Monday 27 January 2014

One love... indeed!

Like a lot of people I tuned in to watch the Grammy's, mostly to see how fellow Kiwi, Lorde, did with all her nominations. It was great to see her win two out of four of the categories she was nominated in, but for me it wasn't Lorde who stole the show...

For me, the show stealer was Macklemore, along with Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert, Queen Latifah and Madonna, and their performance of the hit song, 'Same Love'.  It wasn't the song or the performance per'se that stole the show for me, rather it was the mass wedding which Queen Latifah officiated over as part of the performance.

courtesy of the New York Daily News

I have never cried so much during a musical performance.  My wife and I sat together on the couch and watched the events unfold, and both began crying when it became clear what was happening.  It was a beautiful sight.  Men marrying other men, men marrying women, women marrying other women... regardless of their sex, their gender, their skin colour, their religion, they were each there to marry the love of their life.  A right that EVERYONE should have.

The day I married my wife was (other than the birth of my two children) the happiest day of my life, and I hate to think there are people in the world missing out on their own happy day, because some people and sections of society don't believe in equality... and perhaps they don't believe in love either.

I am so glad we have people out there like Macklemore, Mary Lambert, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah and Madonna to work as advocates for marriage equality... not that there should be a need for advocates.  Marriage equality shouldn't be something that has to be won.  It should just be.

(as a side note... I think I may die when I see Macklemore playing live in March!)

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