the day he and Jane made up for lost time – with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm – after orgasm.

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