Friday 21 February 2014

Lucas gets his own back on Jenna...

I posted an excerpt earlier this week which has turned out to be very popular...  so I decided I would post a related excerpt.  This time rather than Jenna waking Lucas up for sex at 3am because she is pregnant and horny, it is Lucas waking up his pregnant fiancee because he just neeeeeeds to taste her.  At 3am.  He also comes close to missing a flight a few hours later, because again he just neeeeeeeds her.

(sorry for the lack of associated blog post, but I am knackered, bed calls!)

If you want to download the PDF you can do so by clicking on the link
Horny Lucas - Bree Guildford

Horny Lucas

Jenna's plan for the night HAD been to have dinner, then go to bed and have sex for the rest of the night, but as she and Lucas got into bed she knew that sex wasn't going to be on the menu. Without telling Lucas, she set the sex alarm, so they could wake up an hour earlier than planned and make up for the sex they hadn't had that night. Even Theo seemed tired, his movements a lot lighter than usual, obviously the big kicking session he had had while she was having her bath had taken it out of him.

They spoke quietly in the dark, mostly about the wedding. Lucas and James were going to pick up their suits the following Monday, but other than that everything was organised. Except for the weather. Both hoped like hell that the weather held out for them, and they could have a sunny day for their wedding. Tom told them he had access to a big gazebo that he could put up in the yard if it did rain, but Jenna hoped it wouldn't come to that. Lucas was rubbing her belly the whole time they were talking about it, and they both fell asleep with his hand still grazing back and forward over her growing bump.

When Jenna woke at 3am she found herself feeling incredibly horny, hornier than was usual for her upon JUST waking up. So horny that she couldn't hold back the loud moan that escaped from her lips. That had never happened before. As the sleepy fog cleared Jenna understood why it was she was feeling so horny and why she had moaned so loudly. There was a tongue expertly licking up and down her pussy, and as the tip of that tongue pressed inside her hole, she cried out loudly. There was no slowly working her into it, there was no gradual increase of tongue pressure, there was certainly no teasing. Jenna had woken up feeling VERY close to orgasm, and she wondered how long Lucas had been going down on her before she had eventually woken up.

Jenna cried out as Lucas flicked the tip of his tongue inside her hole, the sensation quite unlike anything she had ever felt before. As she started to wake up properly, she was more and more overcome by the sensations coursing through her pussy. Instinctively she started to move her hips against Lucas's mouth, the pressure against her pussy increasing as she did so. Moving her hands beneath the covers, Jenna ran her fingers through his hair... and as he began to use more pressure with his tongue, she found it impossible to not move her hand to the back of his head so she could hold him in place.

Lucas started to move his tongue faster and Jenna groaned loudly as she felt her body start to tense up, and her pussy began pulsating faster. Again she pushed harder on the back of his head and the increased pressure against her pussy made her come undone. Her orgasm hit and she screamed loudly, her thighs clamping tightly against each side of his head, so hard that had she been more aware of anything BUT her orgasm, she'd probably have been concerned about hurting him. The orgasm seemed to go on and on and on, and when it finally did wane Lucas licked up her slit and began to concentrate on her clit.

Jenna loved that he was continuing with his magical tongue skills but her clit felt very over sensitised. She was about to ask him to stop when he used the perfect amount of pressure and speed, and rather than telling him to stop, she was begging him NOT to stop. Lucas kept his tongue steady and very quickly Jenna felt another orgasm starting to build, but this one was starting in her toes and she knew that it was going to be a massive one. The tension spread from her toes, up her legs, into her thighs, through her pussy, spread up through her abdomen, her chest, down her arms and into her fingers.

All she could do was cry out loudly, in the hoping that vocalising her pleasure would lessen the pressure and tension she was feeling throughout her body, but it didn't work. When Lucas pressed harder on her clit with his tongue she felt the initial orgasmic explosion and then screamed one long, loud, high pitched scream as her orgasm hit with full force. Jenna was not conscious of Lucas breaking the contact between his tongue and her pussy, nor was she aware of him moving up in the bed... she could feel his lips against her lips, his head against her chest, and his hand on her belly, but then she lost the fight and everything went black.

