Tuesday 21 January 2014

More than sex

Now that I have been blogging for a month, I decided it was time to post an excerpt of my writing that ISN'T a sex scene.

Yes, I am a writer of erotic romance, BUT there is more to my stories than plain ol' sex.  I like to think that my stories all have a good storyline and a decent amount of plot, not just sex here, sex there, sex everywhere.  The more I write, the more I find myself delving deeper into the world of each character, the result being storylines which are more emotionally driven... something *I* (as a reader, and a writer) enjoy.

The excerpt I am posting is the second of the story I have affectionately titled 'Bastard Daniel'.  As a general over view, Amelia and Charlotte are girlfriends (in love girlfriends, not friends who are girls!), each has a boyfriend.  Charlotte is in love with (and has a child to) Thomas, while Amelia is in love with (and is pregnant to) Daniel.  That is until Amelia catches Daniel having sex with Sarah, and their relationship is unsurprisingly called off.  Amelia becomes good friends with Harrison, and eventually they start dating... polyamorous relationship, baby in belly, and all.  I won't give away what happens at the end though!

Now where was I?  Oh right, excerpt #2.
It's a relatively short excerpt so I won't say too much, but in this excerpt Charlotte gets a chance to have a word (or 50) with the dirty cheating scumbag, who has broken her pregnant girlfriend's heart.  As you can imagine, she isn't going to have any nice words to say to him!  I might also add this isn't the last time Charlotte is going to tell Daniel just what she thinks of him!

In case you missed it, here is Bastard Daniel (excerpt 1)

And now I quite happily give to you excerpt number 2!

If you want to download the excerpt as a PDF file, you can do so by clicking on the following link
Bastard Daniel (excerpt 2) - Bree Guildford


Bastard Daniel - excerpt 2!

After Amelia had been softly snoring for a few minutes Charlotte carefully moved out of the bed, got dressed, and tiptoed from the room, closing the door gently behind her. As she walked down the hall toward the living areas she could hear two male voices, which struck her as strange because she had left Thomas with Emily, and he hadn't mentioned that anyone was stopping by. When she got closer to the room she realised exactly who it was Thomas was talking to. Daniel. That filthy piece of scum. What was HE doing there? Moving closer to the door Charlotte stood and listened to what was being said in the dining room.

“I thought you'd understand where I'm coming from. You know what it's like to share,” she heard Daniel say to Thomas.
“No, I don't know where you're coming from. I love Charlotte, I respect and fully accept the relationship she and Amelia have, to the point that it is now a part of OUR relationship. I don't see it as sharing, I don't see it as only getting half of my time with Charlotte... it is life, it is the way our relationship works and it just feels natural to me,” Thomas replied and Charlotte smiled at his words.
“When I found out Amelia was bloody pregnant it was like all of a sudden I was third best... she would talk about the baby non-stop and it made me feel unimportant and...” Daniel started to say, before Thomas cut him off.
“She is EXCITED about the baby. She LOVES the baby... of COURSE she is going to talk about it a lot. The baby might not mean anything to you, but to Amelia, that baby is her world. All she wanted was to be able to share that excitement with you, but you were too selfish to think about things from her point of view,” Thomas said, sounding as exasperated as Charlotte felt.
“That baby was a fucking mistake. And you know what, I kind of wonder if Sarah is right and Amelia DID get pregnant on purpose,” Daniel announced.

Charlotte had heard enough. It was time to to make her thoughts on the matter known, whether Daniel liked it or not. Taking a deep breath she walked into the lounge and threw Daniel an angry look.

“You asshole. I can't believe you had the balls to show up here,” Charlotte spat out as she stopped at Thomas's side.
“It's my house too,” Daniel reminded her and Charlotte sniggered.
“Shall I get our accounts out and show you where the mortgage repayments have been coming from? I think you'll find that you haven't paid a cent toward the mortgage, Daniel. Therefore this house is NOT yours,” Charlotte informed him and then held her hand out. “With that in mind, you can give me your key now. Thomas will be here tomorrow afternoon when you pick up your shit... IF Amelia hasn't burnt it by then,” her voice was stern and cold, and she felt a little thrill of satisfaction when Daniel got his keys from his pocket and placed the house key into her waiting palm.
“If she touches any of my stuff I will be calling the cops,” Daniel declared and Charlotte rolled her eyes as she slipped the key into her back pocket.
“Why would she WANT to touch any of your stuff? She wants NOTHING to do with you,” Charlotte stated.
“Of course she wants nothing to do with me, she got the stupid baby she was always after, I guess I played my part,” Daniel said bitterly and Charlotte could feel the rage starting to bubble away in her stomach.
“YOU are a bastard. You know Amelia was doing what she could to avoid getting pregnant, you KNOW she had agreed to wait until you were ready to start a family. YOU know just as well as I do how upset she was when she found out about the pregnancy, she cried for days, upset that she had ruined your life by getting pregnant,” Charlotte said angrily, her voice getting louder with each word until she was shouting at him. “She was going to have an abortion because of you!”

“You think you're so tough, I bet you're going to throw something at my head as well,” Daniel said snidely and it was only then that Charlotte noticed the gash on his forehead. He was lucky Amelia hadn't thrown something bigger at him.
“I could throw something at your head, Daniel. Something big and hard that would cause a lot of damage... but I'm not going to. I don't want to waste my time and energy on a pathetic scumbag like you,” Charlotte told him, shooting him an icy glare.
“You're all talk, Charlotte,” Daniel said smugly and then looked at Thomas who was holding Emily. “Got him wrapped around your little finger too... you got the fancy house, you got the baby, I wouldn't be surprised if you tried to get rid of Amelia now so that you can have all of this to yourself,” he said acidly. Charlotte stepped in toward him and smiled sweetly.
“I can handle you insulting me, but I will not put up with you insulting Thomas or Amelia,” Charlotte announced then stepped in closer to him and, putting her hands on his shoulders, brought her knee up into his groin.

The contact between knee and balls was hard. Daniel let out a screech of pain then collapsed to his knees, holding his hands over his balls. Written over his face was pure pain. Written over Charlotte's face was pleasure. Throwing something at his head would have been fun, but hitting him where it REALLY hurt provided a bigger sense of enjoyment than a mere hit to the head ever could have. She watched Daniel struggling to his feet and after she had taken Emily from Thomas's arms she turned to him and sighed.

“You take out this piece of trash and I am going to go and feed this adorable little monkey of ours and then put her to bed,” Charlotte said, then kissed Thomas on the cheek and walked upstairs without turning back.

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