Wednesday 26 February 2014

Introducing you to 'Zoe: Spanked'

After the success of my first short-story on Smashwords, today I got around to posting the second story in the 'Georgia & Zoe' series.

The new story is called 'Zoe: Spanked', and as the title suggests, in this story Zoe gets spanked!  This story happens a bit later than the 'Georgia: Restrained' story, taking place the morning after their wedding!  Short-story short, Georgia wakes up, Zoe is asleep, Georgia decides to give her the spanking of her life!  And she does.

I plan to write more in the 'Georgia & Zoe' series, as you will see when you read the story, I leave it open to tell the story of how Georgia met Zoe... and this will indeed be the focus of my next story.

Because I have made it available on Smashwords, I won't add a link for a PDF of the story, but you CAN download the story from the Smashwords website (free) by clicking this link!


Zoe: Spanked

When Georgia awoke in the morning, it took her a few moments to stop feeling disorientated and to remember where she was and WHY she was there. Thinking about the wedding the day beforehand, Georgia couldn't help but smile. Glancing across at her wife, Zoe, she was torn between waking her up and and letting her sleep, because, admittedly, the day beforehand had been exhausting.

Deciding that the latter was probably the kinder thing to do, Georgia lay quietly and reflected on their wedding. It had been perfect and Georgia smiled as she thought about how happy their families and friends had been for them. It had been amazing to be able to share their special day with those nearest and dearest to them. She knew they were incredibly lucky, not just that they had had so many people who wanted to share their wedding day with them, but because they were ABLE to get married, in general.

It didn't take long until Georgia's thoughts drifted to what had happened AFTER the wedding, namely getting to the hotel, seeing that four poster bed, and remembering the scarves in their luggage. She had quickly realised Zoe had something very naughty in store for her and, at the time, had been overcome by the vivid memories of being restrained by Zoe on different occasions. The simple act of remembering the way it felt to be tied up, to be teased until she felt she was going to die if Zoe didn't make her cum, was enough to make her extremely horny. It went without saying the rest of their wedding day was spent in orgasmic bliss. She could still feel the tension in her arms and legs, which came with being tied up, and only wished she had been able to spank Zoe before they had both fallen asleep.

As she relived the teasing and pleasing of the previous day, a little idea formed in Georgia's head and she smirked to herself. It was mean, but it had to be done. Checking again that Zoe was still asleep, Georgia carefully made her way out of the bed and found two of the scarves that Zoe had used the day beforehand. She tiptoed back to bed and climbed in beside Zoe. Zoe was lying on her tummy with her arms resting on the matress, above her head. It didn't take much for Georgia to gently lift both of Zoe's hands and slide the scarves underneath them. It was even easier for her to tie a scarf to each wrist, before tying the opposite end of each scarf to one of the slats on the headboard. There was still enough slack in the scarves that Zoe wasn't disturbed from her sleep, and Georgia giggled quietly to herself as she lay back down between the sheets and got ready to put her plan into action.

Lying on her side and facing Zoe, Georgia began to think of all the things Zoe had done to her the day before – the tying her up, the biting, the licking, the sucking, the oral. Very quickly, Georgia began to feel horny, and without Zoe awake to touch her, Georgia had no choice but to touch herself. Oh, what a pity. Georgia moved her arm from under her so she could start rubbing her nipple, while she moved her top arm down, so her hand was positioned between her legs. Her finger very easily slipped inside her pussy, with her thumb resting on her clit. As she continued thinking, her fingers began to move naturally and, in no time at all, she began moaning very very softly. As she began squeezing her nipple and rubbing her clit harder and faster, her moaning became louder and louder and she speedily became hornier and hornier.

When Zoe began stirring beside her, Georgia upped the ante a little, squeezing her nipple harder, moving her finger in and out of her pussy, while using more pressure on her clit. Naturally, this caused her to moan louder and when Zoe slowly turned her head and opened her eyes, Georgia smiled at her. She continued to masturbate, her pussy was getting increasingly wet and she could feel more friction against her finger caused by the swelling of her cunt. As Georgia had known would happen, Zoe came to and realised the full extent of what Georgia was doing. Georgia grinned at her.

Would you like a hand, wife?” Zoe asked sleepily. Georgia nodded.
I would love nothing more,” Georgia replied and winked at Zoe, knowing that she would not be helping! Zoe moved her arm toward Georgia, and when she realised she was restrained she gasped.
What have you done to me?” Zoe exclaimed.
Well, gorgeous wife of mine, I decided you needed a little payback after your hijinx last night,” Georgia told Zoe, very matter of factly. Zoe laughed.
Oh, you are SO evil!” she responded and Georgia nodded.
Pot, kettle, black,” Georgia teased. “But yes, I am a little evil,” she added.
So for my punishment I get to watch you make yourself cum?” Zoe asked, curiously.
No, that was just to wake you up,” Georgia informed Zoe with a wink. Zoe raised her eyebrows at Georgia.
Oh really? So how are you going to tease me then? I'm on my stomach – it's not like you have access to any of my exciting parts!” Zoe joked.

Georgia pulled back the blankets and ran her fingers from Zoe's neck, down to the top of the cleft of her bottom, then slowly raked her fingernails down over one of the cheeks of her ass. Zoe's full body shudder was very evident, and when she raked her nails back up and down again, the shudder was accompanied by a soft moan.

