Wednesday 26 March 2014

Introducing 'Georgia: Taken'

The 'Georgia & Zoes' series seems to have taken on a life of its own!  Originally 'Georgia: Restrained' was going to be a one off, a little bit of a test to see whether or not a story of mine would get ONE view, maybe even ten... possssibly twenty.  Over 1500 downloads later, I am starting to believe that MAYBE I do have at least a little talent when it comes to writing... and it is probably that belief that has motivated me to add to the 'Georgia & Zoe' series.

I published the latest book in the series this week, it is called 'Georgia: Taken', and takes place the day after 'Zoe: Bared'.  I am going to post the story here, so won't give away too much, but this story is the one in which Georgia and Zoe officially become 'Georgia & Zoe', and the two women become more familiar with one another.

And of course, there is a lot of sex had.
It's erotica.  It is a necessity!

If you want to download the story, you can do so here 'Georgia: Taken'.  The story (as with the others) is free.

For those of you more interested in reading it RIGHT NOW, then this is for you!



Zoe was still grinning when she opened the door to her house and let herself in. To say she was on cloud nine was a major understatement – her night with Georgia had been amazing – unexpected, but amazing. Neither women wanted to get out of bed that morning, but Georgia had a class she needed to get to and Zoe needed to get on to her piece while the memory of the night was still fresh in her head. Not that it would ever fade, she had a feeling.

After making herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen, Zoe carried that and her bags of gear up to her studio, ready to settle in for a morning of work, work and more work. She connected her camera and video recorder up to her computer and waited while the images and videos loaded onto her it. Zoe was a little impatient for the copying to finish and tried to pretend it was to do with wanting to get started on her piece, rather than wanting to watch the video and look at the images of Georgia masturbating.

It wasn't possible though as the thought alone was causing her pussy to tingle in anticipation and it occurred to her that she may have difficulty concentrating enough to do any art work. The creative part of her brain seemed to have been taken over by the sexual part, more specifically the part of her brain that couldn't stop giving her images of her very first time being with a woman.

It wasn't just the act of sex either as she was being bombarded with memories of how good Georgia smelled, of the way Georgia had smiled at her after she had given Zoe her first girl-induced orgasm. Zoe couldn't stop thinking about the sound of Georgia's voice, or her naughty little grin and she smiled as she thought about how tousled and sexy Georgia's hair had been when they had finally got out of bed that morning.

Finally the video and images were copied onto the computer. Zoe took a deep, cleansing breath then made a conscious choice to use that creative part of her brain, which had so far that day been elusive. The first photo of Georgia was of her lying on the bed smiling nervously and Zoe smiled as she remembered the moment. Flicking through the photos one-by-one, Zoe realised that she was in trouble. As the photos progressed – and Georgia was pictured getting more and more carried away by masturbating – Zoe's arousal level grew, and grew, and grew. What had been a tingle in her pussy quickly turned into an intense throb, the wetness between her legs seemed to increase ten times with each photo she viewed.

As she got closer to the last of the photos she had taken, Zoe knew she had done a very stupid thing. Not only were the photos making her horny to look at, but they were also causing her to remember the night she and Georgia had shared. Her pussy was wet, it was swollen and she NEEDED to be touched. She needed to feel Georgia's gentle touch, she needed to feel Georgia's tongue against her own, she needed to feel Georgia's fingers digging into her hips, she needed to feel Georgia's tongue ravenously lapping up and down her cunt, she needed to feel Georgia's lips around her nipple and to feel the heat of her mouth as she suckled on her nipple. She needed Georgia. She needed her BADLY.

Zoe went back through the photos and when she got to the first of the photos of Georgia with a finger inside her pussy she whimpered loudly and her body shook. She was taken back to 3am that morning, when Georgia had gotten up to use the bathroom. When Georgia had returned to bed Zoe had cuddled up to her but rather than going to sleep, had found herself waking up more, realising there was something she badly needed to do.