When her earlier-than-planned alarm went off at 6am, Jenna reached over and turned it off then went straight back to sleep. When the 7am alarm went off Jenna woke up and hit the 'snooze' button, just incase either of them went back to sleep. But they didn't. Lucas looked particularly proud of himself and Jenna couldn't help but laugh.

“What brought that on at 3am?” Jenna asked with a wink and Lucas shrugged.
“I woke up with the strongest urge to taste you... so I did,” Lucas explained.
“It was beyond amazing, I don't think I have ever cum that hard from oral... and that's saying something!” Jenna replied.
“You were lying on your back, and when I put my hand on your belly to say hello to Theo my hand kind of drifted down and... well, you were already rather wet,” Lucas mentioned.
“That would be because the only dreams I seem to have these days are sex dreams,” Jenna laughed.
“After you came the first time I wasn't quite satisfied enough and felt compelled to give you a double,” Lucas noted and Jenna shook her head.
“It was amazing, I don't know how you know just how much pressure to use but... god...” Jenna whimpered.
“It was admittedly a tiny bit of a mood kill when I kissed your belly before getting to work and Theo kicked me in the mouth,” Lucas chuckled and Jenna laughed.
“Oh god... that must have been... off-putting,” Jenna exclaimed and Lucas shrugged.
“Maybe for a second, but then I could smell you and... well, alllllllll my attention was again on the delightful job at hand,” Lucas informed her.

As they spoke about their little middle of the night oral session, Jenna could feel Lucas getting hard against her. As much as he claimed that smelling her was too much for him, FEELING his cock against her was becoming too much for her and she had to do something about it. Pushing Lucas onto his back, she moved on top of him and winked at him as she sunk down on his cock. Lucas gripped onto her hips straight away and Jenna didn't bother taking things slow, instead opting to move her hips hard and fast against him, from the very first movement.

Jenna loved hearing Lucas groaning, and that morning his groans were particularly loud. His groans always spurred her on, and the louder he got, the harder and faster she moved her hips against him. Her moans soon became as loud as his groans, and their bedroom was filled with a sex chorus of sorts. Lucas pulled her down tightly against him, and Jenna could see by the look on his face that he was going to cum very quickly, so she moved her hands to the headboard, which allowed her to move even harder against him.

His groans became very guttural and as his fingers steadily dug harder into her hip, Jenna could feel his hips starting to arch upward, the look on his face a mix of pleasure and desperation. Lucas pulled her down hard and pushed into her as his orgasm hit. The sudden impact of his cock against the back of her pussy left Jenna gasping for breath as her own orgasm quickly built, bursting free when Lucas again pulled her down while at the same time pushing into her. They both screamed with pleasure as their orgasms coursed and waned.. Jenna felt so drained of energy that she couldn't even lift her leg in order to move off him, instead she slumped forward and rested uncomfortably against him, her belly very much in the way.

Lucas managed to roll them both onto their sides and Jenna moved her leg from where it was resting on his hip, groaning as she felt a deep ache resonating from her pelvis. Her body had started doing all manner of weird things lately. She was getting cramps in places she didn't know you could get cramp in, she had started getting daily braxton hicks contractions, and now it seemed she was getting the pelvic pain her midwife had talked about. Fun.

They got up for the day and Jenna made breakfast for them. As they sat and ate, Jenna felt herself getting close to tears. She didn't want Lucas to leave... she wanted to spend all weekend in bed with him, but there was no way that could happen. Lucas was leaving for the airport at 9am, and it wasn't too long after that that India would be coming over so they could go to the airport together to pick Josephine up, before leaving for their weekend by the ocean. Jenna knew that the hardest part (apart from being in bed alone at night) was saying goodbye and that after he'd left she would feel a little better. But saying goodbye, God, it sucked!

An hour later Jenna was standing outside, waving Lucas off. She forced herself to fight back the tears and NOT cry, because crying wouldn't solve anything, and she had things to do! After cleaning up the mess she had created making breakfast, Jenna put away the load of washing that was sitting in the basket on the recliner, then went into the bedroom to get ready for her shower. With her clothes for the day decided upon, Jenna went into the ensuite and turned the shower on, climbing in a minute later. The water felt good as it coursed over her body, and she smiled happily as she put both of her hands on her belly and said good morning to Theo, who was kicking and rolling around, putting on quite the show!

