Sunday 26 January 2014

My Sexy Saturday, week 33

My Sexy Saturday is a chance for writers to post 7 words, 7 sentences, or 7 paragraphs, from a published work or a work in progress, based on a certain theme.

This weeks theme is 'Let's get sexy back', and my 7 sentences are a from an untitled work in progress (though I refer to it as 'Flatmates' on my blog).

The general premise is that flatmates (roommates I believe is the appropriate term in America!) Elle and Carter finally gave in to the sexual tension that had been building between them for months.  They developed a friends-with-benefits type relationship but their feelings for each other went way beyond that... neither was willing to admit it to the other for fear of the feelings not being returned, and their friendship being ruined because of it.  There were a few misunderstandings which led to Carter finally letting his feelings be known to Elle, but another misunderstanding resulted in a huge argument between the two and ultimately caused Carter to decide it was time to move out and cut his losses.  Elle thinks perhaps it is for the best, until her best friend, Kaylee, informs her that Carter is putting his bags in his car and is about to leave...


Fuck!” Elle exclaimed and without putting any conscious thought into it, ran from her room, down the hall, through the lounge and kitchen and out to the driveway, just in time to see Carter putting the last bag in his car. 

She watched as Carter walked over to the driver's side door, and as he opened it he turned her way and looked questioningly at her.  She locked eyes with him and continued walking forward until she was standing right in front of him and stopped, their eyes still fixed on each other, neither of them blinking or moving a muscle.  Unable to stop herself, she smiled at him then stepped in closer and pushed him against the car door, before putting a hand behind his neck and pulling him down so she could kiss him.  The kiss went on and on and on and on... and on... her arms moved around his neck at the same time he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.  The kiss was slow and deep, gentle but passionate, hungry but unrushed.  When she reluctantly broke off the kiss Elle looked up at him, a tear or two forming in her eyes.

Carter... you aren't the only one feeling that way,” she finally confessed, and Carter smiled tenderly at her before pressing his lips gently against hers, and they shared another long, romantic kiss.  When the kiss came to a natural end he held her close, her cheek resting against his firm chest, his hand lazily stroking her back.


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