Zoe had put a hand between Georgia's thighs and moved Georgia's leg over her hip, then quickly made her intentions clear, sliding her hand down Georgia's side and then inward until her fingers had come in contact with Georgia's pussy. Zoe had been stunned when she had felt just how wet Georgia's pussy was, and as she had slowly pressed two fingers inside her, she had been unsure whether she or Georgia moaned the loudest.

Zoe had, of course, masturbated before. She was very familiar with her own vagina, but having her fingers inside another woman had been something new for her. As she had moved her fingers slowly in and out of Georgia's wetness, Zoe had concentrated on the way Georgia felt around her fingers, loving the way Georgia's pussy gave a tight squeeze every time her fingers rubbed over a particular spot. It was strange, feeling female arousal from the other side of it... she knew how she felt when she was being fingered, but it was a strange and wonderful feeling to feel another woman clenching and squeezing around her fingers.

A few minutes into it, Georgia had rolled onto her back and spread her legs widely. Zoe had taken it as an invitation to use more fingers on her and groaned when she had easily managed to push four fingers inside Georgia. Zoe had enjoyed moving her fingers at different speeds and changing the angle of her hand, quickly learning the type of movement and force that Georgia enjoyed, which, as it turned out, was hard and very fast! Zoe couldn't believe it when Georgia had started to cry out loudly and as Zoe noticed Georgia's pussy getting tighter and tighter, she had come to the realisation that Georgia was getting extremely close to cumming. She hadn't expected to make Georgia cum, all she had really wanted was to feel what it was like to have her fingers coated in the juices of another woman. But, as she pounded Georgia with her fingers, she had known there was no way she could have only done it for a couple of minutes... it was much too enjoyable, and feeling Georgia respond to what she was doing, it was indescribable.

When Zoe drifted out of her little daze she realised she was rubbing her nipple through her t-shirt. She couldn't stop herself, it felt so good and gave her a little relief from the intense throbbing deep inside her pussy. Needing more, Zoe undid her bra and slipped it off underneath her t-shirt, then threw it on the floor. Immediately she moved her hands back to her nipples and began to rub them through the cotton of her t-shirt... the friction only added to the stimulation, and soon rubbing them wasn't enough. Zoe began to pluck her nipples with her fingertips, squeezing them tighter the more she did it. In her mind it was Georgia playing with her nipples, in her mind her and Georgia were naked in bed, with all the time in the world to explore each other's body.

Usually Zoe was a silent masturbator, but imagining it was Georgia touching her caused Zoe to whimper quietly as she squeezed her nipples. Her legs began to spread of their own accord and Zoe actually moaned as she slid one hand inside the band of her pants, and then slipped her fingers inside the band of her panties. Cupping her mound with her hand, Zoe slowly ran a finger up and down her slit, sighing with pleasure as she felt the silky wetness coating her finger. Something about touching her pussy made Zoe squeeze her nipple even harder, and as she did this her hips tilted forward, as if trying to coax her finger into her pussy.

Zoe began to shake as she sunk two fingers into her aching pussy, then moaned loudly as she started to move her fingers back and forward, while caressing her clitoris with her thumb. It felt good having her fingers in her pussy, but because of her pants she felt restricted and couldn't quite find the angle to make things feel as good as she knew they could. Taking her hand from her pussy, and out of her pants, Zoe got off her chair and got rid of her pants. For a moment she considered going downstairs to get her vibrator from her bedroom, but she was so horny and aroused and in need of an orgasm that she didn't want to wait.

Sitting back on her chair, Zoe put her hands on her desk, then spread her legs to the side and tilted her hips back, which meant her pussy was pressed against the seat of the chair. It was an old trick of hers, and as she began to move her hips in a circular motion, the firmness of the seat of the chair combined with the pressure of her body weight to cause a lot of much needed friction. There was friction against her clit, but also friction against her labia, and she let out whimpery moans whenever she felt her wet, swollen lips gliding against each other. In essence she was riding her chair, and anyone who saw her would probably think she was crazy, but after she had accidently found the position one day while watching porn on her computer, it had become one of her regular ways to masturbate.

