Wednesday 10 September 2014

Eva has sex for the first time in two years

After some prompting from a friend I decided it was time to post a new excerpt to my blog.  I wasn't sure what to post, so I looked in my 'on hold' folder (the place half written WIP go to die, it seems) and started to scroll through a file called 'Eva and Ethan'.

The story of Eva and Ethan is your typical 'girl meets boy, girl takes him home, one night stand turns into so much more' story, but there is a lot more to the characters than first meets the eye.  Like everyone they have a back story, Eva's is a sad one, so is Ethan's, but in completely different ways.

I haven't worked on the story in months, but after reading I felt encouraged to work on it and thought posting an excerpt from the story would be a good place to start!

I hope you enjoy this excerpt, chances are I'll post another Eva & Ethan excerpt soon!

'Eva and Ethan' - excerpt 1

That man. He did things to her. Things no man had ever done before... and she hadn't even been naked with him yet! Ethan pulled her against him and kissed her again this time not so chastely. As their lips moved together she could feel his fingers digging into her hips and when his thumbs brushed delicately over the bare skin above the waist of her jeans she whimpered quietly against his mouth, suddenly wanting and needing more of him. Eva broke off the kiss and moved back so she could undo the buttons of his shirt.

As the buttons came undone Eva felt any restraint she had slipping away. The feeling of Ethan's bare skin beneath her fingers made her crave more of him. She wanted to explore his glorious body, and she wanted him to explore hers. She needed to feel his bare chest pressed against hers, she needed to feel his naked hips pressing against her naked hips. She needed to feel his lips on parts of her body other than her lips, she wanted to kiss a path from his jawline, down down down, she wanted to feel his hands and fingers moving all over her body, she wanted to use her hands to become acquainted with every single inch of his body.

Eva was snapped out her little daze by the feeling of Ethan's fingers grazing up her sides as he lifted her top up. She held her arms above her head and as he removed her top she wished they were already naked and in bed. In the past she had never been the one to make the first move or to initiate sex, but her need was suddenly too much to handle; before she knew what she was doing she gripped the waistband of Ethan's jeans and led him quickly toward her bedroom. As they walked Eva slipped her shoes off and by the time they got to the bedroom Ethan's shoes were gone as well... she hadn't even been aware of him taking them off.

Eva marched him to her bed before turning them around so his back was to the bed. Making the most of her unexpected confidence Eva pushed Ethan gently and smiled as he fell back on her bed. He looked expectantly at her and rather than feeling 'oh god what do I do now?' panic, Eva straddled his legs and slowly crawled up his body until she was straddling his hips, a hand either side of his head. It was a beautiful sight to look down on, and when Ethan moved his hands up and started to stroke her sides, she let out a shaky sigh and closed her eyes, as if trying to commit that moment to memory. He moved his hands to the small of her back and ran his fingertips gently up her spine, causing her to tremble in delight... his touch was surprisingly soft but resonated throughout her body.

When Ethan's hands reached the top of her spine he moved them to the back of her head and pulled her down for a kiss. Eva groaned the moment she felt their lips brushing together and as if they had a mind of her own, her hips began to move in a slow circular motion. There were layers of fabric between them but she could feel his hardness pressing against her, and when he moved his hands to her hips and pulled her down against him, there was absolutely no denying just how turned on he was. Eva tried not to moan, but his denim clad cock felt amazing as she rubbed against it. If it felt that good through two layers of denim, how the hell was she going to be able to handle the real thing?

Fuck she wanted the real thing.

His cock and her pussy rubbing together through their clothes was making her wet but so was the kissing. When she felt the first flicker of Ethan's tongue against hers Eva had felt a sizable clench inside her pussy, and the more he used his tongue the deeper the clench became. It wasn't just the use of his tongue which was causing her panties to become damp, no, it was also the beard.

She loved the sensation it caused as it almost teasingly rubbed against her chin, causing her to imagine how it would feel to have the beard grazing against her inner thighs and her pussy, specifically her clit. She could almost imagine how it would feel having his tongue inside her hole while his stubbly upper lip grazed repeatedly against her clit.

