Sunday 10 August 2014

Jake gets his very own personal (naughty!) nurse

When Jake gets injured his girlfriend, Victoria, takes it upon herself to be his personal nurse.  Considering the two can't keep their hands off each other, it is no surprise when Victoria puts a very sexy spin on her temporary role as his very hands-on nurse.  Who can blame her?!



When Jake's shoulder started to hurt again Victoria insisted he stay on the couch while she went to get his painkillers for him. A couple of minutes later he heard the bathroom door closing and could hear her walking down the hall toward the lounge, but when she came through the doorway Jake was very unprepared for what he saw. Gone were her t-shirt and jeans, replaced by a red and white corset with the tell-tale red cross embroidered in the middle of it, a pair of white stockings, the outfit finished off with a pair of very high, very shiny, very slutty red patent heels.

“Jesus Christ...” Jake uttered, finding it impossible to close his mouth as Victoria approached. He gulped nervously. He really had not been prepared to see her like that!
“Here is your medication, Mr Carter,” Victoria said handing him his painkillers, before turning around and bending over to pick up his drink bottle.
“Uh, thanks...” he replied as she handed him his drink bottle and the pills, which he quickly swallowed.
“Is there anything else I can do for you?” Victoria asked very professionally, as she placed his drink bottle back on the coffee table.
“No...” Jake answered, still a touch dumbfounded. He knew she had had a naughty nurse scenario planned, but the reality was so much better than he'd anticipated.
“Is there anything I can do to you?” Victoria asked, her voice suddenly had a very seductive, husky quality about it.
“Well, I could do with a little hug,” Jake said, starting to get his composure back.
“I can do that,” Victoria noted, then leaned over and kissed his forehead. “You feel hot. Perhaps you should take your pants off,” she said in that same sexy tone of voice. Jake raised an eyebrow at her and stood up.
“Maybe I should,” he replied, but before he could put his hands on his waistband, Victoria stopped him.
“Allow me to do that for you, Mr Carter,” Victoria insisted, dropping to her knees and looking up at him through her eyelashes – the sight was simply too much for him and his cock started to throb.

Victoria slowly pulled his pants down and then looked up at him again, this time biting her lip. As she freed him from his boxers, he whimpered.

“I should probably check your temperature,” Victoria suggested and Jake looked down at her warily.
“Oh, and um, how would you do that?” he asked. Rather than answer him, Victoria showed him, lightly licking the tip of his cock.
“Oh god...” he whispered, as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock again.
“Sorry, but I can't get an accurate reading, I need to check again,” Victoria told him, her voice very serious.

As her mouth slid down the length of his cock he exhaled loudly and hoped like hell she wouldn't spend too long 'checking his temperature', because he wasn't sure how much of that he could handle. She sucked him gently and much to his relief didn't take him deep in her throat... he didn't want to cum while she was sucking his cock, because he had no idea how she felt about the idea of him cumming in her mouth. He was aware it wasn't something every woman enjoyed! Luckily she kissed his cock goodbye and stood up, then put her hands on his shoulders and looked at him seriously.

“You seem a bit flustered, Mr Carter, perhaps you should sit down – I would hate for you to faint and hurt that shoulder even more,” Victoria said, her voice full of compassion.
“I think you're right, Nurse Michaels,” Jake said and winked at her, then sat down and looked up at her, curious to see what 'Nurse Michaels's next move would be.

Victoria straddled him, with a hand either side of his head on the back of the couch, and wasted no time in kissing him. Jake groaned loudly. She started to kiss down his neck and he groaned again, it seemed that even the slightest touch from her was sending charges of pure heated lust through his body, and for the first time since Saturday morning, he forgot all about the pain in his shoulder.

Without thinking about it he kept his sore arm by his side, but moved his good arm so he was cupping her bottom in his hand. He couldn't resist the urge to follow the curve of her ass, and as he ghosted his fingers over her slit, she moaned loudly and he felt her entire body shudder against him. She was even wetter than he had expected, and suddenly he wanted, no, needed her badly. Victoria was whimpering against his neck and he knew she wanted him just as badly.