When she needed more, Zoe began to move her hips harder, and rather than using a circular motion she began to move her hips back and forward. She could feel her pussy tightening and clutched onto her desk tighter so she would be able to grind herself harder to orgasm. She groaned loudly – and not with pleasure – when she heard the loud musical tone of her doorbell. It was NOT the time for religious folk to try and open a dialogue about religion, it was not the time for someone to try and sell her a newspaper subscription, it was not the time for anything, except having a much needed orgasm! Zoe kept moving against her chair, knowing whoever was at the door would disappear if she didn't answer.

The doorbell rang again and she ignored it, but found her concentration starting to drift. 'FUCK OFF!' she wanted to scream out, instead she tried to focus her attention on the throb of her pussy and the swell of her clit. After half a minute she started to get back into it and began to moan a little louder than she had been, her pussy felt extremely wet and she knew that her orgasm was going to be powerful... and hopefully enough to allow her to actually do some artwork. But the doorbell rang again and Zoe let out a frustrated, almost angry groan as she got up off her chair, and then picked up one of her 'art' skirts from the drawers in the room and put it on. The skirt was covered in paint, but she couldn't be bothered putting her pants back on, so it would have to do.

Zoe ran down the stairs on admittedly wobbly legs and then opened the door just as the doorbell rang again.

“What the hell do you w...” Zoe stopped mid-sentence when she realised who it was that was ringing the doorbell.

“I... I couldn't concentrate... I left my class... I looked you up online.. and um, here I am... creeping you out by showing up unannounced on your doorstep, you can tell me to g...” Georgia's nervous ramble was cut off by Zoe's lips, and quickly her tongue, as they stood on the doorstep kissing.

“Need you... badly...” Zoe declared breathlessly as she put her hands on Georgia's hips and pulled her over the threshold, closing the door loudly once they were inside.

Georgia's breath audibly hitched as Zoe pinned her up against the door, and again the two women kissed. Zoe couldn't keep her hands still, taking great pleasure in roaming Georgia's body as the kiss deepened. She brushed her fingertips against Georgia's cheeks, and grazed them down her neck, she ran her hands along Georgia's shoulders and down her arms, then up her sides, running her fingers up the sides of Georgia's boobs, and then back down again, her hands eventually resting on Georgia's hips. The kiss was full of hunger, hunger that caused Zoe to dig her fingers into Georgia's hips.

Zoe let out a strangled groan as she felt Georgia press her hips forward, and when Zoe returned the favour, it was Georgia who let out a moan of pleasure, of need. More. Zoe needed more. Breaking off the kiss, Zoe began to kiss down down Georgia's throat, nipping gently as she reached the hollow of her throat. Downward, the kissing continued, over the soft skin of her chest, Zoe's lips moving ever closer to the swell of Georgia's breasts, breasts she NEEDED to see, to touch, to play with. Silently promising to buy her a new one, Zoe tore apart Georgia's shirt, buttons could be heard landing on the floor but it was merely background noise as Zoe greedily sucked on the first of Georgia's nipples, through the cup of her bra.

Switching to the other nipple, Zoe sucked on it just as hungrily, and was very aware of Georgia moaning in desperation. Zoe smirked briefly as Georgia pulled the other cup of her bra down, and taking it as an invitation, Zoe moved back to that nipple and this time took it in her mouth, sucking lustily on it. Zoe could feel her pussy clenching tightly, and could feel the top of her thighs were wet with her arousal, but it was no surprise. She had never been more turned on, not even the night beforehand, watching Georgia masturbate. When Zoe switched nipples again, she sucked the nipple deep into her mouth and could hear Georgia whimpering in a manner that suggested she was very flustered. As Zoe dropped to her knees she licked her lips and could feel her mouth watering in anticipation of what would be her very first taste of Georgia.

