Tuesday 28 January 2014

Time for some girl-on-girl!

When I was looking through the list of posts I have made, I realised that there is only one excerpt which contains any girl-on-girl.  It just so happens that THAT post has been the most popular post on my blog, so I thought it was time to post some more!

This excerpt is another one from the 'Bastard Daniel' story, which is a work in progress.

Amelia's new post-Daniel bed has arrived and naturally she feels the need to christen it.  When Thomas leaves to pick up Emily from the nanny, and then take a detour to the hardware store, Amelia and Charlotte take the opportunity and do just that!

If you would prefer to download the PDF file of the excerpt you can do so right here
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 3) - Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel (unofficial title) - excerpt 3

Thomas and Charlotte went back upstairs to finish sanding Emily's room, but soon realised they didn't have enough sandpaper, so called it a day on the room. Thomas left early to pick Emily up so he could go to the hardware store with her on the way home. Amelia found it particularly adorable that Thomas enjoyed taking Emily shopping with him, and could just imagine in a couple of years time a trip to the hardware store would take him three times as long, because Emily would NEED to play on the playground, and there was no way Thomas would say no to that.

Not long after he left Charlotte's phone rang and Amelia could tell by the way she was talking that it was Thomas.

“Baby, Thomas is going to stop and get Indian on the way home, what do you want?” Charlotte asked her.
“Chicken tikka masala of course,” Amelia replied and Charlotte relayed the information back to Thomas.
“See you when you get home, love you,” Charlotte send and ended the call.
“Um... baby... I am really hungry,” Amelia told her and Charlotte laughed.
“Seriously woman, you just wolfed down a piece of carrot cake and you are still hungry?” Charlotte remarked, but Amelia stepped closer to Charlotte and stroked her fingers along her girlfriend's hand.
“No baby, I am HUNGRY,” Amelia repeated, with emphasis on the hungry. Charlotte quickly understood and grinned.
“Just as well you have a bed we need to christen,” Charlotte said with a wink and pulled Amelia against her.

Charlotte gave Amelia a look that just about melted her panties and caused an immediate throbbing between her legs. Charlotte leaned in closer and brushed her lips against Amelia's neck, the contact caused her to let out a quiet whimper, and when Charlotte moved her lips from her neck to her lips, Amelia pressed against her as her tongue moved forward and she slowly licked the tip of Charlotte's tongue.

“I haven't tasted you in days. I NEED you...” Amelia whispered and then took Charlotte's hand and led her toward the stairs.

Amelia led Charlotte into the bedroom and didn't bother closing the door. Without discussing it they each walked to one side of the bed and spread the bottom blanket out, followed by the bottom sheet. There was no point putting the top sheet on because it would just get kicked off anyway! Amelia walked around to where Charlotte was standing and they spent a few moments looking at each other before stepping in closer and kissing. Amelia cupped Charlotte's face in her hands and enjoyed the way it felt to finally be touching her girlfriend again. Their tongues connected at the tips and both women let out quiet noises of pleasure, and as their tongues explored further the noises became louder and more insistent.

Amelia moved her hands to Charlotte's hips and dipped her fingers inside the waistband of her jeans. She ran her fingers along the top of Charlotte's panties and when her fingers then moved inside the lacy fabric something was awoken inside Amelia, something that made her abandon her plans to take it slow and tease Charlotte to the brink of desperation. Instead she undid the button on Charlotte's pants and slowly pushed them down. She moved to her knees and pressed her face against Charlotte's lace-clad pussy, inhaling deeply the intoxicating scent of her girlfriend's arousal.

As she pulled down Charlotte's panties, Amelia's mouth began watering; she could almost taste Charlotte's juices and her tongue hadn't even made the slightest of contacts yet. It pained her to stand up, to move away from Charlotte's pussy, but seeing the almost drunken look on Charlotte's face was worth it. Amelia couldn't tell who was more turned on, her or Charlotte. They began to kiss again and the urgency she could feel in Charlotte's kiss reminded her that she had something she badly needed to do to her girlfriend. Kissing could wait. There were other places she wanted to put her tongue.

Amelia removed her top and felt a little self-conscious about the growing belly that was suddenly put on display. Charlotte bent down and kissed the top of her belly and Amelia knew it was her girlfriend's way of telling her to stop worrying about how she looked, and that in Charlotte's eyes, she was beautiful. After the little belly kiss, Charlotte moved her hands to Amelia's jeans and as she pulled them down, Amelia felt a pull deep inside... she needed Charlotte so badly. She needed to cum, but she needed to make Charlotte cum even more, and decided that her orgasm was less important. She was becoming more and more ravenous for her girlfriend's cunt, so much so that she felt she might die if she didn't dip her tongue inside Charlotte's sopping hole immediately.

