Thursday 10 July 2014

New series coming soon!

I am excited to share that I have a new series coming out soon, and as with the Georgia & Zoe series I am going to be self-publishing and making it free for download on Smashwords.

The series is going to be called 'With friends like these', and without giving a lot away, the first story in the series is a male/male/female threesome!  The leading lady is about to celebrate her birthday and in honour of this her boyfriend arranges a VERY special present for her... the threesome she has been fantasising about for years!

To tell you more about the story would be to give away a lot of the surprises, and that wouldn't be any fun!

I am aiming to have the story published to Smashwords by the end of this week, and will be sure to post up when it is ready for downloading and reading!

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