Zoe made very quick work of Georgia's wrap-around skirt, and as it fell to the floor beside them, it was Zoe who whimpered loudly, at the revelation that Georgia wasn't wearing any panties. Zoe's need to taste Georgia on her tongue was far too great and she wasted no time at all in hooking Georgia's leg over her shoulder. As she shuffled closer to Georgia's awaiting pussy, she was met by a deliciously heady scent and could not control herself, pressing her face between Georgia's legs and trailing her tongue from Georgia's hole to her clit. Zoe moaned loudly against Georgia's pussy and then started to lick again.

It surprised her how naturally it came to her and as she repeatedly licked up and down Georgia's wet slit, all Zoe could think was that she wanted to do it again, and again, and again. After she had made the first few passes of Georgia's pussy with her tongue, Zoe began to experiment with Georgia's clit. She started out licking it slowly, and very lightly, and loved the almost purr sound that Georgia made. As she used more pressure with her tongue, Georgia's purr-like sound became more of a moan and Zoe knew she was on the right track. When she began to move her tongue faster Georgia's moans instantly became louder and more of the high-pitched variety... and when Zoe moved her tongue even faster and Georgia clamped onto her hair Zoe knew she had found what worked for Georgia!

Zoe moved her hands and put them on Georgia's ass, pulling her hips forward so she could apply even more pressure to Georgia's clit. Georgia's moans became even louder and as she started to gasp for breath, Zoe could sense Georgia's climax was approaching. Georgia gripped tightly onto Zoe's hair and something about that gesture caused Zoe to groan loudly against Georgia's pussy, and she could feel the wetness starting to trickle down her thighs. Zoe had never ever been so aroused or so wet, but in that moment she didn't care at all about her own sexual gratification, all she wanted was to give Georgia the orgasm of her life!

Georgia began to pant loudly and as she uttered 'oh god, oh god, oh god', Zoe focused all her attention on Georgia's clit, moving her tongue as fast as she possibly could, while maintaining the same level of pressure. Zoe knew Georgia was seconds away when she began gasping for breath and tightened her grip on Zoe's hair. The tension in Georgia's thighs was increasing, and as her cries became more high pitched, Zoe could tell she was right on the cusp.

Wanting to push her right over the edge Zoe pulled Georgia's hips more firmly against her face and was rewarded seconds later when Georgia let out a loud scream and her orgasm hit. Georgia's hips were bucking against her face and Zoe could taste the increased wetness which was a result of the orgasm. Zoe decreased the pressure she was applying to Georgia's clit and by the time her orgasm was over Zoe's tongue was barely in contact with Georgia's pussy. As Georgia released her grip on Zoe's hair, Zoe could tell Georgia's legs started to give way, so she moved Georgia's leg from over her shoulder and carefully supported her lover as she collapsed down to the floor and into Zoe's arms.

Georgia struggled to catch her breath, but had enough energy to smile up at Zoe. Zoe was again struck by Georgia's beauty and felt confused as to why such a beautiful woman would be in any way interested in such a plain looking woman as her.

“I was hoping for a positive response when you opened the door and saw it was me, but I didn't expect that,” Georgia said a couple of minutes later with a broad smile on her face, as she sat up and looked Zoe in the eye.

“I was so overcome by... something... I needed you so badly, and, well, there you were,” Zoe said, returning Georgia's smile.

“I got to my class and you were the only thing on my mind, Zoe. I needed to see you again,” Georgia told her. “Last night was amazing and I hated having to leave so early this morning, before we'd had a chance to talk, before I had even had a chance to make you breakfast,” she added.

“I hate that I'm the reason you're missing a class right now,” Zoe said and Georgia took her hand.

“I was worried that you'd be upset with me,” Georgia confessed. “I kept wondering if you thought I had made up the story of having a class so that I would have an excuse to leave,” she admitted.