Eva broke off the kiss and looked pleadingly at Ethan, her heart was racing, her breathing was faster than she could ever remember it being, and her pussy... her pussy was ACHING for him. She needed him inside her, she needed to feel her cunt gripping his cock, to feel the tingly pressure building as he pumped in and out of her, she wanted to feel the smooth heat of his cock combining with her own wet heat. She wanted to scream, she wanted to let herself go and come undone around him. She had never wanted something or someone so badly.

Ethan moved his hands to the waistband of her jeans and undid the button and zip. The moment he was done Eva undid the button on Ethan's jeans and pulled the zip down, biting her lip when she looked at the insistent bulge in his boxers. She couldn't wait to free him from his boxers and take his cock inside her... not wanting to wait any longer she got off the bed and was about to pull her pants down when Ethan sat up and did the job for her. She whimpered when he kissed just above the band of her panties, and wondered if perhaps she was going to find out exactly what that beard would feel like against her pussy sooner rather than later.

Ethan hooked his fingers in the band of Eva's panties and slowly pulled them down. He looked up at her and smiled then stood up. Again they kissed, and while their tongues were tangling together Ethan moved his hands behind her back and undid her bra. He pulled the straps down her arms then dropped the garment on the floor, suddenly Eva's nervousness was back. It was one thing to be pantyless, but to be braless as well, she felt vulnerable, shy, afraid that perhaps Ethan would see her completely naked form and run away.

To take the attention off herself, Eva moved her hands to the waist of Ethan's jeans and pushed them down until they dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them. There was only one item of clothing remaining, and Eva knew that once his boxers were off, there was nothing preventing them from joining together in the most intimate of ways.

Taking a breath, Eva gripped the band of Ethan's boxers in her fingers and slowly peeled them down over his cock, pushing them down to his knees before letting gravity do the rest. When Ethan stepped out of his boxers Eva found it hard to make eye contact with him. She felt more shy than she had when he took her bra off, and that familiar panic started to set in.

She wanted him, she wanted IT badly, but in that moment the fear that he was going to escape while he could was greater than her want for him. Ethan stepped back from her and Eva immediately crossed her arms over her breasts as if to protect herself from the negative reaction she was so sure was coming.

Ethan ran his hands along her shoulders and down her arms then carefully moved her arms from their protective position. Eva stood before him shaking, partly from arousal, partly from nerves, waiting for his next move. He stepped into her and put his hands on her hips then leaned in and kissed her on the neck and began to kiss a trail from the top of her neck down to the crook, over her collarbone, down her chest - only stopping when he had captured one of her nipples between his lips - and started to suck gently on it. Eva moaned softly and ran her fingers through his hair while he continued teasing her nipple with his mouth. Her legs were definitely shaking by then. She no longer felt nervous, her shaking was related to the pure, unbridled need she felt for Ethan.

Eva could feel Ethan's cock against her leg and knew that he was more than ready as well, but he seemed in no rush to get things over and done with. When he moved on to the other nipple Eva moaned and felt her pussy swelling as he alternated between sucking and running his tongue back and forward over the nipple.

He was getting her into a wet, frantic state, and soon she needed more than his lips and tongue on her nipple... but what he was doing felt so good and part of her wished she could experience the magic he was performing on her nipples for hours on end. Ethan began to groan against her nipple and Eva could sense he was starting to feel the same sense of urgency she was.

Ethan suckled long and hard then released her nipple from his mouth. No words were exchanged as Eva pulled the sheets back and when they were lying on the bed Ethan smiled nervously at her. Eva returned his smile with an equally nervous one of her own, then pulled the sheets up over them. They rolled in toward each other and when Eva leaned in to kiss him, she whimpered as she felt all of him pressing against her.

His body felt so firm against hers and she couldn't help but run a hand down his side, loving the contrast of his soft skin with the firmness of his muscles. Speaking of firmness, there was also the not-so-small matter of his cock which was sandwiched between them. Eva wasn't at all surprised that he was rather large and couldn't wait to feel the delicious stretch it would cause as he entered her that very first time.

“Um, do you have condoms?” Ethan whispered, bringing her back to reality.
“I... no... but I'm on the pill,” Eva told him, feeling stupid for forgetting about something as simple as condoms.
“I got tested after my ex, I know that I'm... clean... if you don't mind going without condoms,” Ethan replied and rather than respond vocally, Eva rolled onto her back and took his hand in hers then gently pulled him toward her.