No baby. I can't do any of the things I'd love to do to your boobs, your nipples, your clit, your pussy... but I can do this,” Georgia said, then brought her hand down on Zoe's bottom. Zoe moaned.
Oh god!” she exclaimed and Georgia giggled.
Uh huh,” Georgia remarked, as she brought her hand down on Zoe's ass again, a tiny bit harder this time.
Bitch,” Zoe remarked, and rather than reply, Georgia brought her hand down on Zoe's bottom again, and as was the case with the previous time, her hand came down a little harder. The moan that escaped Zoe's lips was music to Georgia's ears.

From then on, the only verbal communication from Zoe came in the form of whimpers, moans, groans and cries, as Georgia continued to spank her – the spanking growing harder and harder with each blow to her bottom. Every few blows, Georgia ran her fingers lightly down the cleft of Zoe's ass, her fingers moving until they were met by the warm wetness of Zoe's pussy. Georgia was getting hornier herself and when she pushed three fingers deep inside Zoe and spanked her at the same time, she could feel Zoe's pussy clenching in response. Feeling the effect the spanking was having on Zoe, first hand (literally), only served to make Georgia even hornier. THEN because Georgia felt hornier, she spanked Zoe harder – it was really a win-win of very sexy proportions.

As Zoe writhed around on the bed, moaning and crying out, she managed to pull her knees up beneath her, so her bottom was in the air. Georgia's pussy squeezed tightly as she took in the sight of Zoe's ass poking up in the air. The prospect of being able to spank her even harder, sending waves of pleasure through the wetness pooling at the apex of her thighs. She'd learnt early on that when it came to spanking, she shouldn't worry about whether or not she was hurting Zoe; if it was too much, Zoe would tell her.

There hadn't been one instance so far of Zoe telling her to be more gentle and Georgia wondered exactly how high her threshold was. It was the same with Zoe biting her though – she'd told Zoe that if it hurt, she'd tell her – but the pain inflicted by the biting was counteracted by deep-seeded throbs it caused inside her pussy, and she presumed that it was a similar story for Zoe when it came to being spanked.

Georgia knew that when it came to fingers and vibrators, Zoe preferred them to be used hard and fast. The one problem with spanking AND using fingers inside was that she could never move her fingers as hard as Zoe needed. Luckily, Georgia had thought about this before she'd started her grand wake-up scheme and when she took the vibrator from where it was sitting on top of the bedside cabinet (hiding behind a box of tissues), she heard Zoe whimper before she gave her a pleading look. A look that said 'Now. Quickly. Please!'.

Georgia lined the vibrator up with Zoe's hole, then slowly pressed it inside her, grinning when Zoe cried out loudly. The vibrator wasn't even ON yet! When Georgia did turn the vibrator on, Zoe responded immediately, crying out loudly again. Georgia bit her lip as she raised her hand up and then brought it down on Zoe's ass. Zoe shrieked and the shrieking continued as Georgia started bringing her hand down harder and faster on her ass. At the same time Georgia was pumping the vibrator in and out of her pussy – hard and fast – the way Zoe liked. The shrieking, the moaning, the crying out, all of it was coming in a continuous stream as Georgia worked toward her sole goal, making her wife cum.

Oh god, oh god, oh god,” Zoe began saying breathlessly – and Georgia knew she was getting close.

Georgia concentrated on keeping the two types of stimulation steady – not wanting to deviate from the current pace - not when she knew that Zoe was getting closer and closer to cumming. As Georgia continued bringing her hand down on Zoe's ass and pounding her pussy with the vibrator, Zoe again began to shriek. When Georgia started moving the vibrator even harder, Zoe started to shriek louder, the shrieks growing more and more high pitched with each blow. Georgia could see Zoe was squeezing her thighs together, and she knew that Zoe's orgasm was starting to build. Georgia brought her hand down just a little harder on Zoe's ass, making sure her hand was making contact with skin at the same time the tip of the vibrator was hitting the back of Zoe's pussy, and as Zoe raised her ass further in the air, Georgia knew she was getting painfully close.

Two more hard thrusts of the vibrator was all it took to push Zoe over that edge. She came loud, screaming, her legs squeezed tightly together, her whole body rigid. Georgia continued to pump the vibrator as Zoe's orgasm ran its course, but began to turn the speed dial down, as it became obvious that the orgasm was petering off. Georgia timed it perfectly, as Zoe's body went into an extreme state of post-orgasm relaxation, Georgia slowly slid the vibrator out of Zoe's pussy, smiling as Zoe let out a satisfied sigh.

After putting the vibrator back on the bedside table, Georgia slowly and very gently rubbed Zoe's rather pink bottom, before moving up on the bed and undoing Zoe's wrists. Lying back down beside Zoe, Georgia pulled the blankets up so they were covering them then moved nice and close to her wife so she could take her in her arms. It was very clear that Zoe would need a lot of time to recover from both the spanking and the orgasm.

Georgia wasn't the least bit surprised when Zoe went to sleep. She lazily kissed Zoe's forehead and smiled as she thought about the fact they were now wife and wife. Thinking about their new relationship status, it was impossible to not remember the night they had met... THAT had been unexpected and a very big surprise!

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