“That thought didn't cross my mind,” Zoe reassured her and then stood up and helped Georgia to her feet. “Come on. Let's go to my bedroom so we can talk somewhere a little more comfortable,” she offered and Georgia nodded her agreement.

“I like that you suggested we go to bed to talk and not go to bed so we can have sex,” Georgia commented and then giggled nervously, “Not that I would have been insulted if you had suggested we go to bed for the sole purpose of having sex.”

Zoe led Georgia through the kitchen and down the hallway to her bedroom, and as Georgia undressed her, she was reminded of when Georgia had done the same thing the night before. Zoe helped Georgia out of her remaining items of clothing and as they got in bed together, Zoe smiled at Georgia and brushed a stray hair from her face.

“I hope you're not missing anything important in your class,” Zoe said and Georgia shook her head, no.

“I know it sounds corny, but... this... this is important... us being here, together,” Georgia said, a bright red blush coming to her cheeks. Zoe was taken aback by Georgia's comment, but at the same time it filled her with an amazing sense of hope.

“It's not corny, and for the record, I... I am glad that you are here, that we are here,” Zoe replied, surprised by the direction their conversation was taking and curious to see where it would go.

“Can I be honest with you?” Georgia asked, giving her a shy, vulnerable look. Zoe put her hand on top of Georgia's hand and lightly stroked the top of it.

“Of course you can,” Zoe answered softly.

“I tried not to feel this way, but... Zoe, last night... for me it was... well, it was more than just sex. I woke up this morning and felt so happy you were there, and I felt so, I don't know... safe, or something, having you right there,” Georgia confessed very quietly. A lump rose in Zoe's throat, and she inhaled deeply to compose herself before responding.

“I like hearing you say that, because... it was more than sex for me as well, the moment I saw you I felt something for you, something I still can't explain... I know it is very forward of me, I know it is very early, but... Georgia, I know that I want to see you again, I know that I want to get to know you better, and I know that I... I want you to be... mine...” Zoe said, knowing she owed it to Georgia to be as honest as she had moments before.

“I want you as well,” Georgia said, giggling nervously.

“I don't know how the hell to go about this, I don't know how the hell to be in a relationship with a woman, but... I want to learn, with you,” Zoe said, smiling wistfully at Georgia.

It felt as if they moved into each others arms in slow motion, and as they began to kiss, Zoe had a sense of everything being right in the world. It was a feeling she had waited her whole life to have, but it seemed that with Georgia, she finally had it. A relationship with a woman was unchartered territory for both of them, but at the same time, the idea of a relationship with Georgia felt natural to her.

“I hope I didn't disrupt you from anything important with my insistent doorbell ringing!” Georgia joked when they parted for air. Zoe giggled and bit her lip.

“Um, actually, I was looking at the photos of you from last night, and was kind of, um... touching... myself,” Zoe admitted and Georgia burst out laughing.

“I love the irony of that!” Georgia announced and Zoe laughed.

“I was an idiot to think I could look at photos of you like that and not get turned on,” Zoe commented.

“So I interrupted you before you had a chance to get off?” Georgia asked and Zoe shrugged.

“It was very worth it to be able to taste you,” Zoe responded and winked at her.

“I am glad you feel that way,” Georgia whispered as she leaned forward and kissed her again, her tongue trailing along Zoe's top lip.

Georgia kissed slowly along Zoe's jaw and as she nibbled on her earlobe, Zoe couldn't stop the little sigh of pleasure that escaped from her lips. Georgia moved on from her earlobe and kissed her way down Zoe's neck, eliciting a moan from Zoe as she teased the crook of her neck with the tip of her tongue. Zoe felt a renewed ache in her pussy, which only intensified as Georgia began kissing her again, peppering kisses down her chest until her lips came into contact with one of Zoe's nipples.