Ethan got the message and as he moved on top of her Eva spread her legs to accommodate him. When he was positioned between her legs she was surprised he didn't immediately press inside her and instead kissed her sweetly.

There was only so much either of them could take though, and when she felt the tip of Ethan's cock nudging at her hole she moaned with delight. He smiled down at her and she found herself holding her breath as the head of his cock pressed against her hole and in painstakingly slow fashion he pushed inside her. Eva gasped when his cock made contact with the back of her pussy, and though he stayed perfectly still she cried out in pleasure. She loved the feeling of pleasure-pain as she felt her pussy stretched open by a cock... there was nothing quite like it. Considering she hadn't had sex for two years it was a feeling she hadn't experienced in a long time. She loved it and wished it could last, but knew that there was much MUCH better to come.

Ethan kissed her and slowly pulled almost all the way out before sliding in slowly, this time when his cock hit the back of her pussy she let out a cry of pleasure. When he pulled back out again Eva dug her nails into his shoulders in preparation of what she knew was going to come. As he began to thrust in and out of her a little faster the feeling of being stretched wide open was gone and had been replaced by the feeling of slickness that came with being so damn wet.

The friction was something else!

Eva knew she was particularly swollen and because of that there was constant friction whenever Ethan's cock moved. It was as if she could feel every ridge of his cock as it moved in and out of her, hitting hot spot after hot spot after hot spot, causing her toes to curl and her pussy to tighten around him. Eva had always felt shy about being loud in bed, but the intensity of the sensations assaulting her body meant she had no choice but to moan loudly, announcing to the world just how fucking amazing it felt to have Ethan inside her.

Ethan wasn't being quiet either, and if anything his loud grunts and groans only spurred her on, especially when he began to move harder against her. It was like the 'polite' sex was over and finally the 'real' sex had begun. Ethan's slow, gentle thrusts had become the hard and fast thrusts she needed... they weren't just having sex, they were fucking, hard and fast and poundy and sweaty and loud. If any of her neighbours had their windows open she knew they would be getting an earful, but she didn't care one bit, she was having the sex of her life and didn't care who knew about it.

The moment Eva wrapped her legs around Ethan's waist and pulled him deeper inside she knew it was going to be over very soon. The change in position caused more friction on her clit and that, combined with the increasing force behind each of his thrusts caused her pussy to tighten around him.

She could feel her orgasm building and dug her nails deep into his shoulders as her cries became more high pitched. Ethan moved harder against her and as his grunts became louder and closer together, her high pitched cries turned into shrieks and her hips began to raise off the bed, again intensifying the friction against her clit.

Ethan moved his arms so his hands were underneath, gripping onto her shoulders... as a result he was able to move even harder against her and it was only a matter of moments before Eva began to scream as she felt her orgasm speedily approaching. She felt tension in all parts of her body, her pussy tightened to the point it was almost uncomfortable and her legs tightened around him again, her hips raising up until BOOM! her orgasm hit.

Her scream was loud and long, her nails digging uncontrollably deeply into Ethan's shoulders, her thighs squeezing his waist so tightly she was sure it must have hurt. Ethan's grunts were getting louder and closer together, and just as she started coming down from her own orgasm, he let out a loud gutteral groan as his orgasm hit. He pushed as deeply inside her as he could and stayed still as his orgasm peaked and waned, his body rigid and sweaty against her.

As Ethan came down from his orgasm Eva could feel the tension disappearing from his body and when he collapsed on top of her she smiled to herself as she wrapped her arms around him and lazily stroked the back of his neck. Ethan was breathing heavily against her and as well as feeling the bristley stubble of his beard against her neck, she could feel the sweat from his forehead against her cheek... he exuded rugged manliness, and although she had just had the orgasm of her life, she would be lying if she said she didn't feel a little turned on. Though it seemed that where Ethan was involved she was in a constant state of arousal, so it shouldn't have surprised her.

When Ethan moved off her Eva smiled sadly. She knew it would have to come to an end eventually, but wasn't quite ready for him to leave. It was only sex though and she was surprised he hadn't made an excuse to leave the moment the sex was over.

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