Saturday 21 December 2013

I believe it is time!

I first began writing erotica when I was 16.  Whenever I finished writing something I would tear it into little pieces and throw it away, embarrassed that I could write such filth.  Surely it was wrong to write about sex?  For years afterward I tried to write poetry, I tried to write 'general' fiction, but nothing really mentally stimulated me quite as much as those early erotic pieces had.

In 2011 I began writing erotica again and have been writing it ever since.  I have one story completed, I have four which are under construction and numerous other ideas in my mind.  Until now the only person who has read any of my writing is my wife.  I like writing for her, I like watching the look on her face change as she reads whatever it is I have written in the last day, week or month... but, I now feel the need to share.

I think part of it is a self confidence thing for me.  I have never had a lot of self confidence, I seem to fail at most things I attempt and have never been great at anything.  Yes, I did well in my human biology class in year 11, I did well in the couple of human development papers I took during my first attempt at university, but I've never been GREAT.  This past year at university I achieved an A- grade for a public relations paper I did, and for the first time I started to believe that perhaps I don't give myself enough credit, that maybe I am better at certain things than I think I am.

This leads me to where I am right now.  I have an author page on facebook, I have a twitter account and I have this blog.  I have nothing published and only my wife has read my work, but I am ready to share.  I am ready to try and get my work out there.  I don't expect fame and glory, I don't expect to become a household name, but I do dream of others reading my stories and would be happy with just ONE person becoming a fan of my writing.  Yes, of course in a perfect world there would be thousands of people who consider my stories amongst their favourites... but right now I would settle for one!

I have no real idea how long it is going to take to get my work up to standard to publish, but until then I will post snippets of my work here in the hopes that it will pique the interest of a few of you!

Thank you for reading!


  1. YAY! I can finally comment!
    We'll get you published, somehow. Cos you write better smut than some of the books we got from the library last week...

    1. Glad you can finally comment!
      And thank you <3 I couldn't do it without you!