Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! Have some sex!

Before I skedaddle out of here, to share a romantic day at the rugby with my wifey, I wanted to leave you with a little Valentine's Day lovin'...

This is from a story I haven't really shared on here before, but have used a couple of small excerpts for my My Sexy Saturday posts.  The central characters in this excerpt are Jameson (James) and India, a relatively new couple who are veeeeeery unexpectedly expecting twins.

This is their Valentine's Day.


If you would like to download the PDF file, you can do so by clicking on the link
India & James, Valentines Day - Bree Guildford


India & James, Valentines Day!

After saying goodbye to Jenna and Lucas, James and India walked to her car... and India giggled in surprise when James pressed her up against the car and kissed her. When the kiss ended James put his hands on her hips and smiled at her.

“Do you realise this is the first place we kissed?” James asked and India smiled softly at him.
“I do realise that. God I was so nervous that night... I was sure you wouldn't turn up...” India admitted.
“Silly woman... I was so impatient all day waiting for it to be time to see you again,” James replied.
“And then when we were out in the carpark I was so close to suggesting we go back to my house for a drink...” India smirked.
“Trust me, it was hard for me to let you go that night. I wanted nothing more than to take you home and at least hold you all night long,” James told her and she winked at him.
“I am sure you would have done more than simply holding me,” India commented and they both laughed.
“Sorry gorgeous woman, as much as I love your new dress I need to get you home and get you out of it,” James declared and India bit her lip.
“What are you waiting for then?” India asked as she playfully pushed him off her and opened her door.

The drive home was full of anticipation and sexual tension, but when they got home India announced she felt bloated and horrible then asked him if he could unzip her so she could go and get changed. James tried not to let his disappointment show as he unzipped her dress, but it was hard. All night he had looked forward to getting India home so they could lie naked together, before teasing each other in the most delightful of ways... and then go on to have sex for hours.

James sighed quiestly as he sat on the couch when India left the room. He didn't blame her, he knew she had been looking just as forward to all the sex when they got home as he had, but he had quickly learnt that pregnancy meant her mood could change in a split second. At least when they eventually went to bed they would be able to cuddle and he could hold her all night long. It was certainly a thought that appealed, and really, being with her was all that mattered. When he heard India coming down the hall he smiled. Maybe they could snuggle up and watch a DVD before going to bed.

“Can I get you anythi...” James called out, but as India came into view he lost the ability to form any more words.
“Nothing you can get for me... but certainly something you can do for me,” India replied as she stopped, standing directly in front of him. James gulped loudly.

India wasn't wearing the trackies and old t-shirt of his like he had been expecting. Instead she was wearing a simple black lacy corset, matching black panties and the heels he had bought her to go with her dress. He stood up and pulled her against him then placed a single kiss on her collar bone before kissing her on the lips, unable to resist the urge to run his tongue along hers, knowing full well what type of response that would evoke from India. As predicted she moaned against his mouth and pressed her hips against his, her fingers snaking into his hair and pulling his mouth more firmly against hers. He was surprised when they managed to kiss for a few minutes without moving things along, but it was a relief when India moved her hands down his chest and belly before undoing his jeans and pushing them down, along with his boxers. She took her time as she undid his shirt and by the time it fell to the ground he needed to be inside her with incredible urgency.

James turned them around so India had her back to the couch and then he dropped to his knees. He slowly pulled her new lacy black panties down, making sure his finger tips softly grazed a trail down the outside of her thighs as he did so... something he knew India loved. She stepped out of the lacy underwear, and when he stood up she put her arms around his neck, pulling them both down onto the couch so he was on top of her. They resumed kissing and when James felt the familiar moist warmth against his cock he let out a quiet growl and prepared to press inside her. His cock nudged at her hole and rather than letting out a whimper or moan India looked at him with panic all over her face. He moved off her and looked at her feeling concerned that something was wrong with the babies or her.

“What's wrong?” James asked and India sat up.
“No no, nothing is wrong... I just... my tummy felt weird with you on top of me kind of... like belly claustrophobia,” India explained and James smiled sympathetically at her.
“I'm sorry,” James replied but India shook her head.
“No no, not your fault at all... I guess what Jenna said would happen just did... this is our first official sex position fail,” India joked.

James slid off the couch and then faced India on his knees, chuckling quietly as India moved so she was perched on the edge of the couch with a leg either side of him. He loved how in sync they were sexually. India put her hands on his shoulders then wrapped her legs around his waist and he slowly pressed inside her, this time rewarded by a loud moan of pleasure and a look of ecstasy on her face. When he put his hands on her hips she tightened her legs around his waist and he began to slowly move against her, causing both of them to make little moans of delight as the pent up sexual tension finally started to be released.