With her panties still on, Amelia pushed Charlotte back on the bed and felt her pussy starting to swell as she climbed up the bed between her girlfriend's legs, moving ever closer to the slick folds already beading with moisture. Amelia felt as if she was moving in slow motion as she brought her face up to Charlotte's pussy. With her forearms resting on Charlotte's thighs she put her fingers on either side of Charlotte's pussy and then gently spread her open. She could hear Charlotte gasping for breath, and as she pressed her mouth against Charlotte's wet heat, and pressed her tongue against her hole, Charlotte let out a loud cry of relief and pleasure. Amelia moaned against Charlotte, she was so wet and tasted better than Amelia could remember. She wanted to drink her in, she didn't want to ever move her tongue from the tight hole that she loved so much.

Overcome by how good Charlotte's heat tasted and felt against her tongue, Amelia licked greedily up her slit, enjoying the way she caused Charlotte's entire body to shake as she moved closer to her clit. She ran her tongue over Charlotte's clit and then ran it equally as greedily back down to her hole again, dipping her tongue in to taste the sweet juice that was pooling between Charlotte's legs. After having her fix Amelia ran her tongue back up, this time taking the time to move her tongue in circles around Charlotte's clit, which was gently pulsating beneath her tongue. Again she moved her tongue down to Charlotte's hole and pressed it in further than the previous times, causing Charlotte to groan and buck her hips in a manner that told Amelia she should keep doing it.

Amelia started to thrust her tongue in and out of Charlotte's hole, moving it faster and deeper each time, until Charlotte started to cry out loudly and began writhing around beneath her. It was then that Amelia bid farewell to the wet hole she loved so much, and ran her tongue back upward to concentrate on Charlotte's clit. She pressed her tongue against Charlotte's clit and then started to move it back and forward in a sideways motion. Charlotte's hand clamped behind her head and Amelia grinned as her face was pressed harder against Charlotte's pussy, she loved that being closer meant she could apply more pressure with her tongue. The effect of the increased pressure was immediate and as Charlotte started to cry out loudly Amelia focused on moving her tongue faster, then moving it faster again when she felt Charlotte apply more pressure to the back of her head.

Charlotte seemed to be just on the brink of orgasm, but Amelia knew that didn't mean it was going to be over any time soon. Just like Charlotte had a sense of perfect timing with her, Amelia knew precisely what to do to get Charlotte seconds away from orgasm, and to keep her there for as long as she wanted. When Charlotte began to take the deep breaths that she always took just before her orgasm hit, Amelia relaxed the pressure she was applying with her tongue, JUST enough to stop Charlotte going right over the edge. Charlotte began crying out in her usual fashion so Amelia used more pressure with her tongue again, pulling right back when Charlotte started approaching orgasm again. Each time she did this Charlotte squeezed Amelia's arm tightly and dug her nails in, releasing them when the pressure lessened. It was a type of pain that Amelia loved.

Amelia did her little orgasm-postponing trick a few times, but she wasn't a complete idiot and knew that if she did it too many times Charlotte would 'lose' her orgasm. When Charlotte suddenly dug her nails in harder than she had before, Amelia knew that it was time to stop prolonging things and to let her girlfriend's orgasm hit. She heard Charlotte take her deep breaths and rather than relaxing her tongue she used even more pressure and licked faster and faster until Charlotte let out a loud, long scream and her orgasm hit, causing her hips to raise completely off the bed as she tossed from side to side. Amelia held tightly to Charlotte's thighs and pressed her mouth against her pussy until all her movement ceased completely. When Charlotte's legs flopped to the side Amelia broke the contact between pussy and mouth and looked up at her girlfriend.

There was nothing she loved more than the look of pleasure on Charlotte's face immediately after she had cum. Each time she saw Charlotte in that state, she fell in love with her just a little bit more. Amelia moved up the bed and lay beside Charlotte, pulling her against her chest and holding her tightly, peppering little kisses on her forehead, giggling each time Charlotte let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. Their post-sex rituals were almost as fun as the sex itself. Almost.

“You killed me,” Charlotte whispered, like she did every single time.
“I am glad,” Amelia whispered back, her reply also following the same script.
“I love you,” Charlotte sighed and Amelia released her hold a little so she could move down and look Charlotte in the eye.
“I love you,” Amelia replied and they smiled at each other.
“If you let me recover, I will return the favour... promise...” Charlotte muttered and Amelia laughed.
“You don't have to return the favour,” Amelia reassured her.
“You kidding me? I need to make you scream,” Charlotte noted.

Amelia got off the bed and picked up the duvet that was lying on the floor then got back on the bed and pulled the duvet up over both of them. They moved into each others arms again and lay together, happy and right where they wanted to be. Amelia had no idea how long they were lying there, but eventually Charlotte came out of her hazy post-orgasm fog and as she had promised she started to touch Amelia in ways that made her toes curl. It didn't take long before Amelia opened her legs to Charlotte and was moaning loudly as her girlfriend worked her magic with her tongue and fingers.

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