Jenna screamed when she felt two hands on her hips and for a second thought someone had broken in and was going to do only God knew what to her. But then she felt the familiar lips on her neck, quickly followed by the familiar hands spreading over her belly.

“What the fuck are you doing home?” Jenna exclaimed as she turned around.
“I need you,” Lucas replied and Jenna glared at him.
“Baby. You have a FLIGHT to catch!” Jenna reminded him and Lucas gave her a cheeky grin that melted all her insides.
“I know I do, but... I was thinking about you and next thing I know I was running back in the front door to find my gorgeous fiancée, so I could do dreadfully wonderful things to her. Very quickly.” Lucas declared and Jenna laughed.

Part of her (her brain) wanted to tell him to get out of the shower, get dressed and leave so he wouldn't miss his flight, but another part of her (her pussy) wanted what he had just described. As was so often the case where sex with Lucas was involved, it wasn't her brain that won that debate.

Jenna leaned against the shower wall, with her back to him, and when Lucas pulled her back against him, she felt the head of his cock against her hole. He pulled her backward again and she felt him pressing inside her, causing her to moan as her pussy clenched tightly around him. He moved against her, his cock repeatedly slamming against the back wall of her pussy, causing him to groan loudly, and her to cry out with each hard contact.

Jenna loved when he was like that. Quickies with Lucas were always hard, fast and a little on the rough side, and the memory lingered for a long time, there mere thought causing her to clench hours after the sex had happened. Jenna knew he was going to be running very much behind and that it was possible he would miss his flight, but God it'd be worth it! Lucas kept slamming into her and as his groans became deeper Jenna pressed back against him, allowing him to hit even harder... and when his groans turned to grunts Jenna braced herself for what was to come.

Again he started slamming harder and let out a loud, long grunt. His orgasm hit and Jenna pushed back against him at the same time as he pushed into her, the extra pressure on her a-spot causing her to cum without any warning, her pussy squeezing him repeatedly. They both stayed perfectly still until their orgasms had petered off and then Lucas let out a loud, shaky sigh as he pulled out of her. Jenna turned around and shook her head.

“You are shocking!” Jenna exclaimed and Lucas shrugged.
“I can't help it, my fiancée is particularly sexy looking right now and I can't resist her,” Lucas replied and Jenna laughed.
“You're full of shit, but I love you, and I do love when you just pounce like that,” Jenna admitted with a wink.
“Well I quite enjoy pouncing like that,” Lucas replied as Jenna turned the shower off.
“Hurry up then Mr No-Control, get dressed and I will take you to the airport,” Jenna said as she pointed to the shower door.
“No need for you to come,” Lucas said as he got out of the shower.
“Baby, you know it'll take you ten minutes to park and get into the airport, no way you'll make the flight if you have to do that. I will drive. I will stop at the front door and you can run in. Maybe ring James or one of the guys and tell them you've had car trouble,” Jenna said as she quickly dried off.

A couple of minutes later they were both dressed and heading for the front door. Jenna opened the door and she wasn't sure if it was her or India who got the biggest fright.

“Lucas's car, now. We're taking him to the airport,” Jenna said and pointed to his car.

India giggled and followed them to his car. When they were finally on their way Jenna felt a little bit of a relief, but she knew it was going to come down to a matter of seconds between Lucas making the flight and missing it.

“Someone decided on the way to the airport that he needed to come home and have a quickie,” Jenna explained and India laughed.
“That is sweet,” India replied and Lucas turned to her.
“Thank you!” Lucas exclaimed and they all laughed.
“I guess if you miss your flight you'll be able to go on a later one today,” India commented and Lucas nodded.
“Probably get my ass kicked but yea... there are about four flights a day so I will still make it in time,” Lucas replied.
“No doubt everyone will blame ME for you being late,” Jenna noted and India giggled.
“Don't worry I will make sure you don't get the blame,” Lucas sighed and then winked at her.

When they got to the airport Jenna stopped in the drop off zone and quickly kissed Lucas.

“Go! Get your ass to that check in counter!” Jenna demanded and he got out of the car.
“I might see you when you get inside, if not have a great weekend, I love you,” Lucas said and blew her a kiss then closed the door, got his bag out of the backseat and ran toward the entrance of the airport.

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