James loved the position they were in. Not only was the couch the PERFECT height for that particular position, but he also had the added benefit of having India's boobs in his face. Clad in the lacy black corset it was an even sexier view than usual. He loved her naked, but every now and then it was rather mindblowing to have her curves sheathed in lacy undergarments of the naughty kind. India moved her hands to the back of his neck and began grazing her nails up and down the sensitive area of skin, which made him instinctively begin to move faster and harder against her.

India's legs tightened around him again, and when she began crying out James knew it was time to speed things up. So many times he had intended for the sex to be slow, but once India began crying out like that he was unable to stop himself from doing what he could to make those cries even louder. He managed to pull her forward a little further and groaned when he hit deeper inside her pussy, her pussy clenching his cock tightly. Each time he hit that deep spot her pussy would squeeze him even tighter, making the throb centered deep inside him more intense. It was a seemingly neverending cycle of pleasure for both of them.

When India began to cry out in a very high pitched manner James made sure he held her hips tightly to create as much clitoral friction as possible. As India's cries became shrieks James could feel himself throbbing so hard that he wouldn't have been surprised if she could feel the throb herself... her legs tightened, her hands moved to his shoulders and her nails dug in deeply. He moved harder and faster until her shrieking reached a peak and turned into a scream as she came loud and hard, his cock being squeezed so tightly that it triggered his own orgasm. They rode out their orgasms together, fingers digging into flesh, eyes tightly closed, both letting out noises of pleasure that probably could have been heard within a ten kilometre radius.

After an initial recovery period of a couple of minutes James got up from his knees and sat on the couch beside India, who very quickly snuggled up against him.

“You like your Valentine's Day present?” India asked, indicating the corset.
“Like would be a very enormous understatement,” James replied and winked at her.
“Well I figured that I haven't worn a corset for you yet, and I am running out of time, so this was the perfect opportunity,” India explained.
“How are you running out of time?” James asked and India rolled her eyes.
“You think they make corsets for women who are 32 weeks pregnant with twins?” India asked and he laughed.
“Oh, I understand what you mean... but just so you know, I love you naked just as much as I love to see you in lingerie,” James informed her.
“I think I might just go naked for the last half of my pregnancy, it's going to be impossible to find clothes that fit,” India joked and then stifled a yawn. James stood up.
“Come on beautiful, let's go to bed,” James said and helped her up from the couch.

They walked through to their bedroom, James with an arm around India's shoulders, India with her arm around his waist. They both laughed when they tried to walk through the doorway at the same time but couldn't fit and India made a joke about the fact she probably wouldn't fit through the doorway by herself by the time she was ready to give birth. James knew she was joking and liked that she was able to see the lighter side, but at the same time he was always worried when she made jokes like that because he knew that there could be a potential meltdown on the way.

James helped India out of the corset and suggested she get as much use out of it as she could before it no longer fit and was glad that she agreed with his idea. When he went on to add that perhaps she should wear it with the garter and stockings she had worn not so long ago for him, India winked and told him he must have been a mind reader. Had he not been so tired he probably would have been ready for round two after imagining India in the suggested outfit... but it had been a long day and all he wanted to do was sleep.

India went down the hallway to brush her teeth and a couple of minutes later he heard her laughing so went down to brush his own teeth and see what was so funny.

“Why the laughter?” James asked and India giggled.
“Well you know how you kind of know how close to an object you can stand without bumping into it?” India asked and he nodded. “Well I just stepped as close to the vanity as I usually do when I brush my teeth, but my belly bumped against it!” she explained and started to laugh. James didn't think it was that hilarious, but couldn't help laughing at her reaction.
“And so it begins!” James exclaimed and India nodded.
“It just occurred to me that I'm not going to be able to reach a lot of things as easily as I can now... and that I probably won't be able to get things out of the top cupboards,” India commented.
“Will you hate me if I say I can't wait until you have a big belly?” James asked and India shrugged.
“I am sure you will probably regret those words when I am so big you have to sleep on the very edge of the bed, and when I'm so big I can't even stand up by myself,” India joked and James shook his head.
“No, I can't wait for all that,” he told her honestly and India kissed him lingeringly.
“It will be worth it to see you holding our babies,” India stated and then kissed him again and left the bathroom.

By the time he got back to the bedroom India was half asleep, which did not surprise him. James got in bed and snuggled up against her then put a hand on her belly, before starting his nightly belly rub ritual. Every night when they got in bed he would rub her belly just before they went to sleep... it was relaxing for both of them and he liked that it was a small way he could start bonding with the babies. Not that they were aware of his presence yet.

From the moment he had found out India was pregnant he had become impatient for her to have a big belly, but he hadn't realised just how quickly that would happen with twins. Even in her eighth week India was getting a little belly, and he knew that if she was only pregnant with one baby he would have had to wait a lot longer for that first inkling of belly. In a way he felt quite spoilt and hoped that she would be able to carry close to term so that he could enjoy her baby belly as long as possible.

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