Sunday 9 March 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 39

My Sexy Saturday is upon us again!  For those of you who are unfamiliar with 'My Sexy Saturday', it is a blog hop, which gives writers a chance to post 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs of their work (published, or still in progress) to share.  Each week there is a very sexy theme - as the name suggests - and this week the theme is 'Bump N Sexy'... which basically means the fast and furious sex that characters sometimes just need...

For my My Sexy Saturday this week, the excerpt came to mind straight away, an excerpt I call 'horny baking'.  I don't think I haven't posted anything from this story before, but plan to post a couple of key excerpts in the near future, so I won't give too much away here!

This story is about two women (Jane and Leah) who are in love (yes, a common theme in my stories), they meet a guy (Asher), have one night of threesome fun, but then proceed to become very good friends... with certain benefits.  Later, Asher makes the women a very kind, amazing offer, which they accept (as you will be able to tell from the excerpt, he offers to act as their sperm donor).  A polyamorous relationship with Asher is never on the cards, but the three do have an amazing relationship as friends.

Without ruining more plot, Asher meets his soulmate and the sex between him, Jane and Leah stops.  The women eventually strike up a similar friendship with Beau, and I guess you could say that Beau picks up where Asher left off.

In this particular scene, Beau has just brought Leah home, after what was a VERY drunken New Years Eve for the two of them.  Jane had insisted the two go out for the night, because all she was up to was sleeping, because of her pregnancy, and she didn't want to ruin the night for Leah.  When Beau gets Leah back to the house she shares with Jane, he finds a VERY sexually frustrated Jane...


The moment Beau stepped inside, he was aware of the smell of fresh baking, and his stomach started to growl. Jane had obviously been baking and he wondered what the chances were of him stealing a cookie or two to take home with him. Beau walked Leah through to the lounge and lay her down on the couch, as Jane walked through from the bedroom with Leah's pillow and the duvet off their bed, and after putting the pillow under Leah's head and throwing the duvet over her, she walked back to the kitchen. Beau followed her through so he could thank her for the loan of Leah for the night, and was surprised by the dozens of cookies which were covering almost every free bit of counter space.

“Wow, you got your bake on, huh!” Beau exclaimed, surprised when Jane turned and scowled at him.
“Well. When your girlfriend is away for the night, and your friend with benefits is gallivanting over in New Zealand, you get frustrated from the god damn lack of sex!” Jane almost yelled then, picking up the rolling pin next to her, started to bang it on the block of chocolate in front of her.
“I'm sure Leah will make up for it later,” Beau said, trying not to laugh. Jane started banging the chocolate harder.
“Later isn't any use to me when I wake up as horny as fuck, Beau! There are only so many times you can masturbate before it gets boring!” Jane yelled this time.
“Sorry I asked,” Beau said, realising just how frustrated Jane was feeling. A little part of him felt guilty for enjoying the sight though. Jane was in a flimsy robe and as she was smashing the chocolate, her boobs were jiggling all over the place and it was hard to try to keep his thoughts pure.
He heard Jane let out a big sigh and looked up as she started to explain, “It's not your fault. I'm sorry. I just... It's been 20 hours since I last had sex, I had dirty dream after dirty dream last night, my arm is sore from having sex with myself, giving myself an orgasm just isn't the same, the fucking batteries ran out in my favourite vibrator and GOD DAMMIT I NEED SOME POU...” Jane ranted, unable to finish her sentence, because Beau pressed her against the wall and kissed her. She looked hungrily at him when he broke off the kiss. “Pounding. I need some pounding,” Jane finally finished, pleadingly. Beau pressed against her and cupped her face with his hands.
“I can give you pounding...” Beau said quietly and Jane gulped loudly then wrapped her arms around his neck and started to kiss him, with more hunger than he had EVER experienced in one kiss.

Beau moved his hands down to the belt of Jane's robe and undid it, then pushed his trackies and boxers down. Jane jumped and he caught her as she wrapped her legs around his waist, then without wasting a second, Beau lined himself up and pulled Jane down on top of him. Knowing how frustrated Jane was feeling, and her intense need for pounding, from the very start Beau moved hard and deep inside her. Jane let out a loud cry as he entered her and the cries never ceased as he slammed against her, making sure all his body weight was behind each and every stroke of his cock. Her pussy was extremely swollen and the friction that caused made the sex feel divine. So much so that he was finding it hard to control his own responses. Jane so clearly NEEEEEEEDED an epic release and he didn't want to cum before her, in case that ruined her orgasm!

Beau didn't have to worry though, because after a couple more minutes of slamming, Jane started to shriek and her pussy started to squeeze his cock with an iron grip. When she began panting, Beau made an effort to slam harder against her, loving the noises she was making, and the way her body was responding. When she started to shriek loudly, Beau made a final effort and slammed as hard as he possibly could, until he felt Jane convulsing against him as her orgasm hit and she let out a scream that was closer to a roar. Beau kept slamming against her, feeling the pressure in his cock building and building, until with a grrrowl, he came as well, pushing into her with every ounce of his body weight. They slid down to the floor and Jane giggled for the best part of a minute. Beau looked at her, amused, sensing that the giggling was another type of release for her. When she finally stopped, she looked at him and bit her lip.

“Um. Thanks...” Jane said, going red.
“Well, Asher asked me to take care of you while he was away, I think this falls under the category of 'taking care of',” Beau said and winked at her.
“God I needed that,” Jane exclaimed.
“I could sense that,” Beau replied and she went red again.
“I'm sorry I was so... Well. You know... It's just... This pregnancy has turned me into a sex crazed maniac. I want sex all day, everyday, and even 100 orgasms probably wouldn't be enough to satiate me,” Jane admitted.
“You officially know what it's like to be a man now,” Beau joked and Jane laughed.
“I haven't told Leah JUST how needy I am, we're already having sex three times during the night, and I have a feeling I'm wearing her out,” Jane confessed.
“I hardly think she'd be complaining,” Beau replied. Jane shrugged.
“I dunno, the other night, for the first time EVER, she told me she was too tired for sex,” Jane told him. “I know it wasn't an excuse, and that she was purely too tired... And I hate that I've worn her out to that extent!” Jane sighed.
“Embrace it, that's what I say. Think of it as a bonding experience of sorts,” Beau suggested and Jane smiled at him.
“More than just a hot bod aren't you,” Jane teased and stood up. “Water?” she asked and Beau nodded.
“Certainly doesn't have anything to do with me loving the thought of you two having hot hot HOT sex every single night,” Beau said innocently and let out a gasp of surprise when Jane squirted him with her water bottle.
“Typical male!” Jane exclaimed and he jumped up.
“Do that again, I dare you,” Beau challenged, and was surprised when she did just that.

Without a thought, Beau put his hand into the bag of flour and threw a handful of flour at Jane. Jane squealed and reached for the baking powder, picking it up and throwing it at him. Before the baking powder dust had even settled, Beau had picked up the sugar and threw two handfuls at her.

“You are in so much trouble!” Jane yelled and threw a lemon at him.
“You are the one in trouble!” Beau stated as he threw some coconut at her.


  1. Ooooo, a sexy food fight after sex. What a fun way to keep everything light and flirty.

  2. Hot, pounding sex, and then a food fight.... This sounds super yummy!

    - Bonnie