“Now Mr Carter, there are two options regarding your very special care,” Victoria said, a little breathless.
“Oh, Nurse Michaels? Please inform me of those choices,” Jake replied, gazing up at her.
“I can either care for you with my hand and mouth,” Victoria explained, giving him the first option.
“Always a good choice. What is the other option?” Jake asked locking eyes with hers.
“Well, the other option is for me to perch on the top of your cock and then slide down taking you deep inside my pussy,” Victoria explained and Jake could feel her wetness on the tip of his cock. Rather than answering with words, Jake moved both of his hands to her hips and pulled her down until she was filled to the hilt with his cock.
“Naughty Mr Carter, you're meant to let me do all the hard work!” Victoria exclaimed, then winked at him. “Though I do feel all the hard work inside me,” she said and bit her lip. Had it not been so sexy, Jake would have been teasing her about her dreadful joke.

Victoria started to rock her hips against his, her pussy massaging his cock, causing him to grow increasingly harder with each passing second. Jake had no choice but to groan, and to groan loudly. He hadn't been frustrated or impatient about not having been inside her for three and a half days, but fuck it felt good to be inside her again!

Jake moved his hands from her hips and instead focused the attention of his fingers on her nipples, which he could see were all pointy beneath the corset she was wearing. Part of him wanted to play with them properly – so he could watch his fingers rubbing and squeezing her nipples - but another part of him loved the naughtiness of the corset, and he decided to leave it on. Why get all the fun out of the way in the space of one naughty fuck? He could (and would!) always help her out of it later that evening.

He began rubbing her nipples through the corset, and Victoria began to moan. He felt her hips immediately start to move faster against him, causing him to rub her nipples harder... and again, for her to move her hips even faster. It amazed him how something as simple as touching her nipples could have such a great ripple effect and impact on what her pussy and hips were doing. When he began to squeeze her nipples, he could feel her pussy tightening around his cock, he could feel her tight walls becoming wetter around him, making him throb even harder.

Without putting any conscious thought into it he pulled down the cups of her corset, and his mouth very quickly found one of her nipples. Jake let out a loud groan of satisfaction as he finally tasted her skin, and felt the hardness of her nipple between his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

Victoria cried out as he started to suck on her nipple. He was trying to be gentle – but was finding that extremely hard - especially when an overwhelming hunger for her had been unleashed. Jake moved his attention to the other nipple, sucking it just as hard and deep into his mouth and while he did this her pussy clenched widly around his cock, her hips bucking harder and faster against him.

Jake quickly got carried away and began to tug on her nipple with his teeth, causing her to cry out loudly and dig her fingernails deep into his shoulders. For a nanosecond he was worried he had hurt her, but the way she pushed her hips harder against him suggested otherwise. Again, he tugged on the nipple with his teeth, earning him the same result, this time with Victoria digging her nails into the back of his neck

Victoria started to ride him hard and fast and he could tell that she had one aim in mind – to make him cum – and whether she knew it or not, she was very close to accomplishing her goal. Jake put a hand on the back of Victoria's neck and pulled her down so his mouth was level with her neck, then he bit down on the crook of her neck, not surprised by the scream that erupted from Victoria, or by the fact her hips suddenly began to buck wildly.

With his cock continously hitting the back of her pussy and his mouth working her neck, Jake could feel Victoria's pussy starting to constrict. The increase of pressure around his cock triggered spasms deep inside him, which grew stronger and stronger and stronger until, with a loud groan, he came, biting down hard on Victoria's neck. Her pussy began to clench and release around his cock and as her own orgasm hit she let out a strangled moan, her fingernails deep in his neck, her body rigid against his, his cock as deep inside her pussy as was humanly possible. They rode out their orgasms together, taking great enjoyment out of feeling each other's body responding to what had turned out to be surprisingly feisty, heated sex.

Afterward, Victoria stayed on him with her face buried in his neck, while he absentmindedly stroked the top of her thigh and kissed the top of her head. His fingers brushed over the top of her stockings and he ran a hand down the length of her leg, until his fingers came to the top of her shoes. He ran his fingers down the stiletto heel and gulped loudly, imagining the heels digging into his back as he went down on her, her legs draped over his shoulders, much like on their first night together. He had no idea what it was, but something about garters, stockings and heels made him instantly horny, and he loved that Victoria appeared to quite enjoy wearing that particular little combination. A lot of fun could be had, he decided, smirking to himself.