Zoe groaned as Georgia started to suck on her nipple and groaned even louder when Georgia started to play with the other nipple with her fingers. With each squeeze of the nipple, Zoe could feel her pussy clenching tighter and tighter and when Georgia began to flick the nipple in her mouth with her tongue she found herself unable to keep her legs closed any longer. As Zoe opened her legs to Georgia, she began to whimper and writhe around on the bed. Georgia was avoiding her pussy completely and Zoe NEEDED to be touched. Georgia looked up at her and Zoe could see a wicked glint in her eye that told her Georgia planned to tease her a while longer.

For some reason when Georgia sucked harder on the nipple while maintaining eye contact, the sensations felt even more intense and Zoe groaned loudly, her pussy aching to be touched. Zoe grasped onto Georgia's hand and attempted to pull it down toward her sopping wet pussy, but Georgia resisted. For another two minutes Georgia sucked on her nipple and just as Zoe was preparing to beg for more, she felt Georgia's hand leave her nipple and and it was only when Zoe felt her hand brush against her pubes that she realised she had been holding her breath in anticipation.

Inhaling deeply, Zoe bit her lip as she felt Georgia's fingers creeping closer and closer to their target. As she felt the slightest brush of fingertip against wet flesh, Zoe cried out, and when she finally felt the pad of Georgia's finger gliding through her juices she groaned in a mixture of pleasure and relief. Georgia pushed two fingers inside Zoe's cunt, and as she started to pump them in and out, Zoe felt relieved that the teasing wasn't going to continue. Georgia had obviously read her well and could tell that what she needed wasn't to be slowly brought to orgasm, but to reach her climax in a hard and fast fashion. It had been a long time coming, after all!

Georgia continued sucking Zoe's nipple while she pounded her with her fingers. The combination of nipple stimulation and the friction caused by Georgia's fingers left Zoe writhing around on the bed, bucking her hips and crying out for more. Georgia kept her fingers steady and Zoe gave herself over to the sensations coursing through her body. For once she didn't try to fight the orgasm which was speedily building deep inside her and when she began shrieking she knew she was being louder than she had ever been. It wasn't something she could help though, what Georgia was doing to her nipple and pussy felt spectacular. Whatever the spot was that Georgia was striking inside her pussy, it was causing such an intense level of pleasure that she began to tremble as her orgasm approached.

When her orgasm hit Zoe screamed loud and long, her pussy clamping around Georgia's fingers so tightly that when she came down from her orgasm, the muscles of her pussy hurt. Zoe somehow made her way into Georgia's arms and as she rested her head on Georgia's shoulder, she found herself struggling to catch her breath. Zoe had never cum so hard before and especially not after being fingered! She had always enjoyed the feeling of fingers in her pussy but tended to rely on oral or cock for her actual orgasm... with Georgia though, there had been no doubt in her mind she would cum with fingers buried deep inside her!

“That was um, easier, than I imagined it would be,” Georgia whispered to her and Zoe giggled quietly as she moved back slightly so they could look at each other.

“I have never cum quite so hard in my life,” Zoe told her and then squeezed her eyes shut as her pussy clenched tightly at the memory of what Georgia had just done to her.

“Seeing you cumming like that, and hearing it, I... well, it got me horny all over again,” Georgia admitted, looking embarrassed. Zoe laughed.

“I have a feeling that it would be very easy for two women to spend a day in bed together, having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm,” Zoe commented as she innocently brushed the back of her hand against one of Georgia's nipples.

“I think it is highly possible,” Georgia agreed, swallowing loudly as Zoe massaged one of her nipples with the pad of her thumb.

“I would say it is more than just 'highly possible',” Zoe casually replied.

“Mmm hmmm,” was all Georgia could manage in response when Zoe started to rub her thumb back and forward over Georgia's increasingly hard nipple, before letting out a husky moan as Zoe started to roll the nipple between her thumb and index finger.

Georgia and Zoe then spent the rest of the day and well into the night, proving that Zoe's theory was very true. Zoe lost count of how many orgasms were had, but had a feeling her neighbour could probably tell them...

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