“What are you smirking at, Mr Carter?” Victoria asked him, a twinkle in her eye.
“I was just thinking how lucky I am to have a girlfriend who enjoys wearing what is quite possibly the sexiest lingerie combination in the world,” Jake informed her.
“And what would that be?” Victoria asked, playing dumb.
“The corset, the stockings the garter, the heels,” Jake replied and Victoria raised an eyebrow at him.
“Oh, you like, do you, Mr Carter?” Victoria asked, doing a good job of sounding surprised.
“I very much do, Miss Michaels...” Jake told her and Victoria bit her lip.
“That is very handy to know,” Victoria said and then started to blush.

“What is it, Miss Michaels?” Jake asked, smiling softly at her.
“Well, it's just that I understand the appeal of the corset, garter, stockings and heels,” Victoria admitted and Jake winked at her when he realised what she was saying.
“You understand just how amazingly horny it makes me then,” Jake said and chuckled. It felt very strange to be talking to his girlfriend about such a thing!
“I do, oh believe me, I do,” Victoria said and bit her lip again. Jake couldn't help but wonder if she was imagining Lizzie dressed up like she was.
“You're thinking about Lizzie wearing a similar outfit, aren't you,” Jake whispered teasingly and Victoria nodded.
“I'm sorry,” Victoria replied and he laughed.
“Don't apologise, by all means go ahead and continue your thoughts,” Jake told her and she giggled.
“You just like the thought of me thinking naughty things about my girlfriend!” Victoria exclaimed.
“Duh!” Jake said with a wink and they both laughed.
“Men. You're so simple. Slightest hint of girl on girl and you turn to putty,” Victoria said, shaking her head in mock disgust.
“Baby, it's one thing to think of girl in girl in general, but knowing your very own gorgeous, sexy, amazing girlfriend partakes in said girl on girl... it's more mindblowing than you will ever know,” Jake informed Victoria.
“Dirty bastard,” Victoria joked and he nodded.
“At your service,” Jake replied and Victoria rolled her eyes, then kissed him playfully.

“The patient really should to go bed,” Victoria suggested and Jake nodded in agreement.
“Yes, I think I should, I am ever so tired and need to rest my aching body,” Jake replied with mock seriousness.
“If your entire body is sore perhaps I should examine you to make sure nothing else is wrong,” Victoria stated, that professional tone back in her voice.
“If it's what you feel needs to happen, Nurse Michaels...” Jake said and winked at her.
“Oh, I do, Mr Carter. I really do,” Victoria replied and then stood up, he followed quickly and watched her as she walked through to the kitchen to get them both a glass of water for bed. “You are such a pervert of a patient!” she exclaimed when she had the water in hand.
“No no, I just admire those in the healthcare profession,” Jake replied, winking at her and Victoria laughed.
“Come on then, Mr Carter, let's get you to bed,” Victoria said and bit her lip.

He followed as she walked down the hallway, feeling completely at her mercy – and loving it!

When they were both ready for bed Victoria did as she said she would and put him to bed. When she straddled him and started kissing him he presumed it was merely a goodnight formality, that was until he felt her pussy sliding back down his cock. She hooked her feet under his legs – the scratches on his legs from the stiletto heels quite possibly the most arousing 'injury' known to man – and for ten minutes she rode him slowly, gradually bringing them both closer and closer to orgasm. After they both came, she untangled her legs from his, kicked her shoes off and joined him beneath the sheets.

An hour later Victoria got up to go to the toilet, and Jake was standing by the bed when she came back through to the bedroom. When she stopped in front of him, Jake knelt in front of her and undid the clips holding up her stockings, slowly rolling them down so she could step out of them. He stood up and turned her around so she had her back to him, slowly undoing her corset, kissing each new bare inch of flesh along the way. When the corset dropped to the ground, Victoria turned to face him and they gently kissed, before sliding back in between the sheets. Victoria moved straight into his arms, both of them making sleepy sighs of happiness as sleep took over.

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